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    Cornell                                                                                                                                           Poetry and the
                                                                                                                                                       popular press


                                                                                                                                                                         social science

    Volume 19 Number 11           November 5, 1987                                                                                                                  and the

                                                                                                                                                     Plan would
                                                                                                                                                     add housing
                                                                                                                                                     for 1,000
                                                                                                                                                         Cornell administrators are reviewing
                                                                                                                                                     plans to add housing facilities for 600
                                                                                                                                                     undergraduates and 400 graduate students,
                                                                                                                                                     according to William P. Paleen, acting vice
                                                                                                                                                     president for campus affairs and director of
                                                                                                                                                     residence lite.
                                                                                                                                                         The plans were outlined to the Buildings
                                                                                                                                                     and Properties Committee of the Board of
                                                                                                                                                     Trustees last month and discussed briefly
                                                                                                                                                     during President Frank Rhodes' report to
                                                                                                                                                     the full board. The plans were scheduled to
                                                                                                                                                     be shared with the Student Assembly on
                                                                                                                                                     Nov. 3. Trustees are expected to act on
                                                                                                                                                     portions of the proposal as early as
                                                                                                                                                          The plans also have been, or will be, dis-
                                                                                                                                                     cussed with officials and community groups
                                                                                                                                                     in the City and the Town of Ithaca and the
                                                                                                                                                     Village of Cayuga Heights, the municipali-
                                                                                                                                                     ties most closely affected, said John F. Bur-
                                                                                                                                   Claude Level      ness, vice president for university relations.
       A mystery musician Mows a Halloween trombone during the Cornell-Bucknell game. In fact, It's senior John Hyde.
                                                                                                                                                         "We have been working for a number of
                                                                                                                                                     years to improve the quality of our existing
                                                                                                                                                     housing stock and to identify our needs for
                                                                                                                                                     additional housing," Paleen said. "Housing

    Martin to step down as Law School dean                                                                                                           for single graduate students has been identi-
                                                                                                                                                     fied as the most pressing immediate need,
                                                                                                                                                     according to analyses weVe done. These
       Peter W. Martin, dean of the Cornel!         Martin when he wrote a letter telling the                                                        proposed projects will help relieve the hous-
    Law School since July 1980, announced           Law School faculty of the upcoming                                                               ing crunch, both on and off campus."
    this week that he will step down from the       change. The provost said that Martin "has                                                             Paleen said that among options being
    administrative post on July I and return to     represented the school well, he leaves it in                                                     considered are razing Cornell Quarters on
    teaching.                                       excellent condition, with an outstanding                                                         the Southeast Campus in the Town of
       In a letter to President Frank H.T.          faculty and programs that serve its students                                                      Ithaca and erecting housing for single grad-
    Rhodes and Provost Robert Barker, Martin        well. You and he can be proud of the                                                             uate students there or nearby. He said that
    wrote that "the time has come to return to      developments of the last seven years."                                                           some or all of the graduate housing com-
    compelling personal and professional com-          During his tenure, Martin recruited new                                                        plex could be completed by next fall and
    mitments and for the Law School to secure       faculty, initiated a major facilities program                                                    financed with $5 million in funds already
    the benefits of fresh leadership."              to renovate and add to Myron Taylor Hall,                                                         available through a State Dormitory
       Martin's main areas of injerest are public   established the first microcomputer network                                                       Authority bond issue.
    policy law and computer apphcations in          on the Cornell campus linking computers                                                              The plans       which officials stressed were
    law. He plans to conduct research on the        used in administration, faculty research and                                                      still in a preliminary stage      also call for
    interfaces among legal education, computers     teaching at the school, and reorganized and                                                       building housing for 600 undergraduates on
    and the practice of law when he rejoins the     strengthened the financial base of the                                                            a North Campus site near Robert Purcell
    faculty next year.                              school.                                                                                           Union in the City of Ithaca, Paleen said.
       Rhodes wrote a letter notifying members         In his letter to the Law School Advisory                                                           "We're looking at the present CC parking
    of the Law School Advisory Council that         Council, Rhodes said: "All of us are espe-                                                        lot, but no decisions have been reached.
    Martin was stepping down. The president         cially grateful that Peter has indicated a wil-                                                   Our objective is to have the additional
    expressed "great regret" at Martin's decision   lingness to assist with many of the initiatives                                                   undergraduate housing ready for occupancy
    and then explained, "When Peter agreed to       that were undertaken during his tenure,                                                           by fall 1990 or 1991. Financing for the
    his reappointment, we knew that he would        including the capital campaign, and to work                                                       estimated $22 million project has not yet
    not serve a full second term, and some          with his successor . . . "                                                                        been worked out," he said. Parking spaces
    months ago Peter indicated that he would           Martin said that the Law School's "capi-                                                       to replace the CC lot and to accommodate
    like to step down at the end of June 1988."     tal construction campaign is now over $9          Peter W. Martin                 Claude Levet    the additional residents would be included
     He went on to say that he and Barker had       million and moving toward the goal of $20                                                         as part of each project.
    hoped to persuade Martin "to extend his         million, and our faculty is stronger than it         Rhodes and Barker were scheduled to              Paleen said that the 1,000 new student
    tenure, but his strong desire to resume his     has ever been. I said I would not commit          meet with the Law School faculty yesterday      beds still will leave Cornell about 1,000
    role as a full-time faculty member could not    myself to serving a full second term when I       to start planning the search for Martin's       beds short of its goal: to be able to offer
    be denied."                                     was reappointed in 1985, and now the time         successor.                                      on-campus housing to all undergraduate
       Barker also cited the attempts to keep       seems right to step aside for a new dean."                                      — Joe Leeming                               Continued on page 8

    Exam, study period schedules altered to minimize problems
       December's pre-exams study period has        period. Then, in ordinary years, there are        faculty to complete grading of exams before    in the late summer and early fall and
    been altered to minimize the inconvenience      two test days, another weekend off, and five      Christmas vacation. And it would have          recommended breaking up the five-day
    to students and faculty caused by a "quirk      more test days.                                   opened the exam period with five straight      exam block.
    in the calendar," according to Provost             This year, the semester ends at noon on        test days. Because exams for the large            They proposed making Friday, Dec. 11,
    Robert Barker in a letter to deans, directors   Dec. 9, which is a Wednesday. Barker              introductory courses usually come first   to   an exam day, following one and one-half
    and department heads.                           explained that, if the usual pattern were         leave time for grading all the papers the      days of study. After the weekend, Dec. 14
       The "quirk" was that the fall semester       applied, the rest of the week would be for        burden would have fallen most heavily on       and 15 were to be exam days, Dec. 16
    started on a Monday instead of a Thursday       study, Dec. 14 through 18 for exams, the          freshmen, according to Joseph Bugliari,        another study day, Dec. 17 and 18 exam
    as usual. Barker said.                          weekend off. and Dec. 21 and 22 foi exams.        dean of the faculty.                           days, and, after another weekend, Dec. 21
       Ordinarily, the semester ends on Satur-         I his posed two problems. It would have           A committee of the Faculty Council of       the final day for exams.
    day, and that weekend and the next three        pushed exams very close to Christmas, mak-        Representatives, which Bugliari heads, and        The Deans' Council and Student Affairs
    weekdays are provided as a pre-finals study     ing it hard for teaching assistants and           representatives of the Student Assembly met                            Continued on page 8
2        November 5, 1987

Briefs                                           Suspension to be sought for heckling speakers
                                                    As two organizations prepared to sponsor       found guilty May 8 by the University Hear-            "This decision is based upon principles
                                                 a speech Nov. 9 by the controversial              ing Board of violating the Campus Code of          contained in Title V of the Campus Code of
 • Entrees sought in $1,000 essay competi-       founder of the Jewish Defense League, Meir        Conduct by disrupting Kahane's talk on             Conduct and not upon the substance or
tion: The deadline for entering the Douglas      Kahane, Cornell's judicial administrator,         Nov. 16, 1986. They were sentenced to dis-         content of the particular event," Loomis
 Whitney Prize essay competition open to all     Thomas McCormick, has issued a statement          ciplinary probation and community service.         wrote. "Title V clearly contemplates availa-
junior and senior students on campus inter-      on the disciplinary cases against hecklers at        At last year's event, the crowd of more         bility of suitable facilities and support servi-
ested in pursuing a law degree is Jan. 25,       Kahane's speech on campus last November.          than 200 persons included a large number           ces, and attendant health and safety issues.
 1988. The winner, who will be announced         In the statement, he warned that interfer-        of hecklers who interfered with Kahane's              "A further guiding principle is the prim-
in March 1988, will receive a $1,000 cash        ence with speakers on campus will be dealt        speech. David Drinkwater, dean of stu-             ary concern for 'the speaker's ability to be
 award. Guidelines and rules may be              with severely.                                    dents, sought to identify those who were           heard or the right of others to listen,' "
obtained from the Office of the Dean of             "It is the intent of the Office of the Judi-   disrupting the meeting and finally told            Loomis wrote.
 Faculty, 315 Day Hall.                          cial Administrator to put the community on        Kahane to leave after Kahane refused to               Drinkwater said he expects that those
                                                 notice that, in all future interference-with-     recognize a questioner whom he considered          attending the Nov. 9 event will "assure that
• Student off-campus housing counselors          speaker cases, this office will recommend to      hostile.                                           there is an expression of viewpoints in such
needed: Student volunteers are needed to         the University Hearing Board that those              The disruption of Kahane's speech was           a manner that everybody will be able to be
help new students find off-campus housing        found guilty be suspended by the univer-          among the incidents that prompted Presi-           heard."
in January as well as to help them adjust to     sity," McCormick said.                            dent Frank H.T. Rhodes to establish a                 In his statement, McCormick also com-
living in the community. Applications for           Kahane advocates a number of policies          commission on free speech headed by Law            mented on the live-month delay between the
off-campus housing counselor positions are       that have aroused intense controversy in          School Professor John J. Barcelo III. The          incident and the hearing:
due at the Dean of Student's Office in 103       Israel and the United States,                     commission, which issued its report last              "Some felt the delay indicated a lack of
Barnes Hall by Nov. 13. They are available       troversy in Israel and the United States.         spring, offered guidelines and mechanisms          concern on the part of the administration to
at the Dean of Student's Office and at the          Three students and a staff member were         for responding to and clarifying issues of         protect a speaker's right of free speech on
Willard Straight Hall Desk. For more                                                               tree speech. The commission also recom-            campus. It is important for the community
details, call Neff Casaburri or Michael                                                            mended that severe penalties be imposed on         to understand that the Office of the Judicial
Black at 255 5373.                                                                                 those who disrupt campus speakers.
• Bloodmobile at Willard Straight Nov.
                                                   Campus Code                                        Kahane is scheduled to speak on campus
                                                                                                                                                      Administrator is wholly independent from
                                                                                                                                                      the Cornell administration. In this, and in
10: Walk-in donors are welcome at the Red          now available                                   on Nov. 9 in Bailey Hall at 4:15 p.m. at the
                                                                                                   invitation of the Jewish Awareness Network
                                                                                                                                                      all actions taken, this office is completely
                                                                                                                                                      and independently responsible for its
Cross Bloodmobile scheduled in the Mem-
orial Room of Willard Straight Hall from               Copies of the Campus Code of                and the Cornell Political Forum.                   actions, and in this case, the delay.
10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. on Nov. 10. For                Conduct, which was enacted by the                 The event was scheduled for Bailey Hall            "I do know that the administration is
appointments, call 273-1900.                        Board of Trustees in May upon the              after the sponsoring groups were denied            deeply concerned about the interference-of-
                                                    recommendation of President Frank              permission to use the Willard Straight Hall        speakers issue," McCormick added. "I, too,
                                                    H.T. Rhodes and the University                  Memorial Room because of the room's               am deeply concerned and regret any misim-
• Parking inopeds indoors prohibited:               Assembly, will be available to the             inadequacy for the crowd anticipated at the        pression that the delay may have caused."
Cornell Public Safety Lieutenant Randall            Cornell community beginning on                 event.                                                                          — Dennis Meredith
H. Hausner has issued a reminder that gas-          Nov. 6 at the following locations:                In a letter to Jewish Awareness Network
powered inopeds, scooters and motorcycles
                                                       • Information and Referral Cen-             President Ben Lemkin and Cornell Political
cannot be parked inside or in sheltered
                                                    ter, Day Hall Lobby.                           Forum President Michael Cabana, Ron
areas near buildings on the campus, because
of the extreme fire hazard such actions
                                                       • Office of the Assemblies, 165              Loomis, the university's director of unions       Viruses will be topic
                                                    Day Hall.                                      and activities, wrote:
would create.
                                                       • Office of the Judicial Adminis-              "Based upon our experience on the occa-         of next BTI lectures
   Hausner said the temptation to park the          trator, 431 Day Hall.                          sion of Rabbi Kahane's last visit, we believe         Molecular biology of vaccinia virus and
vehicles illegally increases with the onset of         • Office of the Dean of Students,           that a larger facility with more opportunity       replication of plant viruses will be examined
winter weather, adding that they will be             103 Barnes Hall.                              for ingress and egress is required te accom-       in two Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant
ticketed and towed immediately at the
                                                       • Reference desks of Olin, Uris,            modate the anticipated number of attendees         Research Distinguished Lectures in
owners' expense.
                                                    and Mann libraries.                            in a manner consistent with concerns for           November.
                                                       • CUINFO.                                   health and safety as well as to assure . . .
• Select Benefits Plan enrollment changed:                                                         the rights of the speakers and listeners.             Dr. Bernard Moss, chief of the labora-
Beginning with the 1988 Select Benefits                                                                                                               tory of viral diseases at the National Insti-
plan year, enrollment in the Health Care                                                                                                              tute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will
Premium Contribution option is now auto-                                                                                                              speak on "Use of Vaccinia Virus as Molecu-
matic. Formerly, employees were required .
to complete an enrollment form in order to
pay for their health care premium with
                                                 Pierre Salinger to lecture Nov. 12                                                                   lar Cloning and Expression Vector" Nov.
                                                                                                                                                       11 at 2 p.m. in the Boyce Thompson
before-tax dollars. Now all employees who           Pierre Salinger, a prize-winning TV jour-      other events in Europe.
                                                 nalist who was press secretary to Presidents         His citations for meritorious reporting            Timothy C. Hall, a distinguished profes-
participate in a health care plan provided                                                                                                            sor and head of the biology department at
through Cornell will pay their premiums           Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, will              include the George Foster Peabody Award,
                                                 deliver the annual Bartels Lecture on Nov.        Gold Hugo Award, the Special Jury Award            the Texas A&M University, will lecture on
with before-tax dollars.                                                                                                                              "Molecular Biology of Plant Virus Replica-
                                                  12.                                              at the San Francisco International Film
   November is the month to enroll in                                                                                                                 tion" on Nov. 18 at 2 p.m., also in the BTI
                                                    Salinger, 62, the chief foreign corres-        Festival, the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia
Select Benefits. Information about Select                                                                                                             auditorium.
                                                 pondent for ABC News, will speak on the           University Award, the National Headliner
Benefits has been sent to employees in the
                                                 subject, "The Dangerous Realities of Amer-        Award, the Cornelius Ryan Award from
                                                 ica's Misperceptions of the World," at 7:30       the Overseas Press Club of America and an
                                                 p.m. in .                                         Emmy Award.

   An article in the Oct. 22 Cornell Chroni-
                                                    Salinger was appointed ABC's chief for-
                                                 eign correspondent in Paris in 1983 and
                                                 was transferred to New York City a few
                                                                                                      Salinger's TV news assignments have
                                                                                                   included Soviet summit talks with the Uni-
                                                                                                   ted States and France, economic summits of
cle misidentified Professor John Condry of       weeks ago.                                        the seven major industrialized nations, the
the Department of Human Development                 He will spend Nov. 12 and 13 on cam-           27th Communist Party Congress in Mos-              Ta Liang
and Family Studies.                              pus. He will speak to students in a class on      cow, President Reagan's visit to the Bergen-          Ta Liang, a pioneer in remote sensing
                                                 modern European studies taught by John            Belsen concentration camp in Germany, the          and aerial photo interpretation, died Nov. 1
                                                  Weiss, an associate professor in the             $1.4 billion missing from Banco Ambrosi-           at Tompkins Community Hospital. He was
                                                  Department of History and director of the        ano in Milan, Israel's secret arms sales to        71.
                                                 Western Societies Program, and one on             Iran, and President Reagan's trips to Japan,          Liang, who joined the Cornell faculty in
                                                 journalism taught by Daniel McDonald, an          England and France.                                 1957, was instrumental in putting Cornell at

     Cornell                                     assistant professor in the Department of
                                                                                                      Salinger will visit Cornell at the invitation
                                                                                                   of the Henry E. and Nancy Horton Bartels
                                                                                                                                                      the forefront of aerial photo interpretation,
                                                                                                                                                      applying it to an array of engineering and

    CHRONICLE                                       At breakfast, Salinger will meet members
                                                 of the International Business Association of
                                                 the Johnson Graduate School of Manage-
                                                                                                   World Affairs Fellowship program, which is
                                                                                                   administered by the Center for International
                                                                                                                                                      agricultural problems.
                                                                                                                                                         He developed techniques for assessing
                                                                                                                                                      landslide potentials and for determining the
                                                 ment and will be the honored guest at a              The Bartels graduated from Cornell in           properties of tropical soils from aerial pho-
                                                 dinner given by President Frank H.T.               1948 and established the fellowship in            tos, and served as a consultant on projects
                                                 Rhodes.                                            1984. Henry E. Bartels was vice president         in North America, central Africa, Southeast
                                                    After serving as White House press secre-      of lnsilco Corp. of Connecticut until his          Asia, western Australia, and Central and
                                                 tary from 1961 to 1964, Salinger was              retirement three years ago. Nancy Horton           South America.
                                                 appointed to the U.S. Senate by California        Bartels is president of Chippendale Society,          Liang was elected professor of civil and
                                                 Gov. Edmund Brown in 1964 to complete             which conducts annual study tours of his-          environmental engineering emeritus in the
                                                 the late Senator Clair Engle's term.              toric houses and gardens in England.               College of Engineering when he retired from
                                                    He joined ABC News in Paris in 1977                                                               teaching in 1984. He served as principal
                                                                                                      The Bartels are scheduled to be at Cor-         investigator in the NASA-sponsored
                                                 and won a number of major awards for his
                                                                                                   nell with Salinger.                                Remote Sensing Program of the School of
                                                 reporting on efforts to free American hos-
                                                 tages in Iran, U.S.-Soviet relations and                                      — Albert E. Kqff       Civil and Environmental Engineering from
                                                                                                                                                       1972 to 1981.
                                                                                                                                                         Born in China, he earned a bachelor's
                                                                                                                                                      degree from Tsing Hua University and
                                                 Writers to read from their works                                                                     served as civilian senior engineer for the
                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Armed Forces during World War II,
                                                    Black novelist John Edgar Wideman and          outside, on the glass / a mystery to me /          supervising construction of roads, airports
                                                 three Mohawk poets will give readings from        why he etched a season / of ferns & flowers        and housing facilities in Burma, China and
                                                 their works here this month as part of the        & butterflies."                                    India.
                                                 year-long series of lectures, readings and            Wideman, whose reading is scheduled for           Following the war, he earned a master's
                                                 performances on the theme "Race, the Arts         4:30 p.m. on Nov. 17 in Kaufmann Audit-            degree in 1948 and doctorate in 1952 in
                                                 and the Humanities" sponsored by the Cor-         orium of Goldwin Smith Hall, writes of his         civil engineering at Cornell.
                                                 nell Council of the Creative and Performing       imprisoned brother in his award-winning               Liang's wife Daisy died in 1984; he is
                                                 Arts.                                             novel "Brothers and Keepers": "The prob-           survived by a son. Jack Liang, of Grosse
                                                    Readings by Mohawk poets Alex Jacobs,          lem was that in order to be the person 1           Point, Mich.; a grandson; a brother in this
                                                 Daniel Thompson and Peter Blue Cloud are          wanted to be, 1 believed I had to seal myself      country; and two sisters in Hong Kong.
                                                 scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 11 at the         off from you, construct a wall between us             Funeral services took place on Nov. 4,
                                                 A.D. White House. In one of his works,            . . . 1 was running away from Pittsburgh,          and interment was in Lake View Cemetery.
                                                 Thompson writes that the spirit of winter         from poverty, from blackness . . . Your            Donations may be made to the Professor
                                                 "came while / i slept and carves his art          world."                                            Ta Liang Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Two Cornell poets shrug off loss of newspaper reviews
   Early in his career, A.R. Ammons
received a full-page review of his poetry in
the New York Times Book Review. During
the next month, sales of his book totaled
eight copies.
   "I appreciate the attention, but poets are
kind of cussed; we don't need it," said
Ammons, a critically acclaimed author of
20 books of poetry, including two published
this year. "1 don't need anything from
newspapers, thank you very much."
   Unlike the poets who picketed the Los
Angeles Times this spring after it halted
regular poetry reviews — and unlike the

"Music lyrics, memorized and
sung around the world in Eng-
lish, are the popular poems of
our society. They appeal to a
broad audience, and they
                             — A.R. Ammons

critics who decry a lack of poetry reviews in
the general press as barbaric — poets
Ammons and Robert Morgan, both profes-
sors of English, think that poets have no
business demanding greater attention from
the popular press and the public.                   Poets A.R. Ammons and Robert Morgan.                                                                                                   Claude Levet
   "If newspapers decide that there's no rea-
son to review poetry, it's partly the respon-       do whatever it thinks is good for itself. If it   another journalist as saying: "I don't think         "If you publish obligatory reviews, that
sibility of poets, who perhaps haven't              discovers that it's good for it to pay atten-     we owe a thing to poets or poetry."                doesn\ draw attention to poets; those types
written poetry that interests people enough,"       tion to serious poetry, perhaps it will do so        The two Cornell poets, both North Carol-        of reviews are shades of gray, dismissive,"
said Morgan, whose seventh collection, "At          someday. If it doesn't, that's OK with me."       ina natives, welcome and appreciate atten-         Morgan said. "Articles that are excited
the Edge of the Orchard Country," was                  Ammons — winner of the National Book           tion from the popular press and the general        about a poet would draw attention.
published this year.                                Award for Poetry, Bollingen Prize in Poe-         public. But without it, there still is a sizable      "Poetry is dominated by academic critics
   "For now, the world of poetry, for better        try, National Book Critics Circle Award for       following of serious poetry, they said. Vocal      and not by the poets themselves," he added.
or worse, is in universities, small magazines       Poetry and a MacArthur Foundation                 readings of most poets' work provide a sub-        "We don't have bardic figures around like
and quarterlies," he said. "Newspapers are          "Genius" Award — had two collections              stantial audience that equals or exceeds the       Dylan Thomas, who make a reading trip
more or less irrelevant."                           published this year: "Sumerian Vistas" and        readership of poetry. And, they claimed, a         across America and make the news.
    Added Ammons: "Music lyrics, memo-              "Selected Poems, Expanded Edition."               poet writes primarily for an audience of
                                                                                                      one: himself.                                         "Ill be happy to live into an age when
rized and sung around the world in English,            The Los Angeles Times cited the diffi-
                                                                                                                                                         poets are featured again in Time magazine.
are the popular poems of our society. They          culty of explaining modern poetry to an              Newspapers, however, could help build a
                                                                                                                                                         I don't have anything against that. But
appeal to a broad audience, and they work.          uninterested audience when it curtailed poe-      broader poetry readership by publishing
                                                                                                                                                         we're going to have to have a different kind
    "We are wrong when we go to a popular           try reviews. A report in the Columbia Jour-       poems rather than reviews       the very step
                                                                                                                                                         of poet: one who can reach out there and
organ and demand that it pay attention to a         nalism Review about that decision included        taken by the Los Angeles Times          or by
                                                                                                                                                         entertain people."
stricter pursuit," he added. "In this country,      comments from editors who thought the             writing profiles of poets, Ammons and
 we tend to think that a newspaper ought to         decision was "regrettable," but quoted             Morgan suggested.                                                              — Mark Eyerly

Linus Pauling                                                                                         Morrison to give
to speak here on                                                                                      first Nordlander
chemical bonds                                                                                        Lecture Nov. 18
    Fifty years after his Cornell lectures on                                                            A Cornell alumnus' career-long concern
"The Nature of the Chemical Bond" led to                                                              for the social consequences of science and
the book by the same name that revolution-                                                            technology will be recalled when physicist
ized chemical theory, the controversial two-                                                          and television series host Philip Morrison
time recipient of the Nobel Prize, chemist                                                            delivers the first J. Eric Nordlander Visiting
Linus Pauling, will revisit the subject.                                                              Scholar Lecture at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 18 in
    In a special series of the Department of                                                          Uris Auditorium.
Chemistry's George Fisher Baker Lectures                                                                 Morrison, whose "Ring of Truth" science
in Chemistry, Pauling will address "The                                                               documentaries are being broadcast on
Nature of the Chemical Bond           After Fifty                                                     Tuesday evenings through Nov. 24 on PBS,
Years" in four lectures beginning Nov. 10.                                                            will speak about the long-range consequen-
All lectures will take place al 11:15 a.m. in                                                         ces of air warfare in his public lecture, "The
Room 200 of Baker Laboratory. Times and                                                               Walled City of Omaha: A Century of Mis-
topics are as follows:                                                                                taken Strategy." The Massachusetts Insti-
    • Nov. 10, "The History of the Chemi-                                                             tute of Technology professor will give two
cal Bond."                                                                                            informal presentations, also open to the
    • Nov. 12, "Resonating-Valence-Bond                                                               general public, at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 and        Philip Morrison
Theory of Metals and Intermetallic                  Linus Pauling                                     20 in 110 Ives Hall under the title "Sun-
Compounds."                                                                                           shine, Nitrogen and Justice: Resources for         by his colleagues and students for the sense
    • Nov. 17, "More About Metals and               also performed work on antibodies and on          the Twenty-first Century."                         of social responsibility that pervaded his
Intermetallic Compounds."                           artificial blood serum.                              The lecture series and an annual essay          professional and personal life.
    • Nov. 19, "Icosahedral Quasicrystals as           In the late 1940s, Pauling discovered the      competition memorializes the work of J.               "Eric Nordlander was not just an out-
Twins of a Complex Cubic Crystal."                  alpha helix as the basic structure of proteins    Eric Nordlander, who was dean of the               standing teacher and researcher," said
    Pauling, 86, has been in the news most          and narrowly missed discovering the double        Cleveland State University College of Arts         Thomas Eisner, professor of biology and
recently for his controversial theories of          helix structure of DNA. In 1954, he was           and Sciences. Nordlander earned an A.B.            chairman of the faculty committee adminis-
treating the common cold and cancer with •          awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for          with honors in chemistry from Cornell in           tering the visiting scholar program. "He felt
vitamin C and of using megavitamin ther-            "research into the nature of the chemical          1956 and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Cali-          an obligation to speak out on the implica-
apy for mental disorders. Colleagues have           bond and its application to the elucidation       fornia Institute of Technology in 1961             tions of science and technology, and he
described him as brilliant, competitive and a       of the structure of complex substances."           before joining the faculty of Case Western        believed it was the university's responsibility
relentless proselytizer for his theories.           For his activism in the anti-nuclear move-         Reserve University. There he directed an          to prepare graduates for participation in
    Pauling received his Ph.D. from the Cali-       ment, he was also awarded the 1962 Nobel          active research program in mechanistic and         debate on public policy."
fornia Institute of Technology in 1925 and          Peace Prize.                                      synthetic organic chemistry and taught                During the lectureship, the J. Eric Nord-
spent most of his career there until                    His later career has centered on biomedi-     courses on the technology of atomic wea-           lander Prize in Science and Public Policy
  1964. His early research concentrated on          cal issues, including studies of sickle-cell       pons and their effects on world diplomacy.        will be awarded for the best essay by an
problems in structural chemistry, especially        anemia in which he and colleagues showed             Throughout his career as a researcher,          undergraduate.
on determining the structures of molecules          it to be a molecular disease.                      educator and administrator, he was known                                       — Roger Segelken
through X-ray diffraction and electron                 "Pauling could have won the chemistry
diffraction.                                        prize three times over," said Cornell Profes-
    In 1937, he detailed his theories in a ser-     sor Roald Hoffmann, a Nobel laureate in
 ies of Baker Lectures, publishing them in
  1939 as "The Nature of the Chemical
                                                    chemistry. "His X-ray crystallographic and
                                                    electron diffraction work established structu-
                                                                                                      Union president to address labor's future
 Bond," one of the most influential scientific      ral chemistry in the U.S. And his valence            Jacob Sheinkman, president of the               D. Levy, the school's assistant dean.
 books of the 20th century.                         bond theory in the 1930s gave chemistry a         Amalgamated Clothing and Textile                      The union executive received a bachelor's
    In the mid 1930s, he became interested          way to understand how electrons behave in         Workers Union, will speak on the future of         degree in 1949 and a law degree in 1952,
 in biological molecules, and joined his col-       molecules. Finally, his suggestion of the         the U.S. labor movement at 4 p.m. on Nov.          both at Cornell, and is a former member of
 leagues in studying the structure of protein       alpha helix for protein structure laid the        5 in Room 110 of Ives Hall.                        the university's board of trustees.
 and oxygen-carrying hemoglobin molecules.          foundations for understanding structures of.         Sheinkman is the only graduate of the              He will speak on the topic "Whither the
 During World War II, he worked on explo-           biological molecules."                            School of Industrial and Labor Relations to        American Labor Movement?" and answer
 sives and developed an oxygen detector. He                                        Dennis Meredith    head a major union, according to Jonathon          questions.
4           November 5, 1987

                                                      Olin Library                                     Tuesday, 11/10                                    An evening with Three Mohawk Poets:
          All items for the calendar should              Wordsworth and the Age of English                "Shadow Master," sponsored by the Sou-       Alex Jacobs, Daniel Thompson and Peter
       be submitted (typewritten, double              Romanticism: First editions of Wordsworth's      theast Asia Film Series. 4:30 p.m., 3I0 Uris    Blue Cloud, Nov. 11, 7:30 p.m., A.D. White
       spaced) by campus mail, U.S. mail or           books and broadsides, manuscripts and letters,   Library.                                        House.
       in person to Chronicle Calendar,               books and fine bindings from his library and
                                                                                                          "Dead End Kids," (1986), directed by         German Literature
       Cornell News Service, Village Green,           handsome engravings of the English Lake Dis-
                                                                                                       JoAnne Akalaitis, with Mabou Mines. Co-
       840 Hanshaw Road.                              trict. Weekdays 8 a.m. to noon and 1 5 p.m.                                                        " 'Willkomm und Abschied:' Goethe, Ses-
                                                                                                       sponsored with the November I lth Commit-
          Notices must be received 10 days            through Dec. 31.                                                                                 senheim und die Preussische Zuchtrute," Eck-
                                                                                                       tee, 8 p.m., Uris.*
       prior to publication and must include                                                                                                           hardt Meyer-Krentler, Universitat Paderborn,
       the name and telephone number of a             Willard Straight Art Gallery                     Wednesday, 11/11
                                                                                                                                                       Nov. 5, 4:30 p.m., 177 Goldwin Smith Hall.
       person who can be called if there are            "The Cutting Edge of Modern Art " collage
                                                                                                          "Pumping Iron II: The Women," (1985),        Hillel
       questions.                                     exhibit by Jim Powers on view daily
                                                                                                       directed by George Butler, with Rachel
                                                      Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.- 9 p.m., Sundays 9                                                           "The New Yiddish World," Aaron Lansky,
          Notices should also include the                                                              McLish, Lori Bowen and Carla Dunlap. Co-
                                                      a.m.- 10 p.m., through Nov. 20. The exhibit's                                                    founder and director. National Yiddish Book
       sub-heading of the calendar in which                                                            sponsored with the Women's Center. 8 p.m.,
                                                      opening will be Nov. 9 from 5-6:30 p.m.                                                          Center, Amherst, Mass., Nov. 11,8 p.m., 2nd
       the item should appear.                                                                         Uris.*                                          floor, Phillips Hall Lounge.
                                                                                                       Thursday, 11/12
                                                                                                                                                       Materials Science and Engineering
                                                                                                         "Yakshagana: Ritual Dance Theater From
                                                                                                       South Kanara, India," documentary, spon-          "Properties of Ordered Intermetallic Com-
                                                                                                       sored by the South Asia Program Film Series,    pounds," C.T. Liu, Oak Ridge, Nov. 12, 4:30
                                                                                                       Nov. 12, 5 p.m., 310 Uris Library.              p.m., 140 Bard Hall.

                                                      FILMS                                              "4 Nights of a Dreamer," (1971), directed     Modern Languages and Linguistics

DANCE                                                                                                  by Robert Bresson, with Isabel Weingarten,
                                                                                                       Guillaume des Forets. Sponsored by the Arts
                                                                                                       College Pentangle Program, 8 p.m., Uris.
                                                                                                                                                         "On Resolving Some Issues in the Study of
                                                                                                                                                       Change in Progress," Henrietta J. Cedergren,
                                                                                                                                                       Dept. de Linguistique, Universite du Quebec a
                                                                                                                                                       Montreal, co-sponsored by the James H.
                                                                                                                                                       Becker Alumni Lecture Series, Nov. 5, 4:30
                                                        Unless otherwise noted, films are sponsor*                                                     p.m., 106 Morrill Hall.
                                                      by Cornell Cinema. An (*) indicates that
    Folkdancers                                       admission is charged.                                                                            Near Eastern Studies
      The Cornell community and the general                                                                                                              "Parables in Midrash: The Poetics of Rab-
    public are welcome to join in folkdancing.
    Admission is free, unless stated otherwise.
      Instruction and requests, Nov. 7,
                                                      Thursday, 11/5
                                                         "Loving Krishna," documentary, 5 p.m.,
                                                      3l0Uris Library.
                                                                                                       LECTURES                                        binic Exegesis," David Stern, Oriental Studies,
                                                                                                                                                       University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 5, 4:15 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                       374 Rockefeller Hall.
    7:30-10:30 p.m.. North Room, Willard                "You Got To Move," (1986), directed by                                                           "Rachel Varnhagen and Jewish Identity,"
    Straight Hall.                                    Lucy Massie Phenix and Veronica Silver, with                                                     Lillian Weissberg, Johns Hopkins University,
                                                      Moving Star Hall Singers, Sweet Honey in                                                         Nov. 12, 4:15 p.m., 374 Rockefeller Hall.
    Indian Students Association                       the Rock and others, 8 p.m., Uris.
       An evening with Madhavi Mudgal perform-          "Women of El Planeta," (I983), by Maria                                                        November 11 Committee
                                                                                                         "Balthasar Neumann, The Utility of
    ing a classicial Indian (Odissi) dance recital,   Barea and "Bread and Dignity," (1983), by                                                           "The Media and the Arms Race," a convo-
                                                                                                       Splendor," The Preston H. Thomas Memorial       cation featuring Robert Manoff, Fred Kaplan
    Nov. 8, 7:30 p.m., Kaufmann Auditorium,           Maria Jose Alverex, 8 p.m., Uris. Sponsored
                                                                                                       Lecture Series:                                 and Ann Druyan, Nov. 11, 8 p.m.. Baker
    Goldwin Smith Hall. Tickets are $4, available     by CUSLAR.
    in advance at Sangam Restaurant. For more                                                            "Neumann-Presence and History," Christian     Auditorium.
    information, call 277 7780.                       Friday, 11/6                                     Otto, Nov. 5, 5:30-6:45 p.m., 120 Ives Hall.
                                                        "Robocop,"(l987), directed by Paul Ver-                                                        Society for the Humanities
                                                                                                         "Neumann and Architectural Culture."
    Israeli Folkdancing                               hoeven, with Peter Welter, Nancy Allen and       Werner Seligmann, Nov. 6, 5:30 7:30 p.m.,          "Jewishness and Intellectuality in Austria,
       Every Thursday, 8:30 p.m., Edwards             Daniel O'Herlihy, 7 p.m., Uris.*                 120 Ives Hall.                                   1890 1938," Michael Steinberg, Dept. of His-
    Room, Anabel Taylor Hall.                                                                                                                          tory. Colgate University, Nov. 5, 4:30 p.m.,
                                                         "The Journey," (1987), directed by Peter       "Colloquium: Comment and Challenge."           Guerlac Room, A.D. White House.
    Swing and Jitterbug                               Watkins, introduced by co-producer Scott         Nov. 7, 1:30 p.m., 6th floor, Johnson
                                                      McDonald. Filmed in 16 countries over the        Museum.                                         Southeast Asia Program
      Dancing every Wednesday evening from            past five years, Watkins's monumental. 14 1 2
    8:30-10 p.m., Edwards Room, Anabel Taylor                                                                                                             "An Observers Medical Report from Viet-
                                                      hour film explores the international impact of   Boyce Thompson Institute                        nam: Agent Orange and Dioxins," Arnold
    Hall. Instructor will be present. Partners are    the arms race and its coverage by the mass
    not needed. For more information, call                                                               "Pre-Infection Changes in Germlings of a      Schecter, Preventative Medicine, SUNY
                                                      media. Co-sponsored with the November 11th       Rust Fungus Induced by Host Contact,"
    273-0216.                                                                                                                                          Binghamton, Nov. 5, 12:20 p.m., 102 West
                                                      Committee, CRESP and Film/Video Arts,            Richard C. Staples, Nov. 12, 9:30 a.m.,
                                                      screened in four parts Nov. 6-8 in Uris and                                                      Ave. Ext.
                                                                                                       Boyce Thompson Auditorium.
                                                      Anabel Taylor Auditoriums. Parts 1-4 will be                                                        "Area Studies in Thailand," Thak Chaloem-
                                                      shown at 7:30 p.m., Anabel Taylor. (Parts        Chemistry                                       tiarana, SEAP, Nov. 12, 12:20 p.m., 102
                                                      5-19 listed below.)*                                                                             West Ave. Ext.
                                                                                                         "The History of the Chemical Bond," Nobel
                                                        "L'Annee Des Meduses,*(1987), directed by      Laureate Linus Pauling, Nov. 10, 11:15 a.m..
                                                                                                       Room 200 Baker Laboratory.                      Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

EXHIBITS                                              Christopher Frank, with Valerie Kaprisky,
                                                      Bernard Giraudeau and Caroline Cellier, 9:30
                                                      p.m., Uris.*                                     China-Japan Program
                                                                                                         "The Relationship Between Performance
                                                                                                                                                          "Fire," Howard Emmons, Division of App-
                                                                                                                                                       lied Sciences, Harvard University, Nov. 11,
                                                                                                                                                       4:30 p.m., 205 Thurston Hall.
                                                        "Repo Man," (1985), directed by Alex
                                                      Cox, with Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stan-       and Narrative in Tokugawa Puppet Theatre,",
                                                      ton and Tracey Walter, midnight, Uris.*          Naoki Sakai, Dept. of Asian Studies, Nov.
                                                                                                       11, 4:30 p.m., Asian Studies Lounge, 374
Ives Hall Exhibition Cases                                                                             Rockefeller Hall.
   The Specter of Child Labor can be seen in          Saturday, 11/7
the Ives Hall classroom wing exhibition cases            "Glen or Glenda," (1952), directed by         Classics
through the month of December.

Johnson Art Museum
                                                      Edward D. Wood, with Bela Lugosi, Lyle
                                                      Talbot and Dolores Fuller, 2 p.m., Johnson
                                                      Museum. Cinema and Museum members and
                                                                                                         "The Unbroken Circle: Continuity and
                                                                                                       Change in Theatrical Convention," Nicholas
                                                                                                       Rudall, artistic director. The Court Theatre.
                                                      their guests only, free of charge.               University of Chicago, Nov. 13, 4:30 p.m.,
   The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art,
on the corner of University and Central                 "Robocop," 9:30 p.m., Uris*                    134 Goldwin Smith Hall. Sponsored by the
avenues, is open Tuesday through Sunday                                                                James H. Becker Alumni Lecture Series.
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.               "The Journey," (Parts 5-9), 2 p.m., Uris.*
                                                                                                       Council of the Creative and Performing          Bound for Glory
Call 255-6464 for further information.                  "The Journey," (Parts 10- 13), 7:30 p.m.,
                                                      Anabel Taylor.*                                  Arts                                             Walkin' Jim Stolt/ from Montana, who s'ings
   The Utility of Splendor: The Architecture                                                                                                           about the high country of the West after walk-
of Balthasar Neumann: To commemorate the                "L'Annee Des Meduses," 7 p.m., Uris.*                                                          ing his way around it, Nov. 8. Bound for
300th anniversary of Balthasar Neumann's                                                                                                               Glory presents three live sets, at 8:30, 9:30
                                                        "Repo Man," midnight, Uris.*
birth, the exhibition, planned in cooperation                                                                                                          and 10:30 p.m., every Sunday at the Com-
with the Department of Architecture, honors a                                                                                                          mons Coffeehouse, Anabel Taylor Hall.
great architect of the 18th century. The exhibi-      Sunday, 11/8                                                                                     Admission is free. The show can be heard
tion includes drawings models prepared by               "Robocop," 8 p.m., Uris.*                                                                      Sunday 8 to 11 p.m. on WVBR-FM93.
architecture students, and explanatory text,
through Dec. 20.                                         "The Journey," (Parts I4-I9), 2 p.m.,                                                         Department of Music
   Lessons in Printmaking: Works by artists                                                                                                              The Mis-Tuned Violin, Works for Violin in
from Europe, Asia and the United States                  Whitney Biennial Film Exhibition Program                                                      Scordatura, composed by Heinrich Biber and
illustrate the full range of printmaking tech-        Five: Two studies of the family: "Optic                                                          Carl Ambrogio, performed by Robert
niques and the variety of effects each produ-         Nerve," (I985) Barbara Hammer; "The Fam-                                                         Seletsky, Sonya Monosoff, Sara Edgerton and
ces. The exhibition includes Pablo Picasso's          ily Album," (1986) Alan Berliner. Co-                                                            Joyce Lindorff, Nov. 7, 8:15 p.m., Barnes
"Le Peintre a la Palette," 1963. The exhibi-          sponsored with CCPA, 2 p.m.. Johnson                                                             Auditorium. Postponed to Dec. 13
tion also explores the printing process from          Museum.
                                                                                                                                                          Student Recital: Stacey Pelinka, flute, Jes-
paper selection to proper matting techniques.         Monday, 11/9                                                                                     sica Wang and Shoko Takai, piano, playing
The exhibition will be on view through Dec.            "Repo Man," 8 p.m., Uris.*                                                                      Copland's "Duo for Flute and Piano," Schu-
20.                                                                                                                                                    bert's "Introduction and Variations, Op. 160,"
                                                         "Image Before My Eyes," (1980), a portrait                                                    Murrill's "Sonata," and Blavet's "Sonata No.
   Highlights of the Permanent Collection: A          of Polish Jewish life from the late 1800s to
selection of recent acquisitions and works                                                                                                             4," Nov. 12, 8:15 p.m., Barnes Auditorium.
                                                      the late 1930s, directed by Josh Walet?sky,
often requested by visitors, through                  Nov. 9, 8 p.m., 310 Uris Library. Sponsored                                                         Festival of Contemporary Music, featuring
December.                                             by B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation.                John Wideman, author of "Brothers and           two internationally known American compos-
                                                                                                       Keepers," will read from his work on Nov.       ers, Daniel Asia and Anthony Davis, pianist
                                                                                                       17, 4:30 p.m., in Kaufmann Auditorium of        Jonathan Shames and the Cornell Contem-
                                                                                                       Goldwin Smith Hall.                             porary Ensemble:

  A lecture by Daniel Asia on his own com-        Jewish                                              "Metal Clusters: Molecular Surface Chemis-     Natural Resources
positions, assisted by Jonathan Shames,             Morning Mirtyan: Young Israel House, 106       try," Andrew Kaldor, Exxon Research and             "Bringing the Outside Indoors: Teaching
piano, Nov. 5, 4 p.m., 116 Lincoln Hall.          West Avenue. Call 272-5810.                      Engineering, Nov. 12, 4:40 p.m., 119 Baker        Waterfowl Identification Through Video-
                                                                                                   Laboratory.                                       Disc," Bruce T. Wilkins, Dept. of Natural
  Pre-concert talk by Daniel Asia with Steven       Reform Services: Friday evenings 5:30
Stucky, Nov. 6, 7:30 p.m., Barnes                 p.m., Anabel Taylor Chapel.                                                                        Resources,and Charles R. Smith, Lab. of
Auditorium.                                                                                        Chemical Engineering                              Ornithology, Nov. 5, 4 p.m., 304 Fernow
                                                     Conservative/Egalitarian Services: Friday        "Block Copolymer Adsorption from Micel-        Hall.
 Jonathan Shames, piano with works by             5:30 p.m., Saturday 9:45 a.m., Anabel Taylor     lar Solutions," Alice Gast, Dept. of Chemical
Copland, Berg, Bartok and Asia (world per-        Hall Founders Room.                              Engineering, Stanford University, Nov. 12,        Neurobiology
miere), Nov. 6, 8:15 p.m.. Barnes                                                                  4:15 p.m., 145 Olin Hall.                            "Molecular Genetic Studies of Sodium
Auditorium.                                         Orthodox Shabbat Services: Friday even-
                                                  ings. Young Israel House, 106 West Avenue.                                                         Channels in Drosophila," Linda Hall, Genet-
  Cornell Contemporary Ensemble with              Call 272 5810. Saturday, 9:15 a.m., Anabel       City and Regional Planning                        ics Dept., Albert Einstein College, MEO,
*orks by Stravinsky, Ligeti, Berio and Piston,    Taylor Edwards Room.                                "A Retrospective Look at Politics and          N.Y., Nov. 12, 12:30 p.m., Morison Room.
Nov. 8, 8:15 p.m., Barnes Auditorium.                                                              Planning in Santa Monica," Ruth Goldway,          Corson/Mudd.
                                                  Korean Church                                    former mayor of Santa Monica, Calif., Nov.
 "New Directions in Opera," lecture and rec-                                                       6, 12:15 p.m., 157 E. Sibley Hall.                Peace Studies
ll                                                  Every Sunday, 2:30 p.m. Anabel Taylor
al by Anthony Davis, co-sponsored with the
Council of the Creative and Performing Arts,      Hall.                                                                                                "The Limits of U.S. Nuclear Strategy,"
                                                                                                   Computer Services                                 David Rosenberg, Naval War College, Nov.
Nov. 9, 8:15 p.m., Barnes Auditorium.
                                                  Muslim                                             "Analysis of Sounds," Timothy DeVoogd,          5, 12:15 p.m., G 08A Uris Hall. Brown bag
  Student recital by Christopher Kaufman,                                                          Psychology, Nov. 5, 12:20 p.m., 100 Caldwell      lunch.
                                                    Sunday through Thursday, I p.m., 218
Piano, and George Rosenbum, viola. Works                                                           Hall.
                                                  Anabel Taylor Hall. Friday 1 p.m. Anabel
by Kaufman, Brackett, Hopkins, Persichetti,                                                                                                          Pharmacology
                                                  Taylor Edwards Room.
Berio and Vivaldi, Nov. 15, 2 p.m., Barnes                                                         Ecology and Systematics                              "Signal Transduction in the Heart: The
Auditorium.                                                                                           "Ecological Energetics of Sound Production     Role of Membrane Protein Phosphorylation,"
                                                    Protestant Cooperative Ministry: Every         in Frogs," Theodore L. Taigen, Biological         Marlene Hosey, Dept. of Biological Chemis-
Johnson Museum                                                                                     Science Group, University of Connecticut,         try, Chicago Medical School, Nov. 9, 4:30
                                                  Sunday, 11:15 a.m., Anabel Taylor Chapel.
   Cheryl Littell and Richard Montgomery                                                           Nov. II, 4:30 p.m., A106 Corson/Mudd,             p.m., Pharmacology Library, DI0IL Schur-
*ill present a one-hour music recital that will                                                    Morison Seminar Room.                             man Hall.
                                                  Zen Buddhism
'nclude "Frauenliebe und Leben (Song Cycle)"
" v Schumann, "Amours Viens Aider" from             Zazen meditation: Tuesdays at 7 p.m.,          Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture          Physiology
Samson and Dalilah by Saint Saens, selections     Edwards Room, Anabel Taylor Hall. Every
                                                  Thursday 5:10 p.m., Anabel Taylor Chapel.          "Sod Production Utilizing the 'RILS',"            "The Physiological Controls of Ingestive
from "The Hermit Song Cycle" by Barber and                                                         May Khabba/, MS candidate, Nov. 12, 12:15         Behavior in Pigs: Having to do with what
American folk songs, Nov. 7 and 8, 3 p.m. at      For more information or to arrange beginner's
                                                  instruction, call Ian Dobson at 277-4364.        p.m., 404 Plant Science.                          Determines the Size of Each Meal and Also
'he Johnson Museum.                                                                                                                                  Why Pigs Drink at Mealtime," T. Richard
                                                                                                   Food Science                                      Houpt, Veterinary Physiology, Nov. 10, 4:30
Sperry Hail                                                                                           "Movement of Toxicants Through Agricul-        p.m., G 3 Veterinary Research Tower.
                                                                                                   tural and Environmental Systems," Donald
                                                                                                   Lisk, Dept. of Veg. Crops/ Toxic Lab, Nov.        Plant Biology
                                                                                                    10, 4:30 p.m., 204 Stocking Hall.                   "Transfer Cell Structure and Function in
                                                                                                                                                     the Pea l.eaf Minor Vein Phloem," Larry

                                                  SEMINARS                                         Genetics and Development
                                                                                                      "Recombination Events that Rearrange the
                                                                                                   Bacterial Chromosome," John Roth, Univer-
                                                                                                                                                     Wimmers, Plant Biology, Nov. 6, 11:15 a.m.,
                                                                                                                                                     404 Plant Science.

                                                                                                   sity of Utah, Nov. 9, 4 p.m., 135 Emerson         Plant Pathology
                                                                                                   Hall.                                              "Concepts of Integrated Pest Management as
                                                                                                                                                     They Relate to Plant Pathology," Rod Ferren-
                                                  Agricultural Engineering                         Geological Sciences                               tino. Floriculture and Ornamental Horticul-
                                                                                                      "Pennsylvania's Polygenetic Landscape,"        ture, Nov. 10, 4:30 p.m., 404 Plant Science.
                                                     "Project 2001," Gerald Rehkugler, chair-
                                                  man, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Nov.     Bill Sevon, Pennsylvania Geological Survey,
                                                  9, 4 p.m., 400 Riley-Robb.                       Nov. 10, 4:30 p.m., 1120 Snee Hall.               Psychology
                                                                                                                                                        Title to be announced, Amos Tversky,
                                                  Agronomy                                         History and Philosophy of Science and             Stanford University, Nov. 10, 4:30 p.m., Hol-
                                                    "Meteorology on the Macintosh: Putting         Technology                                        lis E. Cornell Auditorium, Goldwin Smith
                                                  Weather in Motion," Douglas Pain, Dept. of        "John Henry Comstock of Cornell: Ento-           Hall.
                                                  Agronomy, Nov. 10, 4 p.m., 100 Caldwell          mologist and Neo-Darwinian," Pamela Hen-
                                                  Hall.                                            son, historian, Smithsonian Institution           Statistics
                                                                                                   Archives, Nov. 11, 4:30 p.m., 165 McGraw             "Directed Divergence Tests for Order Res-
  Cathy Winter, singer/songwriter, Nov. 7, 8      Applied Mathematics                              Hall.                                             trictions in a Multinominal Setting," Richard
P-m., Commons Coffehouse, Anabel Taylor              "The Nonlinear Stability of Dynamic                                                             Dykstra, Operations Research Department,
                                                                                                                                                     University of Iowa, Nov. 11, 3:30 p.m., 100
"all. Tickets are $4 for students, $5 general     Thermocapillary Liquid Layers," Marc K.          Immunology
^mission.                                                                                                                                            Caldwell Hall.
                                                  Smith, Johns Hopkins University, Nov. 6, 4         "Auto-anti-idiotypy: A Strategy for the
                                                  p.m., 322 Sage Hall.                             Preparation of Anti-Receptor Antibodies and
 *"llard Straight Coffeehouse Performers                                                                                                             Textiles and Apparel
                                                     "Residual Stresses in Flexible Membranes,"    a Basis for Autoimmunity," Bernard Erlanger,
    Phil Straughan and Audrey Ross, singing                                                        Dept. of Microbiology, College of Physicians        "Applications of Kevlar in Marine Ropes
                                                  Chi-sing Man, Dept. of Mathematics, Univer-                                                        and Cables," Alan Koralek, E.I. DuPont de
 ?nd piano, Nov. 5, 8 p.m.. Memorial Room,        sity of Kentucky, Nov. 12, 4:30 p.m., 322        and Surgeons, Columbia University, Nov. 6,
                                                                                                   12:15 p.m., C. 207 Schurman Hall.                 Nemours & Co., Nov. 10, 12:20 p.m., 317
   illard Straight Hall.                          Sage Hall.                                                                                         Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.
                                                  Archaeology                                      International Nutrition
                                                                                                                                                     Vegetable Crops and Pomology
                                                     "Archaeology Awash: The Crannog                 "Nutrition Awareness of Canadian Adults,"
                                                                                                   Donna M. Woolcott, University of Guelph,            "The New York State 'Seal of Quality' Pro-
                                                  Archaeology Project, Central Ireland," Robert                                                      gram," David Austin, NYS Dept, Ag. &
                                                  Farrell, English Medieval Studies, Nov. 12,      Ontario, Nov. 12, 12:20 p.m., N-207 Martha
                                                                                                   Van Rensselaer Hall.                              Mkts., Nov. 5, 4:30 p.m., 404 Plant Science.
                                                  4:30 p.m., 305 McGraw Hall.

RELIGION                                          Astronomy and Space Sciences
                                                    "Interstellar Seeing and Neutron Stars,"
                                                                                                      "Baculoviruses in the Control of AIDS and
                                                                                                                                                     Western Societies
                                                                                                                                                        "Political Theory and Political Economy," a
                                                                                                                                                     conference in honor of Mario Einaudi, Nov.
                                                  James Cordes, Nov. 12, 4:30 p.m., 105 Space      Insects," Alan Wood, Boyce Thompson Insti-
                                                                                                   tute, Nov. 9, 4 p.m., A106 Corson/Mudd            6 7, A.D. White House.
                                                                                                   Hall.                                                "Genesis and Gender: The Origins of Italian
                                                  Biophysics                                                                                         Family Firms," Sylvia Yanagisko, Dept. of
  «9e Chapel                                                                                       Law                                               Anthropology, Stanford University, Nov. 10,
                                                    "Regulation of Acetylcholine Receptor Syn-
    David Drinkwater, dean of students, will be   thesis," John Merlie, Dept. of Pharmacology,      "Alternative Dispute Resolution in Corporate     4:30 p.m., 153 Uris Hall.
 he speaker at the Sage Chapel interfaith ser-    Washington University Medical School, St.        and Community Settings," Judith Saul, direc-        "Worker Participation in the Italian Labor
  ' es Nov. 8 beginning at 11 a.m. His topic      Louis, Nov. II, 4:30 p.m., 700 Clark Hall.       tor, Tompkins County Community Dispute            Movements: Forums, Models and Hypo-
    l be "Vanity."                                                                                 Resolution Center, Nov. 7, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.,        theses," Ida Regalia, University of Milan,
                                                  Boyce Thompson Institute                         One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall. Fall          Nov. 13, 12:15 p.m., 153 Uris Hall.
 Catholic                                                                                          colloqium. Law, Ethics and Society.
                                                   "Use of Vaccinia Virus as Molecular Cloning
  . Mass: Every Saturday, 5 p.m., every Sun-      and Expression Vector," Bernard Moss, Dept.
 ??y, 9:30 and 11 a.m., and 5 p.m., Anabel        of Health and Human Services, National
   tylor Auditorium.                                                                               Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
                                                  Institutes of Health, Washington, D.C., Nov.
                                                  11,2 p.m., Boyce Thompson auditorium.              "Fiber Orientation Predictions for Short
    Daily Masses Monday through Friday,                                                            Fiber Composites," Charles L. Tucker III,
  2;2O p.m., Anabel Taylor Chapel.                                                                 University of Illinois, Nov. 10, 4:30 p.m., 282
  Testimony Meeting: Every Thursday, 7
                                                     "Model Studies in Molecular Recognition,"
                                                  Julius Rebekm,University of Pittsburgh, Nov.,
                                                  9, 4:40 p.m., 119 Baker Laboratory.

P-fn., the Anabel Taylor Founders Room.                                                             "Bioenergetic Problems of Alkalophic Bacte-
E                                                    "The History of the Chemical Bond," Linus     ria," Terry A. Krulwich, Mt. Sinai School of
  »iscopal (Anglican)                             C. Pauling, Linus Pauling Institute of Science   Medicine, New York City, Nov. 5, 4:30 p.m.,
   Every Sunday, 9:30 a.m., Anabel Taylor         and Medicine, Palo Alto, Calif., Baker Lec-      124 Stocking Hall.
  hap e |.                                        ture Series, Nov. 10, 11:15 a.m., 200 Baker                                                        Department of Theatre Arts
                                                  Laboratory.                                         "Recombination Events that Rearrange the          "Love's Labour's Lost," a comedy by Wil-
 'ends (Quakers)                                                                                   Bacterial Chromosome," John R. Roth, Dept.        liam Shakespeare, Nov. 19, 20, 21; Dec. 2, 3,
                                                    "Resonating-Valance-Bond Theory of             of Biology, University of Utah, Nov. 9, 4         4, 5, at 8 p.m. Nov. 22 and Dec. 6 matinees,
  Sunday, 9:45 a.m., adult discussion; 11         Metals and Intermetallic Compounds," Linus       p.m., 135 Emerson Hall.
* . meeting for worship, Edwards Room,                                                                                                               2:30 p.m., Willard Stright Theatre. Call the
                                                  C. Pauling, Baker Lecture Series, Nov. 12,                                                         Theatre Cornell Box Office at 255-5165 for
    b Taylor Hall.                                11:15 a.m., 200 Baker Laboratory.                                                                  ticket and charge information.
                                                                                                                                                                             Continued on page 7
6             November 5, 1987                                                                                                                                                                         P L E A S E                               P O S T

Job Opportunities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              November 5, 1987
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Number 42
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Office of Human Resources
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cornell University
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              160 Day Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ithaca, New York 14853-2801
    In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Cornell University is now required to check the identity and employment eligibility of all new hires.
    Effective June 1, 1987, If you accept a position, you must show documents on or before your first day of work, that indicate your identity and employment eligibility; for
    example, a state issued driver's license and a birth certificate. For more information, contact Staffing Services, 255-5226.

-Send cover letters & resumes to Stalling Ser-            Req,: BS MS in env. sci. or related field. Sig-     ACCTS. ASST.. GR20 (C4110) Chemistry                    potentially hazardous animal specimens. Asst. in        TECHNICAL ASST.. GRI7 (14003) Vet
vices, 160 Day Hall, Cornell I niversitv, Ithaca,      nificant chem. lab exp. Exp. w instruments (e.g.          Create, analyze, present monthly acct. reports       various operations projects.                            Physiology
NY 1485.?.                                             gas or ion chromatographs or atomic absorption         to faculty members Bus. Mgr. Prepare grant                 Req.: AAS pref. Some exp. in lab setting                Under close supv.. asst. in RIA's, column
                                                       spectrometer) desir. Letter & resume to Judi           budgets '& reports, assist in ad hoc overview           essent. Medical bkgrnd. helpful Able to adapt to        chrotnatography, blood collections & prep.,
-Employment & employee transfer applications           Deane by 11 ft                                         report presentation I yr appt.                          changing priorities & work closely w variety of         reproductive evaluations & endoscopy & canine
forms are available at both Scuffing Services                                                                    Req.: AAS or equiv. Coursework in accl or            people. Apply bv 11 20. Min. Biweekly: $443. ] 3        semen collection & evaluation.
locations-160 Day Hall & East Hill Plaza.                                                                     bkkpng.. algebra. Mia. 2 yr. acct. exp. in offc.                                                                   Req.: H.S. dip or equi\. exp. I yr. exp. in lab
                                                                                                              setting w significant people contact. Basic micro-                                                              environ, desir. familiar w tech. term, proce-
                                                                                                                                                                      TECHNICIAN, GR1X (T4204) Genetics &
-Requests for referral &/or cover letters are nol
accepted unless specified in the ad.                   Clerical                                               computer knowl. & exp. w database spread-
                                                                                                              sheet appl. Accuracy attention to detail essent.        Development
                                                                                                                                                                         Maintain stock collection (fro/en & growing)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              dures. Letter & resume to Judi Deane by II 12.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Min. full-time equiv.: $420.76
                                                                                                              It. typing. Min. Biweekly: $496.80
-Cornell University is an Affirmative Action/                                                                                                                         of Tetrahvmena thermophila. Order & org. lab
Kqual Opportunity Employer. .                                                                                 ACCTS. COORD., GR24 (C3915) Control-                    supplies.                                               ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY. GR20
                                                                                                              ler's Accounting                                           Req.: BS or equiv. Some lab exp. desir.; famil-      (C29O2) Chemistry
-This listing is also available on ( I INK), Cor-      REGULAR EMPLOYEES Submit an employee                      Acetg. for & prep, of all financial data accord-     iai v\ Mac. computers desir. Good comm. in-                Provide admin. & sec, support to professor &
nells computerized info service.                       transfer application, resume & cover letter.           ing to restricted accts. guidelines from outside        terpcr. org. skills. Apply by II 13. Min. Bi-           research group. Manage production ot manu-
                                                               counseling interviews are available by         funding agencies; establish aects.; monitor ex-         weekly: $443.13                                         scripts & research proposals (assist in IA
                                                       appt. EXTERNAL APPLICANTS Submit an                    pend. & prepare monthly, quarterly & annual                                                                     scripts). Admin, all aspects ot offc. during pro-
                                                       employment application & resume to Esther              reports as req.                                         TECHNICIAN, tiRIS ( 14207) hood Science                 lessor's absence; arrange travel, seminars. Mon.-
Administrative                                         Smith or Laurie Worscll. Interviews are con-
                                                       ducted lues. & Wed. at Staffing Service!, East
                                                                                                                 Req.. BA in acetg. or equiv. Min. 2 3 yrs
                                                                                                              exp. CU exp. desir. Min BiweekK: $625.43
                                                                                                                                                                         Run analytical tests on dairy products, lest
                                                                                                                                                                      procedures incl. Kjeldahl nitrogen, moisture,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fri. 30+ hrs. wk.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Req.: AAS or equiv. Knowl. of chem. helpful.
and Professional                                       Hill Pla/a by appt. only. Qualified applicants will
                                                       be contacted atter materials are reviewed.
                                                                                                                                                                      salt, fat & other constituents of milk & dairy
                                                                                                                                                                      products. I nier data in computer, prepare ana-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Able to read German Russian helpful. Heavy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              typing. Min. 2 3 yrs. sec. exp. incl. knowl ot
                                                                                                                                                                      lytical reagents &. clean glassware. Until 10 88.       ( I manuscript, grant proposal & navel systems.
Minimum salaries listed are for recruitment pui-       BINDING ASST.. GR16 (C42I7) Olin Library
                                                          Prepare books & serials for commercial bind-
                                                                                                              General Service                                             Req.: BS in food sci.. chem., biochem. or
                                                                                                                                                                      related area. Exp. w Ktetdahl analysis, IBM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mm. full-time equiv. $496.80
poses only.                                            ing. Pre-microfilm processing; preservation pho-                                                               PC's & Lotus 123 desii. Apply b\ 1 f 20. Mm.
                                                                                                                                                                      Biweekly: $443.13
(PG420I) M&SO
                                                       tocopy; oversee students assts. in bookmarking
                                                       & security systems; assist in training programs &
                                                                                                                                                                      TECHNICIAN. GRI9 (14205) Entomology
   Coord, requisitioning & job site delivery ot        other units ot Conservation dept.                      REGULAR EMPLOYEES Submit an employee
                                                          Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv, Some college course-                                                                  Rear black flies for studies of arthropod-
materials listed by estimating dept. for 10 shops.                                                            transfer application to Staffing Services, East         iransmitted filarial parasites, emphasis on
Maintain & expand vendor list. Coord. & review         work, Previous lib. or binding exp. pref Strong        Hill Pla/a EXTERNAL APPLICANTS I m
                                                       comm. interper. skills. PC skills. Able to identity                                                            Onchocerca species. I yr. renewable,
continuously commonly used items & stocking                                                                   ployrnent applications are available at Staffing            Req.: BS in biolog. sci. or related field. I 2
of same in shops & or General Stores.                  priorities, Med. typing. Min. Biweekly: $401.78        Services, East Hill Pla/a 9-noon, Mon.-Thurs.                                                                   Experienced & skilled individuals specifically
                                                                                                                                                                      \is, exp Black fly culture exp, Applv b\
   Req.: AAS in Busn. Mgmt., Constr. Tech. or                                                                                                                         II 20. Mm. Biweekly: $469.53                            interested in temporary clerical secretarial work
related field. Min. 5 yrs. exp, in constr. industry.   OFFICE ASST., GR16 (C4204) Microcompu-                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER. SO 16 (G4203)                                                                              can contact Lauren Worsell (255 7044).
Prcf. in univ. research environ. Able to read          ter & Office Systems                                   Dining-Endowed
                                                          Cashiering & distribution functions. Assist                                                                 TECHNICIAN, GR19 (T4206) Entomology
blueprints & familiar with computers a plus.                                                                     Prepare, present & serve food items for Co-              Assist in entomolocial-parasitological research     RECORDS ASST. (C42II) Catalog Mgmt.
Demonstrated exc. comrn. skills & broad under-         stockkeeper & light clerical duties at Maple Ave.      op, cash, catering or special events. Shift subject                                                             Olin lib.
                                                       & or langmuir Lab.                                                                                             lab. Prepare in-vitro systems for culture of
standing of construction materials. Letter &                                                                  to change.                                              human parasite & aid in maint. of filarial sus-            Pull cards from catalogs, leave temp, slips
resume to J. Courtney Fletcher.                           Req.. H.S. dip. or equiv. Exc. interper.               Req.: H.S dip. or equiv. I yr. related exp.                                                                  where nee; retrieve Iibr. material from stacks or
                                                       comm., clerical PC or electronic cash drawer                                                                   ceptible strains of black Hies & mosquitoes. Until
                                                                                                              Working knowl. oi food prep. & presentation.            7 31 88; renewable if funded.                           other locations; type bibliographic records; file
BUDGET ANALYST 11 (PC4202) Budget                      skills. Some data entry exp. useful. Exc. atten-       Able to operate choppers, sltcers, mixers, ovens,                                                               cards. 25 hrs. wk" Until 1 29 K8.
                                                       tion to detail req. It. typing. Min. Biweekly:                                                                     Req.: BS in biolog. sci. or entomology. I 2
Mgmt. Office                                                                                                  steam kettles, pressure steamers & various hand         vrs. exp. Cell-tissue culture exp. desir. Apply by         Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. exp. Attention to
   Provide analytical & tech. support in devel-        $401.78                                                tools. Good customer relation skills. Min.                                                                      detail accuracy essent, Previous lib. exp. desir.
                                                                                                                                                                       11 20. Min. Biweekly: $469.53
opment, implementation, maim. & regulation of                                                                 Hourly: $5.39                                                                                                   Med. typing.
univ. budget process.                                  OFFICE ASST., OR 16 (C4205) Microcompu-
                                                       ter & Office Systems                                                                                           TECHNICIAN. GR20 (T410I) Chemistrv
   Req.: BA, pref. in busn., finance or related                                                               MATERIAL HANDLER, SOI6 (G4207) Phys                        Synthesis of organic compounds, polymeriza-          ADMISSIONS OFFC. ASST. (C4206) Law
field. Min. 2 3 yrs. related exp. Strong eomm.            Handle incoming phone calls; provide gen*!,         Ed. & Alhl.                                                                                                     School
                                                       info, to phone inquiries from public; receive mes-                                                             tion reactions; use & routine maint. of modern
(oral/written) & interpcr. skills. Familiar w                                                                    Work issue windows at Helen Newman, fea-             analytical equip., assist in daily oper. of research       Process admission application materials (al-
micro-computers pref. letter & resume to Esther        sages from MOS vendors & route to staff                gle & Schoelkopf equip, rooms. Transport                                                                        phabetize, tile, computerize); corresp. with appli-
                                                       members; light clerical duties.                                                                                lab. I yr. appt      ,
Smith by 1! 16.                                                                                               laundry & equip. Prepare laundry for issue.                 Req.: BS in chem. 2 3 yrs. related exp. Famil-      cants; answer phone inquiries re: application
                                                          Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv Exc phone skills.          Minor equip, repair. Maintain locker areas.                                                                     procedure & status. Mon.-Thur.. 8 5; Eri,. 8 4.
                                                       Good org. skills. Some clerical exp. helpful. Able                                                             iar w operation of modern instrumentation &
APPLICATIONS               PROGRAMMER/                                                                        Clean laundry & equip, areas. Mon.-Fn., 3 11            microcomp. nee. Able to perform synthetic               Until 5/20 88.
                                                       to set priorities & work in a complex, active          p.m.                                                                                                               Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. WP & data entry
ANALYST II (PI4204) Controller's/Account-              environ, ft, typing Min. Biweekly: $401.78                                                                     procedures essent. letter & resume to Judi
                                                                                                                 Req.: H S dip or equiv. I yr, exp. serving           Deane by II 13. Min. Biweekly $496.K0                   exp. using PC desir. Exc. typing & comm, (writ-
ing                                                                                                           public. Able to lift 100 lbs. & climb 8 ft. ladder.
   Provide interactive systems applications                                                                                                                                                                                   ten oral) skills nee. Confidentiality essent, fetter
                                                       OFFICE ASST., GRI7 (C4216) Sociology                   NYS driver's lie. req. Good interper. skills.           ANIMAL TECHNICIAN, GR20 (T4I04) Or-                     & resume to Esther Smith by 11,9.
prgrmng. analysis support for various financial           Recep. at main offc. Answer phone & routine         Familiar w computers desir. Min. hourly: $5.39
systems. Assist in insuring effective use of com-                                                                                                                     nithologv
                                                       inquiries; sec. support; copy; mail; course regis-                                                                Care, maintain, & train pigWrtis used in NSF         OFFICE ASST. (C42I5) Ornithology
puter resources.                                       tration & grades.                                      C I STODI AN, SO I b (G4205-Stat utory; G4204-
   Req.: BA or equiv. related computer courses.                                                                                                                       Research Project. Able to do bj^ic jobs & heavy            Handle all Christmans catalogue rush phone
                                                          Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Busn. or sec. school      F.ndowed) Buildings Care                                manual labor.                                           orders for Crow's Nest Bookshop; assist with
2 3 yrs. exp. in prgrmng. application & systems.       desir. Min. 1 2 yrs. offc.-sec. exp. Know!, of            Provide gen*l. custodial care of bldgs. &
COBOL, ADABAS, BATCH & VM CMS                                                                                                                                            Req.: AAS & exp. in bio. research pref Exp.          mail operation. Until 12 24 87.
                                                       PC-Word Perfect desir, Med. typing. Min. Bi-           grounds in immediate vicinity of assigned area.         w large scale aviculture. Abie to work well inde-          Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Exc. phone skills.
interaction, JCL, mainframe, IBM & micro-              weekly: $421.81                                        Mon.-Thur., 6 a.m. 2:30 p.m.; Fri. 6 a.m. 1:30
computers. Good interper., org. St comm. skills.                                                                                                                      pend. Good record keeping abilities esscnt. Pre-        Able to instructions; accuracy essential. Able to
                                                                                                              p.m.                                                    empl. physical req. Letter & resume to Judi             work in a complex, active environ, fetter &
Ixtter & resume to Judi Deane.                         CRT OPERATOR, GR17 (C42I0) Finance &                      Req.. H.S. dip. or equiv. Able to operate a          Deane by 11 13. Min. Biweekly: $495.35                  resume to Laurie Worsell.
SYSTEMS ANALYST III (PT4208) Quality                   Business                                               variety of heavy power equip., lift 50 lbs. & climb
Milk Promotion Svcs.                                      Maintain records on equip, purchases, disposi-      an 8 ft. ladder, Basic reading & writing skills,        RESEARCH AIDE. GR22 (12601) Eood                        ADMIN. AIDE (C4008) Internal!. Students &
   Stat. analysts of biolog. & epidemiology            tions & changes for Statutory Colleges utilizing       Min. hourly: $5.39                                      Science                                                 Scholars
research data incl. survey & regression analyse &      the SUNY Property Control System.                                                                                 Search literature concerning role ot iipids. esp.        Provide into. & assistance to foreign students
other stat- applications approp. lor scientific           Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Some offc. exp. prcf      LEAD CUSTODIAN, SO17(G3705) Unions*                     poKunsaturated lattv acids in nutrition & their         & academic staff on immigration concerns; pre-
research. Assist in questionnaire develop. &           Some terminal input & PC know), helpful. Lt.           Activities-Noyes Ctr.-Endowed                           effects on eicosanoid* & physiolog functions;           pare req. \isa eligibility forms & handouts; main-
analysis; analyze data for Program & sponsored         typing Min. Biweekly: $420.76                             Maintain total housekeeping program of Noyes         summarize data & write reports.                         tain records. Until 5 4 88.
projects; design, develop., implement & docu-                                                                 Ctr. Coord, room set-ups & clean-ups. Train                Req.: BS nutrition food biochem. Know!, oi               Req.: AAS or equiv. Exc. comm. & org.
ment computer applications development.                RECEP./SECRETARY,GRl8(C42l8)City&                      custodians & inventory supplies. Mon.-Fri., 7:30        lipitl biochem. & metabolism, fibr. research &          skills. Able to work in a complex, active environ,
   Req.: BA or equiv. exp.; MS in stat. or equiv.      Regl. Planning                                         a.m. 4:15 p.m.; shift subject to change. 10             WP skills req. Demonstrated ability to summar-          with people ol diverse cultural bkgrnds. Exp. in
stat. expertise pref 2 3 yrs. exp. in analytical          Direct visitors; answer phones; in charge of        month position.                                         ize tech. lit. & aptitude tor writing reports. Letter   overseas living & computer desir. Notary Pubic
problem solving, incl. micros & planning micro         duplicating machines; general offc, work for sev-         Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. 2 yrs. exp. in custo-      A resume t" Judi Deane by II 12.. Min.                  lie. desir, fetter & resume to 1 aurie Worsell by
systems; multitasking or networking. Database          eral faculty.                                          dial, maint. req. Valid NYS class drivers lie. req.     BiweekK $556.12                                          II .12.
exp. important. Strong interper. mgmt. comm.              Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Busn. or sec. school      Strong comm. & interper. skills essential. Sup\.
skills. Knowl. of applications incl. word proces-      desir. Min. I 3 yrs. ofic, exp. (CU pref). Exc.        exp. desir. Min hourly: $5.42                           TECHNICIAN. GR24 < 14106) Animal Science                COMPUTER OPERATOR (T4202) Computer
sors, database mgmt. systems, operating systems        org. interper. comm. (written/oral)skills. Med.                                                                   Assist faculty, grad. & undergrad. students in       Services
& IBM compatible hardware, SAS software &              typing, Min. Biweekly: $444.37                         Bl S DRIVER, SO20 (G4206) CV Transit-                   research activities, analytical methods & data             Manage computing tacility. Log users on off
mainframe. Letter & resume to Judi Deane by                                                                   Endowed                                                 analyses. Work independ. on research projects in        computer, answer questions, handle minor soft-
11 / 20.                                               SECRETARY. GRI8 (C42I9) City & Reg!                       Drive bus on campus, TOMTRAN routes &                Meats Division. Assist in prep. & teaching oi lab       ware problems. IS hrs. wk. 12 p.m. 4:30 a.m.
                                                       1'lannmg                                               charter trips. Check vehicle for proper operating       sections.                                                  Req.: Familiar with IBM PC, proficient in
TECHNICAL ADVISOR (PT4203)                                ! Ktensrve typing (WP); arrange appts., guest       condition; provide info. & directions. Mon.-Fri.;          Req.: BS in an. sci. or food sci. + 3 4 yrs.         WordPerfect. Know! of Mac. SI essent. Basic
                                                       visits; answer phones; gen "I. offc. work for se\      39 hrs. wk : 5 a.m. until relieved; shift subject to    exp.; MS in meal sci. pref. Exp. & trng. incl. lab      knowl. ot CMS. Able to work without supv
( V rile I
   Advise Fheorj Or. & remote u                        era! faculty. 9 month position.                        change,                                                 chem. analysis, animal slaughter, carcass grading       fetter & resume to Judi Deane.
Cir. facilities on network planning, en                   Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Busn. or sec. school         Req.: H.S dip. or equiv. NYS Class 2driver's         & fabrication, meat cuts identification, curing,
plementation & use.                                    desif. VIin, I 3 yrs, offc exp. (CU pref).             license req. Musi meet req. of article I9A of           sausage manuf., merchandising ot fresh &. pro-          LAB TECH. ( 1400K) Diagnostic lab
   Req.: BS;htrmliai w at least 1 seiemr               Knowl. ol WP. Exc. tug interper. comm.                 DMV & pass driver's physical- 3 6 months cur-           cessed meats. Computer exp. & working knowl.               Tech. support foi Mycobaeterium paratuber-
pline desir S \rs exp w tump                           (written oral) skills. Attention to detail. Min.       rent bus dining exp. req. Min. hourly: $6.59            of lotus 123. WP & SAS or similar programs              culosis program: prop, culture media & reagents.
Ext. know!, oi H I 1 IP & 1st                          Biweekly: $444.37                                                                                              helpful. Teaching & research exp desir. Good            20 hrs. wk. 3 month appt.
awareness ol current developments, So                                                                         GARDENER, SO22 (G4202) Plantations                      comm. & interpei skills. NYS drivers lie req.              Req.: AAS biolog, sci. w microbio. course-
prgrmng. in C in UNIX environ.: know! oi ho            OFFICE ASST.. GRI8 (C42O2) Contracts                      Resp. for 2 botanical garden collections, 3          I etter & resume to Judi Deane by 11 12. Mm             work, fab exp. desir, Basic bacteriology tech
!( IP networks behave, letter & re? time '             Mgmt.                                                  nursery areas & a greenhouse Supv, maint. of            Biweekly. $623.68                                       nee. Letter & resume to Judi Deane ASAP.
Judi Deane by II 20.                                     WP; set up filing systems: distribute bid pkgs..     plant records database, garden mapping & label-
                                                       keep current pre~qualif procedures. & order            ing. Mon.-Thur. 7:00 3:00; Fri "?;00 2:30;                                                                      RESEARC li AIDE (14209) Food Science
                                                       supplies, etc.                                         occas. wknd. work.                                                                                                 Conduct lit. search concerning role of Iipids.
(PT4102) Diagnostic Laboratory                           Req.: AAS; WP ot equi\. Exc. interper.
                                                       comm. (written, oral) skills. Able to set priorities
                                                                                                                 Req.: BS in hort., botany or related field.
                                                                                                              Good taxonomic skills req. Exp. in plant propa-
                                                                                                                                                                      Part-Time                                               esp. polyimsuiurated tatty acids in nutrition &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              their effects on eieosanoids & physiological func-
   tX*sign, develop, implement, & maintain snlt-
ware & mini/micro computer systems.                    & work independ. in complex, active environ.           gation & specialized bkgrnd. in specific plant                                                                  tions, summarize data & write reports.
   Req.: BA'BS or equiv. Knowl. of bio                 Min. Biweekly. $444.37                                 gro'ups. Min. hourly: $7.32                                                                                        Req.: BS nutrition food biochem. Knowl. of
stal. applications essent. Able to program in C,                                                                                                                                                                              lipid biochem. & metabolism. Lib. research &
Pascal & Basic desir. Exp. w/ MS-Dos & DfaaK           SECRETARY. GR18 (C42O7) Summer Session                                                                         OFFICE ASST.. GRIS (C4203) Ornithology                  WP skill req. Demonstrated ability to summarize
                                                         Sec, clerical support to div. mgr. & directors.                                                                                                                      tech. lit. & aptitude for writing reports. Approx.
U K RbaselV, lotus 123 & WordPerfect Exp.
w hardware interface highly desir. Letta &             Maintain calendars; schedule mtgs. & appts.
                                                       Work on special projects as assigned.
                                                                                                              Technical                                                  Provide gen'l. admin., otic. & sec. support tor
                                                                                                                                                                      Dir., Bioacoustic Research Program. Answer              3 months; letter & resume to Judi Deane.
resume to Judi Deane bv It 13.                                                                                                                                        phones; type; & tile corrcsp. Hrs. negotiable.
                                                         Req.: H.S, dip. or equiv. AAS pref. Mm. I 3                                                                     Req.: H.S, dip. or equiv. Busn. or sec school        RECORDS ASST. (C4I0S) Mann Library
                                                             \p Good phone skills, Exp. w, IBM                                                                        desir. Some otic, exp. Good interper. & pc WP              Input data into RLIN database, file catalog
RESEARCH SUPPORT SPECIALIST                            PC W'ordperfect Med. typing, Min. Biweekh.
(PT4002) Animal Science                                                                                                                                               skills. Database mgmt. & spreadsheets systems           cards. Type cross-reference cards, shelve books.
                                                       $444.37                                                                                                        helpful. Good phone skills cssen Able 10 work           update serials holdings. Ele.v, 19 hrs. wk. until
    Visit dairy (arms weekly to supv. collection ol                                                           REGULAR EMPLOYEES: Submit an em-
samples & data; monitor mgmt. progiams                                                                                                                                independ. Accuracy & attention to detail cssen          6 I 88.
                                                       EDITORIAL ASST., C.R18 (C4201) CL' Press               ployee transfer application, resume & cover let-                                                                   Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. Able to perform
w respect to exper. protocol. Summarize & ana-                                                                ter. EXTERNAL APPLICANTS: Submit an                     Med typing Mm. Biweekly: $443.13
                                                          Asst. editor pesp. for acquiring scholarly books                                                                                                                    highly detailed & repetitive tasks accurately.
lyze data Supv, undergrade gratf & techs.              in humanities, Type; file; follow-up; some con-        employment application, resume, & list oi labor-
Coord, study w approp. faculty & indu^;                                                                                                                               MATERIAL HANDLER. SOI8 (G420I)                          Med. typing. Send resume u> Mtchele Draiss.
                                                       tact w authors & Press advisers. Other duties as       atory techniques equipment, or computer lan-                                                                    235 Olin 1 ibrar)
pie. 10 month appt Renewal depend                                                                             guages/ hardware with which you are familiar.           I nions & Acmtties-RIT
                                                       assigned. 2 yr, appt., renewable.                                                                                 Receive & unload materials, stock shelves,
grant funding.                                            Req.: AAS or equiv. Heavy typing. Interest in       Submit a cover letter for each position for which
    Req.. BS in An. S                                                                                                                                                 maintain inventor) shipments. Pick up & deliver         CHIMES ASST. (€4003)
                                                       book publishing as a possible career. Prior exp.       you apply. (specify title, dept- & job number) to                                                                  Clerical support lor donors, visitors, alumni.
• arm exp., V1S w emphasis in dairy cattle repro-                                                             Judi Deane 160 Day Hall. Interviews are con-            materials. Sup\. ot students. 7:00 a.m. 12:30
                                                       in publishing helpful. Heavy typing. Min.                                                                      p m.                                                    Maint. files, find prices on tower & chimes equip,
duction, nutrition & or dairy mgmt, pref i xp.         Biweekly: $444.37                                      ducted the first Thursday of each month from
w dairy cattle essenl Strong comm interpei                                                                                                                               Req.: H.S dip. or equiv Good math skills.            supplies. Help arrange rings, lor donor groups &
                                                                                                               1:30 4:30 p.m. at Staffing Services, last Hill                                                                 Development Offc. Assist Chimes Council &
skills n e e 1 amil w                                                                                   Pl.t/a. I he following backgrounds are highly           Receiving exp., able to litt 65 lbs & deaf temp,
                                                       ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE. GR19 (C4220)                                                                              extremes, Mm. hourly: $5.%                              Hd, Chimesmaster: corresp., mlgs., communica-
pkgs. Letter A resume to Judi IX-ane by If/6           I nivcrsity Development                                desired: biochern.. ehem . microbio.. elect.. ph\s~                                                             tions, fetter & resume to Laurie Worsell. 10
                                                                      : to Dir. Special Gifts: type cor-      ics, lie animal health tech. No appt is necessary.                                                              his. wk. llexibie tor 1 yr.
AREA SUPERVISOR II (PT37OI}Operations                                                                         howevei a bnei WM may be required.
                                                                                                                                 B                                    EDITORIAL ASST., GR20(C422I) Romance
                                                                       arrangements & appts.; answer                                                                  Studies
     h & Indusiria                                     phone; files; perform research.                                                                                                                                        ACCTS, ASST. (C4006) Restricted Eund Ac-
                                                                                                              TECHNICAL ASST.. GR17 (T4I03) Otmth-                      Com editing & production coord. Work with
                                                          Req.: AAS or equiv. Exc. sec. org. interpa                                                                  complex literary, & serve as liaison between edi-       counting
                                                       skills, Able to sot priorities & work independ. in                                                             tors, contributors & publishers.                           Audit expend documents for grants & con-
                                                       a complex, active environ. Med typing Min                 1 isten to whale .V bird songs, identity sounds                                                              tracts, in C I State Colleges, incl. vouchers,
   Req.: BS in OR oi il . MS pref. 3 5 >rv                                                                    on sonogiams & use a computer analysis system              Req,. BA; hi degree useful. Knowl ol IBM &
                                                       Biweekly: $470.80                                                                                              Mac WP's Min Biweekly: $496.83                          reqs . ID's Si cllort change forms Eile. answer
related exp 1 x.p in software develop. Design &                                                               to count nurabei ol animals resp, for sounds.
mgmt i               rftware             systems                                                                                                                                                                              phones & other duties as assigned. Until approx.
                                                       ACCTS. ASS I.. (.R2t) (C400I) Conference               Until 6 30 K8                                                                                                   2 1 HS
& develop ol admii                 leaching soil-                                                                Req.: AAS pref. Bio. set. coursework or              SK.SEAKC HER.GR2r}fC4IO5>Mann 1 ibrai)
ware. S                                                                                                                                                                 Coord, monographic searching of Health Sci,              Req. H.S dip. or equiv. College courses in
                                                              lop & maintain accurate acetg, records,         cqim i                I .iiialvsis extremely helpful.   & related Human i coiogy materials, incl. mono-         busn. pref. Strong oral written comm. skills.
software                                                           ionnel & payroll forms; provide in-                                      I rood org, skills req.   graphs, gifts & serials. Process gifts, send for        Able to meet deadlines & work in a bus\
                                                                  jnancial reporting.                                                       (rood car tor sound       sample serial issues; make decision cards; write        environ. Ixtter & resume to I auric Worsell.
RESEARCH SUPPORT SPE< IALISI I                            Keq. AAS in acetg. or equiv. Min. 2 3 vis.          patterns & matching w visual representations.           corresp., etc. Hex. schedule (20 his. wk )
il'UHO?) Eeofcgy & Systematics                         c t acetg exp. Knowl, of IBM PC, Lotus 123,            I etter & resume to Judi Deane bv II 13. Min.              Keq B-\ or e'qui\ Previous iibr. exp,. e.g.          COLLECTIONS REPRESENTATIVE(C3910)
   Participate in design & executio                    DBa&e Si WordPerfect helpful. Good interper            Biweekly: $420.76                                       bibliographic searching. Able to plan & direct          Bursar Collections
chemical & ei                                          comm. (written oral) skills. Set prku it                                                                               activ. at once. Effective comm skills             Collect delinquent student loans & Hursat
field sampling & experimentation '                     work in complex, active environ. Min. Biweekly:        TECHNICIAN, GR!«<T42QI) Diagnostic Lab                                                                          aects. thru written phone comm Locate bur
                                                                                                                Resp       andUng, serum splitting, data              (written oral) Kl 1\ & microcomputer exp
analyses. Until If) 8K Rex. hrs. inci. nights &        $496.80                                                                                                        desir, Reading knowl of Western \ uropean
                                                                                                                           a) tasks. Handle & process                        Wi\i. typing. Mm. Biweekly: $495.35                               Continued on page 7

National conference set on social science computing
   About 100 social scientists and computer               Princeton, Michigan, Wisconsin, Berkeley,            lations of attitudes and data about demo-        sciences and engineering, McGinnis said.
experts from around the country will gather               Illinois, Berlin, UCLA, Dartmouth,                   graphics, the economy, government policies          Conference presenters will include Ken-
here Nov. II—13 for what is believed to be                Northwestern and Cornell         will compare        and other topics. As research advances.          neth G. Wilson, Nobel laureate and director
the first national conference on innovations              notes at the-conference on their successes,                                                           of the Theory Center; William Schrader,
in social science computing.                              failures and remaining needs.                                                                         president of NYSERNet and formerly exec-
   "Until recently, academic computing was                   The conference is receiving funding from          "Until recently, academic com-                   utive director of the Theory Center; and
controlled by physical scientists and engi-               the National Science Foundation, Interna-            puting was controlled by physi-                  Kenneth M. King, former vice provost for
neers. But now the work of social scientists              tional Business Machines Corp. and                                                                    computing and president of EDUCOM, a
is being transformed by access to comput-                 NYSERNet, a communications network
                                                                                                               cal scientists and engineers.                    national organization that helps coordinate
ing," said Robert McGinnis, director of the               linking academic research institutions to            But now the work of social                       computing and communications develop-
Cornell Institute for Social and Economic                 national and industrial laboratories in New          scientists is being transformed                  ment and information exchange among
Research (C1SER), the host for the                        York State, McGinnis said.                           by access to computing."                         more than 500 colleges and universities.
conference.                                                   Participants will view demonstrations of                                                             Attendance at the conference is by invita-
                                                                                                                                        — Robert McGinnis       tion only. There may be seating available to
   CISER is home to one of only half a                    supercomputer capabilities, discuss using
dozen computers in the United States dedi-                computer graphics to represent and analyze                                                            accommodate others, however. Anyone
cated to research by sociologists, linguists,             data, and review the progress made in com-           social scientists need improved computing        interested in attending should contact
historians, economists and other social                   puter communications and data transfer.              capabilities, but most research funding and      McGinnis or Jean Pearson at CISER,
scientists. Experts from 10 universities —                    Social science research is based on compi-       computer support has gone to the physical        255 4801.

Matilda Cuomo sees                                                                                             Journalists to discuss
                                                                                                               arms and the media                                  Monumental film
nutrition education
making big impact                                                                                              at Nov. 11 event                                    on defense issues
                                                                                                                                                                   to be shown
   Matilda Cuomo, wife of New York Gov.                                                                           Three leading journalists will discuss how
Mario M. Cuomo, said that three curricu-                                                                       the media shapes public understanding of                "The Journey," a 14-hour critically
lums being developed here to teach school-                                                                     nuclear weapons and views on the arms                acclaimed documentary film on the
age youth throughout New York State to                                                                         race at a convocation of the Cornell                 effects of mass media on understand-
form nutritionally sound eating habits will                                                                    November I Ith Committee at 8 p.m. on                ing nuclear issues and also the effects
have an enormous impact on the lives of all                                                                    Nov. 11 in Baker Auditorium of Baker                 of military spending on poverty and
young people in the state.                                                                                     Laboratory.                                          oppression will be shown in four parts
   "Nutrition is often overlooked and taken                                                                        The event's featured speakers will be Fred       on campus Nov. 6 8.
for granted, but it is fundamental to the                                                                      Kaplan, who covers defense for the Boston               Filmed in 16 countries over the
health and well-being of all schoolchildren,"                                                                  Globe; Robert Karl Manoff, co-founder                past five years by British film maker
she emphasized. "When it [nutrition] is neg-                                                                   and co-director of New York University's             Peter Watkins, the monumental pro-
lected, their performance in the classroom                                                                     Center for War, Peace, and the News                  duction will be shown as follows:
and their growth and development as young                                                                      Media; and Irwin M. Chapman, a former                    • Part I, 7:30 p.m., Anabel Tay-
people suffer."                                           Matilda Cuomo                        Claude Levet    ABC News television correspondent and                lor Hall Auditorium, introduced by
   The state's first lady made her remarks                                                                     now executive director of the Cornell Uni-           co-producer Scott Mcdonald.
on Nov. 2 in a talk before a group of                      professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell,       versity News Service.                                    • Part 11, 2 p.m., Uris Audito-
school administrators, teachers and Cornell                called Mrs. Cuomo "the driving force"                   The November I Ith Committee is Cor-             rium, Uris Hall.
Cooperative Extension agents who attended                  behind the nutrition education program              nell's Chapter of the United Campuses to                 • Part III, 7:30 p.m., Anabel
a day-long training meeting here to learn                  since the project was first proposed several         Prevent Nuclear War.                                Taylor.
how to train their peers in their regions on               years ago.                                              Kaplan, who will discuss "How the Press              • Part IV, 2 p.m., Uris.
the use of a new nutrition education pro-                     "The high level of her caring and com-            Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the                  Tickets are $3 for the evening and
gram called "Nutrition for Life."                          mitment [to the project] has been an inspi-          Bomb," is the author of two books on the            $2 for the afternoon showings.
   The training session marked the official                ration to all of us involved in the project,"       nuclear arms race and shared the 1983                   A favorite at recent film festivals in
introduction of the curriculum, which was                  Olson said. 'Without her inspiration and             Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his       Berlin, Toronto and Edinburgh, the
developed by a team of nutritionists in the                support, this nutrition teaching program            contributions to a Boston Globe special on           documentary delivers its message
Division of Nutritional Sciences and Cornell               would not have been created."                       the arms race.                                       through fictionalized enactments, car-
Cooperative Extension.                                        Other members of Olson's team involved               Manoff will show "How Television                 toons, amateur movies, TV news pro-
    "We want to give young people from all                 in developing these programs are Carole A.           Reports the Nuclear Story       and Gets It         grams, stills and other materials.
 social and economic classes complete nutri-               Bisogni, associate professor of nutritional          Wrong." He is a former managing editor of              It also will be shown on local cable
 tion education they need," she said. "The                 sciences in the College of Human Ecology;            Harper's magazine, editor of the Columbia           Channel 13 in a five-week series from
 best gifts we can give to our children are the            Sally Jo Crosiar, 4-H agent in Ontario              Journalism Review and former senior editor           Nov. 16 to Dec. 16, on Mondays and
 tools they need to care for the"mselves and               County; Tracy J. Farrell, extension asso-           of More magazine.                                    Wednesdays, from 9:30 to 11:15 p.m.
 for their families throughout their lives."               ciate; Martha C. Mapes, senior extension                Chapman will address the subject "Amer-             The showing on campus is through
    Mrs. Cuomo has been instrumental in                    associate; and Patricia F. Thonney, exten-           ica Matures and its World View Imma-                Cornell Cinema in conjunction with
developing the idea of teaching nutrition to               sion associate. The project is financed in           tures." Before coming to Cornell in 1986 as         the November 1 Ith Committee, Cor-
students into reality over the years. Chris-               part by the State Departments of Health             executive director and editor-in-chief of the        nell's Chapter of the United Cam-
tine M. Olson, project leader for the "Nutri-              and of Education and by General Foods                News Service, he had served as ABC                  puses to Prevent Nuclear War.
tion for Life" program and an associate                    Inc.                         — Yong H. Kim           bureau chief in Moscow and Tokyo.

Cornell-New York State program aims to reduce farm injuries
   Cornell and New York State have                         45 persons in 1985 and 23 in 1986. Thus             whose members, besides Cornell, include 83        training and education to improve health
mounted a major new effort to reduce                       far this year, 16 people have died in farm          agricultural organizations and cooperatives,      practices in rural areas, said Pollock.
deaths and injury in the state's most dan-                 accidents in the state, and the number of           government agencies, medical professionals,          As part of the new effort, the RHSC will
gerous industry     farming      uiid,er a new             fatalities for all of 1987 is projected to be       equipment dealers, farm suppliers, insurance      mount a membership drive aimed at organi-
joint program announced Oct. 29.                           25 to 30, noted John Pollock, a Coopera-            companies and individual farmers.                 zations and individuals in the state.
   Representatives of the New York State                   tive Extension safety specialist.                      "We will help farmers to analyze the risk
Rural Health and Safety Council (RHSC)                        Accident studies suggest that, in any year,      of undertaking certain chores, so that they          "We believe that a wide variety of groups
signed an agreement with the College of                    a severe injury will occur in one farm out of       can make better decisions about farm oper-        would benefit considerably from RHSC
Agriculture and Life Sciences for an                       four in New York, or about 10,000 acci-             ations from a safety standpoint," said Pol-       membership," said Pollock. "We think
enhanced program of rural safety. The new                  dents. Pollock said. The total cost from lost       lock. "Well also train farmers in steps to        members will find their safety efforts greatly
program will include expanded statewide                    time and medical expenses resulting from            take if they're first on the scene of a grain-    enhanced by the training sessions, newslet-
education and training of farm workers on                  these mishaps is about $3 million a year, he        bin accident, a tractor overturn, an electro-     ters, exhibits and other services the RHSC
how to avoid accidents and treat injuries.                 said.                                               cution or other accident." Besides accident       will offer."
   Farm accidents in New York State killed                    The RHSC is a non-profit corporation             prevention, the RHSC also will conduct                                      — Dennis Meredith

   Continued from page 6                                  Calendar                                            Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bessy Brown Cen-
                                                                                                              ter, Hasbrouck Apartments. For more infor-
                                                                                                                                                                Hebrew Speaking Club
                                                                                                                                                                   Hebrew Speaking Club meets Tuesdays,
   rowers thru "skip tracing" techniques. Pan-time,
                                                          Continued from page 5                               mation, call Liese Bronfenbrenner at              8:30 p.m., G 34 Anabel Taylor.
    1. W, I"H 4:30 8:30 p.m.                                                                                  257 2570 or Doris Brown at 273 6173.
      Req.: H.S.dip. orcquiv. Good written phone
   comm. skills. Collection exp. prel. Letter &                                                                                                                 Pottery Workshop
   resume to Laurie Worsetl.                                                                                  Christian Science Monitor                            Pottery workshop on porcelain vessels by
   OFFICE ASST. (O909) Nutritl Sciences                                                                         The Christian Science Monitor Resource          Steve Merritt, Nov. 8, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
      Assist administrator v bkkpng. & report                                                                 Files may be used, free of charge, at Mann        in the Willard Straight Art Gallery. Admission
   prep. req. tor mgmt. of intl. nutrition food pol-                                                          Library, Nov. 5, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The files
   icy program. Temp, to 6 months.                                                                                                                              is $15.
      Req.: H.S. dip. or equiv. AAS in bu^iv.                                                                 contain up-to-the minute newspaper articles
   admin, w I 2 yrs. busn. related exp. plus
   bkkpng. & budget prep. Previous offc. exp. incl.
   Lotus & WordPerfect pref. Letter & resume to
   Laurie Worsell.
                                                          MISC                                                on more than 150 topics useful for writing
                                                                                                              papers, preparing speeches, studying for
                                                                                                              exams and teaching.
                                                                                                                                                                Writing Workshop
                                                                                                                                                                 Writing workshop walk-in service, free
                                                                                                                                                                tutorial instruction in writing, Monday-
                                                                                                                                                                Thursday, 3:30 5:30 p.m. and 7 10 p.m., 174
   SEARCHER, GRI8 (C36O5) ILR-Catherwo<>d                                                                     CUSLAR                                            Rockefeller Hall; Sunday, 2 8 p.m., 174
      Resp. for bibliographic records search, RUN                                                                Committee on U.S./Latin American Rela-         Rockefeller Hall; Sunday-Thursday, 10-
   & NUC, incl. records for donated collections;                                                              tions meets at 5 p.m. on Mondays in the           midnight, 340 Goldwin Smith; Sunday-
   verify holdings & condition of titles in lib.; RI.IN   Ithaca Textile Arts Guild                           Commons Coffee House. For more informa-           Thursday, 7-10 p.m., McFaddin
   input, bibliographic typing. Other duties as
   assigned. P-T, temp, until 12/23.                       International students, wives and staff are        tion call 255-7293.                               Hall-Computer Room; and Sunday-Thursday,
      Req.: AAS 2 yrs. college of equiv. Lt. typing.      invited to show and tell about the textile han-                                                       7-10 p.m., Clara Dickson Room-Computer
   Knowl. of bibliographic verif. systems & tools,        dicrafts of their native countries at a meeting                                                       Room.
   accuracy & able to handle detail req. Knowl. of
   French. German or Spanish desir. Letter &
   resume to Michele Drain, 235 Olin Library.
8        November 5, 1987

                                                                                                  Conference will honor Einaudi
     Thursday-Sunday, 11/5-11/8                 •Vomen's Cross Country [ J - l ] 6th at
                                                                                                     Colleagues and former students of Mario
                                                                                                  Einaudi, an authority on European politics
                                                                                                  from the 18th to 20th century, will hold a
                                                                                                  conference on political theory and political
                                                                                                  economy to honor his long teaching and
                                                                                                                                                   scheduled to attend include Steven Muller,
                                                                                                                                                   president of Johns Hopkins University;
                                                                                                                                                   Dick Longaker, vice provost of Johns
                                                                                                                                                   Hopkins; and Dean Gerhard Loewenberg of
                                                                                                                                                   Iowa University.
     Women's Tennis, ITCA Tournament            Heptagonals in New York City                      research career.                                    These papers are scheduled to be pres-
     at Pennsylvania                                                                                 Specialists from several universities will    ented at the conference:
                                                Men's Varsity Soccer [3-10], Ivy
                                                                                                  deliver lectures and lead discussions at the        • "The Physiocratic Prince: State,
     Friday, 11/6                               League [1-5] Cornell 1, Columbia 0
                                                                                                  A.D. White House on Nov. 6 and 7.                Society and the Limits of Disengagement"
     Freshmen Football, Pennsylvania,           Women's Varsity Soccer [11-2-2],                     Einaudi, 83, the Goldwin Smith Profes-        by Steven Kaplan, professor of history.
     3:30 p.m.                                  Ivy League [4-0-2] Cornell 0, Prin-               sor Emeritus of Government, joined the              • "Women, Order and Disorder in
     Women's Volleyball, Columbia, 7            ceton 0, (2 OT) Cornell I, William &              Cornell faculty in 1945. He is the author of     Rousseau and the 18th Century" by Isaac
     p.m.                                       Mary 0 (2 OT)                                     numerous books dealing with Western              Kramnick, professor of government.
     Ltwt. Football, Pennsylvania, 7:30                                                           Europe. He was born in Italy, and his               • "Parties and the Reconstruction of
     p.m.                                       Women's Volleyball [16-10], Ivy
                                                League [3-2] Princeton 3, Cornell 0               father, Luigi Einaudi, an economics profes-      Post-Authoritarian Regimes" by T.J. Pem-
     Women's Polo, at Virginia, 7 p.m.                                                            sor and author, was the first president of       pel, a government professor.
                                                Pennsylvania 3, Cornell 1 Cornell 3,
     Saturday, 11/7                             Dartmouth 0                                       Italy after World War 11.                           • "Communism in Western Europe:
     Men's Varsity Soccer, at Yale, 11                                                               John H. Weiss, director of the Western        Roots, Grafts and Institutions" by Sidney
                                                Women's Varsity Field Hockey                      Societies Program, said that Einaudi "has        Tarrow, professor of government.
                                                [7-7-1], Ivy League [3-3] Cornell 3,              been a bastion of European studies at               • "Scholarly Choice and Political
     Women's Volleyball, Yale, noon.            Colgate 2 (OT) Princeton 5, Cornell
     Women's Polo, Garrison Forest, 8:15                                                          Cornell."                                        Change" by Roy Pierce, University of
                                                0                                                    Commenting on Einaudi's academic              Michigan.
     Varsity Football, at Yale, 1:30 p.m.       Varsity Football [4-3], Ivy League                work, Weiss said: "As chair of the                  • "Comparative Political Economy:
                                                [3-1] Bucknell 20. Cornell 6                      Government Department for many years,            Einaudi's 'Nationalization in France and
     Sunday, 11/8                                                                                 he prevented Europe from being submerged         Italy' Thirty Years Later" by Peter J. Kat-
     Men's Polo, at Virginia, 2 p.m.            Ltwt. Football [4-2], [2-2 in ELFL0]
                                                                                                  under the then-current vogue of studies of       zenstein, professor of government.
                                                Rutgers 18. Cornell 13
                                                                                                  non-industrial societies. As first director of      • "From Roosevelt Revolution to Rea-
                                                Freshman Football [2-2[ Army 28,                  the Center for International Studies, he         gan Revolution: A Half Century of Political
                                                Cornell 14                                        insisted on the primacy of history and polit-    Economy" by Theodore Lowi, professor of
     Last week's scores                         Mens Polo [4-1] Cornell 15. Skid-                 ical theory alongside that of policy studies.    government.                 — Albert E. Kaff
     | \ - Y Overall record to date|            more 10                                           Even after retirement, he supported the
                                                                                                  genesis of the Western Societies Program
     Men's Cross Country [4—3 ] 5th at          Womens Polo [1-3] Cornell 14,                     and has helped each of its directors to keep
     Heptagonals in New York City               Skid more 9                                       the program vital and growing."                  H o u s i n g Continued from page 1
                                                                                                     Former students and colleagues who are
                                                                                                                                                   students who wish to live on campus.
                                                                                                                                                      Cornell has spent $58.1 million during
                                                                                                                                                   the past 10 years to renovate and upgrade
Thatcherism bolstered British defense: Wright                                                                                                      student housing and to provide an addi-
                                                                                                                                                   tional 850 spaces. Those figures include $9
   The past nine years of economic                 Wright said that Thatcher has reversed 30      automobiles; Cable & Wireless, an interna-       million spent to build town houses on
improvements under Prime Minister Mar-          years of economic decline in Britain since        tional communications company; and the           North Campus for 310 students. Paleen
garet Thatcher "will make Britain a more        she took office in 1979.                           British telephone system.                       said.
reliable defense ally in NATO," Sir Oliver         "After World War II, the United States.           "My Jaguar stock increased tfiree times          "We generally include space for faculty-
Wright, former British ambassador to the        always a generous nation, launched its Mar-       alter the company was returned to private        in-residence, faculty fellows and residence
United States, said in an address to students   shall Plan to rebuild Europe," the diplomat       ownership." he said.                             staff as well as program support for aca-
and faculty on Oct. 28 in Malott Hall.          said. "The Germans used their Marshall               Inflation has declined from 20 to 4 per-      demic and other activities in our under-
   "We are spending more on defense on a        Plan money to rebuild industry, to create         cent under Thatcher's government, the            graduate residences to enrich the
per capita basis than any of our European       wealth. But we in Britain used most of the        number of civil servants has been cut 20         educational experience of students," Paleen
NATO partners," Wright said. "We plan to        Marshall Plan funds to finance a health           percent, and as to wage controls, price con-     said.
maintain our nuclear deterrent. We support      plan which consumed wealth. Britain was           trols, dividend controls and foreign                If trustees approve the housing proposals
your Strategic Defense Initiative, or 'Star     consuming wealth before creating it."             exchange controls       "we made a bonfire of    at their December meeting, 80 graduate-
Wars," as we mustn't call it."                     He said that nationalization of some           all of them," he said. "Britain's growth rate    student families living in the Cornell Quar-
   Noting that Britain maintains a small mil-   industries in Britain forced taxpayers to         this year will be the highest of any of the      ters might be relocated to other Cornell
itary presence in Central America, he           subsidize industry, and the "unions finally       industrialized nations, including Japan and      housing during the spring semester, Paleen
added: "We are alongside you in Lebanon.        got fed up. Mrs. Thatcher would not               Germany."                                        said. The Quarters, built as temporary hous-
We are alongside you in the Gulf."              have come to power nor been returned                 But he listed Britain's lingering problems:   ing during World War II, would be razed
   Wright, who was called out of retirement     twice without a great labor vote."                   • "We are shocked and ashamed of our          and replaced with high-quality modular
from the British foreign service by Thatcher       He added: "She may not have won the            intercity riots."                                housing units, he added.
in 1982 to serve four years as ambassador       nation's affection but she has certainly won         • Unemployment is high among youths,             The modular units for graduate housing,
in Washington, was speaking at the John         their respect and admiration. In Britain, we      particularly blacks.                             which could be ready for occupancy next
M. Clark Fellowship Lecture on his first        have at long last gotten our priorities right."      • Racial conflicts continue between           fall, are of a construction similar to that
visit to Cornell. He was introduced to the         Wright said that Britain took the correct      immigrant groups, citing natives of the          being used in modern apartments, Paleen
audience of about 200 persons by President      step in returning some enterprises to private     Caribbean and South Asians.                      said.
Frank H.T. Rhodes.                              ownership, mentioning particularly Jaguar                                       — Albert E. Kaff      "We have seen some very high quality
                                                                                                                                                   and attractive modular units, using the
                                                                                                                                                   latest construction technology, that would
                                                                                                                                                   appear to be suitable for our needs over the
Barton Blotter:                                                                                   AT&T gives $315,000                              next several decades," he added. "Among
                                                                                                                                                   their advantages is the noise-reduction
Signs stolen                                      United Way passes                               in special grants                                benefit of double walls between each unit,

   Five separate thefts of signs and tlags        two-thirds mark                                    The AT&T Foundation has awarded
                                                                                                                                                   making them ideal for studying."
                                                                                                                                                       Paleen said that Cornell has added 850
valued at a total of $3,250 were reported on          Campus volunteers again are con-            some $315,000 worth of grants to Cornell         housing spaces since 1977, but that about
campus, according to the morning reports           tacting fellow employees in their              to help support research and teaching in         500 have been eliminated during that same
of the Department of Public Safety for Oct.        departments as the 1987 88 United              areas such as computer vision, on-wafer          period. Two hundred were lost due to dor-
26 through Nov. 1.                                 Way campaign at Cornell passes the             microwave testing, liquid crystalline poly-      mitory renovations that decreased density in
   Two signs worth $ 1,400 were taken from         two-thirds mark.                               mers and integrated voice-data systems.          university halls, and 220 spaces were lost
the north and south sides of the Herbert F.                                                          The Special Purpose Grants in Science         when Sage and Hughes halls were converted
Johnson Museum of Art, according to a                More than $275,000 has been                  and Engineering will go to faculty members       to other uses.
report filed Oct. 27.                             raised so far in donations and pledges          and facilities in computer science, electrical
   In addition, three Ivy League pennants         toward the goal of at least                     engineering, physics, operations research,
were stolen from the roof of the Crescent,        $413,000. Cornell fund drive organ-             and materials science and engineering.
and a directory map was removed from the          izers hope to supply at least one-third                                                          E x a m s C 'ontinuedfrom page I
                                                                                                     The foundation awards are part of a
west side of Schoellkopf Fieldhouse over          of the $1.2 million needed by the
                                                                                                  national program of grants totaling $3.03
the weekend of Oct. 25. Their total value         United Way of Tompkins County in                                                                 offices of the colleges endorsed the prop-
                                                                                                  million in support of 39 educational institu-
was set at $1,100. Also, a $350 Welcome           the coming year to help support 24                                                               osal, and Registrar Keith lckes worked out
                                                                                                  tions in 1987. The AT&T Foundation is the
to Cornell sign was taken from the Dwyer          countywide agencies and more than                                                                an exam schedule. Although the Student
                                                                                                  principal source of philanthropy for Ameri-
Dame Bridge area and a $200 sign was              70 community-based programs.                                                                     Assembly later stated a preference for the
                                                                                                  can Telephone & Telegraph Co. and its
removed from the entrance to 640 Stewart              "One important measure of a good            subsidiaries.                                    five-day exam block. Barker chose to stay
Ave.                                               campaign is that we collect all pledge            "This program is part of our continuous       with the proposal that the faculty-student
   In all, 12 thefts were reported amounting       cards," said K. Bingham Cady, cam-             commitment to strengthen academic enter-         committee had generated.
to losses of $4,920 in cash and valuables.         paign chairman for the Cornell por-            prise in science and engineering," John             "Neither the proposed nor the 'normal'
Other thefts included a $450 vacuum                tion of the county's United Way                Scanlon, group vice president for product        schedule is ideal," Barker said, but "the dis-
cleaner taken from North Campus No. 9, a           drive. He thanked campus volunteers            development at AT&T Bell Laboratories,           ruption caused by changing back would
$667 generator taken from Kite Hill, and a         for their efforts to date, while urging        said in announcing the grants. "In the cur-      seem to be substantial, and there is no
$359 VCR and case stolen from University           them on "in our hard work to make              rent global economy, it is more vital than       doubt that some individuals, perhaps prin-
Hall No. 4.                                        this the most successful United Way            ever that American higher education main-        cipally freshmen, would end up with four
   Four false fire alarms were set off, and        Campaign ever."                                tain its position at the forefront of advanced   exams on three consecutive days."
rock-throwing resulted in $700 worth of                                                           education in science and technological fields.      Under the plan, something like 4 percent
broken windows from four separate                     By the third week of what Cady                 Dean of Engineering William B. Streett        of the 14,000 exam-taking students will
incidents.                                         called a "top speed" campaign, sev-            said, "AT&T and the AT&T Foundation              complete their tests on Dec. 11, the first
   Four persons were referred to the judicial      eral divisions already had reported            have been one of the principal supporters of     exam day (exams are not given in all
administrator, three on petit larceny charges      more than half the the amount of               engineering education and research at Cor-       courses), and about 25 percent will be fin-
and one for reckless endangerment.                 donations they raised in                       nell for more than a decade. Their approach      ished by Dec. 15.
   Computerized copies of the most current         1986. Among them were Veterinary               of targeting funds to specific Cornell pro-         Barker added that he and Bugliari would
daily report mar be called up on CUINFO            Medicine, University Libraries, Com-           grams, based on interactions between Cor-        ask faculty to be "as accommodating as
under the title SAFETY. CUINFO termi-              puter Services, Student Services.              nell faculty and AT&T scientists and             possible" for the few students with "a par-
nals are situated in the main lobbies of Day       Engineering and the statutory colleges'        engineers, has been especially effective in      ticularly difficult configuration of
Hall, Gannett Clinic, and the Olin, Mann           Finance and Business Office.                   promoting productive university/industry         examinations."
and ILR libraries.                                                                                collaboration."                                                                    — Sam Segal

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