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English Exam


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Academic Writing Skills I 5th Semester Module 3-4 FIRST PARTIAL EXAM Page 1

Name:_Osmar Gomez Vargas          Group 5J     Date:10-09-11

   1) What are the main characteristics of an Academic Paper?

       Academic writing is used for papers that are intended for educated and informed readers
       and are serious in their approach.

   2) What does APA style have to do with Academic Writing?

   3) What are some examples of academic vocabulary that you could use when writing an
      Academic Paper?

       A formal tone is used. For example:

       Formal: The king made horrific decisions that caused him to lose his money and children.
       Informal: I think that guy’s a loser.

   4) Why and by who was APA style developed?

       APA style was developed by social and behavioral scientists to standardize scientific

   5) Why is it important to use APA?

       Acording to the reading, its important to use APA, because it hel us, to write manuscripts
       and to take more imformation when complex material is presented.

   6) What are the general guidelines for APA?

       Manuscript structure, manuscript format, headings, citing references in text and reference

   7) What are the steps of the writing process?

       Write a introduction, body and conclusion

   8) What is one way to avoid plagiarism?

       Maybe you have to put your own ideas in your text that you are writing.

9) What information is found on the reference page?

    the name who said that thing or where you find the information.

10) How can you use an authors ideas in an Academic Paper?

    For example: if you had one shot or one opportunity use it (Eminem)… you put the
    sentence that he said and in parenthesis you put name who said it.

11) What must you avoid when writing an Academic Paper?

    The plagiarism

12) What size and what font should a APA style paper have?

    12pt. Times New Roman font

13) What must you know and describe in your APA paper?

14) What 3 modifications must you make to a word document to format as APA?

    The type of font, paragraph indentation (5-7 spaces) and the margins.

15) What are 3 main pages in an APA paper?

    In the first page it´s the Ttile page, the second one is abstract and the last one is the main

16) What is the difference between a level 1, 2, an 3 heading?

17) What is reducing bias in writing?

18) Why does APA prefer active voice as opposed to passive statements of participants?

    Because when you use the active voice you refers to you and your fellow researchers.

19) If your citing 2 authors in one sentence or paragraph, how must the authors be organized?

    We order them the same way they appear in reference list and separate by a semi-colon.

20) What is a Hanging Indent style in the reference page?

   It´s when you start a new paragraph


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