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					Golden Jubilee National Hospital                   Beardmore Street
                                                   Clydebank G81 4HX
NHS National Waiting Times Centre                  Scotland
                                                   Telephone 0141 951 5000
Chief Executive Jill Young                         Fax 0141 951 5500

Recruitment line: 0800 0283 666

Dear Candidate

HOURS: 37.5

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital welcomes your enquiry in connection with the above post.
Please find enclosed an information pack.

Should you wish to submit an application for the above post, please ensure you do so in advance
of the closing date. Late applications will not be forwarded for short listing.

Please note that should you contact the recruitment team to discuss any queries regarding your
application, it is advisable that you retain the job reference number as you will be asked to quote
this when you call. In the meantime, I wish you success with your application and should you
require any further information or wish to check the progress of your application please do not
hesitate to contact the recruitment team on the contact telephone number shown above.

Yours sincerely

Lynn Mitchell
Recruitment Adviser




      37.5 HOURS PER WEEK


     CLOSING DATE: 14/07/2010


   This information package has been compiled to provide prospective candidates with details of
    the post and background information about Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

   The contents of this package are as follows:-
          o Job Description
          o Terms and Conditions of Service
          o Application Form
          o Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
          o Information on Agenda for Change

   The Equal Opportunities Monitoring form is required for monitoring purposes only and will not
    be made available to the interview panel during any part of the recruitment process.

   Please note, to ensure that we adhere to our current policy on Equal Opportunities; CV’s
    received with Application Forms will be destroyed prior to Application forms being passed for
    Short listing.

   NWTC operates a NO SMOKING Policy on all Premises and Grounds.

   All offers of employment will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory References, Occupational
    Health screening and Disclosure Scotland clearance if applicable.

   Please send your completed application to:-

               Recruitment Team,
               HR Department
               Golden Jubilee National Hospital
               Beardmore Street
               G81 4HX

   When returning your completed application and any associated enclosures by Royal Mail you
    must ensure that the correct postage cost is paid. We have been informed by the Post Office
    that they are retaining those which have been underpaid. This has resulted in completed
    applications not being returned until after the closing date, and not being included for short

   The short listing process will take place shortly after the closing date.

   As a Disability Symbol user we recognise the contribution that all individuals can make to the
    organisation regardless of their abilities. As part of our ongoing commitment to extending
    employment opportunities all applicants who are disabled and who meet the minimum criteria
    expressed in the person specification will be guaranteed an interview.
                           GOLDEN JUBILEE NATIONAL HOSPITAL

                            TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

1. Terms and Conditions of Service

The terms and conditions applicable to this post are those of all NHS Employees.

2. Superannuation

You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in the State Earnings
Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal Pension.

Employee’s contributions to the NHS Scheme amount to 5% to 8.5% of salary (depending on rate
of Pensionable Pay) and the employers’ contribution equates to 14% of salary. Employees in the
NHS Scheme are “Contracted-out” of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme and pay a
lower rate of National Insurance contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State
Earnings Related Pension Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance contribution. A
Stakeholder Pension is also available.

3. Salary

£21,176 TO £27,534

4. Grade

This post is offered on a Band 5

5. Annual Leave

The annual leave entitlement in a full year commencing 1st April to 31st March is 27 days, rising
to 29 days after 5 years’ service and 33 days after 10 years’ service. There are 8 Statutory and
Public Holidays in each leave year. (Pro rata where applicable)

6. Hours of Duty

37.5 Hours per week

7. Tenure of Employment

This post is offered on a permanent basis

8. Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

Under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, we are required to carry out checks to ensure that
all prospective employees are entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom. You will therefore
be asked to provide appropriate documentation prior to any appointment being made.
NHS National Waiting Times Centre

NHS Superannuation scheme:
All staff are eligible to join this scheme from date of commencement. Employee
contributions vary from 5% to 8.5% depending on annual pensionable pay. Benefits
include a lump sum and pension when you retire, life assurance of 2 years’ pay while
you are working, pension and allowances for your spouse and children in the event of
death, and benefits for ill-health retirement. Members of the scheme receive tax
relief on contributions and Lower National Insurance contributions.

Annual leave entitlement (including public holidays):
35 days annual leave on appointment
37 days annual leave after 5 years
41 days annual leave after 10 years

Free car parking

Continuing professional development opportunities

Discounts at the associated Beardmore Hotel

Wide range of voluntary benefits also available:

    Personal accident plan – A benefit which provides tax free payments if you are hospitalised,
    suffer from burns or fractures or suffer a disabling injury. Cost of cover ranges from a
    minimum of £1.50 per month for single cover to £3.00 per month for family cover.

    WellWoman plan – This benefit provides up to £6,000 tax free financial support in the event
    of diagnosis of female cancer. Premiums are age related and start at £3.00 per month. No
    medical is required to join the plan.

    Travel insurance – Prices range from £2.95 per month for individual European cover to
    £5.75 per month for family Worldwide cover.

    The Health Scheme – Covers a total of 28 benefits and gives you a tax free cash lump sum
    to assist with medical expenses. Cost is per unit, ranging from £5.85 to £22.32 per month.

    Leisure Club membership – Get fit and healthy at the Beardmore Leisure Club for only £28
    per month.

    Childcare vouchers – If you are a working parent with children under the age of 16 you
    could save up to £1,196 per parent, per annum on the cost of childcare.

    Cycle to work scheme – A tax incentive to reduce air pollution and improve your health.

For more information about the benefits and discounts available to NHS staff, visit

           JOB DESCRIPTION –


Job Title: Cardiac Physiologist ( Advanced Practitioner)

Department(s): Cardiology

Job Holder Reference:

No of Job Holders: Vacancy


The post-holder is responsible for assisting in the provision of a professional, highly skilled, efficient,
high quality diagnostic and interventional cardiac service to patients attending the Golden Jubilee
National Hospital. The purpose of this role is to allow assessment and diagnosis of cardiac disorders
in cardiac and non-cardiac sourced patients. The post-holder is responsible for providing clinical input
and reports on all cardiac investigations in a timely manner in order to support best possible clinical
practice and patient care.

This post plays a significant role in the delivery and quality of diagnostic services provided by the
department and will mainly work un supervised in this area.

This post supports the Cardiology Manager/Senior Chief’s aims to ensure that there are clear and
effective structures and processes designed for co-ordinated decisions that achieve the Board’s
Health Plan strategy for safe and effective clinical care.

See attached chart:

Service Level:
The post-holder has an important role in the provision of a highly skilled, professional and
efficient cardiac service to all departments within the GJNH and to externally sourced
patients as required. The post-holder will regularly have to prioritise and organise his/her
own workload but will be supervised for more complex specialist work or with patients
deemed to be high risk.

The post holder will be well aware of budgetary constraints and he/she will be conscientious in
providing a high quality service within these constraints.
He/she will assist with stock levels and for medical consumables and stationary used in the

Be responsible for the completion of his/her own timesheet.

Direct reports – Will provide direction, guidance as well as supervision to more junior support
workers and student cardiac physiologists.

Research and Development:
Will research regularly, and as and when required, into new and or advanced procedures being
developed in cardiology by use of professional journals, publications, meetings and the Internet
Will be required to adapt to provide new procedure and policy for the GJNH on any new or
changes/advances in cardiac procedures.

Participates in clinical trials either in a primary role or assist with clinical trials performed by
other clinical staff/departments or other cardiac research centers.


   The post-holder is responsible for performing; non-complex and complex cardiac
   investigations on both cardiac and other patients sourced by the GJNH and is responsible
   for analysis and reporting the results.

   Non – Complex Clinical Duties 40%
    Recording and Interpretation 12 lead Electrocardiograms – Will work mainly
     unsupervised and organise own workload to cover this service to all clinical areas that
     require this service. Will have a high level of ECG interpretation and troubleshooting
     skills and identify when the input of senior staff is required.
    24 Hour ECG Recording and Analysis – Will be an advanced user of this equipment.
     Will provide initial report and will only be supervised in highly complex analysis.
    24 Hour BP Recording and Analysis – Will be one of the main users of this service
     and provide initial report to Consultants.
     ECG Event (8 day) Recording and Analysis – Will be an advanced user of this
      equipment. Will provide initial report and will only be supervised in highly complex
      analysis an reporting.
    Pulmonary Function – Will know and understand through proper training courses and
      experience how to identify technical problems and true obstructive/restrictive test
   Complex – clinical duties 40%
    ECG Stress Testing - Assist Senior Cardiac Physiologists/Cardiologists with physical
      exercise (Treadmill) Stress Tests. The cardiac physiologist is required to review the
      referral and the patient’s cardiac status and then decide if the request is appropriate
      and whether it is safe and within professional guide lines to proceed.
    Cardiac Catheterisation/Angio Diagnostic - monitoring and accurate recording of
      patient demographics including electrocardiogram and haemodynamic status,
      medication, contrast, etc, log time of angio injections alerting the cardiologist to any
      change in the patient’s ECG and haemodynamic status.
    Produce detailed reports on the above for the patient’s GJNH notes and copies for the
      consultant and referring Trust’s records.
   Training 10% will vary
    The post-holder will attend training sessions in the Cath Lab for Interventional/Complex
    The post-holder will attend training sessions on Pacemaker Implant and follow up.
   Administration 10%
    The post-holder with produce a personal work plan and identify training needs as
      required to the Cardiac Services Manager/Senior Chief.

The post-holder will be required to have a detailed in-depth knowledge of the following
equipment functions. How to operate, calibrate, clean, maintain and trouble-shoot technical
problems to ensure that safe, accurate, high quality data/reports are produced since they can
affect decisions regarding patients’ treatment and care.

   Cath Lab Haemodynamics System – The post-holder will be expected to have or
     achieve well-established skills and knowledge of this, or similar equipment.
   Exercise Case system- provides data for interpretation to diagnose/quantify cardiac
   ECG Event recorders - will know how to distinguish between genuine ECG arrhythmia and
     patient/technical interference.
   Lung Function Lab System-know how to use and de-contaminate re-usable mouthpieces.
   ECG machines - will also provide knowledge and support to non-cardiac staff
      in the use of and ECG interpretation.
   24 Hour ECG and BP recorders.
  Computer software packages: Medical
   Mac Lab- Operation of catheter lab database, understand how to use, produce reports
     and basic trouble shooting.
   R-Test; Spiropro for Windows; Diasysoft; Cardiosoft; Mars software (for the above
     equipment) – be thoroughly familiar with and understand the procedures for the
       downloading, analysis and reporting of findings from data obtained.
      Muse system- Operation of patient procedure management system, he/she will be
       responsible for confirming ECG results and for technical quality acceptability onto the
       data system.
    PAS – Record clinical notes and deliver test results in patient files.
    The post-holder is responsible for recording daily, weekly and monthly workload
    The post-holder, during Cardiac Cath/Angio procedures, is responsible for recording
      patient demographics onto the MINERVA (Scottish Cardiac Registers) PCI, Cath/Angio
      Audit system.
    The post-holder must have experience in the use of Microsoft Office XP


       Accountable for own professional actions and reports whilst working within Professional
       Codes of Practice/Guidelines and policies and procedures.
       He/she will work mainly un-supervised, supervised only by senior physiologists in more
       complex and specialised cardiac investigations/procedures. He/she will be expected to
       supervise support and student staff.

       The post-holder will be expected to advise cardiac and clinical staff on the quality of
       ECG recording/monitoring, use of equipment and interpretation of results. He/she will
       know when to get advice/help from more senior staff in difficult conflicting situations.
       Prior to stress testing the post-holder must evaluate the patient’s general/cardiac
       status/fitness and decide whether it is appropriate to proceed with the type of stress test
       requested. If inappropriate it will be necessary for the post-holder to call upon more
       senior staff to review assist and inform the patient and referring consultant.

       The post-holder may, often, have to interrupt routine work in order to perform urgent,
       emergency cardiac investigations during normal working hours.

       Policies and procedures
       The post-holder is required to, follow, review and recommend/develop policies
       and procedures especially in their own areas, for Cardiology.


The post-holder must have highly developed communications skills. These must be allied to
an accurate knowledge and understanding of the well-established forms of communication in
order to provide information to highly specialist clinical staff in a knowledgeable and
professional manner and convey the same information/results to patients and relatives at a
level that can be clearly understood.
The post-holder will demonstrate a balanced and equitable approach to managing difficult
situations for patients, staff and visitors.
Inter-departmental/staff communication
Daily communication with all levels of staff throughout the organisation in a concise,
professional and reasonable manner.
     Regular communication with nursing staff and unit co-ordinating staff regarding
       appointments, and results.
     Regular communication with other clinical departments in order to negotiate
       appointment times for patients to attend the cardiology department for various cardiac
       investigations. He/she will ensure appropriate times are allocated so that the patient
       flow is clinically and physically optimised for the patient’s care/treatment.
     Inform external Cardiologists of patients’ non-invasive results. Receive and act upon
       where appropriate, instructions for patient follow-up care.
Patients, Carers and relatives
     Communicate to patients the arrangement of appointments and any information
       relevant to their procedure.
     Instruct patients, at an appropriately pitched level, what to expect during their
       investigations and why. In this manner also to actively encourage their co-operation in
       order to achieve the best possible outcome/results from their test/procedure.
     Persuade patients, often post MI or with IHD, to perform exercise on a treadmill in an
       attempt to induce symptoms and ECG changes.
     Communicate to non-English speaking patients through an appropriate interpreter and
       respect any cultural or religious requirements.


Clinical – Moving and handling
On a daily basis be required to position and manoeuvre patients in order to optimise test
information. The post-holder may have to perform cardiac investigations on obese, difficult to
manage and/or unhygienic patients.
Because of the very nature of some of the higher risk clinical procedures the post-holder
can be exposed to highly distressing and exceedingly emotional circumstances.
Required to wear protective lead coat during coronary angiograms and interventional sessions
on an average of 3 hours per session with an average of four sessions per week being
All clinical and administrative tasks require the post-holder to be in front of VDU’s of differing
size and quality.
The post-holder is frequently exposed to blood and body fluids during cardiac catheterisation,
pacemaker implant and performing tests on post-operative patients in ITU.
During all cardiac investigations the post-holder will be expected to take precautions and
adhere to Risk and Infection Control policies/guidelines in order to minimise the risks of injury
and/or cross-contamination both to themselves and other patients
The post-holder requires good keyboard skills for using Office XP and medical software
packages to input data, update clinical notes and type up results of procedures.
The most challenging aspect of the post is to provide highly accurate diagnostic analysis and
be responsible for the reporting of same particularly as in the course of his/her procedures the
post-holder will often obtain findings that are new, acute or indeed in conflict with those that are
contained in the patient’s referral notes.
Other clinical staff for advice and opinion often calls upon the Cardiac Physiologist’s diagnostic
skills and knowledge, in cardiology.
The most difficult part of the job is time management as circumstances change during the
working day according to the needs and priorities of the patients and other clinical staff or
The post-holder will be expected to use empathy and persuasion to achieve a positive result for
the patient to optimise test results.


       Member of Society for Cardiological Science & Technology and accepted or applied
         to the voluntary register for State Registration (RCCP).
       ASCST (min part I) accreditation.
       Clinical Physiology Degree or equivalent (BTEC/HNC)
       Basic/Immediate Life Support Adult accreditation.
       At least 1 year post degree in service training having gained a complete knowledge
         and understanding of all non-complex cardiac investigations/procedures.
       Good communication skills
       Evidence of post degree CPD activity in diagnostic cardiology e.g. 1-3 day
         workshops in 24 ECG analysis etc.


A separate job description will need to be signed off by each jobholder to
whom the job description applies.

Job Holder’s Signature:                                                         Date:

Head of Department Signature:                                                   Date:

       7/8/03/approved job description template

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