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					一、A and accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, and create a new
situation of scientific development

(1) the "11th five-year plan" period of economic and social development achievements. "11th
five-year plan" period in history is very common in the past five years. Facing the complex
environment changes at home and abroad and major risk challenge, the party to unite and lead the
people of all ethnic groups, seize the first affair of governing party, implement the party's theory,
line, principles and policies implemented correctly and effectively, and give full play to the
macro-control of China's socialist system, give full play to the advantages of the politics of the
market in resource allocation, the basic role of national historic changes new outlook. We
effectively deal with international financial crisis huge impact, and maintain the fast yet steady
economic development, and for the long-term good laid an important basis for sustainable
development. We overcame the wenchuan earthquake and major natural disaster, the success of
Beijing Olympic Games was held in Shanghai world expo, and successful completion of the
eleventh five-year plan for the determination of the objectives and tasks. After five years, our
country social productive forces strive fast development, the comprehensive national strength
increases, people's living standards improved markedly, the international status and influence
significantly increased, the socialist economic, political, cultural and social development and the
construction of ecological civilization and the party's construction, has made great progress in
compose the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The achievements of five hard-won,
experience, create the precious spiritual wealth of far-reaching influence.

(2) "1025" period of social and economic development and environment. Current and next time,
ecstasy, continue to changes in China's economic and social development, and presents a new
phases. Comprehensive judgement of international and domestic situations in China is still in
development, can have the important period of strategic opportunities, are faced with both a rare
historical opportunity, also can be predicted and hard facing many challenges to the risks foresee.
We must strengthen the consciousness of suffering consciousness and opportunities, scientifically,
adapt to the environment changes, resolving conflicts, and more promising to promote China's
reform, opening up and socialist modernization.
In today's world, peace, development and cooperation is the trend of The Times, the world
multi-polarization and economic globalization, the world economic and political pattern of new
changes, science and technology innovation breeds new breakthrough, the international
environment conducive to peace and development in general. At the same time, the international
financial crisis far-reaching influence, the world economic growth is slowing down, global
demand structure change, appear on the market, resources, talents, technology, standard of more
competitive, climate change and energy resources security, food safety diseases-all more
prominent, and various forms of protectionism growth and development of the external
environment is more complex. We must adhere to the broader perspective, calm, ctively,
coordinate the domestic and international situation, grasp the new global economy that division,
actively create participate in international economic cooperation and competition advantage.
From the domestic industrialization, urbanization, marketization, informationization,
internationalization and in-depth development of national income per head, increased steadily,
economic structure transformation, huge potential market demand, abundant supply of capital,

technology and education level, improve quality, labor is increasingly perfect infrastructure,
significantly boost energy system, the government macro-regulation and obviously improve the
ability to deal with complex situation, the social security system, gradually perfect social situation,
we have remained stable condition promote economic and social development and the
comprehensive national strength to a new stage. At the same time, we must be clearly aware that
our developing unbalance, coordination and unsustainable problem still prominent, mainly is the
resources and environment, economic growth, constraint relationship between investment and
consumption and income distribution gap imbalance, science and technology innovation ability is
not strong, irrational industrial structure, urban agriculture as the foundation of regional
development is still weak, coordination, total employment pressure and the structural
contradictions, social contradictions, which increased obviously scientific development
mechanism of system obstacle is still more. We must grasp scientific judgment and development
trend, make full use of the favorable conditions and accelerate to resolve outstanding
contradictions and problems, do good things.

(3) "1025" guiding principle. "1025" planning, we must hold high the great banner of socialism
with Chinese characteristics, take deng xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three
represents" as a guide, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, adapt to the new
situation at home and abroad, with people of all ethnic groups for a better life, with the
expectation of scientific development as the theme, to accelerate the transformation of the mode of
economic development as the main line, deepening reform and opening, security and improve the
livelihood of the people, consolidate and expand to the international financial crisis, promote
economic impact long-term stable and rapid development and social harmony and stability, and to
build a comprehensive well-off society of decisive significance.
With scientific development as the theme, is the request of The Times, the relationship between
reform, opening-up and modernization construction. China is developing country of 1.3 billion,
and will remain in the primary stage of socialism, development is still the key to solve all
problems. In contemporary China, adhere to the development is the absolute truth, is the essential
requirements of scientific development, paying more attention to the people-oriented, pay more
attention to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, paying more attention
to the overall consideration, pay more attention to ensure and improve the livelihood of the people,
promote social fairness and justice.
To accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, promoting the
development of science is in conformity with the basic conditions, and the development of new
features. Accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development in China's economic
and social fields is a profound changes in social and economic development, must throughout the
whole field, and to improve the comprehensive development, harmony, sustainability, insist on
developing promote transformation in the transformation and development, realize the sound and
rapid eco-social development. Basic requirements:
- on the strategic adjustment of the economic structure as accelerating the transformation of the
mode of economic development. Constructing mechanism to expand domestic demand, promoting
economic growth to rely on consumption, investment and export coordinate transform form.
Strengthening the position of agriculture as the foundation, enhance core competitiveness of
manufacturing industry, the development strategy to accelerate the development of service

industry, to promote economic growth depends on the first, second and third industry driven
collaborative transformation. Urban and rural development, actively yet prudently proceed to
accelerate the urbanization and new rural construction of socialism and promote regional benign
interaction, coordination development.
- on the scientific and technological progress and innovation as accelerating the transformation of
the mode of economic development is an important support. Thorough implementation of
rejuvenating the strategy and talent strategy, give full play to the first productivity and technology
talents resource, improve the level of education modernization, enhance the ability of independent
innovation, strengthen the innovation talented person troop, promote the development of science
and technology progress, to improve the quality of workers and management innovation, speed up
the construction of innovative country.
The protection and improvement, adhere to people's livelihood as accelerating transformation of
the mode of economic development of the basic starting point and the foothold. Perfect guarantee
and improve the livelihood of the institutional arrangement, promote jobs in economic and social
development priority position, accelerate the development of various social undertakings, promote
equal access to basic public services, increase the income distribution adjustment dynamics and
common prosperity, make the benefits of development road all people.
- keep a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society as accelerating transformation of the
mode of economic development of the important points. Thorough implementation of resource
conservation and environmental protection, energy saving, basic state policies reduce greenhouse
gas emissions intensity, developing circular economy, and actively promote low carbon
technologies to respond to climate change, to promote social and economic growth with the
population, resources and environment, and the way of sustainable development.
As the reform and opening, adhere to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic
development power. Firmly push economic, political, cultural and social fields, speeding up the
reform of building the system mechanisms conducive to scientific development. Win-win strategy
of opening, together with the international community to global challenges and opportunities to

(4) "1025" period of economic and social development, main goal. "1025 to strategic planning,
prospectie, guidance, and international financial crisis impacts, and major deployed close by 2020
realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal closely link. Considering the future
development tendency and condition of economic and social development in the next five years,
the main objective is:
- fast yet steady economic development. The general level of prices stable, continues to increase
employment payments tendency is balanced basically, the quality and efficiency of economic
growth increased significantly.
- the strategic adjustment of the economic structure made great progress. Residents of service
industries and rising consumption level of urbanization, urban and rural areas, and improve the
coordination development. The content of science and technology to improve economic growth,
the unit GDP energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide greatly decreased, main
pollutants was significantly reduced, and ecological environment quality improved obviously.
Generally, the income of urban and rural residents increased rapidly. Efforts to achieve residents'
income growth and economic development, growth and productivity of Labour remuneration

increase synchronization, low-income income increased significantly, moderate income group is
expanding, poor quality of life was significantly reduced, and constantly improve the level.
Obviously strengthening social construction. Covers the basic public service system, perfecting
gradually by education level has increased, the ideological and moral qualities and scientific and
cultural qualities and health quality enhances unceasingly. Socialist democracy and legal system,
improve the rights and interests of the people. Cultural undertakings and industry development.
The social management system perfect, the society more harmonious stability.
Deepening reform and opening up -. Taxation, finance, price monopoly factor and other important
areas and key remarkable progress was made in reform of government function transformation,
and accelerate the government credibility and administrative efficiency further improved. Open
the breadth and depth expanding further open, mutually beneficial and win-win pattern formation.
After the people's struggle together, to make our transformation of the mode of economic
development, the comprehensive national strength substantial progress and international
competitiveness, resist risk ability to significantly improve the people's material and cultural life,
obviously improve the comprehensive well-off society, built the foundation firmly.

二、Second, insist to expand domestic demand, maintain strategic fast yet steady economic
Adhere to the expansion of domestic demand, especially in strategy, we must fully excavate the
huge potential of domestic demand to expand domestic demand, break the restriction mechanism
of system obstacles, and speed up the formation of consumption, investment and export
coordination stimulate economic growth in new situation.

(5) to strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation. Consolidate and expand to the
international financial crisis is 1025 "impact" is an important task for the period. To handle
maintain fast yet steady economic development, the adjustment of economic structure and
management of inflation expectations, maintain the continuity and consistency of macroeconomic
policy, strengthen pertinence and flexibility, and improve macroeconomic regulation of scientific
and foresight, prevent all kinds of potential risks, avoid big economic ups and downs. The
short-term and long-term development of macro-control policies organically, to strengthen the
policy coordination, promote fast yet steady economic development.

(6) to establish and expand consumer demand of long-effect mechanism. The expanding consumer
demand for expanding domestic demand, the strategic key further release of urban and rural
residents, and gradually make our spending potential domestic market scale in the world. To
actively yet prudently proceed urbanization, develop the service industry and small and
medium-sized enterprises, increasing employment opportunity. To perfect the income distribution
system, adjust the distribution of the national income, increase in rural incomes, enhance the
low-income residents' consumption ability. To increase the government expenditure to the
improvement of people's life and social undertakings in proportion, expand the coverage of social
security system, gradually improve the basic public service system, forming good consumer
expectations. To strengthen market circulation system, the development of new formats,
developing service consumption, and perfect the policy to encourage consumption and improving
consumption environment, to protect consumers' rights and interests, and actively promote the

consumption structure upgrade. Should properly guide consumption behavior, the development of
energy conservation and environmental protection in China and the consumer, advocate the
civilization, adapt to save, green, low carbon consumption patterns.

(7) to optimize investment structure adjustment. The expansion of domestic investment to play an
important role, maintain reasonable investment growth, optimize the investment structure,
improve the investment mechanism, improving the quality and efficiency of investment,
promoting the economic growth. "1025" early to ensure national key construction and the
expansion of domestic construction project successfully completed and benefit. Our industrial
policy, to guide people's livelihood and further investment in agriculture, rural social undertakings,
the innovation of science and technology, environmental protection, conservation of resources, etc.
Adhere to differentiate, classification, guide to invest more in the Midwest. Strictly enforce
investment projects land, energy-saving, environmental protection and safety standards for
admittance into, effectively blind expansion and repetitive construction. To promote investment
spending the benign interaction, the expansion of investment and increase employment, improving
people's livelihood organically, create the final demand. Define the scope of investment,
strengthen and standardize the management of local government financing platform, preventing
investment risk. Standard state-owned enterprise investment behavior, improve economic benefit
and social benefit. Encourage more private investment, relax market access, support folk capital
into the fundamental industry, infrastructure, municipal utilities, and social welfare, financial
services, etc.

三、Third, promoting agricultural modernization, speed up the construction of new socialist
In the industrialization, the urbanization development of agricultural modernization, propulsive
synchronous 1025 "period" is a major task to solve, must insist on agriculture, rural areas and
farmers as the party's work, overall planning for urban-rural development, adhere to the industrial
cities to support the countryside, agriculture and taking less JiangNong, increase benefit
agriculture-related policy, ramming foundation, improve agricultural rural development of
agricultural modernization level and peasant's living standard, the construction of the happy life
better homes and farmers.

(8) to speed up the development of modern agriculture. Adhere to the Chinese characteristic
agriculture modernization, to ensure food security for the nation as a primary goal, accelerate the
transformation of agricultural development mode, improving the agricultural comprehensive
production capacity and the ability to resist risk, market competition ability. The implementation
of national new QianYiJin grain production capacity planning, increasing investment and benefit
compensation major grain-producing areas. Strictly protect arable land, land reclamation, quicken
the construction of large-scale drought - high farmland. To promote agricultural science and
technology innovation, perfect welfare agro-technical popularization system, speeding up the
development of modern seed, agricultural mechanization. Perfect modern agriculture industry
system, development of high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture, ecological safety,
and promote horticultural products, animal products, aquatic products, to speed up the
development of facilities maintained scale of agriculture and agricultural product processing,

circulation and promote the agricultural production and operation specialization and
standardization, scale, intensive. The modern agriculture demonstration construction.
Development of water-saving agriculture. Promote cleaner production, management of
agricultural non-point source pollution.

(9) strengthen rural infrastructure and public service. According to promote the integration of
urban and rural economic and social development, improve socialist new rural construction plans,
accelerate the improvement of rural production and living conditions. Rural infrastructure
construction, water conservancy, to increase investment, perfecting the management mechanism,
promoting construction and dilapidated small reservoirs, accelerate medium base, the renovation
project construction, improve the water resistance of rural small miniature water conservancy
facilities, strengthen water conservancy construction. Continue to push forward the reform of rural
power grid, strengthen rural drinking water safety engineering, construction, highway, methane to
rural reconstruction project implementation, rural clean ground.also specialized, rural
comprehensive environment. To improve the quality of rural compulsory education, promote the
level and balanced development of rural vocational education free process. Rural health service
network construction level. Perfect rural social security system, gradually improve security
standards. Further development-oriented poverty reduction, and gradually increase poverty
alleviation, strengthen the standard input, accelerate solution of concentrated continuous special
difficulties in poverty alleviation, orderly migration, achieving rural residents with alleviation
policy system effectively.

(10) broaden channels of farmers' income. To improve farmers' professional skills and abilities,
multi-channel income increase farmers' income. Encourage farmers to optimize structure, improve
efficiency, calling perfect the market system of agricultural products and price forming mechanism,
improve agricultural subsidies support protection system to increase farmers' income, the
production and business operation. Guide agricultural product processing, the development of
rural areas in the layout of the non-agricultural industries, strengthen county economy, promote
the shift, increasing employment salary income.

(11) perfect rural development mechanism. Stick to and improve the basic system for rural
operations, the existing rural land contracting relations remain stable and permanent, in
accordance with the law and on a voluntary and compensatory basis to strengthen services perfect
contracted land circulation market, develop diverse forms of moderate scale management and
supporting farmers' professional co-operatives and agricultural industrialization faucet enterprise
development, accelerate agricultural socialization service system, and improve agricultural
management organizational level. Perfect equal factor relations, and promote exchange and the
rural land value-added income is mainly used for agriculture and country. The deposit According
to the saving land, protecting farmers' rights and interests of the land requisition system reform,
and actively promote safety regulation, perfecting rural land management of rural collective
construction land circulation and house-site administration mechanism. Deepen reform of rural
credit cooperatives, encourage conditional area county units for the development of rural
community Banks, financial organization and small microfinance, improve agricultural insurance
system, improve the rural financial services. Deepening the comprehensive rural reform, promote

the collective forest right system reform of state-owned forest areas and grassland, perfect
contracted system. Summing up integrated urban-rural reform pilot experience, actively explore to
solve problems of agriculture, countryside and farmers in new ways.

四、Four, the development of modern industrial system and improve the core competitiveness
On a new road to industrialization, must adapt to changes in market demand, according to the
progress of science and technology in industries, new trend in the global economy, the
development of comparative advantage, structural optimization, advanced technology, high added
value, clean, safe employment ability strong modern industrial system.

(12) to upgrade manufacturing. Manufacturing development key is optimized structure and
improve the quality of varieties, strengthen industrial supporting capacity, backward production.
Development of advanced equipment manufacturing, adjusting and optimizing industrial raw
materials, to enhance consumer goods, promote manufacturing industry by big teams. Perfect
relying on the national key project development policy, improve the major technical equipment
based technique, base material, the basic components and systems integration development level.
Support enterprise technical renovation, enhance the ability of new product development and
brand creation ability. Rational guidance to the enterprises to improve the industrial concentration,
m&a, with international famous brand and the development of large and medium-sized enterprises
core competitiveness, improve the level of specialization, small cooperation to promote enterprise
organization structure optimization.

(13) to develop strategic emerging industry. Scientific judgment future market demand and
technology development trend, strengthening policy support and programming guide, key
technology, strengthening core research breakthrough point areas, actively and orderly
development of a new generation of information technology, energy-saving, environmental
protection, new energy and biological, high-end gear manufacturing, new material, new energy
automobile industries, and speed up the formation of progress, improving industry backbone
industries, core competitiveness and economic benefits. The major national science and
technology play special role, leading industrial development project implementation, strengthen
financial policy support and promote finance high-tech industry bigger.

(14) to speed up the development of service industry. To promote service development as the
upgrading of the industrial structure of the strategic key, and build a fair and transparent market
access standard, explore new service standard format of the market, adjust the taxes and
administrative measures, land, water, electricity, etc, building price policy factors of the
development of service industry policy and system environment. Vigorously develop productive
service life of service, and actively developing tourism. Expand service areas, a new development
of new formats, foster a new hotspot, promote brand and network management. Promote an extra
large city in economy industry structure.

(15) strengthen modern energy industry and the comprehensive transportation system. Promote
energy production and utilization, constructing the safety, stability and economic, clean energy
industry system of modern. Accelerate development of new energy and promote the traditional

energy utilization, clean in ecological protection under the premise of positive development in the
safety of hydropower, based on the development of nuclear power grid construction, strengthen
the development of intelligent power, perfect, oil pipe, oil and gas reserves of strategic expansion.
According to the principle of optimumly advance, overall development mode of transportation,
construction is convenient and safe, efficient and comprehensive transportation system. Promote
national transportation construction, the basic national railway and highway completed highway,
railway, strengthen the development of provincial channel and provincial highway construction,
and actively developing main port and waterway, perfect management, reform the airspace airport
distribution system.

(16) improve informatization level. Promoting informationization and industrialization depth,
accelerate economic and social each domain informationization. Develop and enhance software
industry. Actively developing e-commerce. Strengthen important information system construction,
strengthen the geography, population, finance, taxation, statistic information resources
development and utilization. Realizing telecommunications, broadcasting television and the
Internet network convergence ", "build broadband, fusion, the next generation of national
information security infrastructure. Push things networking application. Based on the information
sharing and interworking, vigorously promote national e-government network construction, the
integration of government public service and management ability. Ensure foundation information
network and information security system.

(17) develop the Marine economy. Insist luhai overall, formulate and implement Marine
development strategy, improve Marine development, control, comprehensive management ability.
Scientific planning, development of Marine economic development of offshore oil and gas,
transportation, fishery industry, rationally develop and utilize Marine resources, strengthen the
construction of fishing harbors, protect coastal and ocean islands, ecological environment. Ensure
safety, maintenance of China sea channel maritime rights and interests.

五、Five, we will promote balanced development among regions, and actively yet prudently
proceed urbanization
Implementation of regional development strategy and overall strategy, building dividing regional
economic advantage complementary, main function, the efficient utilization, harmony between
man and nature and the regional development pattern, gradually realize different regional equal
access to basic public services. Adhere to the path of urbanization with Chinese characteristics,
and set the urbanization development planning, science and promote the healthy development of

(18) overall strategy implementation of regional development. Adhere to the thorough
implementation of western development strategy in regional development priority position, overall
strategy to special policy support and resources superiority and the ecological security barrier
function, strengthen infrastructure construction and ecological environment protection, vigorously
developing education and science and technology support special advantage industries
development. Increasing support Tibet, xinjiang and other national minority area development
dynamics, supporting population less nationalities develop. Comprehensive revitalization of

northeast China and other old industrial bases, industry and technology, perfect the strong
superiority of modern industrial system, promote the resources-exhausted transition and
development area. Vigorously promote the rise of the central region, people play the geographical
advantage, to improve the investment environment, strengthen the development of modern
industry, the advantage industry system, strengthen the transportation hub. Actively support the
eastern region, the development of the national economy at higher levels, participate in
international economic cooperation and competition in the transformation of the mode of
economic development, the adjustment of economic structure and independent innovation in the
national front. Strengthen and improve the inter-regional cooperation mechanism, eliminate
market barriers, promote the flow of factors, an orderly transfer of industries. Practice areas, carry
out various forms of policy of mutual aid. To increase the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic
autonomous areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas. We will have the special economic
zones, the pudong new area of Shanghai, tianjin binhai new area in reform and opening up to the
important role of first try to advance. Accelerate development and open border area and strengthen
the international channels, border city construction, implementing port and the action of
prospering frontier.

(19) to implement strategy of main-functional zones. According to the requirements of the national
economy, regulating the reasonable layout of development order and control, high intensity of
development, harmonious and sustainable development of national spatial pattern. To develop
strength high dense population, resources and environment, the partial overload the urbanization
area to optimize development. Environmental bearing capacity of resources, gathering the strong
population and economic conditions are relatively good urbanization area will focus on
developing. Influence on ecological security situation of ecological function to limit the
large-scale, high intensity of industrialization development of urbanization. Lawfully established
for various natural culture resources reserve and other areas that need special protection to prohibit
development. The basic form of main-functional zones requirements planning and policy laws and
regulations, improve the performance appraisal system, and benefit compensation mechanism,
guide regions in strict accordance with the main function orientation propulsion development.

(20) to improve urbanization layout and form. According to the overall planning, rational layout,
perfect functions, small and great, follow the principles of urban development the objective law,
with big, medium-sized city by relying on emphasis, and gradually form the urban agglomeration,
promoting the coordinated development of medium and small cities and towns. Urban planning in
cities, function orientation and industry layout, alleviate the pressure of city center, strengthen the
function of urban industry, strengthen the public service function and small sized cities,
transportation, telecommunication, power supply, water supply and drainage infrastructure
construction and development of integrated network.

(21) to strengthen management of urbanization. To conform to the conditions of agricultural
population transfer in step into urban residents as an important task of urbanization. Cities to
strengthen and improve population management, small and medium-sized and small cities and
towns should according to the actual conditions of floating population to relax in. Notice in the
system to solve the problems of the protection of rights and interests better migrant workers.

Reasonable urban development, improve constructed boundary of population density, prevent
excessive outspread city area. Urban planning and construction must pay attention to the
people-oriented, land conservation, ecological protection, safety and practical, prominent feature,
protect cultural and natural heritage, strengthening planning binding, strengthen urban public
facilities, the prevention and control of "city".
Strengthen land, tax, financial policy adjustment, speed up the construction of information system,
improve the housing with the situation of China's housing system and mechanism and policy
system, reasonable guide housing demand. Strengthening government entities at all levels,
increase the duties supportability project construction, speeding up the reform of public rental
shantytown, development, increase of housing in low-income housing. To strengthen the market
supervising and regulating the real estate market order, restrain demand, promoting the real estate
speculation smooth healthy development.

六、Six, accelerate a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society, improve the ecological
civilization level
Facing the increasingly strengthen resource environmental constraints, must enhance crisis
consciousness, green, low carbon development concept, focusing on energy conservation and
emission reduction, and incentive and restraint mechanisms and accelerate the establishment of a
resource-saving and environment-friendly production and consumption patterns, enhance the
ability of sustainable development.

(22) actively respond to climate change. To dramatically reduce energy consumption strength and
carbon emissions intensity index and effective control as binding emissions of greenhouse gases.
Reasonable control energy consumption amount, inhibit excessive growth industry, improving
energy efficiency. Strengthen and improve energy saving goal responsibility appraisal regulations
and standards, perfect market mechanism and energy for enterprise's encouragement and
restriction, implement key energy-saving projects, popularize advanced energy-saving technology
and products, accelerate energy contract management, pays special attention to the implementation
of industrial, construction, transportation and so on energy field. Energy consumption structure
adjustment, increase the proportion of fossil fuels. Increase the forest coverage, increase our
ability, strengthen the carbon sequestration. Strengthen adapt to climate change, especially the
ability to extreme weather events. Establishing and perfecting the greenhouse gas emissions and
saving energy, strengthen the monitoring system of statistics of climate change science research,
accelerate low carbon technology development and application, and gradually establish a carbon
emissions trading market. Adhere to common but differentiated responsibilities principle, actively
carry out international cooperation in addressing climate change.

(23) to develop recycling economy. In order to improve the efficiency of resources for the target,
strengthen the output tax planning guide, support, financial policies and perfect legal laws and
regulations, and implement extended producer responsibility system, promoting production,
circulation and consumption every link of circular economy development. The resource recycling
industry development, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, encourage
industrial waste recycling, improve the recovery of renewable resources recovery of waste
classification system and the system of renewable resources, promote the industrialization of use.

Development and application, source and recycling, zero emissions and industrial link technology,
promote recycling economy typical pattern.

(24) strengthen resource conservation and management. Implement conservation priority strategy,
comprehensive utilization of resources of total amount control, implement two-way adjusting
supply management, differentiation. Strengthen energy and mineral resources, geological
prospecting, protection, rational exploitation of mineral resources, energy and the important
strategic succeeded, mineral resources reserve system. Improve land management system,
strengthen the plan and the annual plan, strict control, perfect saving land use control standard,
strengthen the responsibility and land. Highly safe and water-saving society construction of water
resources allocation system, perfect and strengthening water resources management and
compensated, encourage desalination, strict control groundwater exploitation.

(25) intensify environmental protection. In order to solve drinking water and air, not the health of
the damage of soil pollution of environment problems, strengthen management, obviously
improve the environmental quality. Implement the responsibility system, strengthening pollutant
emission reduction targets and management, increase the main pollutant total amount control,
accelerate the urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities construction, increasing emphasis of
water pollution prevention, effectively basin urban air pollution, noise control, heavy metal,
strengthen management of hazardous waste pollution, soil, strengthening supervision and radiation
nuclear capability. Strict standards for pollutants discharge and environmental impact assessment,
strengthen the law enforcement surveillance, and major environmental events and pollution
accident responsibility system. Perfect environment protection technology and economic policies,
establish and perfect the polluter pay system, establish environmental protection investment
mechanism, developing the environmental protection industry.

(26) strengthen the ecological protection and construction of disaster prevention system. Adhere to
protect and restore natural priority is given priority to, from the source reverse the trend of
ecological environment deterioration. Implementation of major ecological restoration, consolidate
the natural forest protection, grain, and grazing land and achievements, rocky desertification,
comprehensive, protect the grassland and wetlands. Accelerate the establishment of
eco-compensation mechanism, strengthen key ecological function, strengthen the protection and
management of soil and water conservation, water conservation and sand-fixation ability,
protecting biodiversity. Strengthen water infrastructure construction and promote large rivers,
lakes and rivers and the tributary, strengthen urban flood control ability. To speed up the
establishment of geological disaster investigation and evaluation system, monitoring and warning
system, control system, emergency system. Increasing point of regional geological hazards
management, strengthen the rescue team construction, improve the level of material safeguard.
Implementation of natural disasters, and scientific arrangement dangerous risk assessment of
regional production and living facilities reasonable geological hazards.

七、  Seven, the thorough implementation of rejuvenating the talent strategy, strategic and accelerate
the building of an innovation-oriented country
Promoting economic development in our country, more and more rely on scientific and

technological innovation driver must implement the national science and technology, education,
long-term plan for improving, talent education, quicken the creative ability of science and
technology development, the reform of personnel resources advantage, play to accelerate the
transformation of the mode of economic development, realize the comprehensive construction
well-off society goal solid technology and human resources.

(27) strengthen technological innovation ability. Insist on innovation and development, the lead,
the support of the future, enhance the core technology breakthrough ability common, scientific
and technological achievements into reality, promote productivity. Accelerating major national
science and technology and special knowledge, technology innovation and innovation. The
scientific and technological progress and the upgrading of the industrial structure and improving
people's livelihood, enhance combining original innovation, integrated innovation and
introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation ability in modern agriculture, equipment
manufacturing, ecological environmental protection, energy resources, information network, new
materials, safety and health as the core, a new breakthrough in electronic devices, great scale
integrated circuits, systems software, gm varieties, creating new fields of key technologies to
conquer. Strengthen basic research, the frontier in life science, space Marine, earth science and
nanotechnology etc preempted the technological competition.

(28) perfect technology innovation mechanism. Deepen science and technology system reform,
strengthen the scientific research in higher education, and the organic combination of the
construction of national innovation system, strengthen the basic and advanced technology and the
common technical research platform construction, strengthen the integration of resources
integration, military technology advancing distinctive regional innovation system, and encourage
the development of science and technology intermediary service, deepen reform of management
system of scientific research outlays, perfecting the science and technology achievement
evaluation system of rewards. Key elements to guide and support innovation in enterprise
gathering, to speed up the establishment of enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance,
the combination of production technology innovation system. Strengthen scientific research
institutes and universities, encourage large enterprise innovation power increased spending on
research and development of small and medium-sized enterprises stimulate innovation vigor,
entrepreneurs and technology talents play the important role in technological innovation.
Encourage invention-creation. Strengthen enterprise innovation and scientific research
achievements in support of the industrialization of monetary policy, government tax increase of
investment in fundamental research, promote important scientific and technological infrastructure
construction and open sharing, promote technological and financial combination, cultivating and
developing venture investment risk. The implementation of intellectual property strategy, improve
the legal system of intellectual property rights, the strengthening of intellectual property protection
and create, use and manage.

(29) accelerate education reform and development. We must carry out the party's education policy,
safeguard citizens shall have the right to education, by people's education. According to the
priority development, cultivation, reform and innovation, promoting fair, improve the quality of
education, deepen the reform of teaching requirements, promote the development of science

education undertakings. Follow the all-round quality education, the education law and the student
body and mind development regularity, prioritizing the moral education, ability and promote
students' physique and all-round development. Pre-school education, actively develop the
education quality and consolidated enhancement obligation, to speed up the popularization high
school education, vigorously developing vocational education in higher education, and to enhance
the quality of education, to accelerate the development of national education to support special
education development, construction and national study and life-long learning society. Innovative
talent training system, education management system, the system, the reform of teaching content,
teaching method, quality evaluation and examination recruitment system. Promote education fair
and reasonable allocation of public education resources, focus on rural areas and outlying and
poverty-stricken areas, ethnic education, quicken the narrowing gap. Perfect state funding system,
AIDS family economic difficulties students complete their studies. To strengthen construction of
ethics of teachers, improve teachers' professional skill, encourage lifelong physics-teaching talents.
Increasing education investment, encourage social forces in education, to strengthen the weak
links and key areas for education reform, development and implementation of major projects.

(30) construction talent. Adhere to the party tube personnel, adhere to the principle of
development, talent, with priority for this, the innovation mechanism, high-end lead, overall
development guidelines, strengthen modernization needs of all kinds of personnel, give full play
to the role of domestic talent, actively introduce and with good overseas high-level talents. To
establish and perfect the government's macro management, market effectively configuration, unit,
choosing independently choose and employ persons, the formation mechanism of system can
obviously improve the investment structure, the diversity of human capital investment proportion.
Build respect talented person's social environment, the equal competition and open system
environment, promote the selecting talents. Improved talent management mode, implement the
national major personnel policies, pays great talents, promote talent project career development in
an all-round way.

八、8 and strengthen social construction, establish and perfect the basic public service system
To guarantee and improve the livelihood of the people, to gradually perfect union, compared with
complete, covering both urban and rural areas, sustainable basic public service system, and
improve the ability to safeguard and promote equal access to basic public services. To strengthen
the social management ability construction, innovation, safeguard social management mechanism
of social harmony and stability.

(31) promoting employment, and construct harmonious labor relations. Implement more positive
employment policy, develop labor-intensive industries and services and small miniature enterprise
development, multi-channel, encourages independent jobs, promote full employment. Perfect
unity and standardization of the human resource market and flexible for workers to provide quality
and efficient employment service. To strengthen vocational training and education, improve their
ideas to solve the employment of laborer, college graduates, rural labor transfer, urban
employment difficult problem of obtain employment of personnel of a priority. Do veterans'
employment. Strengthen labor law enforcement, perfecting labor dispute processing mechanism,
improve working conditions, safeguard the rights and interests of every worker. Government,

trade unions and enterprises, to form enterprise and worker benefit sharing mechanism,
establishing harmonious labor relations.

(32) rationally adjust the distribution of income. Uphold and improve the distribution according to
work is dominant and a variety of modes of distribution coexist. Allocation to deal with the
relationship between efficiency and fairness, more attention paid to fairness redistribution. Efforts
to improve income in the national income, increase the proportion of Labour remuneration in
primary distribution of income. Create conditions increased residents property income. Perfect
expanding employment increase labor income development environment and system conditions,
to promote fair chance. Gradually increase the minimum wage standard, safeguard the normal
growth and wage payment. Regulate distribution of income distribution, strengthening tax
adjustment function, regulate high income, urban and rural regions, to reverse, industry and
income gap between social members. Perfect servant wage system, deepen the institution reform
of the income distribution system.

(33) and perfecting the social security system. Insist wider coverage, the basic, multi-level and
sustainable policies for urban and rural residents, and accelerate the coverage of the construction
of social security system. Achieve a new type of rural social endowment insurance system,
perfecting the implementation of a complete coverage of worker of the town and residents
endowment insurance system, realize the fundamental annuities plan as a whole. Promote pension
insurance system reform. To further make old-age insurance individual account, can achieve
trans-provincial succeeded. Expand coverage of the social security, and gradually increase security
standards. Development of enterprise annuity and professional annuity. Supplementary role play
commercial insurance. To realize the social relief covered. Active and steady endowment fund
investment operation. Vigorously develop charity. To strengthen the construction of information
network of social security, social security card application, achieve precise management.

(34) accelerate medical health reform and development. According to the basic and strong, the
mechanism of the basic requirements, increasing financial investment, deepening the reform of
medical care system, arouse the enthusiasm of medical personnel, basic medical and health system
as a whole, to provide public products to satisfy people is basic medical and health needs. To
strengthen the public health service system construction, expand the national basic public health
services. Sound coverage of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, and gradually
increase the standard of safeguard system. To establish and perfect the system of basic drugs in
countries on the basis of drug supply security system, ensure pharmaceutical quality and safety,
strengthen the construction of urban and rural medical health service system, a new medical
resources to rural and urban communities tilt, strengthen medical talents cultivation, gp, especially
perfect encouragement in general long-term service policy. Active and steady public hospital
reform and exploration of basic-level hospitals and urban form reasonable division of labor and
collaboration medical institution. Insist on Chinese medicine support career development. Major
infectious disease, and actively, occupational disease and endemic diseases and spirit. Encourage
social capital held in various forms, promote orderly competition medical institution,
strengthening supervision and improve the service quality and efficiency, and satisfy the
diversified health needs.

(35) comprehensive doing a good job in population work. Adhere to the basic state policy of
family planning policy, perfecting gradually, promote the development of a long-term equilibrium
population. To improve the reproductive health level and improve the quality of the newborn
population contain birth population sex ratio. Adhere to ensure equality between men and women,
women's lawful rights and interests, strengthening the protection of minors, the development of
women and children. Positive response to the aging population, the family and the community
function, gives priority to the development of social endowment service, foster and strengthen
services and industrial ageing. Support undertakings for disabled persons develop and perfect
service system.

(36) strengthen the social management and innovation. According to party leadership, the
government is responsible for sound social coordination, public participation and the requirement
of social management pattern, strengthen the social management laws, system, ability construction.
The perfect legal laws and regulations and policies, sound management and service system,
grass-roots work to strengthen and improve the party at the grass-roots level, mass organizations
and social organization function, improve the rural community autonomy and service function,
develop social management and service together. Perfecting the party and the government to
protect the rights and interests of the leading mechanism, perfecting the people's mediation,
administrative mediation, judicial mediation system, integrating the linkage of work all aspects,
establish the mediation resolves disputes comprehensive platform. Unblocked and regulating the
mass appeal to express, coordinating interests, rights and interests protection channel, establish the
major project construction and the major policies of social stability, risk evaluation mechanism,
deal with the contradictions among the people, and take various unstable factors in basic and
dissolve in the bud. Increasing public safety, and to enhance safety production, perfect for accident
calamity, public health and food security incident, the social security incident prevention, early
warning and emergency disposal system. Well, strengthen management of floating population
service management and service, carries out the special groups, increase social management
weaknesses. Perfecting the social security system, and strengthen urban and rural community
policing and materialize the fundamental construction in grass roots, etc, to strengthen the team
building, strict law enforcement, honest fair social security and public security and protection
ability, strengthen key areas of social security. Closely guarded, according to crack down on all
illegal and criminal activities, to protect people's lives and property security.

九、Nine, promote cultural development and prosperity, raising the national cultural soft strength
Culture is the soul of a nation and the soul, is a national rejuvenation and development, we must
insist on the strength of the advanced socialist culture direction, to promote Chinese culture, the
construction of harmonious culture, the development of cultural undertakings and industry, and
satisfy the people's increasing needs of spiritual culture, give full play to people's social, cultural
education, promoting the development of the Chinese nation, the construction of function,
strengthen the common spiritual homeland national cohesion and creativity.

(37) to improve the quality of civilization. Constructing the socialist core value system, strengthen
walk the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese

nation, the ideal faith education law and professional integrity, patriotic Chinese traditional virtue,
constructing socialist spiritual civilization, socialist market economic and moral norms. Advancing
social morality, professional ethics, family virtue, individual character construction and
development of mass building spiritual civilization, and extensive volunteer service. Promote the
scientific spirit and humanistic care, pay attention to the psychological counseling, cultivate
strenuous enterprising, rational peaceful, open inclusive society. Advocate character self-restraint
and aged respected, diligent work, plain, promote formation for all, all for one of the social
atmosphere. Strengthen occupational ethics, support and encourage innovation, develop team
spirit wealth of labor. Purifying social cultural environment, protect teens physical and mental
health. Comprehensive use of education, law, administration, public opinion means to guide
people and upright, upright, punishing evildoers, based on the social atmosphere.

(38) promote cultural innovation. New changes to mass culture needs a new requirement, promote
thematic, advocate diverse, spiritual and cultural products and social culture and life more colorful.
Based on the contemporary Chinese excellent culture and practice, the world civilization, reflect
people's main body status and real life, improve product quality, the creation of cultural production
more profoundly, art, culture and joyful. Propulsion system, academic, research methods, the
prosperity and development of innovation of philosophy and social science. Deepen the reform of
the cultural system, the innovation of cultural production and dissemination way, the liberation
and development of the culture productivity and enhance the vitality of cultural development.

(39) prosperity and development of cultural undertakings and industry. Insist grasping pro bono
cultural undertakings and grasping business culture industry, always putting social benefits first, to
realize the economic benefit and social benefit organic unity. In rural and parts of the Midwest,
continue to implement cultural huimin engineering, basic built system of public cultural services.
Extensive mass cultural activities. To strengthen the important news media attention, the
construction of new media, utilization, management, and grasp the correct direction of public
opinion, and improve communication ability. Strengthen basic cultural construction. Support
non-profit cultural undertakings, strengthening cultural heritage protection. Guided by the
government in the market mechanism to play the positive role, cultivate backbone enterprises and
cultural strategic investors, encouraging and guiding nonpublic economy into a new culture,
development, enhance the ability to supply diversified forms, satisfy diversified needs of society,
the prosperity of socialist cultural market, promote cultural industry has become a national
economic backbone industry. To strengthen publicity and cultural exchange, cultural innovation
"to walk out" mode, enhancing the cultural international competitiveness and influence.
Vigorously develop the nationwide fitness campaign, enhance people's constitution, improve the
level of competitive sports, rouse national spirit.

十、10 and accelerate the pace of reform of fortification, improve socialist market economic
Reform is to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, the strong
power to greater determination and courage to promote reform of the field. Attaching more
importance to the reform and the overall planning and design of top priority and key clearly
reform to the task, further reform initiative, respect people's pioneering spirit, and promote steady

economic system reform, and actively promote reform of the political system, accelerate cultural
system, social reform, and constantly improve the socialist market economy system, make the
superstructure to develop more economic basis for scientific development, provide a powerful

(40) stick to and improve the basic economic system. Adhere to the public ownership as the main
body, the joint development of diversified forms of ownership, build the basic economic system of
ownership of productive elements, use according to equal fair market competition, equal
participation by legal protection system environment. The state-owned economy, promote
strategic adjustment of the state-owned capital into a sound mechanism, reasonable flow.
Accelerate reform of state-owned enterprises. Deepening the reform of monopoly industries.
Perfect all kinds of state-owned assets management system. Perfect state-owned capital
management budget and revenue sharing system. Support and guide the development of the
non-public sectors of the economy development, encourage non-public enterprises to participate in
the reform of state-owned enterprises.

(41) promote reform of the administrative system. Further deepening transformation of
government functions, the administrative examination and approval system reform, accelerate the
separation of government, reduce economic activity intervention, speeds up the construction law
government and service-oriented government. Continue to optimize the structure and functions of
the administrative levels, responsibility, reduce costs, promote greater departments, system reform
in the conditional place to explore province direct management of the county (city). Sound
scientific decision-making and democratic decision-making, decision-making mechanism,
promote public affairs, strengthen the public policy transparency and public participation,
strengthen the administration accountability system, improve the administrative review and
administrative litigation, perfecting government performance evaluation system, improve the
government credibility.

(42) to accelerate the reform of the taxation system. Actively constructing for transformation of
the mode of economic development of the fiscal and taxation system. Based on defining powers,
according to the financial resources proportionate, further straighten out the relations between the
governments at all levels. Increase the size and proportion of general transfer payments,
strengthen county government provides financial guarantee basic public services. Perfect
budgeting and executive management system, improve the transparency of integrity and budget.
To reform and perfect the tax system. Expanding the scope of levying tax, business tax to wait
rising corresponding reasonable consumption tax adjustment range and tax structure, perfect
service for the upgrading of the industrial structure and the development of tax policy. Gradually
establish and perfect combination of comprehensive and classification of personal income tax
system. Continue to push forward the reform, the reform, the environmental protection tax levy
tax, promote real estate tax reform. Gradually perfecting local system, giving the provincial
government proper tax authority.

(43), deepening the reform of the financial system. Constructing the inverse cycle macroeconomic
prudent management system framework. Steadily improve market-oriented interest rate reform,

based on market supply and demand a managed floating exchange rate system, improving reserves
management, and gradually realize the convertibility of the renminbi under capital accounts. To
strengthen financial supervision coordination, establish and perfect the system of financial risk
pre-warning system and disposal system. Participate in international financial criterion revision of
China's financial industry, promote a steady standard. Establish the deposit insurance system.
Deepening the reform policy Banks. State-owned financial assets management system of sound.
Improving the local government financial management system.

(44) deepening resource products and market price reform. Straighten coal, electricity, oil, gas,
water, mineral resources such relationships, perfect product price for goods and services, an
important element price forming mechanism. Accelerate multi-level capital market system
construction, significantly increase the proportion of direct financing. Positive development of the
bond market, develop steadily the over-the-counter market and futures market. Perfect land, labor,
capital, technology, information and other factors market, accelerate the construction of social
credit system, perfect market regulation and supervision system, standardize market order.

(45) accelerating social reform. Active and steady science and technology, education, culture,
health, sports and other undertakings classification reform. Foster support and legal management
social organization, support and guide its participation in social management and service. The
basic public service reform, introducing competition mechanism, enlarge buying services, offer
subject and providing diversified. Promote the reform of basic public services, enhance multi-level
market supply capacity, satisfy the diversified demands.

十一、11 and win-win strategy of opening, improve the level of opening up
In opening to foreign investment primarily by exports and imports and exports to the absorption of
foreign capital and foreign investment and the new situation, must execute more active opening-up
strategy, expanding new open fields and space, expand and deepen with the interests of all parties,
improve the areas more adapt to the development requirements of the inter-region economy
system and mechanism, effectively guard against the risk, to promote reform and opening
development, promoting innovation.

(46) optimizing the structure of foreign trade. Continue to maintain stability and expanding
economy, current export, and accelerate the competitive advantages in technology, brand, quality
and service for the core competitiveness of the new advantages, prolong the processing trade,
promote ZengZhiLian domestic market diversification, vigorously promotes development of
service trade, export structure upgrade. Play of macro economic equilibrium and imported to the
important role of structure adjustment, promote the basic balance of payments.

(47) increase utilization of foreign capital. Utilization of foreign capital to optimize structure,
abundant, broaden channels, improve quality, perfect soft environment for investment, protecting
the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Increase intelligence, talent and technology
introduction, encourage foreign enterprise in China r&d center, from the international advanced
management idea, system and experience, promoting system innovation and technological
innovation. Expand the financial services, logistics, etc, the development of open education

service outsourcing, steady opening, medical, sports fields, the introduction of quality, improve
the service level of internationalization of resources.

(48) to accelerate the strategy of "going out". According to the market and enterprises, guiding
principle of decision-making of ownership enterprise in order to foreign investment and
cooperation. Overseas project contracting, expanding international cooperation, deepening
agricultural international energy resources mutually beneficial cooperation, actively to improve
the local livelihood programs. Gradually developing large-scale multinational company and
multinational financial institutions, improve the level of international business. Expand the
cross-border trade and investment in the role. Overseas investment environment, to strengthen
scientific assessment of investment projects. Improve integrated ability, improve cross-sectoral
coordination mechanism, strengthen the implementation of the strategy of "going out" the
macroscopical guidance and service. In China, the preventive maintenance of overseas equity risk.

(49) to participate in the global economy and regional cooperation. Promote international
economic system reform, and promote the international economic order fairer and more
reasonable direction. To promote the establishment of equilibrium, pratt &whitney and win-win
multilateral trading system, against all forms of protectionism. Guide and promote regional
cooperation, speed up the implementation of free trade strategy, deepen and emerging market
countries and developing countries, increase the pragmatic cooperation in developing countries in
economic aid.

十二、12 and all the people of all ethnic groups for the realization of "unity, 1025" planning and

(50), the core of leadership role fully. The leadership of the party is the realization of "1025"
period of economic and social development of guarantee, must strengthen the party's governance
capability and advanced nature construction, improve party leadership ability and level of
economic and social development. Party committees at all levels must accurately grasp the
development trend of scientific plan, the development of innovation development pattern
blueprints, and strengthen the coordination of development, improving the quality of development.
Promote learning-oriented organization construction, to strengthen and improve the training of
cadres, the practical education exercises to strengthen the leadership of leading cadres and
promote the scientific development, promote social harmony. Deepen the reform of the cadre and
personnel system, the innovation and perfection of cadre choosing and employment mechanism,
improve leadership and leading cadres and evaluation system of choose and employ persons form
conducive to scientific development.

(51) strengthen socialist political civilization construction. To uphold the party's leadership, the
people are the masters of the law, the organic unity, develop socialist democracy, safeguard the
people's right to know, to participate in, to express and supervision. Uphold and improve the
system of people's congresses, the leadership of the communist party of China's multi-party
cooperation and political consultation system, the system of regional ethnic autonomy and
grass-roots autonomous system. The consolidation and expansion of the most extensive patriotic

united front. Trade unions, the communist youth league play, women's federations and other
groups. National and religious work earnestly, strengthening national unity and progress education.
Implement the rule of law as a fundamental principle, improve socialist law system with Chinese
characteristics, maintaining legal authority and law-based administration and justice, honesty
education and strengthen law enforcement expanded form all the good social atmosphere of
learning law-abiding, speed up the construction of a socialist country ruled by law. To strengthen
human rights, promote the all-round development of human rights cause.

(52) to strengthen national defense and military modernization. In the comprehensive construction
well-off society in the process of realizing the unity of the rich and bearing, national defense and
military modernization construction into the national economic and social development. Insist on
MAO zedong's military thought, deng xiao-ping's new military construction ideology, jiang zemin,
national defense and army building for guiding ideology, the scientific development concept as the
construction of national defense and the army in the new period, and implement guidelines and
strengthen overall strategy military army more revolutionary, modernized and regularized army
mechanized informatization construction, accelerate development, improve to win the composite
information under the condition of core ability of local war completed diversification military
mission. Deepening the reform of national defense and the army, to optimize the management
system and the joint operational command system, developing new combat forces, military theory,
technology, organization and management innovation. Insist civil-military integration path of
development, improve the system of weapons and equipment research and manufacturing, military
personnel training system, military security system and defense mobilization system.
Modernization of armed police forces. Deepening national defence education and strengthen
mothball strength, unity is closely military army.

(53) maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao. Unswervingly
implement the "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people administrating Hong Kong" and
"Macao people administer Macao" with a high degree of autonomy, the policy, in strict accordance
with the basic law, support special administrative regions and the government policy. To
strengthen the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao exchanges and cooperation, continue to
implement closer economic partnership arrangement. Deepening cooperation, Macao promoting
regional economic development. Support for Hong Kong to consolidate and improve the
international financial, trade and shipping centers, strengthen industry status, promote the
innovation ability of the coordinate development of the economic society. Support the
construction of the world tourism leisure center, promote economic development moderately.

(54) to promote peace and development of cross-straits relations and the reunification. Adhere to
the "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems" policy and the present development of
cross-straits relations and the promotion of the peaceful reunification of the motherland, to fully
implement promoting inter-straits relations at the important thought of peaceful development, and
the peaceful development of cross-strait relations firmly against the theme, "Taiwan
independence" secessionist activities. Consolidate the development of cross-straits relations,
promote cross-strait exchanges along the process, construct a framework for peaceful development.
Deepening the cross-strait economic cooperation, carries out the cross-strait economic cooperative

frame agreement, promote two-way investment, strengthen financial industry, modern service
industry, etc. Actively expand cross-strait come-and-go, strengthen the cross-strait culture from
areas such as education and communication and cooperation, in accordance with law, protect the
legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan compatriots. Fully exert the straits in promote cross-strait
economic exchanges and cooperation in the first try to advance.

(55) actively create favourable external environment. Exalt banner of peace, development and
cooperation, pursue the independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to the road of peaceful
development, adhere to the mutually beneficial and win-win strategy in the open, maintaining the
sovereignty, security and development interests, together with other countries in the world of
lasting peace and promote the building of a harmonious world of common prosperity. Expand
exchanges and cooperation with the developed countries, enhancing mutual trust, improve the
level of cooperation. Deepen good-neighborly relations with neighboring countries and pragmatic
cooperation and maintain regional peace and stability and promote common development and
prosperity. With developing countries to strengthen unity and cooperation, deepening traditional
friendship and safeguarding the common interests. Further, and actively participate in the
multilateral diplomacy international cooperation. Chinese citizens overseas enterprises and
maintaining the legitimate rights and interests. To strengthen public diplomacy, conduct extensive
exchanges and promote friendship, enhance China's cultural exchanges with other countries
mutual understanding and friendship between people.

(56) all party comrades to give full play to promote the scientific development, promote social
harmony of the cutting edge exemplary role. The communist party members must unswervingly
implement the party's theory, line, principles and policies, the scientific development concept,
establish firmly implement accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development
policy decisions. Strengthen the party's basic-level organization construction, and further to excel,
led the masses of promoting sound and rapid eco-social development. Leading cadres at all levels
should adhere to serve the people wholeheartedly, adhere to the party's basic aim of the mass line,
maintains flesh-and-blood ties with the masses, establish the norm, the effort, history, people can
practice of achievements inspection. Amendments to the party's political discipline, perfecting the
deployment of implementation disciplinary major decision, ensure the central command
mechanism to ensure unblocked. To strengthen construction of anti-corruption anti-corruption
system innovation, strictly implement the responsibility of party building.the, deepen education
discipline, strengthen party leaders, honesty and self-discipline and strict management, strict
power restriction and supervision, strengthen the investigation work discipline violations. The
glorious tradition and energetically fine style, modest, modesty, arduous struggle, thrift, strengthen,
resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucratism, fine style DangXin morale, promote condensed
the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
All party comrades and the people of all nationalities will unite with comrade hu jintao as general
secretary of the central committee, high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics,
emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with The Times, the innovation,
to realize the national economic and social development of the five-year plan and the
comprehensive construction well-off society goal and magnificent! (to finish)


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