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					–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Allied Health Sciences
     H.    Achieve the appropriate English score on
           the TTC placement test, SAT or ACT                   Pharmacy Technician
           OR                                                   Diploma in Applied Science
           Complete ENG 100 Introduction to                     Credit Requirements: 42 Semester Credit Hours
           Composition with a minimum grade of                     The Pharmacy Technician program is accredited
           C.                                                   by the American Society of Health System
     I.    Provide proof of current CPR                         Pharmacists. The Pharmacy Technician program
           certification. Students must maintain                prepares students to perform, within the health care
           a current CPR card through entire                    setting, a variety of technical duties related to the
           program.                                             preparation and dispensing of medication under the
     J.    Maintain a minimum cumulative                        direct supervision of a registered pharmacist.
           2.0 GPA and not be on academic or
           disciplinary suspension at the time of               Admission Requirements
           admission and date of entry into the                     Applicants will be admitted to this program on
           program.                                             a first-qualified, first-admitted basis. Applicants
     K.    At the time of entry to the program, show            are considered to be qualified for admission to the
           evidence of completion of the criminal               next available class when they meet all college
           background check required by the                     and program requirements. Classes in this program
           college.                                             begin Fall Semester.
     L.    Prior to admission to the program,
           provide the TTC program coordinator                  APPLICANTS MUST COMPLETE ALL OF THE
           with a completed, current Allied                     FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS
           Health–Student Health Record.                        I. General College Admission Requirements
                                                                    Achieve admission to the college by meeting
III. Course Progression                                             TTC’s requirements for diploma programs.
   Earn a grade of C or better in all courses required              Please note that applicants not achieving
for the program.                                                    appropriate test scores will be required to
                                                                    complete courses indicated by placement test
Recommended Sequence of Courses                                     scores.
First Semester – Fall
AHS 104       Medical Vocabulary and Anatomy 3                  Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee
AHS 106       Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation       1             admission to the Pharmacy Technician program.
BIO 115       Basic Microbiology                  3
OPH 101       Introduction to Ophthalmic Clinical               II.   Program Admission Requirements
              Assisting                           4                   Applicants should ensure that each of the
OPH 103       Ophthalmic Clinical Assisting I     6                   following admission requirements is on
                                           Total 17                   file in the Admissions office as soon as it is
                                                                      completed. Information may be submitted in
Second Semester – Spring                                              person or by mail to:
CPT 101    Introduction to Computers            3
OPH 113    Ophthalmic Clinical Assisting II     4                     Trident Technical College
OPH 110    Ophthalmic Clinical Assisting                              Admissions Office, AM-M
           Practicum I                          5                     (Student Center, Bldg. 410, Room 110)
SPC 205    Public Speaking                      3                     P.O. Box 118067
or                                                                    Charleston, SC 29423-8067
SPC 209    Interpersonal Communication          3                     A.   Achieve qualifying scores on the
                                         Total 15                          college’s placement test, SAT or
Third Semester – Summer                                                    ACT. Contact an academic advisor
OPH 120      Ophthalmic Clinical Assisting                                 and complete all courses indicated by
             Practicum II                           8                      placement test scores.
                                              Total 8                 B.   Achieve the appropriate score on TTC’s
                                                                           placement test

Allied Health Sciences –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
            1.    Complete MAT 102 Intermediate                       I.   At the time of entry to the program, show
                  Algebra or MAT 153 Elementary                            evidence of completion of the criminal
                  Algebra II with a minimum grade                          background check and drug screening
                  of C,                                                    required by the college. Students entering
            OR                                                             the associate degree in Applied Science –
            2. Complete an intermediate algebra                            General Technology program may submit
                 course equivalent to MAT 102/153                          a letter of recommendation from their
                 with a minimum grade of C from                            employer in lieu of a background check.
                 an approved, regionally accredited
                 postsecondary institution.                      III. General Admission Procedures for the
      C.    Achieve the appropriate sentence skills                   Pharmacy Technician Program
            scores on TTC’s placement test                            Prior to admission to the program, provide the
            OR                                                        TTC program coordinator with a completed,
            1. Complete English 100 Introduction                      current Allied Health – Student Health Record.
                 to Composition with a minimum                        Applicants who meet college and program
                 grade of C,                                          requirements will be considered qualified and
            OR                                                        will be admitted on a first-qualified, first-
            2. Complete an introductory English                       admitted basis. Qualified applicants will be
                 composition course with a                            sent a letter indicating the year and semester
                 minimum grade of C.                                  that they have been admitted.

      D.    Complete an Allied Health application                     You must receive a satisfactory background
            for the Pharmacy Technician program.                      check before the mandatory program
                                                                      orientation session. Note: S.C. Code of Law
Note: When the number of applicants qualifying                        prohibits pharmacies from employing anyone
at the same time exceeds the number of spaces                         who has been convicted of a felony offense
available in this program, admission will be                          relating to controlled substances.
prioritized according to the date and time that
the Allied Health application was received in the                Note: Falsification of any information submitted
Admissions office.                                               will make a student ineligible for admission to or
                                                                 continuation in the Pharmacy Technician program.
      E.    Attend an advising session and obtain a
            signed statement from a program faculty              IV. Course Progression
            member verifying attendance. See the list                In order to progress to the next semester once
            of academic advisors published in                        accepted into the program, students must:
            On Course.                                               1. Earn a grade of C or better in all courses
      F.    Provide proof of high school graduation                        required for the program.
            or equivalent by submitting a copy of                    2. Earn a satisfactory grade of S on
            your high school transcript, diploma or                        professional development evaluations.
            GED.                                                     3. Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative
      G.    Satisfy academic probation/suspension                          GPA throughout the program.
            requirements, if applicable, by providing                4. Successfully meet a stringent clinical
            proof of a minimum 2.0 GPA by                                  attendance policy.
            submitting official copies of college                Readmission to a Program
            transcripts, other than TTC transcripts, to             Students who receive a W, D or F in a
            the Admissions office, OR, complete six              prerequisite, corequisite or PHM course may request
            semester credit hours with a minimum                 consideration for readmission to the Pharmacy
            grade of C in each course, and a                     Technician program. Readmission to the program
            cumulative 2.0 GPA.                                  is not automatic. See the Allied Health Sciences
      H.    Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA                overview.
            and not be on academic or disciplinary
            suspension at the time of admission and
            date of entry into the program.

For updated catalog, visit           B-42
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Allied Health Sciences
Recommended Sequence of Courses                               MAT 120       Probability and Statistics           3
                                                              MGT 101       Principles of Management             3
First Semester – Fall                                         MGT 270       Managerial Communication             3
AHS 104       Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy         3            MGT 150       Fundamentals of Supervision          3
AHS 106       Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation      1            PHM 201       Pharmacy Management                  2
CPT 101       Introduction to Computers          3            PSY 201       General Psychology                   3
ENG 101       English Composition I              3                                                        Total 24
PHM 101 Introduction to Pharmacy Tech            3
PHM 113       Pharmacy Technician Math           3
                                          Total 16            Allied Health Preparation
Second Semester – Spring                                      Certificate in Applied Science
PHM 110    Pharmacy Practice                  4               Credit Requirements: 27 Semester Credit Hours
PHM 114    Therapeutic Agents I               3                  This certificate assists students in preparing for
PHM 152 Pharmacy Technician Practicum I 2                     careers in Allied Health Sciences professions and
PHM 175 Pharmacy Technician Practicum         3               strengthens the academic skills of students seeking
SPC 209    Interpersonal Communication        3               admission to an Allied Health Sciences program.
                                       Total 15                  To be admitted to this program, you must be a
Third Semester – Summer                                       high school graduate or possess a GED, and achieve
BIO 115      Basic Microbiology              3                qualifying scores on the SAT or ACT or on TTC’s
PHM 118      Community Pharmacy Seminar      1                placement test for the courses in which you enroll.
PHM 124 Therapeutic Agents II                3                Students must meet with an academic advisor to
PHM 164 Pharmacy Technician Practicum II 4                    discuss their academic plan.
                                      Total 11                Recommended Sequence of Courses
                                                              First Semester
Associate Degree Completion                                   *BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology I                  4
Program                                                       CPT 101
                                                              ENG 101
                                                                            Introduction to Computers
                                                                            English Composition I
Associate in Applied Science                                  **MAT 110 College Algebra                          3
General Technology                                                                                        Total 13
Pharmacy Technician Career Path
                                                              Second Semester
   The Pharmacy Technician associate degree
                                                              AHS 106    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation       1
completion program is designed for pharmacy
                                                              *BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II             4
technicians who need an associate degree for career
                                                              PSY 201    General Psychology                  3
advancement or transfer purposes. Students who
                                                              ***SPC 205 Public Speaking                     3
have completed the Pharmacy Technician diploma
                                                              ELE AHS Select one course that will satisfy
program as outlined above (with ENG 101) will be
                                                                         your future career path.            3
eligible for an Associate in Applied Science –
                                                                                                      Total 14
General Technology upon completion of the
following general education and secondary specialty           Allied Health Preparation Electives
courses. A grade point average of 2.0 on all college          AHS 101        Introduction to Health Professions   2
work presented to fulfill program requirements is             AHS 104        Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy           3
required for graduation.                                      AHS 142        Phlebotomy                           2
                                                              AHS 170        Fundamentals of Disease              3
BIO 210      Anatomy and Physiology I             4
                                                              BIO 101        Biological Science I                 4
                                                              BIO 115        Basic Microbiology                   3
CHM 110      College Chemistry I                  4
                                                              BIO 225        Microbiology                         4
                                                              CHM 105 General Organic and Biochemistry            4
SPA 101      Elementary Spanish I              4
                                                              PSY 203        Human Growth and Development         3
REQ HUM      Select one course from Humanities
             listing on page B-3               3              •    Students planning to enter the Veterinary
MAT 110      College Algebra                   3                   Technology program must choose BIO 101 or
or                                                                 BIO 115.


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