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									Make Money Uploading Pictures

I just found out about this new site called Shareapic and it is awesome.

First of all you can upload all of your pictures and create galleries that you can link to from
any site. There is no limit to how many pictures you can upload or how many galleries you
can create. There are no file size restrictions.

Secondly they PAY you for everytime someone views one of your uploaded images.

You get paid $0.22 per 1000 pic views (they have upped it to .25 cents per 1000, however I
have not recieved my new payment to confirm that). They pay more than some major ad
networks pay their publishers!

They also allow you to earn more becuase you get to add your Google Adsense code to
your image and gallery pages. Once your account reaches $20 you request payment.

They pay out within 7 days throught paypal. You can also link your pictures to Myspace,
Blogger, Xanga, Hi5, etc. to earn even more. You can check it out at the link below and
your all set to go.

It took me three months to earn my first payment, however I earned my second payment in
1 1/2 months.

ShutterStock is a stock photo service which pays $0.25/download for any images you
upload to their site. At first I was skeptical, but it seems like a good way to earn passive
income. Shutterstock has grown in size as well as their payout to submitters. Not long ago
they were paying out $0.20/download. The increase in payout is consistent with their
growth as a business. Remember that the payout is per download. This means that the same
image could earn you multiple payouts.

The same thing applies to Shutterstock as to any passive income system. The "get rich
quick" crowd always makes the wrong assumptions. They think it's a one time deal with
some initial work followed by a constant revenue stream thereafter. For those of us with
any entrepreneurial experience, we know this isn't true. The income is never as great as
advertised. The work is never as easy as promised. However, do your homework and you
can make this worth your while.


* Amateur photography skills or better
* Good digital camera (dSLR preferred)
* Substantial existing image library


* Easy monetization of existing intellectual property
* Allows you to submit the same photos to other services
* Their customers are high volume downloaders
* Flexible content management (edit tags at a later date, remove photos, etc)

* Minimum $75 balance before they pay you
* More profitable alternatives exist for serious photographers
* Tagging of photos is time consuming (this is not specific to Shutterstock)

Fotolia are a relatively young microstock agency. They started out focused on the European
market and it worked for them. Up until the Fotolia V2 upgrade, they had the highest
advertised quantity of images online of all microstock agencies, though there was a lot of
speculation about the authenticity of their numbers.

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