Adjective by stariya


									I. Complete the sentences for each situation. Use the word given + the ending –ting or –ed

1. The film wasn’t as good as we had expected. (disappoint)
a. The film was V b. We were ________ with the film.
2. Diana teaches young children. It’s a very hard job but she enjoys it. (exhaust)
a. She enjoys her job but it’s often _________
b. At the end of a day’s work, she is often V
3. It’s been raining all day. I hate this weather. (depress)
a. This weather is ___________. b. This weather makes me _________
c. It’s silly to get ________ because of the weather.
4. Clare is going to the United States next month. She has never been there before. (excite)
a. It will be an _________ experience for her.
b. Going to new places is always _________.
c. She is really _______ about going to the United States.
5. Jane doesn’t enjoy her job any more and would like to do something different. (bore)
a. Jane is _____ with her job because she does the same thing every day.
b. Jane’s job is so ________

II. Choose the correct word.

1, Are you interesting/ interested in football? V
2. The football match was quite exciting/ excited. I enjoyed it.
3. It’s sometimes embarrassing/ embarrassed when you have to ask people for money.
4. Do you easily get embarrassing/embarrassed?
5. I had never expected to get the job. I was really amazing/ amazed when I was offered it.
6. She has really learned very fast. She has made astonishing/ astonished progress.
7. I didn’t find the situation funny. I was not amusing/ amused.
8. It was a really terrifying? terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking/ shocked.
9. Why do you always look so boring/ bored? Is your life really so boring! bored?
10. He’s one of the most boring? bored people I’ve ever met. He never stops talking and he never says
anything interesting? interested.
11. The two-hour delay was annoying! annoyed.
12. This weather makes me so depressing/ depressed.
13. Going for a jog with Matthew is exhausting? exhausted.
14. This computer has some very confusing! confused instructions.
15. When I got onto the roof. I felt frightening? frightened.
16. The journey took all day and night. They found it very tired! tiring.
17. I thought the program on wildlife was fascinating/fascinated.
18. The children always get exciting! excited when the Granny comes.
19. What thrilling/thrilled news this is! Congratulation!
20. I must say it made me puzzling/ puzzled. I just don’t understand.

III. Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct position.
1. a table (wooden/ round) a round wooden table
2. a vase (glass/ old/ lovely)
3. a pullover (green/ new) ——_______
4. a box (metal/ black/ small) ________
5. a basin (sugar/ antique/ silver) __________
6. shoes (black/ leather/ big)
7. a dress (new/ blue/ nice) __________
8. a mirror (wall/ attractive)
9. a seat (wooden/ expensive/ garden)
10. a painting (French/ interesting/ old)
11. a singer (opera/ famous/ Italian) —________________
12. hair (black/ straight/ long)
13. stamps (postage/ valuable/ Australian) _______
14. chairs (kitchen/ red/ metal) ________—
15. a boat (model/ Splendid/ old) _____

IV. Which of these words can form opposites with the suffix -less?

Painful           wonderful               useful    hopeful       beautiful      tactful
awful            thoughtful               comfort   fame          rely           wash            break

V. Write an adjective (or adjectives) from these nouns or verbs.

Example: thought     thoughtful, thoughtless

industry                        dirt                          pain
attract                         care                          knowledge
create                          danger                        comprehend
fog                             politics                      sun
home                            enjoy                         music

VI. Fill in the blanks with adjectives.

1. You have to be very _______________ when you drive in wet weather. (care)
2. Everyone in my country has heard of her; she’s very _______________ (fame)
3. The people in the tourist information office were very _______________ and answered all our
questions. (help)
4. This is a very _______________ road; there were three serious accidents on it last year. (danger)
5. It was very _______________ when I hit my leg against the corner of the table. (pain)
6. We haven’t had any problems with our TV in ten years; it’s been very _______________ (rely)
7. The factory is in the middle of the _______________ part of the city, surrounded by other factories.
8. I made some coffee, but it was horrible. In fact, my sister said it was _______________ (drink)
9. Unfortunately my working hours are very _______________. I have to start at exactly the same time
every day and finish at the same time every day. (inflexible)
10. It’s terrible that there are so many _______________ people living in a city with thousands of empty
houses. (home)

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