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Attachment Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock


									                    ‫دکــرهنی، اوبىلگىلـىاو مالـداری وزارت‬          ‫دافغانستان اســـــالمی جمهىریت‬

                         ‫وزارت زراعت ، مالداری و آبیاری‬            ‫جمهىری اســـــــالمی افغانستان‬

                                            Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

                                   Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Vacancy No:
Post Title:          Internal Audit Officer
Organization:        MAIL
Location:            Kabul
Duration:            5 months with possible extension.
No of Post:          1
Nationality:         Afghan
Sex:                 Male/ Female
Salary:              Competitive Salary will be Paid
Date Announced: 01/01/2011
Closing Date:        15/01/2011


MAIL will initiate the On-Farm Water Management (OFWM) Project, co-funded by the ARTF.
The overall development objective (PDO) of the OFWM-Project is to assist farmers to adopt
improved farm practices that increase agriculture production and productivity.

The OFWM Project has three components:
A. Component A: Establishment of 5 OFWM project areas in Herat, Bamyan, Jalalabad,
   Mazar-i-Sharif, and Kabul comprising of total of 25,000 ha and approximately 100,000
   families. This component contains three sub-components

    (i) Establishment and/or strengthening of water user organization in order to enable them to assume
          their role in operation and maintenance (O & M).
    (ii) Improvement of the physical irrigation infrastructure to reduce system water losses and facilitate
          equitable water distribution.
    (iii) Dissemination of improved water saving techniques including (a) more efficient irrigation
          methods, (b) more efficient water distribution systems, (c) agronomic water saving measures

B. Component B: Strengthening MAIL’s Capacity in OFWM at the national, provincial and
   district levels in the project areas.
C. Component C: Project management, implementation and coordination.
The project is expected to start by January 2011 for a 3-year period and has been preceded by a 6
month preparation period started from 1 June 2010, and had the following outputs: (a) Selection
of Project Areas and project sites for project implementation during the first year, including
reconnaissance surveys of two of the five sites and development of the ESMF, (b) Formulation
of a detailed Activity Plan for the first year in the selected project sites; and (c) Plan of logistical
and organizational activities required to prepare the provincial Department of Agriculture,
Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL) offices for execution of Project activities in collaboration with
Area Teams.

For the implementation of the project MAIL is seeking dedicated Internal Audit officer at Kabul

Duties & Responsibilities

      Overall facilitate to maintain financial compliances in the organization through the
       financial auditing and advising the management team for enhances the system
      Gain an understanding of risk areas, their impact and recommendation for overcoming
       the risk factors
      Follow up implementation of previous years audit observation and recommendations
      Regularize finance function updated with the need and demand of time
      Review payments system like authorization of budget holder, procurement procedures
       and compliance of payment
      Discuss observation, give feedback and recommendation
      Review and discuss on the Management Responses and other key issues with the
      Planning and executing auditing in accordance with accepted standards and procedures of
       the government of Afghanistan and Donor.
      Reporting field audit findings and making recommendations for correcting unsatisfactory
       conditions and improving operations
      Preparing the monthly, quarterly and annual plan of Internal Audit and conducing audit
       accordingly and follow ups of the action points of previous audit reports
      Conducting appropriately Audit, maintaining files and keeping proper documentations
      Attending in meetings of Internal Audit
      To perform any other duties if required
Qualifications and Requirement:

      Bachelor degree and/ or any relevant degree in accounting, finance, economics or
       business management
      At least One year working experience in Audit section
      Sound documentation and reporting skills, in English and Local language
      Demonstrated experience of leading and managing a team
      Excellent knowledge of computer MS Office
      Good communication skills in Dari , Pashto and English
      Team player
      Understanding and sensitivity to cross cultural issues
      Frequently visits to the field

Submission Guideline:

Send your CV to:

HR Department Contracted Staff
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock,
Address: Kabul University Road, Kabul, Afghanistan
Email: ,
Note: No resume will be taken under consideration without having a cover letter.
Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview.

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