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					                                       Jennifer Montoya                                                                                  Summer Volleyball Series
                                   & Texas Elite Sports Teams
                                          present the
                                                                                                                                         registration form 2009

       summer volleyball series
 all skills camp                                               SPACES LIMITED! EARLY REGISTRATION REWARDED WITH PRICE BREAKS!
                                                                                                                                         emergency phone________________________
The complete game. Instruction on every skill as well as      registration
team systems, and how to work and communicate with                                                                                       secondary phone________________________
others; Introduces drills that will help improve foot-        1) FILL OUT THE FORM ON THIS PAGE COMPLETELY.
                                                              Please call 210-279-8367 for availability if registering within 72 hours
speed and overall quickness and reactions; Highly
                                                              of camp. Walk-ups welcome if spots are available.                          b-day________________age_________________
recommended for those who already have a general
                                                              2) Include a COPY OF YOUR CHILD’S MOST RECENT
understanding of the rules of the game and who want to
                                                              SHOT RECORD, PAYMENT (checks payable to TEST),
                                                                                                                                         grade (entering this fall)_______________
excel in this sport. At least one year of playing experi-
                                                              and any other copies required for discounts.                               email____________________________________
ence required, two years recommended. GIRLS ONLY.
                                                              3) MAIL TO:    Summer Volleyball Series                                    you will receive an email confirmation of your pre-enrollment
date> Session I: June 22-25; beginner/intermediate                           Attn: Jen Montoya
       Session II: July 13-16; intermediate/advanced                         723 Pickwell                                                circle shirt size: ym yl as am al axl
       Session III: July 20-23; intermediate/advanced                        San Antonio, TX 78223                                       Each camper will receive one T-shirt. Additional T-shirts can be
time> 9am-4pm (12-1pm lunch break, bring bag lunch)           4) CONFIRMATION--an email confirmation will be sent to you as              purchased for $12.
                                                              soon as your paperwork has been received. Please write your email
location> San Antonio College
                                                              address legibly!
                                                                                                                                         check session(s) attending:
cost on or before June 1, 2009> $150
                                                              Check-in starts 1 hour prior to camp start time for the first
                                                                                                                                         ____all skills, session i June 22-25
             after June 1, 2009> $175                                                                                                    ____all skills, session ii July 13-16
                                                              day of camp, 30 mins each subsequent day of camp. Balls will
 youth camp                                                   be provided for all sessions. Dress in athletic clothing (t-shirt,         ____all skills, session iii July 20-23
Ages 5-12; Develops all skills of the game with an
                                                              shorts, tennis/court shoes, kneepads recommended but not                   ____youth camp, session i June 15-18, 9am-12pm
                                                              required). Bring waterbottle. Bring bag lunch for All Skills
emphasis on serving; Works individual techniques and          Camps. May bring a snack for Youth Camps.                                  ____youth camp, session ii June 15-18, 1pm-4pm
introduces team systems; Fun learning environment;                                                                                       ____youth camp, session iii July 6-9
Builds confidence and sparks an urge to learn more            discounts                                                                  ____position camp, July 27-30
about the sport. No prior volleyball experience neces-        Discounts may be combined.                                                              list position____________
sary; Great for those who would like to learn/ under-         $10 Multiple Session Discount for each additional camp attended if                                                        setter, hitter, defensive
stand the game. BOYS&GIRLS.                                   registering at the same time.
                                                              $10 JrCardinalClub Discount for anyone who was a member of the
                                                                                                                                         how did you hear about us?
date> Session I: June 15-18; 9am-12pm
       Session II: June 15-18; 1pm-4pm                        club since it was established. Attach a photocopy of the membercard        __________________________________________
                                                              with registration.
       Session III: July 6-9; 1pm-4pm
location> San Antonio College
                                                              $10 Military/SAFD/SAPD Discount please attach photocopy of
                                                              appropriate I.D. with registration.                                        waiver
cost on or before June 1, 2009> $100                          $5 Family Discount for immediate family only, applies when two or          My child is physically capable of participating in this Summer
                                                              more family members attend the same session; $5 is taken off per           Volleyball Camp. I hereby authorize the staff of the Summer
              after June 1, 2009> $115
                                                              additional family member (2 siblings would equal a discount of $5, 3       Volleyball Series Camps to act for me according to their best
 position camp                                                siblings would equal a discount of $10, etc).                              judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I also
                                                                                                                                         hereby release the camp from any and all liability for any injuries
For high school level athletes and advanced middle            cancellations/refunds                                                      or illnesses incurred at camp. By signing this statement, I am
school athletes that understand the game and are                                                                                         claiming I have medical insurance.
                                                              There will be no refund for withdrawing within 48 hours of camp start
looking to advance their skills; Focuses on all duties and    time or once the camp has started. There is a full refund minus a $25
skills specific to the position (hitter, setter, defensive                                                                               __________________________________________
                                                              processing fee for all other cancellations.*There is a $25 fee             printed name of parent/guardian
specialist); Offers part-to-whole training in a competitive   charged on all returned checks.*
atmosphere. A great refresher for any upcoming tryouts!                                                                                  __________________________________________
GIRLS ONLY.                                                   contact                                                                    signature of parent/guardian                                    date
date> July 27-30; advanced                                                                                                               for office use only-----------applicable discounts:
                                                              Jennifer Montoya, Camp Director &
time> 9am-12pm                                                Head Instructor with any questions, concerns,                              paid       amount                  ____multiple session disc
                                                              or to register today!                                                                                         ____jr cardinal club disc
location> San Antonio College                                                                                                                                               ____military/safd/sapd disc
cost on or before June 1, 2009> $100                                                                                                 ____family discount
                after June 1, 2009> $115                      phone: 210-279-8367                                                        date recd                          ____camp gift certificate

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