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					Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent purchase from ShopNBC. We show that your purchase may include a rebate processed by
the World Wide Rebates Company. This document is designed to help you locate, complete and track the status of
your rebate application so your rebate check can be sent in a timely manner. It is not meant to substitute for the
detailed directions found on


   You will need a computer with internet access and a printer in order to complete your rebate application.

   1. Go to to begin the rebate process.
   2. On the home page, you will find a search box labeled, “Find A Rebate.” You can search for your rebate by
      offer code, category of purchase or manufacturer.
   3. Searching By Offer Code
          a. Type in your complete offer code as found on your ShopNBC invoice or the Rebate Terms,
              Conditions and Instructions from the product page on ie “SNBC-XXXX.”
          b. Offer codes consist of SNBC, followed by 4 digits, ie, “SNBC-1234”
          c. If you don’t know your code, simply type in “SNBC” into the By “Offer Code” entry. This will pull up
              all the recent ShopNBC rebate offers.
          d. Once you’ve made your selection, click “Go.”
   4. Searching by Category- Select from the drop-down menu- ie “Notebook” for a Notebook- or Laptop-
      Computer. If you are unsure what you’ve purchased, check your ShopNBC Invoice.
   5. Searching by Manufacturer- Select from the drop-down menu- ie Acer or Mitsubishi
   6. Be sure to choose the right offer code by matching the rebate with the information on your ShopNBC Invoice.
      Be sure to double-check:
          a. The qualifying purchase dates
          b. The correct Manufacturer
          c. The correct item
   7. Once you’ve found the correct rebate, click “Claim.”
   8. Fill in all the requested information and click “Confirm Payment” to continue.
   9. Most rebate submissions require customers to mail to the PO Box Address on the rebate application:
            a. Printed and signed rebate form
            b. Copy of your packing list or receipt/invoice
            c. Original UPC Barcode label. Note- you may have to cut this from the box your item came in. Return
                 processing may take longer if UPC is clipped from box.
   10. After registration, you will receive an email confirmation from Worldwide Rebates Customer Service. Print out
       this email and save it for future reference.


   1. You can track your rebate by going to
   2. On the home page, enter your rebate Tracking Number into the box on the left side of screen and click “Go.”

   3. You can find your Tracking Number towards the bottom of the email confirmation you received from World
      Wide Rebates Customer Service upon first registering.
   4. After you click, “Go,” you will be taken to a page that lists the status of each of the rebate steps.
   5. If you have submitted your rebate materials by mail and World Wide Rebates has received them, you can
      view the documents you submitted by clicking on the “Click Here to View Your Rebate Documentation” box.

   Enjoy your purchase and thank you for shopping with ShopNBC!


   ShopNBC Customer Service

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