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                      Grand Teton Lodge Company
                      Achieving Sust ainabilit y Through Knowledge
Over 60 years ago, Laurance Rockefeller
envisioned natural splendor to be
educational, enjoyable, and treasured
       MATHER’S come.
for years to QUOTE HERE

Today, Grand Teton Lodge Company still shares this sentiment. As the
primary concessionaire in Grand Teton National Park, it is our goal that
guests make the most of the park without depleting its natural resources.
With over 2.4 million park visitors annually, Grand Teton Lodge Company
is continually thinking of new ways to preserve and protect natural resources.
Through education and our actions, we reinforce the importance and
benefits of the environment to our employees and to our guests.

Grand Teton Lodge Company employs an innovative and knowledgeable
staff that has a direct impact on the protection and preservation of
Grand Teton National Park. Each guest brings a new opportunity to share
our message of sustainability. By sharing our vision, our innovative ideas,
and environmental standards with our guests, we contribute to global
sustainability. Through education, we believe that we can inspire our
guests to adopt these principles in their homes, in their communities,
and around the world.

Our commitment to sustainability has led to Envision™. This comprehensive
approach to sustainability encompasses a diverse set of environmental
standards, quality management procedures, and health and safety                  p r e
guidelines. Envision provides us with a framework to measure our
progress, assess our impact, and continuously improve our results.
It serves as our guiding principles for conducting business and planning
for our future.

Envision’s infrastructure is based on a framework of continuous
improvement. Grand Teton Lodge Company constantly measures the results
of its environmental, health and safety, and quality management efforts.
By applying what we learn, we are able to develop innovative solutions to
complex problems and set the pace for new achievements.

Envision demonstrates our commitment to the Rockefeller legacy and
our promise to future generations.
 “To restore, protect, and preserve for the
 benefit of the public, the primitive grandeur
 and natural beauties of the landscape in
 areas notable for picturesque scenery…
 To provide facilities for the public use,
 understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment
 of scenic, biologic, scientific, and historic
 features of such areas…”

             Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc. Charter, 1940

s e r v e           ▼       p r o t e c t                ▼        i n s p i r e

                                                         Photography courtesy of Egret Communications
              Bringing Concepts to Life
              At Grand Teton Lodge Company we work every day to turn environmental ideas into actions
              MATHER’S QUOTE HERE
              that protect, conserve, and preserve the resources of Grand Teton National Park.

                                                       Spirit of the Tetons
                                                                      The Grand Teton Lodge
                                                                      Company was founded on the
                                                                      principle that human beings
                                                                      need to interact with nature
                                                                      to realize more fully their true
                                                                      potential. Preserving the
                                                                      landscape, protecting the
                                                                      wonders of nature, and providing
                                                                      inspirational experiences for
                                                                      Grand Teton National Park
                                                                      guests are the hallmarks of
                                                                      our organization — today and
                                                                      from its inception.

    From the beginning, Grand Teton Lodge Company
    has worked to improve the park for all visitors.

Through our partnership with the National Park Service,
we are committed to providing the park visitor with an
opportunity to experience this wonderful place called
Grand Teton National Park.
In keeping with our commitments to the natural environment
and our community, we are sharing with you our first
sustainability report. We present this report so that you
will better understand who we are, what we do, and how we
perform as a company committed to sustainable operations.
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and welcome
your observations about our company’s performance.
We have developed a systems approach to doing business
through the International Organization for Standardization
(ISO) and the British Standard Organizational Health &
Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS). Two systems, one for
environmental and a separate for health and safety, are
currently in place. The implementation of a formal quality
management system is in development. By establishing
management systems for each of these areas, we believe we
will enhance our performance in the years to come. Through
guiding principles and policies, with baseline data and future
                                                                   Grand Teton Lodge Company        4
goals, we intend to reduce our impacts on the land, provide
                                                                   A Versatile Solution
a healthy, safe and inspirational workplace, while delivering
an exceptional guest experience.
                                                                   for the Future                   8
All of us at the Grand Teton Lodge Company commit ourselves
each day to the principles and policies that guide our actions.    Organizing a Course of Action   10
We hope you find our report interesting and worthwhile
reading. If you would like to provide us your observations,
please do so at:                                                   Focusing on Performance         14
Grand Teton Lodge Company
Attention: Envision Program
P.O. Box 250
                                                                   Achieving Success               30
Moran, WY 83013                                                  Imparting the Vision            32
              Grand Teton Lodge Company
              Visionaries behind Grand
              MATHER’S QUOTE HERE Teton National Park achieved what was “perhaps the most notable
              conservation victory of the twentieth century.” — Robert Righter, historian

                                           Today, Grand Teton National Park is 45 miles long and 26 miles wide,
                                           and spans 310,000 acres.
                                           Grand Teton National Park was founded in 1929 by an act of Congress. The initial
                                           park encompassed a portion of the Teton Range and six glacial lakes at the base of the
                                           mountains and represented about 96,000 acres. Residents of Jackson Hole and ranchers
                                           in the valley bitterly opposed the conservation efforts and stalled park efforts for decades.
                                           With a passion for the natural environment, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. purchased land in
                                           Jackson Hole with the intention of donating it for public use. After 15 years of political
                                           debate and failed donation attempts, Rockefeller contacted President Roosevelt with
                                           a threat to sell his land. By the authority of the Antiquities Act of 1906, President
                                           Roosevelt issued a proclamation establishing the Jackson Hole National Monument, which
                                           combined acreage in the Teton National Forest and a generous land donation from
                                           John D. Rockefeller Jr. On September 14, 1950, the original park and the national monument
                                           were united to create a new Grand Teton National Park with its present-day boundaries.

                                                                                                                     Superintendent of Yellowstone

    1829                                                   1891                                                 1919
     Fur trade entrepreneur David E. Jackson,                     President Cleveland established                    National Park Horace Albright
     for whom Jackson Hole was named,                             the Teton Forest Preserve.                         started his quest to designate the
     spent the winter at Jackson Lake.                                                                               Grand Tetons as a national park.

                       The first settlers Richard “Beaver Dick”                                        Bill Menor established on the Snake
                       Leigh and his wife, Jenny, for whom                                             River a cable ferry, which Maude Noble
                       Jenny Lake was named, arrived.                                                  eventually bought as tourism increased.

                  1870                                                                                1894

                                                                                         Bill Menor

   Rockefeller had a vision to share his appreciation and enjoyment
   for the natural grandeur of Grand Teton National Park.
   By combining the natural grandeur of the park with gracious hospitality, he made all
   guests of Grand Teton National Park feel comfortable in both the natural surroundings
   and in their lodging accommodations.
   We still feel this way and continue to impart these principles that Rockefeller set upon us
   more than 50 years ago. In recognition of our heritage, Grand Teton Lodge Company
   continues to balance hospitality and environmental responsibility. Our performance
   demonstrates our commitment to hospitality and serves as a tribute to the Rockefeller legacy.

                                                                                                         John D. Rockefeller Jr. established the
                                                                             The Rockefellers            Snake River Land Company to acquire
       Albright met with John D. Rockefeller Jr.,                                                        35,000 acres of private property. A limited

  1924                                                                                                  1929
       who had expressed an interest in national                                                         area was designated as Grand Teton
       parks since visiting Yellowstone with his                                                         National Park (February 26), to which
       parents in 1886.                                                                                  lands would eventually be added.

 A historic meeting at local ferry owner
 Maude Noble’s cabin brought together                Albright escorted the Rockefeller family to
 Albright, dude ranchers and conservationists.       view exploitation of the Teton region firsthand.

1923                                                1926
 They sought to preserve the Teton Range and         The unfortunate roadside conditions and
 surrounding area from the rapidly expanding         unsightly structures built on private holdings                           The Park Dedication
 reach of commercial development.                    pushed Rockefeller to acquire the land and
                                                     return it to government ownership.

                                                                                                           Photos courtesy of the National Park Service.
                       Approach Values
                                                      In partnership with the National Park Service, Grand Teton Lodge
                                                      Company is entrusted to protect, conserve, and preserve the resources
                                                      of the park for future generations to experience and enjoy.
                                                      We are proud and privileged to operate in this special place and abide by a comprehensive
                                                      set of environmental standards to ensure long-term sustainability of the park. The National
                                                      Park Service entrusts the Grand Teton Lodge Company with guest services and stewardship
                                                      of public lands within Grand Teton National Park. We reciprocate by making it our
                                                      mission to protect and sustain the natural environment.
                                                      Education is the key element to influence change and build understanding amongst our
                                                      employees and guests. From the first point of contact with Grand Teton Lodge Company,
                                                      employees are integrated into our commitment of environmental protection, health and
                                                      safety, and quality service. Regardless if an employee is a new trainee or a company veteran,
                                                      the focus of continuous improvement is reinforced in company orientations, bi-monthly
                                                      employee newsletters, and specialized training. This environment for continuous
                                                      improvement encourages employees at all levels of the organization to contribute,
                                                      participate, and learn from each other.

            Guests and staff alike are constantly
            in awe of the park’s amazing creatures.

                                                                            President Truman signed a law
                  The Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc. (JHPI)                    combining Rockefeller’s donation
                  was formed as the successor to the                        with the previous park and                                 Jackson Lake Lodge

            1940                                                       1950
                  Snake River Land Company with the                         monument to create a new
                  goal of continuing to acquire and manage                  Grand Teton National Park
                  properties in Jackson Hole.                               totaling 310,000 acres.

          For operational efficiencies, Snake                President Roosevelt set aside
          River Land Company was reorganized                 220,000 acres as part of the Jackson          With a $6 million investment from Rockefeller,
          into a new Wyoming corporation,                    Hole National Monument.                       GTL&T built Jackson Lake Lodge. Such an

    1936                                                 1943                                           1955
          The Grand Teton Lodge &                            The Jackson Hole National Monument            investment was considered a significant risk since
          Transportation Company (GTL&T).                    would eventually become a part of             the opportunity to recover capital expenditures was
                                                             Grand Teton National Park in 1950.            limited to a short visitation season. Referred to as
                                                                                                           The Grand Experiment, Jackson Lake Lodge
                                                                                                           opened with tremendous success.

Bear photo courtesy of the National Park Service.
                                                                                                      American Forests
                                                                                                      Founded in 1875, American Forests
                                                                                                      is the nation’s oldest nonprofit
                                                                                                      citizens’ conservation organization.
                                                                                                      American Forests is proud of
                                                                                                      its environmental restoration,
                                                                                                      initiates urban forestry efforts,
                                                                                                      and promotes the benefits and
                                                                                                      preservation of trees and forests.

                                                                                                      As a partner in sustainability,
                                                                                                      Grand Teton Lodge Company
In communicating with our guests, we realize that every new experience                                supports the educational initiatives
provides a prime opportunity for learning. Building on the inspiration                                and preservation efforts of
provided by the Grand Tetons and the natural surroundings of Grand                                    American Forests. Every year,
Teton National Park, we look for creative opportunities to connect our                                Grand Teton Lodge Company
guest experiences to an appropriate interpretative or informational message,                          honors our year-round employees
many with an environmental focus. While visiting, our guests can pick up                              by donating a tree in their name.
information from lobby displays, in our retail shops and restaurants,
during a trail ride or float trip, or in their guest rooms. All our messages
encourage guests to join in our efforts while visiting the area and to
hopefully take away some transferable ideas or commitments to practice
in their home or business.

                                                                                   GTLC has continued Rockefeller’s Grand
                                                                                   Experiment and the tradition of hospitality
                                                                                   excellence. By operating and improving
 Successful management of                                                          Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village
 the lodge continued under                                                         and Jenny Lake Lodge, the company provides

1956                              1986                                        TODAY
 park service permits and               CSX Corporation purchases                  a variety of accommodations and experiences
 GTL&T became the Grand                 Grand Teton Lodge Company.                 for people of all interests.
 Teton Lodge Company.

          John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial            Vail Resorts, Inc. purchases the
          Highway, connecting Yellowstone             Grand Teton Lodge Company
          and Grand Teton National Parks,             from CSX Corporation.

     1972                                         1999
          was established to commemorate
          his generous donations. The 23,700
          acres are under the administration of
          Grand Teton National Park.

                                                                                                                       Jenny Lake Lodge
                        A Versatile Solution for the Future
   8                    “Our primary duty is to protect the national parks and monuments and keep them nearly in
                        their natural view of the fact that access to them must be granted for enjoyment.”
                        — Stephen T. Mather, NPS Director 1917 - 1929

                                                      In the pursuit of sustainability, we believe that balancing environmental,
                                                      cultural, and economic resources is fundamental. We cultivate this belief
   Affording an economy                               through a systems approach.
  where future generations
        can prosper                                   Our comprehensive plan helps to preserve the environment, ensure quality service,
                                                      and provide for the health and safety of our guests and employees.
                                                      Although Envision is a fluid and evolving management system, the mission of Grand
                                                      Teton Lodge Company is clear and constant.
                                                      The Envision program was developed with several guiding principles in mind:
                                                      • It is a privilege to operate and serve the public inside Grand Teton National Park.
                                                         We have a significant responsibility to protect and conserve the valuable resources,
                                                         wildlife habitat, and natural wonders that surround us.
                                                      • We are committed to sustainability through a comprehensive systems approach. Our
                                                         commitment includes the preservation and protection of our environment, the health and
                                                         safety of our guests and employees, and the continuous pursuit of quality management.
                                                      • We will continue our tradition of public outreach and education to protect our
                                                         environment and promote health and safety amongst all guests and employees.
A healthy natural environment
   provides for social and                            • Our long-term success as a company is dependent upon our continuous process for
      cultural existence                                 improvement. By continually evaluating our efforts, we will meet our company’s
                                                         sustainability goals.
                                                      • Grand Teton Lodge Company is part of the Jackson Hole community. We will continue
                                                         to be mindful and responsive to the concerns and opinions of our neighbors.
      We recognize that
    the environment must
 be protected and preserved

              There is a balance to our environmental, cultural, and
              economic resources. As we see it, the concept of sustainability
              is similar to a bird’s egg developing in its nest.
“There is nothing so American as our
national parks. The fundamental idea
behind them is that the country
belongs to the people...they are in the
process of enriching the lives of us all.

            President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
                 Organizing a Course of Action
                 MATHER’S QUOTE HERE
                 Grand Teton Lodge Company has formalized programs that support our
                 environmental, health and safety, and quality management systems.

                                           Management Systems
                                           Through Envision, Grand Teton Lodge Company has set forth an
                                           exhaustive set of standards and measurement techniques.
                                           To achieve our objectives, we often rely on local, federal, or internationally regulated programs
                                           for guidance and support. In many cases, Grand Teton Lodge Company establishes its own
                                           standards to enhance these commitments. These standards ensure quality accommodations,
                                           the protection of our environment, and the health and safety of our guests and employees.

                                           Health and Safety
                                           As stewards of Grand Teton National Park and partners with the
                                           National Park Service, our health and safety policy demonstrates a strong
                                           commitment to the health and safety of all guests and employees.
                                           Managing risk is critical to the success of our operations; therefore, it is a responsibility
                                           we take very seriously. Our program is designed to reduce the frequency and severity of
                                           accidents and injuries, and to improve the overall safety of all aspects of our operations.
                                           Although certification of our program is not required, Grand Teton Lodge Company
                                           models its health and safety management system after the British Standard Organizational
                                           Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) Standard 18001. We have a common systems
                                           management foundation for integrating our environmental and health and safety activities.
                                           To formalize our commitment beyond compliance, we are pursuing certification under
                                           an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cooperative program known
                                           as the Voluntary Protection Program which officially approves the efforts of employers
                                           and employees under guidelines established by private and public sector collaboration.
                                           Given this proactive approach adopted by our Envision program, Grand Teton Lodge
                                           Company strives to be a leader in the health and safety efforts in our industry.
     A protected environment
     provides a nurturing habitat
     for wildlife to survive and thrive.

To guide our health and safety management system, Grand Teton Lodge Company
has developed the following:
• A corporate health and safety policy
• Identification and prioritization of regulatory requirements
• A formal health and safety management team and employee committee
• Well-defined health and safety system parameters
• Clear recognition of operational hazards and risks
• Comprehensive training and documentation
• A companywide safety incentive program                                        Grand Teton Lodge Company
Our health and safety excellence team regularly conducts
                                                                                 Health & Safety Focus Areas
a comprehensive hazard and health risk assessment to                                   Walking and working surfaces
achieve the objectives set forth in our Envision
program. Coupled with input from internal and                         Occupational health and environmental controls
external compliance audits and employee feedback,
this assessment serves as the foundation for our health                                               Fire protection
and safety efforts. To manage this segment of our                                               Hazardous materials
Envision program, the health and safety excellence team
focuses actions to comply with the general industry                                   Personal protective equipment
standards identified by OSHA.
                                                                                     Toxic and hazardous substances

                                                                                    Machinery and machine guarding

                                                                                     General environmental controls

                                                                                  General training and safe practices
     ISO System
     Approach                     Quality Management
12                                Consistent with our heritage, Grand Teton Lodge Company continues
                                  the tradition of quality management and gracious hospitality.
         Envision relies on the   Beginning with the Rockefeller vision, Grand Teton Lodge Company has been committed
          fundamentals of the     to providing the highest level of service and product in Grand Teton National Park. In 2004,
             ISO system to        Grand Teton Lodge Company began work to implement ISO 9001 as our quality management
         execute an effective
                                  system. With certification expected in 2006, the ISO system will ensure we continue to
         management system.
                                  meet and exceed expectations.
                                  In partnership with the National Park Service, Grand Teton Lodge Company strives
                                  to meet and exceed all customer expectations. We continuously improve the Grand Teton
                                  Lodge Company by setting and reviewing goals and objectives in the following areas:
                                  guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, National Park Service compliance, and
                                  community stewardship.
     Quality Hospitality
                                  Through these areas we are committed to the following principles:
     We cater to our guests
     by carefully setting         • We ensure guest satisfaction through the establishment of standards for facilities and
     goals and planning             service consistent with the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Teton National Park.
     activities; training
     employees to meet
                                  • We train and inspire our employees to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and
                                    attentive to our guests needs.
     standards; empowering
     staff to get involved in     • Our facilities are kept clean, well-maintained, and orderly.
     quality guest services;      • We provide a safe and healthy work environment where staff has the opportunity to
     and continuous                 experience one of the most unique regions of our country.
     monitoring through
     independent audits,
                                  • We are committed to working with the local community for the betterment of
                                    Jackson Hole.
     internal reviews, and
     guest or National Park       • We use resources wisely and productively to add value to the organization.
     Service feedback. With       • We review our results and processes for continual improvement to ensure long-term
     open, honest, and              sustainability.
     complete communication,
     we work to fulfill our       Ultimately, our actions must satisfy the needs of our guests, employees, community, and the
     mission.                     National Park Service. The Grand Teton Lodge Company is committed to complying with
                                  the requirements of our Quality Management System (ISO 9001).
                                  Each year, Grand Teton Lodge Company employs over 1,000 staff members from around
                                  the globe. Annual survey results of our employees asking them for their opinions in such
                                  areas as communication, training, and overall enjoyment of their job, have climbed from
                                  73% to 79% since 2001.
                                  Since its inception Grand Teton Lodge Company has built a reputation of excellent service.
                                  Since 2001 our guest satisfaction rating has consistently exceeded 88% as judged by our
                                  comment cards.
Environmental Management
As a critical part of our Envision program, Grand Teton Lodge Company                                                   13
employs a comprehensive environmental management system.
This framework is used to strategically address compliance obligations, identify operational
improvements, target training and procedural needs, and improve overall environmental
To evaluate and monitor our environmental management systems, Grand Teton Lodge
Company utilizes the internationally recognized standards established in ISO 14001.
With over 50,000 organizations certified, ISO 14001 serves as the benchmark for
environmentally responsible business practices throughout the world.†
                                                                                               To measure our
Grand Teton Lodge Company was one of the first Wyoming tourism entities to achieve             impacts and track
ISO 14001 certification, a designation that also places us among an elite group of national
                                                                                               consistent data, all
park concessionaires that have received such certification. The ISO certification process
was confirmed and awarded by the independent auditing firm National Quality                    measurements are
Assurance USA, in May 2003. Grand Teton Lodge Company completed an annual                      gathered annually
recertification in June 2004. This prestigious distinction reinforces our commitment           during our operating
to environmental excellence.                                                                   season from May
Through our Envision program, Grand Teton Lodge Company abides by the general                  through October.
principles outlined by ISO 14001:
• Commit on all levels and functions within the organization to operate a sound                The environmental
   environmental management program                                                            excellence team
• Establish and conform to an environmental policy and objectives                              continues to review
• Commit to regulatory compliance                                                              operational impacts
                                                                                               throughout the
• Demonstrate commitments to employees and guests                                              company and focuses
• Aim to support environmental protection and prevention of pollution in                       its efforts in the
   balance with socioeconomic needs
                                                                                               following key areas:
This program is executed through an environmental excellence team consisting of top
managers representing all functions of our business operations. The goal is to identify        • Compliance
environmental aspects and impacts and analyze critical operational connections.
                                                                                               • Infrastructure
Through this process, our team identified over 50 aspects of our operations that could
affect our environment. Although the initial approach of any environmental excellence          • Education
team might be to focus on the business activities that are detrimental to the environment,
our approach includes both positive and negative environmental impacts. As a result,           • Materials Use and
Grand Teton Lodge Company has developed a platform for continuous environmental                  Procurement
improvement in all areas of the company.                                                       • Energy and Water Use

                                                                                               • Land Management

                                                                                               • Fuel Management
                                                                                                 & Impacts

                                                                                               • Recycling and
† Retrieved October 12, 2004, from
                                                                                                 Waste Reduction
     Focusing on Performance
14   “America presents to its citizens an opportunity to grow mentally and spiritually, as well as
     physically...millions can enjoy unspoiled scenic places of the nation firsthand.”
     — Newton B. Drury, NPS Director 1940 - 1951

                         Environmental Responsibility
                         Driven by Envision, Grand Teton Lodge Company has made
                         every operational aspect accountable for following applicable
                         laws and regulations, setting goals, and devising action plans
                         for continuous improvement.
                         Internal and independent audits keep operations aligned with our mission. We also
                         continually monitor changing laws and regulations, identifying areas where improvement
                         is needed, and creating tracking systems to measure improving performance.
                         Although our environmental management efforts target all aspects of our company, the
                         ability to quantify our impact varies across departments and business functions. In an
                         effort to focus our commitments, we have organized our actions into key focus areas:
                         compliance, infrastructure, education, materials and procurement, energy and water use,
                         land management, fuel management, and recycling and waste management.

                                             Protecting water, air, land, and other natural
                                             resources are essential to Grand Teton
                                             National Park and remain a priority for
                                             the Envision program.
16   Based on human, environmental and regulatory influences, our
     management team measured and ranked all environmental, health
     and safety and quality impacts and developed action plans to
     proactively address each factor.
     Since January 2003, Grand Teton Lodge Company developed more than 70 action plans
     to improve the company’s overall environmental performance and identified 100 action
     plans to decrease health and safety exposures within our operations. As part of the
     continuous improvement process of the environmental, and health and safety
     management systems, Grand Teton Lodge Company conducts a periodic review of
     regulatory requirements and guidelines. This review serves as an extensive assessment
     of our business operations and regulatory responsibilities.
Grand Teton Lodge Company continues to track and document all local, state, and federal
compliance obligations. A detailed compliance checklist reviewed monthly ensures that
GTLC management monitors current and potential regulatory requirements. We verify the
quality of our commitments through periodic conformance and compliance audits.
A tool in integrating environmental, health, and safety policies and procedures is focusing
on the creation of a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These documents
address a wide range of issues, from procedures for offloading fuel to purchasing chemicals,
responding to emergencies, and managing our solid waste and recycling programs.
As part of the continuous improvement process of the environmental, health, and safety
management systems, periodic review of regular requirements will be conducted to
identify any new compliance-related requirements. All efforts are ongoing and in the
categories below we have reflected the month in which an annual review or the official
planning process takes place.
18   In developing our environmental management system, Grand Teton
     Lodge Company took an honest assessment of our operations.
     To truly support continuous improvement, we dissected the physical areas of our operation
     and identified areas for improvement. Although no violations of any compliance regulations
     existed, we were able to identify practices that were better for the environment. Two of our
     more significant contributions in this area include our vehicle wash pads and the purchase
     of building and remodeling materials.

     Vehicle Wash Pads
     Drainage from vehicle wash pads raised a concern as wash water was not being managed
     collectively through a treatment system. All drains were capped and wash pads were
     immediately connected to the National Park Service waste water system, which was
     upgraded in June 2003 to meet compliance and best practice standards.

     Building Materials
     As we remodel or expand, we continue to prioritize the purchase of building materials
     with recycled content and a higher concentration of environmentally friendly components.
     We believe that many green materials are safer and more durable. One example is our
     recycled deck materials, made from reclaimed wood and plastic, which are virtually
     maintenance-free. Other examples include environmentally friendly interior finishes,
     paint, adhesives, carpet, tile, and flooring. By choosing greener materials to upgrade our
     facilities, we encourage a sustainable marketplace for recycled materials.
                                                                                               Our Envision program
                                                                                               incorporates the
                                                                                               principles of outdoor
Education                                                                                      ethics set forth by
A key component of our environmental system                                                    Leave No Trace:
within Envision is education.
                                                                                               • Plan ahead and prepare
As an advocate for sustainability, Grand Teton Lodge Company
promotes environmental responsibility and encourages wide-                                     • Travel and camp on
spread sustainability. In a unique partnership, the Leave No Trace                               durable surfaces
Center for Outdoor Ethics and Grand Teton Lodge Company are in                                 • Dispose of waste properly
their second year of collaborating on a multifaceted internal and external
educational program. We are the only full-service concessionaire working                       • Leave what you find
with Leave No Trace on this level to promote environmental awareness.
                                                                                               • Minimize campfire
The goal of the Leave No Trace program is to educate outdoor enthusiasts, avoid or               impacts
minimize impacts to natural area resources, and help ensure a positive park experience
                                                                                               • Respect wildlife
for all visitors. America’s public lands are a finite resource that are only as good as
the integrity of the people who use them. The principles of the program are to                 • Be considerate of
impart low-impact outdoor use ethics. The program takes an interactive approach to               other visitors
reduce the need for more direct and regulatory forms of management in the future
through creative educational approaches.
Leave No Trace is incorporated on many levels throughout our organization.
The program includes employee training that extends to all areas of operations,
including: horse corrals, river float trips, marina operations, guest activities, and
retail stores. Grand Teton Lodge Company also draws on these principles for guest
communications. We reinforce our message through food and beverage paper
products, public displays, restaurant menus, and point-of-purchase signage in our
retail operations. In addition, guests will find our biweekly newsletter, News You
Can Use, in their guest rooms.

                                                                                          An infrastructure of 159 miles
                                                                                          of paved roads and 62 miles of
                                                                                          unpaved roads supports tourism
                                                                                          within Grand Teton National Park.
                                                                                          To reduce the volume and impact
                                                                                          of vehicles within the park,
                                                                                          Grand Teton Lodge Company
                                                                                          provides guided bus tours and
                                                                                          an employee service shuttle.
                                     Materials and Procurement
20                                   Grand Teton Lodge Company employs an aggressive policy to expand the
                                     use of locally and regionally produced, recycled content, biodegradable
                                     and organic goods throughout our housekeeping, food and beverage,
                                     and retail operations.
                                     Changing the way we purchase supplies and materials demonstrates our commitment to the
                                     environment and in closing the loop on recycling and product procurement. Some of our
                                     recent initiatives reinforce this commitment:
                                     • Expanded use of office products made from biodegradable or recycled content.
                                     • Phased in environmentally friendly cleaning products to minimize usage of
                                       hazardous chemicals.
                                     • Phased in paper goods made from recycled or biodegradable content, such as takeout
                                       containers, napkins, toilet tissue, towels, and plates.
                                     • Offered more than 12,000 pounds of Starbucks organic, free trade Conservation Coffee .  ™

                                     • Continued to increase offerings of free-range, organically raised and produced dairy
                                       products, poultry, beef, bison, elk, and pork in our restaurants.
                                     • With guidance from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, we recommended fish
                                       and seafood selections that were better for the environment.
                                     • Increased support of Cosmic Apple Gardens and community supported agriculture (CSA),
                                       by increasing our purchase of organic produce from five to seven shares. Cosmic Apple
                                       Gardens, a CSA farm located in nearby Victor, Idaho, helps us to support local enterprises
                                       and offer sustainable food choices in our restaurants. This effort is supplemented with a
                                       variety of other organic fruits and vegetables.
                                     • Offered Bonterra Vineyards organic wines by the glass and bottle, where alcoholic
                                       beverages are served.

 Commitment to organic vineyards stems from farming
 fundamentals: building organic matter in the soil,
 controlling weeds and pests, and encouraging natural
 air flow around the fruit. To reap flavorful organic
 wine, grapes are produced without artificial fertilizers
 or synthetic chemicals. Bonterra expanded the use
 of organic viticulture techniques to develop a unique
 philosophy based on what works.
Grand Teton Lodge Company continues to initiate new practices to lessen the impact of      21
materials on our environment. Specifically, we continue to source recycled, natural, and
organic content products for retail outlets.

Green Retail
Part of our green merchandising program involves educating guests about the importance
of buying products that minimize negative environmental impacts and promote product
reuse, while supporting local and regional businesses and indigenous cultures. Since
2003, our various retail outlets have offered:
• Organic food products including meat, dairy, produce, and other snack items.
• Recycled content paper products and environmentally friendly cleaners for sale.
• Increased presence of natural and
  organic apparel, including items
  manufactured with natural clay,
  soy dyes, and hemp.
• Increased presence of gift items
  with natural or regional materials,
  including earth-friendly dyes and
  colorings, baskets made from
  recycled lariat ropes, pure vegetable
  oil candles, and recycled content
  cards and stationary.
                                   Energy and Water Use
22                                 In addition to saving money, energy efficiency saves valuable natural
                                   resources and fossil fuels.
                                   Grand Teton Lodge Company creates and implements energy-saving programs and
                                   supports the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Partnerships
                                   serve as a critical element in our energy-saving efforts. Grand Teton Lodge Company has
                                   teamed up with Lower Valley Energy to support alternative energy sources and Bonneville
                                   Power for efficient lighting solutions.

                                   Alternative Energy Sources
                                   Grand Teton Lodge Company is taking the lead in promoting alternative energy sources in
                                   Wyoming by becoming one of the first Wyoming businesses to purchase wind-generated
                                   electricity. In 2003, through a partnership with Lower Valley Energy, we secured equivalent
                                   power to run Jenny Lake Lodge for the year. This commitment saved the use of 80 tons
                                   of coal—and prevented the release of 191 tons of carbon dioxide air pollution, the leading
                                   greenhouse gas. Such dramatic reductions have encouraged us to expand our use of wind
                                   power in the years ahead with a minimum increase of 2% annually. As part of our effort we
                                   are encouraging other area businesses to support this initiative.
 Colter Bay Marina is a haven      An increase in wind power and reduction of energy are components of our environmental
 for water plants and animals,
                                   action plans. As detailed below, focus and commitments in this realm will provide substantial,
 as well as a popular spot for
 guest activities and education.
                                   positive changes in the years to come. Totals for 2005 and 2006 are projected changes
                                   based upon our policy commitments.

                                   Efficient Lighting
                                   A facility-wide lighting retrofit has contributed to our 14% reduction in energy use
                                   from 2002-2003. Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient compact
                                   fluorescent bulbs is a key feature of our current lighting retrofit. A cooperative agreement
                                   with Bonneville Power has resulted in replacement of more than 4,000 bulbs, with an annual
                                   savings of 400,000-kilowatt hours. To complete the cycle, the bulbs that are removed are
                                   processed in a “bulb crusher” to capture hazardous heavy metals prior to shipping for recycling.
                                                                                            Some of our recent
                                                                                            contributions to water
                                                                                            conservation include:
Some of our other energy-saving efforts include:
                                                                                            • Ongoing retrofits of
• Continuing to reduce fuel and electric consumption through the purchase of                  plumbing fixtures to
  Energy Star appliances and electronics, as well as installing energy-saving devices
  such as timers.                                                                             include low-flow toilets,
                                                                                              showerheads and faucets
• Minimizing energy use and maximizing efficiency through the winter months with a            in guest rooms and
  complete winterization of our facilities.                                                   employee areas.
• Through in-room education, encouraging guests to turn off the lights when not             • Encouraging guests to
  in use. “Lights Out” education is also a focus with employees to minimize the
                                                                                              support our guest room
  number of lights left on in vacant guest and meeting rooms.
                                                                                              towel and linen reuse
• Ongoing replacement of single-pane windows with double-pane Energy Star                     program.
  rated windows.
                                                                                            • The purchase of Energy
• Utilizing window shading and natural ventilation to reduce heating and cooling needs.       Star water-efficient
                                                                                              washing machines in
Water Use
                                                                                              public launderette.
In addition to the awe-inspiring Teton Mountain Range, Grand Teton National
                                                                                            • Focusing landscape
Park is home to numerous glacial lakes and pristine rivers and streams. Policies
                                                                                              watering during early
encouraging conservation and careful use of this precious resource are critical in
                                                                                              morning hours to
maintaining a sustainable water supply.
                                                                                              minimize evaporation
                                                                                              and rotating schedules
Green Marina                                                                                  to maximize efficiency.
Grand Teton Lodge Company is developing a Green Marina program at Colter Bay
                                                                                            • De-landscaping, or
Village. The first of its kind in the area, the initiative calls for a proactive approach
                                                                                              xeriscaping, to replace
to reducing pollution and protecting waterways. Taking guidance from the U.S.
                                                                                              non-native species with
Environmental Protection Agency and National Park Service, the plan calls for                 drought-tolerant
aggressive conservation with a strong emphasis on guest participation. We recently            landscaping materials
completed an internal audit of Colter Bay Village operations and will use this data           such as recycled bark
to implement this initiative in 2005.                                                         or river rocks.

Laundry Operations
Between guest linens and employee uniforms, Grand Teton Lodge Company generates
over one half of a million pounds of laundry on an annual basis. In 2004, we converted
our laundry products to include oxygenated bleach and
a selection of cleaners that shortened the wash and
rinse cycles, reducing the use of product, water, and
energy. Plans are in the works to look at a system that
further reduces chemical, energy, and water use.
To further reduce the impact of our operations on the
environment, we contract with a local commercial dry
cleaner that uses the Green Earth™ solvent-free, more
environmentally friendly cleaning system.
                                           Land Management
24                                         As stewards of Grand Teton National Park, it is our obligation to maintain
                                           the quality and appearance of our grounds while minimizing negative
                                           impacts to the native flora and fauna.
                                           Our initiatives outline a strategy for the protection of natural habitats and the wildlife it
                                           supports. Two of our more significant accomplishments have been minimizing expansion
                                           and erosion of both horse and hiking trails and efforts to control the spread of noxious weeds.

                                           Trail Expansion and Erosion Control
                                           For Grand Teton Lodge Company, trail management focuses on providing a unique
                                           experience for our visitors while minimizing the creation of multiple trails, preventing
                                           erosion, and the overall deterioration of the terrain and plants that sustain the park’s
                                           diverse ecosystem. With thousands of park visitors and hundreds of horseback tours,
                                           proper management is essential to protect the flora that surrounds the trails and the
                                           animals that live in and feed on these plants.
                                           We strive to reduce the risk of trail expansion by collaborating with the National Park
                                           Service to clearly mark and maintain trails. By providing horses with mesh feedbags or
                                           muzzles, we prevent them from straying off the trail to graze on native plants and flowers.
                                           Through the reduction of horse grazing and education of park visitors, Grand Teton
                                           Lodge Company minimizes negative impacts to area trails.

                                           Fighting Noxious Weeds
                                           Non-native plants and other alien species are a serious threat to the plants and animals
                                           that are indigenous to Grand Teton National Park. These invasive and sometimes poisonous
                                           plants can overtake native plants that are essential to the future health of the park ecosystem.
                                           In a collaborative effort with Teton County Weed & Pest, the Grand Teton Lodge
                                           Company grounds crew aggressively controls noxious weed infestations.
                                           To ensure that our corral operations complement these efforts, we purchase certified
                                           weed-free hay for our horses.
                                           Our approach to eradicating noxious weeds also includes efforts to create awareness
                                           among employees. We ask personnel in corral, scenic float, and marina operations to help
                                           us locate and identify problem plants in remote locations. Encouraging active participation
                                           dramatically improves the effectiveness of this initiative.
     Noxious weeds include leafy spurge,
     and spotted knapweed.

                                           Photographs courtesy of Amy Lerch, Teton County Weed and Pest.
Inspire Humankind
Through our Envision program and our
partnership with Leave No Trace, we
strive to impart responsible outdoor
use ethics for all guests. Through an
interactive program called Wildwalk
Passport, children have an opportunity
to learn the principles of the Leave No
Trace program. Through experiencing
a variety of activities within the Park,
children learn about the area and
interesting environmental messages
to take home with them. Children
who complete the Wildwalk Passport
receive a box of national park animal
cookies sponsored by Grand Teton
Lodge Company. The manufacturer
of the cookies also donates a portion
of the proceeds from cookie sales
back to the national park.
                                          Fuel Management & Impacts
26                                        Protecting air quality is imperative to the long-term health
                                          of the park ecosystem.
                                          As such, throughout all of our operations the Grand Teton Lodge Company strives to
                                          meet and exceed the highest standards to protect regional air quality. To achieve this,
                                          operations target a measurable reduction in vehicle emissions, the utilization of cleaners
                                          and chemicals with reduced or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and reduced use
                                          of products in single-use aerosol cans.
                                          Improvements in fuel management and transportation are some of the most beneficial
                                          approaches to our environmental management efforts. This activity directly engages
                                          visitors in our work and illustrates opportunities to transfer fuel and vehicle choices to
                                          their homes or businesses. Grand Teton Lodge Company encourages the use of mass
                                          transit, alternative fuels, and even alternative modes of transportation within the park.
                                          Our recent efforts include:
                                          • Since 2003, in a unique partnership with Grand Teton National Park, our buses and
                                            trucks use biodiesel (B 20) fuel. Great success also has been achieved by using this
                                            blend of fuel in our 1956 Crown tour buses.
                                          • Utilization of E10 fuels (10% Ethanol) in company and public service stations since 2002.
                                          • The purchase of a Honda Civic gas/electric hybrid vehicle for general staff use.
     In an effort to reduce traffic and
     fuel usage, Grand Teton Lodge        • Implementation of a broad-based analysis and plan to downsize company fleet focusing
     Company offers mass transit
                                            on vehicles that support the use of alternative fuels and hybrid technology.
     and scenic bus tours.                • Converting all motors on rental and tour boats from two-stroke to lower emission,
                                            quieter, and more efficient four-stroke technology.
                                          • Installation of double-walled technology fuel tanks for both regulated and non-regulated
                                            tanks. All tanks are professionally tested for leak detection and are subject to regular
                                            manual and automated testing to meet and exceed compliance obligations.

Grand Teton Lodge Company continues to initiate new practices to lessen the impact of
transportation on our environment. Currently, we are working to reduce passenger vehicle
traffic by offering more shuttle and tour bus choices for local transport and scenic trips in
Grand Teton National Park.
The management of fuels is our highest potential environmental exposure, and we
manage it very seriously. To illustrate this commitment to our employees and to support
Best Management Practices, we have a comprehensive Spill Prevention, Control and
Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) in place to address any potential fuel spills. Employees
working in service stations, security, engineering, and the marina receive annual training
to review roles and responsibilities in the rare event of a fuel spill.

           Aerosol Containers
           Although ozone-depleting chemicals largely have been eliminated from aerosol products. The use
           of non-refillable aerosol cans creates an additional waste stream. Grand Teton Lodge Company is
           taking steps to dispose properly of hazardous aerosols previously used in operations. Between
           2002 and 2003, we disposed of 400 pounds of aerosol containers through our hazardous waste
           management program. To minimize future use of single-use aerosol containers in our vehicle
           maintenance operations, we have shifted to bulk pressurized refillable spray cans for lubricants.
           And in our food and beverage and retail operations, we now use pump spray dispensers for cooking
           oils, personal care products, and insect repellent.
                                              Life of a Box
                                              2004 numbers
                                              At Grand Teton Lodge
                                              Company, the life expectancy
                                              of a box is lengthened.
                                              Our retail department
                                              has implemented creative
                                              strategies to recycle or
                                              reuse boxes and packing

                          Total boxes received 12,295

     Boxes containing                       Boxes reused for
       product 325                            shipping 760

                    Boxes recycled 11,130               Boxes used for other 80
                                                             (unrecyclable boxes,
                                                        storage, given to employees,
                                                        or taken back by the vendors)
Recycling & Waste Reduction
Hazardous and universal wastes are managed in accordance with                                                                                   29
all local, state, and federal regulations. Efforts are ongoing to reduce
the volume and toxicity of chemical products being used and sold
throughout all operations.
In August 2003, Grand Teton Lodge Company removed and properly disposed of over
800 pounds of cleaning and maintenance products. Procedures are in place to control future
purchases of chemical products. In prioritizing our commitment to pollution prevention
and managing our compliance obligations in recent years our efforts have focused on:
• Substitution of less-hazardous propylene glycol antifreeze in place of the more
  hazardous ethylene glycol in fleet vehicles.
• Replacement of petroleum oil in fleet vehicles with synthetic motor oil that supports
  waste reduction as it lengthens the time between oil changes.
• Using renewable and reusable corncob floor dry to absorb minor fuel and motor oil
  spills in fleet maintenance operations.
• Ongoing efforts to reduce the generation and storage of hazardous and universal wastes
  such as fuel and oil filters, batteries, lighting tubes and bulbs, and paint waste.
• Transitioning to an aqueous vehicle parts washing system.
Education is a key component to encourage guests and employees to join in our efforts.
Our commitment to waste management is demonstrated through a variety of initiatives:
• Ongoing expansion of recycling efforts and education in public and employee areas,
  recycling on average more than 200 tons of materials annually since our recycling
  programs inception in 1992. Materials include newspaper, office paper, magazines and
  catalogs, corrugated cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and plastic and glass bottles.
  This effort also includes composting nearly 100 tons of horse manure annually.
• Phasing out individual guest room amenities for bulk dispensers to hold
  products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.
• Phasing out non-recyclable food and beverage paper products.
• Limiting use of printed materials, ensuring that all documents are
  printed with soy-based ink on a minimum of 25% post-consumer
  recycled paper.
• Order in bulk quantities to reduce packaging waste associated with
  condiments, foods, and beverages.
• Continue making our own dressings, salads and sauces while
  identifying other waste-reduction measures in the kitchen.

                                                                                  Through partnerships, we support recycling efforts both in the park
                                                                                  and the Jackson Hole community. Containers shown above are
                                                                                  typical of those used in town by Jackson Community Recycling.
               Approach Success
               MATHER’S QUOTE Envision provides our company with exceptional
               Our commitment toHERE
               environmental, health and safety, and quality management standards.

                                       Awards & Recognition
                                       Grand Teton Lodge Company often is recognized for its efforts.
                                       Some of our formal awards include:
                                       • 2003 National Park Service Environmental Achievement Honorable Mention
                                       • 2003 U.S. EPA Region VIII Environmental Excellence Award
                                       • 2004 Department of Interior Environmental Achievement Award
                                       • 2004 Fine Living Network, Insiders List Award as 5th best EcoHotel
                                       • AAA Four Diamond – Jenny Lake Lodge
                                       • Condé Nast Traveler Gold Award – Jenny Lake Lodge
                                       • ISO 14001 Certification
                                       • National Historic Landmark – Jackson Lake Lodge
                                       • Rand McNally, Editors Pick – Jackson Lake Lodge
                                       • Wine Spectator Award of Excellence – Jenny Lake Lodge
     The Main Lodge at award-winning
     Jenny Lake Lodge.                 Partners
                                       Many of our standards and sustainability efforts originate from our
                                       membership organizations and business partners. Some of the key
                                       partners to our success include:
                                       • American Forests
                                       • Bonneville Power
                                       • EPA National Environmental Performance Track
                                       • Green Hotels Association
                                       • Jackson Community Recycling
                                       • Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
                                       • Lower Valley Energy
                                       • Teton County Weed and Pest

Grand Teton Lodge Company relies on its employees for insight,
direction and expertise.
To serve as an effective resource for the company, team members are active in our
community and in our industry. Members of our team are affiliated with the following
associations and organizations:
• AAA Mountain West
• A Christian Ministry In The National Parks
• American Hotel & Lodging Association
• Grand Teton Music Festival
• Grand Teton Natural History Association
• Grand Teton National Park Foundation
• Greater Yellowstone Clean Cities Coalition
• Jackson Hole Air
• Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
• Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association
• Wyoming Tourism
• Yellowstone Business Partnership
                                                                                       The Forget-Me-Not is the official
Forget-Me-Not Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.                             flower of Grand Teton National Park.
 Imparting the Vision
 Our commitment to sustainability is
 demonstrated by the actions of our team.
 Each guest brings a new opportunity
             MATHER’S QUOTE HERE
 to share our message of sustainability.
 By sharing our vision, our innovative
 ideas, and environmental standards with
 our guests, we contribute to the goal of
 global sustainability.

 To achieve sustainability, we rely on our
 employees, partners, and guests to share
 our vision and our message. Before we
 can expect to disseminate a message of
 environmental stewardship externally, it is
 necessary for us to properly train our
 internal team. In addition to employee
 handbooks, company orientation, and
 job-specific training, Grand Teton Lodge
 Company continuously looks for ways to
 enhance the education of our staff.

 Education is a founding principle that
 drives the success of our Envision
 program. With proper education, we
 believe that we can inspire our employees,
 our partners, and our guests to adopt
 these principles in their homes, in their
 communities, and around the world.
 Although the Grand Teton Lodge Company
 alone cannot be expected to achieve
 global sustainability, we can make a
 significant contribution. We will continue
 our mission to preserve, protect, and
 inspire others to join us in this endeavor.
                                         “Education is a pre-emptive strike to teach
                                         the American people how to enjoy the
                                         wilderness without destroying it. All other
                                         methods merely try to repair the damage
                                         after it’s done. Stronger education programs

nt                                       would dramatically decrease the need for
                                         law enforcement and clean up.     ”

                                                          James Bradley, former member of the
                                                                U.S. House of Representatives

  “To restore, protect, and preserve for the
  benefit of the public, the primitive grandeur
  and natural beauties of the landscape in
  areas notable for picturesque scenery…
  To provide facilities for the public use,
  understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment
  of scenic, biologic, scientific, and historic
  features of such areas…”

              Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc. Charter, 1940

e r v e         ▼      p r o t e c t                      ▼      i n s p i r e

                                                                   Photography courtesy of Egret Communications
Attention: Envision Program
P. O. Box 250 ▼ Moran, Wyoming 83013

 Printed on totally chlorine-free 100% post-consumer fiber
 recycled paper with soy-based ink.
 By using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, we saved
 80 trees in the production of this brochure.

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