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									                      Teach Yr2 ABOUT ICT
                                   THEME: Modelling and Simulation
                                       UNIT: Animate
                              DURATION: 2-3 Lessons

                        Objectives                                                     Outcomes
                                                                     1. I can add shapes and objects to my animation
In this unit we are learning to:
                                                                     2. I have sequenced a series of images to create an
Create simple animations to simulate an event/activity
ALL will be able to:
                                                                     3. I have created an animation that clearly simulates
Sequence images to create an animation
                                                                        an event/activity
MOST will be able to:
                                                                     4. I have added detail to my animation by using other
Add detail to their animations
SOME will be able to:
                                                                     5. I have created an animation that is consistent and
Create an animation that is consistent and makes sense

Key Classroom ICT Activity                                       ICT Software to use
Prior                                                                 JIT - Animate
Watch Video 1 to make sure that you are aware of how to
use the JIT – ANIMATION software                                 Resources
                                                                      Video 1: Introducing the unit, demonstrating how to
Make sure ALL children know their JIT usernames and                    access the JIT - Animation software, using this and
Passwords                                                              saving our work
                                                                      Story 1: An animated story to get the children
Start                                                                  thinking about animation
Show pupils this animated story                  Story 2:Another animation to generate a discussion
After it is finished ask the children what the animation was
about. Ask if the characters in the movie were real (There is    Differentiation
a boy and a girl in the movie, so how do they know it is not          By outcome of the objectives (ALL, MOST, SOME)
real?). Look for responses such as “it was drawn on paper             Less able pupils will require one to one support and
or on a computer” “It’s a cartoon”).                                   may need to be given an event/activity to animate
                                                                      More able pupils will be expected to achieve the
Ask if anyone knows what we call these sorts of movies                 extension activities
(Pupils might respond with cartoons/animations). Explain
that unlike a cartoon book which is on paper and can’t           ICT POS
move, we have just watched an animation which is a series             Developing ideas and making things happen
of still images (like a cartoon book) put together and played
                                                                 Key Classroom ICT Activity Continued
fast to make it look like the characters are moving.
                                                                 Main 3
Main 1
                                                                 In follow up lessons children will need to load their
Show children this animation After it has
                                                                 previously saved work (It demonstrates how to do this at
finished ask them to explain what was happening in the
                                                                 the end of Video 1)
                                                                 Children must develop their animations and check that
Explain that the animation told a story by simulating a real
                                                                 they make sense and are well sequenced.
life event (something that could happen in the real world –
someone’s birthday) and the problems encountered when
buying birthday presents.
                                                                 Present some of the children’s animations on the board
                                                                 and discuss with all what event/activity they are
Main 2:
Explain to children that they are going to create an
animation by using software on their computers.
                                                                 Ask others to comment on their animations and say what
                                                                 they like about it.
Show Video 1 here to demonstrate to the children the
software they are going to use and how to use it.

Explain to the children that they must choose characters to
act out (simulate) an event or activity. (They might need
help for ideas with this, here are a few:

       A car driving round the street
       The weather changing from sun to rain on the park
       Dolphins diving in the sea

Children log on to JIT and create their animations

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