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					Newsletter Date
   Fall 2010
                                On The TRAIL
                                      BLUEWATER DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD
EAST:                                      www.trail.bwdsb.on.ca
Lana Duncan

lana_duncan@               WELCOME BACK!!!
                           Welcome back! We look forward to        MR. C’s World – TRAIL West:
WEST:                      meeting and working with TRAIL
                                                                   BRN, LUC, SUL, HHE, MLD, TAR,
                           students and their teachers this
                                                                   KHC, PAI, TEE, KIN, RIP, WAL, HEP,
Ken Cormack                year. We trust you had interesting
                                                                   HIL, HUS, PSD, PTE, SAU, NOP,
                           experiences this summer and are
 ken_cormack               charged for another year of
 @bwdsb.on.ca              learning.                               SECONDARY: BPD, PSD, SGH,
                                                                   CHH, KNH, WAH
                           There is a change of staff at TRAIL
                           this year. Ms. Duncan is replacing      MS. D’s World – TRAIL East:
                           Mrs. Gilmore, who has left to
                                                                   HOL, BCC, MAC, OSP, HPE, EGR,
                           pursue new challenges. Ms. Duncan
                                                                   DNV, NOR, HAN, SPR, ALX, BAY,
                           is very excited to be on the TRAIL!
                                                                   BVC, MEA, SVE, SYD, HIL, DER,
                           Mr. Cormack will be servicing           DUF, KEP
                           students in the West area of
                                                                   SECONDARY: GBS, WHS, OSV,
                           schools, while Ms. Duncan will be
Individual                                                         GHS, JDS
                           servicing the East area of schools.

 Welcome Back! 1
                           Programming Highlights
                           We will be visiting students in Gr. 5   • 3 day Residential @ OIEES
 Highlights            1
                           to 8 throughout the year on
                                                                   • 1 half day ‘iDay’ : topic TBA
 VISTA                 2   rotation of schools within each
                           area.                                   • access to VISTA
 CTCS                  2
                           GRADE 7/8’s
 Dorm Parents          2
                           • 4 school visits on the theme          SECONDARY:
                                                                   We look forward to supporting the
 Websites to explore   2
                           • 1 Symposium Day                       Secondary Robotics Challenge Day
 Problem to solve      2                                           and will be working with the
                           •   3 day Residential TBA
                                                                   secondary organizing committee
                           • 1 half day ‘iDay’: TBA                again this year.
                           • access to VISTA                       Have a peek at the TRAIL Website
                                                                   for Out of Board Enrichment
                           Grade 5/6
                                                                   opportunities for secondary
                           • 4 school visits on the theme          students.
                           “Discovery Science”
                           • 1 Symposium Day
                              VISTA is continuing for elementary       interactions with TRAIL peers.
                              TRAIL students this year. It utilizes
                                                                       The focus is on demonstrating
                              BEAM, the BWDSB email system.
                                                                       critical and creative thinking as you
                              First Class software is helpful but
                                                                       work on challenges and projects.
                              not essential for access and is
Dorm Parents                  available at no cost. It can be          Vista represents the ideal of TRAIL
                              downloaded from the TRAIL website        to look beyond your present
Parents are needed            or for dial-up internet users, a CD      horizons and reach new heights as
as Dorm Parents for           can be acquired from your TRAIL          you travel your life journey.
both the boys' and            teacher.
                                                                       Information and permission forms
girls' "dorms" during         There will be challenges,                are available on the TRAIL website
residential                   discussions and opportunities for        if you have not received yours.
experiences. Acting
as a Dorm Parent is a
wonderful opportunity         CTCS                                         TEACHERS
to view the program
and your child's              The CTCS materials, an assessment          WE HAVE RESOURCES FOR YOUR
interaction within the        for Grade 4 students, will be              USE! Please contact us for a list of
program. Interested           delivered by your TRAIL teacher to         resources we have to loan to assist
parents are invited to        schools in September. The LAST             with programming for your students.
contact their TRAIL           date for return of these materials is
Teacher.                      October 22, 2010. Please take              Students and their parents greatly
                              note of your friendly courier dates        appreciate the efforts of classroom
                              to plan your efforts. Thanks to            teachers in modifying the student's
                              everyone for their collective efforts      workload when they are participating
                                                                         in TRAIL Programs !!!
                              to administer these student
                                                                         Thanks Teachers !!!!!
We’re on the Web!
                                  WEBSITE: www.trail.bwdsb.on.ca
     See us at:
www.trail.bwdsb              One of the ways we stay connected           There are links to resources for
    .on.ca                   with parents, students and staff is         parents, students and staff. If you
                             through our website. Last year saw          find a helpful resource, please let
                             some significant revisions to the           know so that we can share with the
                             look of the website. Some                   TRAIL community. Also, visit the
                             reorganization of the site will occur       site for galleries of student photos
                             this year.                                  and projects.

       Websites to explore:

       Do you get intrigued and excited about science? Become an active scientist – really!
       Check out www.scienceforcitizens.net for some very cool science that you can be
       involved in.


       Which is the odd number out?
       a) 428            b) 236       c) 177        d) 800            e) 935

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