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GButts: The All-in-One Google Button
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GButts is a Firefox add-on that bundles all of Googles services into a single button. If you use Google’s services frequently this add-on simplifies things and de-clutters your toolbar. Head over to the GButts plugin page and click on <Add to Firefox>,

Click on <Install ow>, ©2009

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Restart Firefox,

After Firefox restarts and installs the GButts plugin, click on <Options>,

Select the Google services you use.. I have also selected the Dropdown Menu.. then click on <OK>, ©2009

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Now in Firefox’s menu bar click on View –> Toolbars –> Customise,

Now click on and DRAG the GButts Toolbar icon to your toolbar, ©2009

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The GButts button is now in your Toolbar,

All your favourite Google services are now just a click away, ©2009

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If you are a Google power-user the GButts Google plugin for Firefox will benefit you tremendously. GButts simplifies repetitive tasks and enhances your browsing experience by minimising clutter in your browser. A great plugin! ©2009

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The Social Media Guide
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The Social Media Guide provides helpful advice and tips on connecting you to others, through the use of Social Media and Social Networks. The current explosion in Social Media technologies including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc has made it more easier than ever to connect with friends, groups and customers with similar interests from all around the world. The downside with these new technologies is that often people experience information overload and are either scared off or simply get too confused. The Social Media Guide acts as an authoritative guide on embracing and integrating these new technologies, by presenting clear and simple solutions to common social media problems. My aim is to help you connect. You will be able to connect with more people faster and extend your reach deeper into the social web.

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