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									AdBrite - The Best Alternative to Adsense

Adbrite is the Internet`s Ad Marketplace. The Company makes it easy to buy and sell
advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control than
any other ad network.

AdBrite offers a way for publishers to convert their site's traffic into advertising offers. By
posting "Your Ad Here" spaces on their sites, publishers can link site visitors to the
advertising opportunities that they are currently offering and therefore generate more
interest in the site's ad spaces than would have been possible through only AdBrite's

AdBrite also allows publishers to set their own ad rates and to approve and reject ad offers,
giving them more power over what goes on their site and for what price than many other
networks allow. With 320 million impressions per day on 100,388 sites and numerous
advertising and customization options, AdBrite is a large network that offers flexible and
innovative ways for publishers to monetize their ad spaces.

1. Customize ads to match your site
2. Approve and Reject ads
3. Works alongside with other ad programs.
4. Text ads
5. Banners
6. Inline ads
7. Full Page
8. InVideo
9. BritePic ie ads in photographs too
10. Support non english sites
11. Referral Program

AdBrite gives its publishers 70% of the revenues generated from their ad spaces and keeps
30%. Payments are made to publishers by checks in U.S. dollars, and the minimum
payment amount is $5, although users must change the default $100 minimum in order to
receive checks this small. Earnings under the minimum amount roll over into the next
month. AdBrite has a Net-60 payment policy, which means that each earning must mature
for at least 60 days before it is eligible for payment. In other words, earnings from March
are eligible for payment in June. Adbrite uses this time to collect and verify payments.

Black Label Ads
Black Label Ads are the adult version of AdBrite. You can log into Black Label Ads with
the same username and password as your AdBrite. All earnings made with Adbrite and
Black Label Ads goes to the same check sent to you. You must Join Adbrite to log into
Black Label Ads account.
Useful information about most popular ads formats in AdBrite:
Banner Ads

Banner ads pays via CPM(cost per thousand impressions) and/or CPC(cost per click) and
this will bring in most of your income from AdBrite. To profit the most from these ads, its
best to place at least 2 at the top of your website. The secret behind profiting with banner
ads is going checking the advertisers. You can delete advertisers as you please.

Text Ads

Text ads pays via CPC( cost per click) and whatever you set the price for when you sell an
ad slot. You will need to place this ad where it will get tons of clicks. When setting up your
ad you will need to set your price for 1 day, 7 days and 30 days. Since you will just now be
placing it on your website set it to this: 1day

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