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Passenger Transport Act 1997


									                                   Passenger Transport Act 1997

Application for Public Passenger Vehicle / Hire and
Drive Operator Accreditation
1. Introduction
The Passenger Transport Act 1997 provides a regulatory framework for passenger transport which

    •   a registration-based system for authorising the operation of public passenger vehicles and hire
        and drive vehicles;
    •   mandatory road safety-based operator accreditation schemes for passenger transport and hire
        and drive operators;
    •   voluntary alternative compliance arrangements for both freight and passenger operators.

Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV's) can be:

    •   all buses with 13 or more seats including the driver's seat;
    •   small buses with less than 13 seats including the driver used to carry passengers for reward;
    •   any other small passenger vehicle (car or station wagon) used to carry passengers for reward,
        e.g. tours, weddings, etc.;
    •   taxis and luxury hire cars;
    •   motorcycles hired out for tours.

2. What is Accreditation?
Accreditation means that you have been acknowledged as having in place processes that will ensure
acceptable standards in terms of the safety of the service you are to provide.
The standards to be met, and the business systems to be utilised were developed through a joint
industry, government and public consultative process. Once the standards and elements of accreditation
are met by an intending operator, entry to the industry is open to any person who meets those
There is no limit to the number of vehicles you may operate under accreditation, and - with the
exception of taxis and luxury hire cars - no requirement to seek approval to replace vehicles. All
vehicles do, however, need to be regularly inspected and carry correct registration premiums.

3. Public Passenger Vehicle Operator Accreditation
To operate a Public Passenger Vehicle you must be accredited. Accreditation is granted for a 5 year
period and is renewable. An operator must meet all requirements of accreditation before being able to
operate passenger transport services in Tasmania.

Accreditation operates in a range of categories aligned with the specific public passenger services
carried out. These were developed in full consultation with representatives of the transport industry and
the public. The categories of PPV accreditation, as defined in section 16D of the Passenger Transport
Act 1997, include:
    •   regular passenger transport service - timetabled services that travel a defined route on a
        regular basis. There are two types of regular passenger transport services: student or general.
        All regular passenger transport services must be authorised by the Transport Commission.
    •   open tour and charter service - commercial touring and charter services with a vehicle 13
        seats or more available to the general public and operating without restriction.
    •   restricted tour and charter service - commercial touring and charter services with a vehicle 13
        seats or more restricted to specific vehicle types or services that target a specific market (4WD
        adventure tours for example).
    •   community, private or courtesy service with a large passenger vehicle - services that are
        provided for free or at a nominal fee related to the needs and activities of a specific group
        (religious, community or sporting groups for example).
    •   Taxi or luxury hire car service
        - taxi - for conveyance of passengers to from or within a dedicated taxi area, with fares
        determined by a meter, may stand on taxi zones or accept hails.
        - luxury hire car - can undertake any pre-booked hiring of the vehicle with the driver, including
        pre-booked tours. Luxury hire cars cannot stand or ply for hire on a taxi rank or in a public street.
    •   hire and drive services - vehicle hire to a customer where the customer provides the driver.
    •   limited passenger services - commercial tours or charters with a vehicle less than 13 seats.
        Taxis and luxury hire cars can also undertake these services with certain requirements.
Evidence of your accreditation must be displayed in any vehicle carrying out a public passenger service
(except hire and drive – hire and drive operators must display evidence of their accreditation in their
business premises).

4. Hire and Drive Operator Accreditation
All operators of Hire and Drive (rental) vehicles must be accredited.

Operators who hold Hire and Drive accreditation must meet all conditions of accreditation as issued by
the Transport Commission. Scheduled accreditation audits (see section 8 below) are not required.
However, random audits of operations or inspections of vehicles may be conducted by Transport
Inspectors if the Commission believes road safety standards are not being met.

5. Becoming Accredited
For the purposes of the Passenger Transport Act 1997 the following can be accredited;

    •   a natural person
    •   a partnership
    •   an incorporated body / registered company

A Business Name cannot be accredited. If you are applying for accreditation as a partnership, an
incorporated or unincorporated body you must nominate a natural person as responsible officer for the
purposes of accreditation. The person nominated as the responsible officer must be an officer or
employee of the incorporated body, a member of the unincorporated body, or one of the partners.

6. Variation of Accreditation Status
There is a range of penalties and sanctions that may be applied in the event of non-compliance with the
standards of accreditation. The Commission may suspend or cancel your accreditation, impose a
"probationary" status, or impose or vary the conditions of accreditation. Any decision taken by the
Commission in relation to accreditation sanctions is subject to a review process.
7. Renewal of Accreditation
Accreditation is renewable for a maximum period of 5 years.

Consideration of an application for renewal of accreditation will have regard to your performance during
the previous accreditation period, taking into account such matters as condition of vehicles, and the
results of regular audits of your operations.

8. Accreditation Audits
From time to time the Commission will need to satisfy itself that the terms of operator accreditation are
being met. Methods for achieving this consist of a range of measures such as:

    •   scheduling regular third party audits of your accreditation/business systems established in
        accordance with the accreditation manual supplied to you. This includes an entry audit prior to
        approval of your accreditation.
    •   requesting a random audit of your accreditation systems (eg a random inspection of a vehicle, or
        a random systems audit).

9. Where do I send my Application?
This completed application together with the application fee may be lodged at any Service Tasmania
shop. If this cannot be arranged, the application and fee may be mailed to:

Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER)
Land Transport Safety Division – Vehicle Operations Branch
GPO BOX 936 / 10 Murray Street
Hobart, Tasmania, 7001

Applicants for public passenger vehicle accreditation will receive a guideline accreditation manual
following the Commission’s receipt of the application and fee. The manual will set out the requirements
of accreditation and assist applicants to prepare their accreditation systems and documentation. A small
fee for the manual will be invoiced to the applicant.

10. Need more information?

Additional assistance can be gained from the:-
Transport Operator Accreditation section.
Telephone (03) 6233 5376 or (03) 6233 5396
Facsimile (03) 6233 5210

This information sheet is one in a series (see below) that provide further detail on a range of public
passenger vehicle and accreditation matters. This information can be accessed from the Department of
Infrastructure, Energy and Resources’ public website. Copies of the Information Sheets are available
from Service Tasmania shops or by contacting the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources’
Telephone Enquiry Service on 1 300 851 225.

Information Sheets available are:

    •   Public Passenger Vehicles;
    •   Public Passenger Vehicles operator accreditation;
    •   Hire and Drive Operations;
    •   Loading Zone Use;
    •   Vehicle Inspection Scheme;
    •   Small Public Passenger Vehicle, Taxi and Luxury Hire Car Operations; and
    •   Review of Decisions Under Passenger Transport Legislation.

More detailed information on the legislation relevant to public passenger vehicle and hire and drive
operator accreditation (listed below) can be found on the legislation website or you can obtain a copy
from the Print Applied Technology Bookshop at 123 Collins Street, Hobart 7000, telephone 1 800 030
940, or email

    •   Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999;
    •   Vehicle and Traffic (Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration) Regulations 2000
    •   Passenger Transport Act 1997;
    •   Passenger Transport Regulations 2000;
    •   Taxi and Luxury Hire Car Industries Act 2008
    •   Taxi Industry Regulations 2008
    •   Luxury Hire Car Industry Regulations 2008

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                                       Passenger Transport Act 1997

                                        Application for
    Public Passenger Vehicle/Hire and Drive Operator

SECTION 1 - Applicant Name and Address Details
Is this application for (please tick one of the following boxes):-
an individual
a partnership
an incorporated body - eg registered company (a certificate of incorporation including a certified copy
of the list of current directors must be attached)

Name (ie partnership name, registered business or company name, or individual name)


Business/Residential Address


Postal Address


                           Fax Number                 Email Address
Telephone Number

___________________ ___________________ ___________________

ABN                        ARBN (if applicable)       ACN (if applicable)

___________________ ___________________ ___________________

NOTE - Australian Business Number (ABN) – Failure to supply the Department with an ABN may result
in the Department withholding any associated payments, as deemed necessary by the Australian
Taxation office. In addition, an Australian Company Number (ACN) must be provided where
SECTION 2 - Responsible Officer Details
The person nominated as Responsible Officer may be:-

    a. in the case of an incorporated body as applicant – one of the officers or employees
    b. in the case of a partnership as applicant - one of the partners.
    c. In the case of an individual applicant, that individual.


Home/Business Address

Postal Address

Telephone Number          Fax Number                 Email Address

___________________ ___________________ ___________________

I, ________________________________ advise that I am the Responsible Officer / accept the
nomination as Responsible Officer of behalf of


___________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

SECTION 3 - Proof of Identity
This section must be completed by the above nominated responsible officer.

Proof of identity & address must be checked and verified at Service Tasmania.

If applicable, Interstate licences and proof of address documents should be copied, and
attached to this application form

Please indicate with a tick the form of identification you are presenting.

              Form of ID                   ID Number of           Service
                                             document          Tasmania Use
                                                              Only (Initial upon
 Driver Licence                        _______________          ________
 Passport                              _______________          ________
 Birth Certificate or Extract           _______________         ________
 Proof of Address                       _______________         ________

Do you have current accreditation in any other Australian State or Territory (please tick)?
 No    Yes If yes, which state and Accreditation Number
            State:                 ________________

              Accreditation No: __________________________


Before this application can be progressed it will be necessary for the Responsible Officer to obtain a
current (30 days) National Police Certificate. An application to obtain the Certificate is available at any
Service Tasmania outlet or police station.

A fee applies for this Certificate. When you receive your National Police Certificate, please forward the
original to DIER (or attach it to this application), and retain a copy of your Certificate for your records.

Note all applicants must obtain a National Police Check. An application WILL NOT be processed
if a current National Police Check is not included with the application.

SECTION 4 - Category of Accreditation Required
(Please indicate with a tick which accreditation category/ies you require)

General regular passenger transport service                              
Open tour or charter service                                             
Community, private or courtesy service with a large passenger            
Hire and drive service                                                   
Student-only regular passenger transport service                         
Restricted tour or charter service                                       
Taxi/luxury hire car service                                             
Limited passenger service                                                

SECTION 5 - What Type of Public Passenger Service do you intend to
(This section does not apply to hire and drive applications)
Give full details of the type of service to be provided including the area of operation







SECTION 6 - Proposed Vehicle
Please indicate with a tick the type of vehicle you intend using.

 A vehicle with 13 or more seats including the driver’s seat.
 A vehicle with less than 13 seats including the driver's seat (including motorcycle).

SECTION 7 – Signature(s)
Please sign and date this application.

Signature(s): ............................................................................................ Date: ..................................


SECTION 8 – Application Checklist
Please use the checklist below to ensure that you have completed every section of the application and
included any attachments we require. If any section is incomplete or documents we require are not
attached, your application form may be returned to you.

Completed the application form                                                                       
Attached an ABN or ACN form if applicable                                                            
Completed the Responsible Officer section                                                            
Attached a National Police Check                                                                     
Attached copies of Drivers Licence                                                                   
Attached copies of proof of Address                                                                  
Paid application fees                                                                                
Signed and dated the application form                                                                
                                                       Signed for Commission:

 Refused                                              Signature: ____________________________

 Approved – Accreditation No. _______________         Date: ____________________________


Personal information we collect from you for Registration and Licensing processes will be used by the
Registrar of Motor Vehicles and the Transport Commission for that purpose and may be used for other
purposes permitted by the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999, the Passenger Transport Act 1997 and the Taxi
and Luxury Hire Car Industries Act 2008 and associated laws. Your personal information may be
disclosed to contractors and agents of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and the Transport Commission,
law enforcement agencies, the Motor Accident Insurance Board, vehicle manufacturers (safety recalls
only), courts and other public sector bodies or organisations authorised to collect it. This information will
be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and may be accessed by
you on request to this Department. You may be charged a fee for this service. Failure to provide this
information may result in your application not being processed or records not being properly maintained.

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