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BILL OF QUANTITY:- Construction of 200x150mm dia High Yield Tube Well in all kinds of soils &
rocks with D.T.H Rig Machine with Supplying Fitting & Fixing          of Extra Deep IM –II Hand Pump
Confirming IS: 13287:1992( Latest amendment ) & lowering of 36 mtr 32 mm dia GI Pipe ( Medium)
Platform    & Drain   as per specification of UNICEF including lowering as a Casing of 200mm dia
E.R.W.M.S pipe of 6mm wall thickness , M.S sockets / casing M.S. cap, labours, tools & equipments,
fuel etc along with flushing ,developing the tube well to give water of good discharge complete in all
respects ( On Turnkey Basis) in the Dist of Gumla Under Integrated Action Plan of Model Villages

                              DRINKING WATER & SANITATION Div GUMLA

              Nos. of Drilled Tube Well        :       21 nos.

              Estimated Cost                   :       Rs. 32.30031

              Earnest Money                    :       Rs 0.65

              Cost of BOQ                      :       Rs. 0.050

              Time of Completion               :       Two Months

               Issued to M/s : _______________________________________________

               Vide Money Receipt No. : ________________________Dated__________

           Seal and Stamp of Issuing Officer

Construction of 200 X 150 mm dia. & 125 mtr depth HYDT with Extra Deep India Mark-II Hand Pump (IS
13287:1992), 32MM dia. Medium class G.I.Pipe, Platform & drain etc
 Sl. No.                            Particulars                     Quantity Unit Rate     Amount
         (A) HYDT
    1      Cost of drilling 200mm x 150mm x 125meter deep
           bore well in all kinds of soil and rock in rural or any
           other area for installation of pump set with Hydraulic
           DTH Rig machine, all complete including supplying
           all materials, tools drilling rig and Air Compressor and
           equipments, as well as fuel, lubricants and cost of
           transportation of Rig machine and other vehicles up to
           the site including cost of flushing charges, Geological
           investigation etc. all complete.

           (i) From 0 - 50 meter                                         50       P/M       667.08      33354
           (ii) From 50 - 125 meter onwards                              75       P/M       818.19     61364.25
   2       Supplying all tools, tackles & lowering of 200mm dia
           MS ERW Casing pipe of 6mm wall thickness
           including welding charges, cost of pipe etc. including
           all taxes, VAT, excise duty, freight charges with
           inspection charges etc. as applicable, all complete job.
                                                                         20       P/M        1793       35860
   3       Supplying all materials, labours, tools & equipments
           for fitting & fixing 200mm dia MS Cap over Casing
           pipe complete job.
                                                                         1        item       1000       1000
    1     Supplying all tools, equipment, labours and lowering
          32 mm dia G.I. (Medium) suspension pipe in 3 mtr.
          Length in the drilling bore of tube well etc. all
          complete job as per direction of E/I.                                   Per
                                                                       36 Mtrs    Mtrs        6.15      221.4
   2       Providing labour for fitting and fixing deep well
           cylinder jointing materials, chrome leather bucket all
           tools and plan etc. required for the job for low water
           level all complete job as per specification and
           direction of E/I.                                           1 Nos.     each        83.7       83.7
   3       Providing all labours for fitting and fixing of India
           Mark II Hand Pump including supplying all tools and
           plants required for the all job complete as per direction
           of E/I.                                                      1 No.     each       53.95      53.95
   4       Supplying all materials, labours and equipment for
           constructing PCC (1:2:4) circular platform around
           each drilled tube well including 12mm thich cement
           plaster (1:4) with neat 5cement punning over exposed
           surface as per UNICEF design etc. all complete               1 No.     each       3667       3667
   5       Supplying all materials labour and equipment for
           constructing PCC (1:2:4) drain as per UNICEF Design
           etc. all complete .                                          3 mtr    per mtr.     251        753
      1 Cost of one no. of ISI Marked Extra Deep India Mark
         II Hand Pump confirming to IS.13287 :1992 with
         latest amendment. No 1 to 6 complete with all
         accessories including 12 nos. of connecting rod
         including all taxes, royalty and contractor profit etc.
                                                                        1Set      each      8,000.00    8000
       2   Cost of 32 mm dia GI pipe (Medium) 3 Mtrs long
           screwed at both ends with seamless socket as per
           IS:1239(Part 1990) including all taxes, royalty and                    per
           contractor profit etc.                                      36 Mtrs    Mtr.      199.47     7180.92

           Provision & Supplying of suitable arrangement of
           M.S.Plate or Reducer Socket for Installation of Extra
           Deep well Hand Pump (I.M-II) over 200 mm dia M.S.
           Casing Pipe as per requirement.                             1 No       Each         750         750
                                                                                   Total-         Rs.   152288.22
                                                                        Labour Cess 1%            Rs.     1522.88
                                                                   Grand Total :-                 Rs.    153811.1

For 21 No HYDT – 21 x 153811.00= 32.30031
                                                                                       Executive Engineer
                                                                                            D.W & S Div Gumla.

Schedule – B


Schedule – C


Rate tendered ------------------------- above / below the rate mentioned in
B.O.Q or same rates as mentioned in B.O.Q.

                 ( Strike out the unwanted words in tendered rate)

                                   Signature of the tenderer with full

Address for correspondence         Name and permanent address

                               To be filled by the tenderer

1. Name of the firm with full postal address ( in block letters) ------------ -----------

2. Name of proprietor / Partner of the firm ----------------------------------------------

3. B.S.T/C.S.T. & registration No. -----------------------------------------------

4. Details of earnest money -------------------------------------------------------

5. Departmental registration No with renewal certificate ------------------------------

6. Signature of tenderer with stamp of the firm -----------------------------------------

                                       LETTER OF SUBMITTING TENDER
         Executive Engineer
          D.W & S Div Gumla

Subject: :- Construction of 200x150mm dia High Yield Tube Well in all kinds of soils & rocks with D.T.H
Rig Machine with Supplying Fitting & Fixing of Extra Deep IM –II Hand Pump Confirming IS:
13287:1992( Latest amendment ) & lowering of 36 mtr 32 mm dia GI Pipe ( Medium) Platform & Drain
as per specification of UNICEF including lowering as a Casing of 200mm dia E.R.W.M.S pipe of 6mm
wall thickness , M.S sockets / casing M.S. cap, labours, tools & equipments, fuel etc along with flushing
,developing the tube well to give water of good discharge complete in all respects ( On Turnkey Basis)
in the Dist of Gumla Under Integrated Action Plan of Model Villages

Ref:     Your tender notice No. ----------------------------dt-------------------------------
              With reference to the tender invited by you for the above work. I/We have read and
examined the tender document containing condition of contract, specification, details of work and bill of
quantity and drawing.
I/We hereby tender for the execution of the works referred to in the aforesaid documents upon the
terms and conditions contained or referred to therein and in accordance with all respect with the
specifications, designs, drawings and other relevant details as such amount, rate as may be fixed under
the terms and conditions of the contract and within the period of completion as stipulated in the tender
I/We hereby agree that I / we have made myself/ourselves, thoroughly conversant with the local
conditions regarding all sites materials and labours on which I/we have based my/our rates for this
I/We agree to keep the tender open for acceptance for 180 days from the last date specified for the
submission there of and not to make any modification in terms and conditions, which are not
I/We also agree that my terms and the conditions in the tender at variance with the above stipulation
will render the tender liable for rejection.
I/We have deposited as Earnest money of Rs…………………………………(Rs.--------------------------------
----------------------------------------) in shape of---------------------------------------- duly pledged in favour of
Executive Engineer, D.W. & S. Division, Gumla.
I/We do hereby agree that if after the tender is accepted and if I/we fail to execute the deed within 7
days of the receipt of the order; the department shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy by
at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money absolutely and allot the works to other agency.
I/We undertake to commence the work within 7 days of date of issue of work order by the department.
I/We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest of any tender that you receive.
This tender together with relevant correspondence till finalization of the contract shall constitute a part
of the contract between us.
Witness                                                   Signature in the capacity of
Date :                                                    Full postal Address
                                                          Telegraphic Address
                                                          Telephone No.
                                                          Mobile No.

                                  GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND
1.1      :- Construction of 200x150mm dia High Yield Tube Well in all kinds of soils & rocks with D.T.H
Rig Machine with Supplying Fitting & Fixing of Extra Deep IM –II Hand Pump Confirming IS:
13287:1992( Latest amendment ) & lowering of 36 mtr 32 mm dia GI Pipe ( Medium) Platform & Drain
as per specification of UNICEF including lowering as a Casing of 200mm dia E.R.W.M.S pipe of 6mm
wall thickness , M.S sockets / casing M.S. cap, labours, tools & equipments, fuel etc along with flushing
,developing the tube well to give water of good discharge complete in all respects ( On Turnkey Basis)
in the Dist of Gumla Under Integrated Action Plan of Model Villages
1.2    Place of sale of tender documents “Office of the”
       i) Superintending Engineer D.W & S Circle Gumla.
      ii) Executive Engineer, D.W &. S Division Gumla
        iii)Tender documents may also downloaded at
1.3    Last date of sale of tender document: 03.05.2011 to Up to 5.00 P.M
1.4     Price of tender documents (Non-refundable) Rs. 5000.00 in cas/ draft
1.5     Earnest money deposit:
        As mentioned in top page of B.O.Q. in shape of 6 year N.S.C. VIII issue/3 years or 5 years post
        office Pass Book/ Bank guarantee issued from a schedule Commercial Bank (Co-Operative
        bank will not be accepted) valid for One Year from date of opening of tender & duly pledged to
        Executive Engineer, Drinking Water and Sanitation Division, Gumla.
1.6     Last date of receipt of Tender Document:
        Completed sealed tenders in two envelopes A and B should be submitted in the office of
        Superintending Engineer, D.W & S.Circle Gumla on or before dt 04.05.2011 up to 03.30 PM.
1.7     Opening of tender:
        Technical Bid (Envelop A) will be opened on dt 04.05.2011 at 04.30 P.M. Onwards in the Office
        of the Superintending Engineer D.W & S Circle Gumla in presence of tenderer or his authorized
        Price Bid (Envelop B) will be opened on other day or information will be given as per
        essential/qualifying comments given by the department.
1.8     D.A.O:
        If the date of receipt and opening of tender happens to be a declared holiday, the tender will be
        opened on the next working day of the offices at the same time and venue.
1.9     Validity of tender:
        Validity of tender should be for 90 days from the date of opening of tender.
1.10 Forfeit of earnest money:
      The earnest money deposited by the successful tenderer will be forfeited in case they fails to
      sign the agreement of contract and deposit 5% including earnest money as a security money of
      the accepted tender value within 7 days or being called upon to do so.
1.11 Return of earnest money:
      On receipt of written application by the Executive Engineer D.W & S Division Gumla, the earnest
      money of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them after execution of agreement with the
      successful tenderer.
1.12 Envelop „A‟ (Technical Bid) should contain.
1.12.1 Details of earnest money deposited, and cost of downloaded B.O.Q. as a Bank Guarantee
        pledged in favour of Ex Engineer, D.W & S. Division Gumla.
1.12.2 Firm registration or proof of application for registration,legal partnership deed and power of
       attorney in case of partnership firms/affidavit regarding proprietorship in case of proprietorship
       firm/articles of association memorandum in the case of company/declaration of individual

        concern, certified copy of ownership /Registered leased/ Rig Machine in the name of firm and
        capability of Rig Machine.
1.12.3 Attested copy of registration in proper category in D. W & S. D, Jharkhand up to date latest
       VAT clearance certificate and PAN card.
1.12.4 Special Note.
        Department reserves full right to reject any tender at evaluation stage of Technical Bid stage in
        case any other information is required and no appeal against department decision will be
1.13    Envelop „B‟ (Price Bid) should contain
        Tender document as sold to the tenderers duly indicating the rates offered as per subhead
        mentioned elsewhere in tender documents.
1.14    Technical & Price Bid of the tenders duly filled and signed on all pages or at different places as
        required should be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes super scribed as such.
1.15.   Earnest money should be deposited in envelop „A‟. No tender shall be considered without
        accompanying by the said earnest money.
1.16    Tenderers are expected before quoting his rates, to go through the requirement of
        materials/workmanship under specification requirement and condition of contract and to inspect
        the site/areas of the proposed work. The rate should be inclusive of all incidentals, overheads,
        all taxes, excise duties, head, lifts, carriage, tools & plants etc as required for the execution with
        the working conditions and other prevalent conditions and fluctuation thereto whether they
        actually visited the site or not and have taken all the above factors into account while quoting
        his rate. The lowest or any tender not necessarily be accepted.
1.17    The department reserves right to cancel the date of receipt and opening of tender without
        assigning any reason whatsoever.

                                                                              Executive Engineer
                                                                              D.W & S Div Gumla

                                      TERMS & CONDITIONS

   The tenderers are required to submit attested photo copy by a gazette officer/ public notary of up
    to date certificate of registration in proper category in D.W. & S.D, Jharkhand, up to date VAT
    clearance certificate, Pan card, in Technical Bid envelop.
   Tender documents (B.O.Q), if downloaded from website ,the cost of
    B.O.Q. should be attached with Technical Bid in envelope „A‟ as a Bank draft/Banker Cheque in
    favour of Executive Engineer, D.W.& S. Division Gumla.
   Contractors/Firms who are defaulter in any Department of GOJ are not eligible to participate in
    this tender.
   Validity of tender will be Three months from the date of Opening of tender.
   The tenderers are required to submit ownership Certificate of DTH mounted Rig Machine with
    required compressor capacity for HYDT, which carries Jharkhand‟ Registration/other State
    Registration/Registered Lease Deed in Jharkhand State along with physical verification, Paper
    verification, Road permit, insurance and Fitness Certificate by any S.E Mechanical/ E.E
    Mechanical of DWSD with Technical Bid. No Rate Bid will be opened without submission of
    aforesaid Certificates in Technical Bid.
   The earnest money will be payable as mentioned in B.O.Q, it must be pledged in favour of
    Executive Engineer ,D.W & S. Division Gumla. The earnest money should be deposited in form of
    6 years N.S.C. VIIIth issue or 3/5 years post office time deposit pass book/ Bank Guarantee
    issued from any scheduled Commercial Bank (Co-Operative Bank will not be accepted), for
    firms/company only which will be valid for one year.
   Agreement must be executed within a week after issue of work order otherwise earnest money
    will be forfeited and the agency will be debarred of work and the work will be allotted to other
    agency. The agency may face blacklisting also.
   The quantity indicated in NIT/ B.O.Q may vary. All clauses of NIT/ B.O.Q etc will be binding to the
    tenders and will be part of agreement.
   Right to accept or reject the work will remain reserved with the Department without showing any
   The tenderers should enclose all the certificates and earnest money, cost of B.O.Q (for those who
    download the B.O.Q from website) in envelope „A‟ and enclose their rates in envelope „B‟. Both
    the envelopes should be sealed separately. First the envelope „A‟ will be opened. Envelope „B‟ will
    be opened only after the tender is found eligible.
   The cost of tender document is non-refundable. The tenderer may submit tender by post. Tender
    not received due to any reason including postal delay will not be entertained.
   The rates quoted below 10% of project cost indicated in B.O.Q are not acceptable and shall be
    summarily rejected.
   The work has to be executed on “Turn key” basis and all required materials, labour, equipments
    and services etc has to be arranged by the contractor at his own cost. No Payment will be made
    to Contractors in case of dry/collapse bore or bore having less than 1000 LPH discharge.
   There shall not be any splitting of group. Monthly milestone target shall be fixed by the
    department before agreement which will be incorporated in the agreement. Violation of time frame
    will amount to initiate panel action against the contractor.
   No subletting of work is permissible, however partnership deed/Joint Venture is allowed where
    one partner must be the owner of the DTH Rig Machine and fulfilling other eligibility conditions.
   The decision of the S.E D.W & S Circle Gumla will be final and binding in case of any dispute and
   For any related information kindly contact Office of the Superintending Engineer, D.W & S Circle
    Gumla on any working day or can be seen on office Notice Board.
   The work shall be executed on the basis of guidelines, Specification and provisions of relevent
    BIS code and other standard specification. Hand pump, Riser pipe and Casing pipe supplied by
    the contractor has to be inspected by DG& SD/CROWN/SGS/BIS/RITES as third party inspection.

   Locational site list can be obtained from the office of the Executive engineer D.W & S Division
    Gumla Bidders should make themselves conversent with local conditions.
   Provisions of Jharkhand Industrial Policy will be followed in execution of this work if required.
    In case of same quoted rate priority should be given in following orders
          Ownership of Rig machine registered in Jharkhand State.
          Ownership of Rig Machine but Registered in other State
          Registered lease deed of Rig machine, deed executed in Jharkhand State.
          No Contractor will get work load of more than two groups for a particular HYDT Rig
           Machine without permission of undersigned depending upon the competency of the
    Proper legal action along with black listing will be done against those tenderers, who will submit
    incorrect / fake certificates along with the tender.
   No escalation in rates will be allowed and no claim on account of delayed payment owing to
    unavoidable circumstances will be entertained.
   Conditional tenders will not be entertained.
   Intending tenderers may please note that work is of very urgent nature and has to be completed
    in scheduled time with adequate quality assurance.
   This tender is subject to legal jurisdiction of Hon‟ble Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi.

                                                                                   Executive Engineer
                                                                                  D.W & S Div Gumla

                              SAVE WATER FOR COMING GENERATIONS

                                  GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND
                                       NOTES TO TENDERERS
       (Tenderers are advised to go through specials notes to Tenderer. N.I.T., Schedule-“A” etc.
       carefully before quoting rates and filling tender paper otherwise any mistake may disqualify
       their tender, they should also sign of each page of tender paper and affix their stamp if any.
2.1    Scope of Work: Scope of work under this tender comprises of supplying all materials including
       Rotary-cum-D.T.H drilling Rig machines & construction of 200mm X150mm dia High Yield
       drilled Tube well. It will also be necessary for the tenderer to enclose paper regarding legal
       ownership/lease deed, model and other relevant documents of each Rig machine along with
       the above noted documents and will be enclosed with their tender clause contained in this
       specials notes to tenderer ,will form a part of the contract besides the usual clause contained in
       the printed contract from the tender notice.
2.2    QUALIFICATION : Tenderers are required to engage services of Hydrologist for geo-
       hydrological investigation so that good discharge is achieved. They shall use JSAC maps and
       other technical information available for this. The site selection will be signed by Executive
       officer Gumla Municipality Gumla
2.3    SITE OF WORK : Site of work will be different wards of Gumla Municipality areas in the district
       Gumla. Tenderer are required to ascertain the availability of labour and construction materials
       before quoting their rate. No claim will be entertained for shifting of the work sites and
       enhanced cost of labours by the Government.
2.4    QUANTITIES : Quantities given in Schedule “A” are approximate and for the guidance of the
       contractor for quoting their rates. Payment for work will be made on the basis of actual
       measurement of the discharge of high yield tube well. No claim will be entertained for any
       variation of quantity given in schedule “A”.
2.5    CONTRACT VALUE : The successful tenderer is required to execute the work as per
       quantities given in the B.O.Q. and he will have to ensure that in no case the total value of work
       done under the contract exceed by 10% of contract value both item wise and amount wise and
       that too with the written order of the Engineer-in-Charge.
2.6    TIME : The Contractor will have to complete the work with in the specified period from the date
       of work order in all respect as per N.I.T.
2.7    Power to accept or reject tender : The lowest tender will not necessarily be accepted.
       Authority reserve the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders received without assigning
       any reason. Right is also reserved for distribution of work between/among the tenderer.
2.8    PREQUALIFYING CONDITION: The earnest money, relevant documents and certificates
       mentioned below should be placed in sealed envelope prescribed and “Technical Bid” and
       marked as part-II B.O.Q. „s schedule “A” & “B” in which rate is to be coated, shall be placed in
       separate sealed envelope prescribed as “Rate Bid” and Marked as part-II.
       The part-I envelope shall be opened first and if found in order i.e. if it contains all papers asked
       for then only part-II envelope will be opened. Any deviation from this procedure will cause
       rejection of the tender.
PART – I envelope i.e. “TECHNICAL BID” should contain following papers.
       1. Earnest money in the shape as mentioned in NIT duly pledged in favour of Executive
          Engineer, D.W.& S. Division, where you want to execute the work.
       2. Attested Photo copy of registration as contractor in D. W. & S. Department Jharkhand.
       3. Attested photo copy up-to-date VAT clearance certificate, ownership/lease deed paper of
          Rig machine etc all duly attested by Gazetted officer or notary.
       4. Also documents documents required as per NIT
        Bidder Signature
       PART-II Envelope of “RATE BID” should contain schedule “A”.
         Rates should be quoted for complete job for one no. H.Y.D.T. with installation of Extra Deep
         Well I.M-II Hand Pump etc both figure and words.

2.9    EARNEST MONEY & SECURITY DEPOSIT: Earnest money of the successful tenderer may
       be forfeited incase the contractor declines or deposit a sum of 5% (Five percent) (including the
       earnest money of the approved amount of the tender as security money) for the due
       performance of the contract and sign an agreement within seven days on being called upon to
       do so. A deduction of 5% (Five percent) will be made from all bills which may become payable
       which will be refunded after six months of satisfactory completion of works of payment of final
       bill which may become payable which will be refunded after six months of satisfactory
       completion of works or payment of final bill, which ever is later. On receipt of written application,
       the earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderer will be refunded to them.
2.10   RATES : Tenderers are required to quote their rates for each complete job both in words and
       figures in the specific space on Schedule “A” including materials, carriages and all taxes.
2.11   CARRIAGE : It should be noted by the tenderers that rates for the work mentioned in schedule
       “A” are inclusive of carriage of materials and rig machine, other support vehicle etc.
2.12   SETTING OUT OF WORK: The Engineer-in-Charge of the work will give the site/location of the
       high yield drilled tube well and time Schedule. The contractor will bring any discrepancy or
       dispute regarding site to the notice of E/I. Before commencement of work, the contractor should
       note that he will be entirely responsible for the correctness of the location of drilled tube well as
       per site given to him competent authority not with standing the fact that he might have been
       helped or assisted by the departmental staff in case of layout. If at any time the errors in
       location, is detected it should be rectified by the contractor at his own cost.
2.13   ACCOMMODATION : The contractor will have provide at their own cost proper huts, first aid,
       drinking water & other admissible facilities for the labours employed on the job. All other
       essential facilities admissible to labour force as per acts/law will have to be provided by the
       contractor at his own cost.
2.14   INSURANCE : The contractor will have to insure their labour employed for the execution of
       work at his own cost of any accident occurs at the site of work during the execution of work.
       The contractor will have to pay compensation for the damage as per law at his own cost.
2.15   EXTRA WORK: The contractor shall not carry out any extra work without written order of the
       concerned Executive Engineer. The contractor will have to maintain site order book that will be
       the property of the department and will remain with J.E. /I/C of work. The contractor will have to
       make available all facilities for inspection of the work to the inspecting officers of department.
2.16   WAGES: The contractor will make payment to labours engaged in the execution of the works
       strictly accounting to the minimum wages act of the Government.
2.17   SITE CLEARENCE : After completion of work, the contractor will have to hand over the entire
       work and site clean and tidy condition after removal of excavated stuffs, debris, left over
       materials, dirt etc to the satisfaction of E/I.
2.18   ADDRESS: The tenderer will have to furnish his full permanent and local address in the tender
       papers along with their phone No./ Fax No. and e-mail address. It will be responsibility of the
       tenderer that letter sent the given address does reach him and does not returns undelivered, as
       it will be decreed to have reached the tenderer once the letter is sent by the office.
2.19   CLARIFICATION OF ANY DOUBT: If the Tenderer have any doubt or any confusion about the
       tender he has to get clarified by the Superintending Engineer / Executive Engineer / under
       signed before submitting the tenders. It is act that contractor should get themselves aware of
       the site condition before submitting tenders.
2.20   SPECIFICATION: The standard detail specification of Jharkhand D.W & S.D., P.W.D and BIS
       will be followed during the execution of work.
2.21   SALES TAX : It should be noted by the tenderer that sale tax and labour cess will be deducted
       from each bill including final as applicable as per Govt. rules.
2.22   PLEDGING OF EARNEST MONEY : It should be noted by the tenderer, the earnest money
       which is submitted by him should be duly pledged in favour of the Executive Engineer D.W.& S.
       Division, Gumla. Blank pledging form attendance with the tender will not be accepted.
2.23   DRILLING OPERATION : The Drilled operation for construction of bores for High Yield Tube
       wells should preferably be carried out by Rotary-cum-D.T.H Rigs to satisfy the following.
       1.     The diameter of bores in the over burden should be sufficient for inspecting 200mm dia
              ERW 6mm thick M.S. casing pipes.
       2.     The boring after the over burden should be continued up to at least 0.15 Mtr. So that
              casing pipe can be properly embedded in the rock.
        3.     After embedded of casing pipe in rock, the same shall be grouted properly with the
               following materials. (a) Bentonite as per requirement.
        4.     Boring through rocks shall be 150 mm dia throughout up to the suitable depth.Bores of
               aforesaid depth range shall be acceptable only when fissures/ fractures are encountered
               before reaching that depth and the bore yields at least required sourceof water per hour.
        5.     Even if after drilling any depth from the ground level the bore remains dry or if the yield
               is found less than 1000 litre per hour. And further boring is not possible due to adverse
               and unsuitable geological condition, the bore shall be declared unsuccessful. Payment
               for unsuccessful bore will not be entertained.
2.24    LOWERING OF CASING PIPE: Casing pipe should be properly socketed or welded to ensure
        as continuous length and lowered casing through the over burden so as to reach at least
        0.15M. inside the bed rock. The contractor will have to make arrangement for cutting pipes to
        required length. If necessary and make threads there on at his own cost to facilitate lowering of
        the casing pipe. Casing pipe shall have to be lowered in such a manner that it remains verticals
        so as to ensure vertical installation of Hand pump submersible pump without any difficulty and it
        should project 90 cm above ground level minimum lowering of casing pipe in a successful bore
        be at least 10m.
2.25    DEVELOPMENT: After completion of the boring work, the bore should be developed and
        washed by means of compressor for at least an hour so as to give clear and dust free water.
2.26    TESTING: After completion of the boring, the contractor shall have to arrange for testing the
        yield of the bores presence of the E/I or his authorized sub-ordinate. The contractor will have to
        make all arrangements for such test and no extra payment will be made of such tests. Record
        of such test are to be prepared in three copies and signed joint by the contractor or his
        authorized representative and E/I or the work or his authorized representative. Report day filled
        in and signed by both the parties as stated above should be submitted to the Executive
        Engineer concerned for acceptance along with the bill. Discharge of the tube well shall be
        measured after one hour continuous run of the compressor and at that movement discharge
        should be not less than required sourceper hour to be tested by “V” notch method and draw of
        static water level shall be measured, so that pump can be lowered up to suitable depth in the
        bore well.
2.27    Materials :
        (a) Extra deep I.M.-II Hand Pump confirming IS: 13287 : 1992 ( Latest amendment) should be
        inspected and certified by the DGSD/CROWN/SGS/BIS/RITES as third party. A certification in
        regard should be obtained for each consignment and produce before the Executive Engineer
        for acceptance before use. A suitable engraving, embossing on the component of the Hand
        pump. Sample of the Seal and embossing should be sent directly from inspecting agency to
        concerned Executive Engineer. The cost of inspection charge shall be born by the contractor
        for which no claim shall be entertained.
        (b) ISI mark 32mm dia G.I Riser pipe in 3.0 meter length should be of medium quality
        confirming to IS – 1239 (Part-1) 1989 or latest revised with seamless socket as IS specification.
        Each consignment of pipes shall be inspected and tested by any of the agency/authority of the
        DGSD/BIS/CROWN/SGS/RITES who shall be given sufficient price information by the
        contractor for conducting such test. The cost of inspection charge shall be born by the
2.28   Lowering of 32 mm G.I.Pipe & Instalation of Extra Deep I.M.- II Hand Pump: After successful of
        HYDT 36 mtr of 32 mm G.I. Pipe should be lowered with installation of Extra deep I.M.-II Hand
        Pump confirming IS: 13287 : 1992 ( Latest amendment).
2.29 Platform and Drain: After Instalation of Extra deep I.M.-II Hand Pump, Circular platform & drain
        shall be constructed as per D.W & S.D design & Drawing.
2.30    MISCELLANIOUS: Contractor shall have to make arrangements at their own cost for the
        following (a) Facilities of moving bulky materials. (b) Receiving and transporting materials (c)
        Keeping in the safe custody all the safe custody and the materials which is used in the work. (d)
        Repairing damage caused if any of public or private property during the work.
2.31    MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT: Measurement will be taken by E/I at the site jointly with the
        contractor or his authorized representatives and all such records should be signed by both in
        the measurement book as a token of acceptance. Every effort will be made to make payment
        for running bill after completion of 5 (five) nos. of successful HYDT in all respect if fund is
        available as per norms. But for any reason beyond the control of the Department or in case of
        bad workmanship, no payment will be made to the contractor in such cases payment will be
          done only after complete rectifications up to the full satisfaction of E/I. No claim for the delay
          caused in such cases will be the department. No compensation whatever will be paid by the
          department. Payment will be done only for successful bore only. For sufficiant discharge
          maximum depth should be restricted to 150 mtr with the prior consent of the concerned
          Executive Engineer. success bore means minimum 1000 LPH discharge.
2.32      VALIDITY OF RATE: Rate quoted by the tenderer should be firm and valid for 180 days from
          the opening of tender.
2.33      SECURITY: Contractor shall provide full proof security to the work, workers, materials,
          equipments etc at his own cost and for any damage, loss theft etc. for this, he will be fully
          responsible. The department shall not entertain any compensatory claim of such nature.
2.34      SIGNING OF TENDER PAPER: Each paper of the tender shall be signed by the tenderer in
2.35      JOINT VENTURE: In case of joint venture, any party of the joint venture should be qualified
          with respect to own experience and turn over conditions laid down in the NIT. All the parties of
          the joint venture must submit Registration and sales tax clearance certificate, PAN Card etc
          separately in the Technical Bid. All parties of JV will sign the agreement.
2.36      ENGAGEMENT OF LABOURS: The contractor shall engage sufficient strength of skilled
          personals and semi skilled / unskilled labours for the work. Preference should be given to local
          person of the state.
2.37      DISPUTES: In case of any dispute decision of S.E D.W & S.Circle Gumla shall be final and
          binding to the contractor.
2.38      SUBLETTING OF WORK: Any subletting of work, engaging petty contractor in any form shall
          not be allowed.
2.39      HANDING OVER OF WORK : The contractor shall furnish the following information at the time
          of handing over the bore well to the department.
       i- Agency drilling the bore well.
       ii- Location of bore well indicating name of block, panchayat, revenue village, thana no. name of
           nearby person/institution.
       iii-Method of drilling.
       iv-Date of start of drilling & date of completion of drilling.
       v- Depth at which water is met initially and depth of subsequently fracture & fissure encountered.
       vi Static water level.
       Vii Method of development.
       viii Total development timing.
       ix Discharge of the bore well in liter/hour and draw down.
       X Depth of ERW 6mm MS standard casing pipe.
       Xi No. of 32 mm G.I.Pipe in 3 mtr length.
       Xii Strata Chart.                                                                     Sd/
                                                                                      Executive Engineer
                                                                                      D.W & S Div Gumla.

3.1.1   Within the time stated in the contract data the contractor shall submit to the Engineer for
        approval a programs showing the general methods, arrangements, order and timing for all the
        activities in the works along with monthly crash flow forecast.
3.1.2   An update of the program shall be a program showing the actual progress achieved on each
        activity and the effect of the progress achieved on the timing of the remaining work including
        any changes to the sequence of the activities.
3.1.3   The contractor shall submit to the engineer for approval of an updated program at intervals no
        longer than the period stated in the contract data. If the contractor does not submit an update
        program within this period the engineer may with hold the amount stated in the contract date
        from the next payment certificates and continue to with held this amount until the next
        payment to the date on which the overdue program has been submitted.
3.1.4   Engineer‟s approval of the program shall not alter the contractors event occurs or a variation
        is issued which makes it impossible for completion to be achieved. Intended completion date
        without the contractor taking steps to accelerate the remaining work and which would cause
        the contractor to occurred additional cost.
3.1.5   Proportionate work shall be done in proportionate time.
3.2.1   Engineer shall check the contractor‟s work and notify to the contractor of any defects that are
        found such checking shall not affect the contractor‟s responsibilities. The engineer may
        instruct the contractor to see the defect and to uncover and test any work that the engineer
        considers may have a defect.
3.2.2   If the engineer instructs the contractor to carry out a term not specified in the specification to
        check whether any work has defect and the test shown that it does the contractor shall pay for
        the test. If there is no defect the test shall be a compensation contract date. The defects
        liability period shall be extended for as long as defects.
3.2.3   The engineer shall give notice to the contractor of any defects before the end of the defects
        liability period which begins at completion and is defined in the contract date. The defects
        liability period shall be extended for as long as defects.
3.2.4   Every time notice of a defect is given, the contractor shall control the notified defect within the
        length of time specified by the Engineer‟s notice.
3.2.5   If the contractor has not corrected a defect within the time specified in the Engineer‟s notice,
        the engineer will arrange the cost of having the defect corrected and the contractor will pay
        this amount.
3.3.1   The bill of quantities shall contain items for items for the contractor‟s installation, testing and
        commissioning work to be done by the contractors. The bill of quantities is used to complete
        to calculate the control price.
                                                                                     Executive Engineer
                                                                                     D.W & S Div Gumla.


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