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     Resources Directorate
       Property Services

     Senior Building Services
Engineer - Facilities Management

       Band B Pay Scale

                        BACKGROUND INFORMATION

The Resources Directorate has the strategic aim of providing first class customer
focused services of which the Metropolitan Police Service can be proud. Through
the delivery of these services the Directorate supports all aspects of MPS
business including its annual objectives as set out in the MPA/MPS policing and
Performance Plan.

Resources Directorate objectives are set out in our annual performance plan and
we review and report on our performance at monthly intervals. The Directorate
delivers a diverse group of essential support services and is staffed by a highly
skilled professional staff, many of whom are acknowledged experts in their own
field. The MPS, and the Resources Directorate, are proud to be at the cutting
edge of police resource and the practical application of skills that support the
delivery of our operational goals.

The functions of the Resources Directorate include:
 Finance Services
 Procurement Services
 Property Services
 Performance and Communication Unit

                           OUR AIMS & OBJECTIVES

The Metropolitan Police estate is fundamental to the policing of London. It is one
of the largest property portfolios in the UK, currently valued at over £1.5bn,
comprising over 10 million gross square feet (929,000 gross sqm) of space.
Buildings within the estate fall into four broad categories of use: operational,
training, residential and support services. These include:
      490 sites (excluding residential and hired parking locations).
      138 Police stations (excluding Safer Neighbourhood bases with front
      230 Safer Neighbourhood bases.
      Training and other specialist facilities.
      Office and back-office facilities to support over 52,000 police officers and
       police staff.

The responsibility for developing and managing the Estate is vested within the
Resources Directorate and Property Services (PS) who discharge this
responsibility on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the
Commissioner and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).
Specifically, Property Services:

      Provides 24/7 building maintenance with the help of a dedicated Help
      Leads on environment green transport planning initiatives and all town &
       country planning matters
      Ensures on-site health and safety.
      Provides Operational Support including planning and events, as well as
       risk management
      Provides strategic guidance to the MPA on estates matters
      Delivers new build procurement, including the use of partnerships and
       joint ventures with the private sector
      Leads nationally on matters such as specialist design and forced entry
      Trains other UK and international forces in these areas
      Facilitates services in supporting the effective occupancy of buildings
       within the estate

                                   KEY SERVICES

The Facilities Engineering role is within the FM group and will be the Building
Services focus for the group in the effective management and control of the
engineering services elements of the FM contracts responsible for ensuring that
the engineering elements of the contracts are delivered in accordance with
contract and full compliance with current legislation.

                                    OUR STAFF

Property Services operate on a balance of core in house staff, who manage an
extended supply chain of FM suppliers, Contractors and Consultants. Property
Services is split into Asset Management, Facilities Management, Construction
and RCOS.

The FM Division is a small team operating on a thin client basis, calling on
support from external consultants and the supply chain, as well as in-house
resource, working in virtual team concepts to deliver the key services outlined

The Property Services department have an extensive supply chain of FM
suppliers, Contractors and Consultants providing services and advice. The
department liaises closely, and works in partnership with all business unit
stakeholders, including operational police commands, boroughs, specialist units
and other Resources Directorate departments including HR, Finance,
Procurement, Information, Transport, Catering, Legal, Health and Safety.
In Addition, there are external regulatory and advisory bodies, which include
Local Authorities, HSE, London Fire Brigade, Home Office, ACPO, and the
Environmental Agency.

                                JOB DESCRIPTION

In depth knowledge of engineering systems supporting critical properties and
environments along with policies, maintenance strategy and standards. Familiar
with legislation, compliance, best practice, possessing excellent oral and written
communication skills. The ability to manage stakeholders and articulate the
clients brief into cost effective solutions, identify process inefficiencies and
solutions and integrate these into the client business model.

 Work within a multi disciplinary team dedicated to the maintenance of, and
  improvements to property and built environments supporting the police
  operational estate.
 Undertake technical audits and review resilience Infrastructure/critical services.
 Audit site documentation and Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ensure
  contract compliance.
 Prepare concise reports & make value based engineering recommendations.
 Review and develop contract maintenance undertakings and processes and
  align to business objectives.
 Develop briefs for the implementation of minor projects.
 Develop resilience critical corrective action plans.
 Develop and establish priority risk registers and mitigation plans.
 Direct as appropriate consultants to undertake audit reports on strategic
 Prepare medium and long term Capital/Revenue budget plans. (Asset Life
  cycle and replacement programmes).
 Review system and maintenance failures and trend analysis for input to the
  Corrective Action Plans
 Experience of using CAFM systems
 Ability to scope or self deliver and analyse management performance and
  exception reports
 Proven line management experience
 Experience of monitoring and reporting on budgets, including accrual
 Audit service providers on compliance with the MPS performance specification,
  capabilities and compliance with processes, procedures and Safe Systems
  of Working (SSOW).
 Support/advise and implement engineering based contract changes.
 Drive savings from contracts whilst maintaining compliance and best practice.
 Act as engineering project liaison on a range of new builds and refurbishment.

Personal Specification:

 The post holder should possess good oral and written communication skills with
  the ability to work independently and as a part of a team; previous experience
  of preparing client briefs, specifications and report writing is essential.
 Enthusiastic and energetic.
 Ability to work within a team.
 Committed to improving the performance of engineering services and overall
  resilience of the MPA estate.
 Prepared to see things through.
 Resilient in the fact of competing demand.
 Able to prioritise.
 Good Communicator.

                                 ROLE PROFILE

Performance Framework

Operational Effectiveness

Delivers quality outcomes to meet objectives
Uses specialist knowledge and skills to support the delivery of relevant
objectives. Ensures a high quality service, balancing the needs of customers and
stakeholders. Manages a range of tasks, delivering to time and quality. Adapts
and responds to shifting priorities. Deals with challenges and generates

Manages work through informed and reliable judgement
Uses specialist knowledge and skills to inform decision-making, and minimise
risk where practicable. Provides guidance and support, seeking it where
appropriate. Promotes continuous improvement proactively by identifying,
sharing and applying lessons learnt.

Organisational Influence

Acts with Professionalism
Behaves appropriately, taking personal responsibility for own actions and setting
a good example for other colleagues. Actively demonstrates the promotion of
equality and valuing of diversity and helps others to do so. Develops from own
experience and supports the development of others where relevant. Takes
account of how own behaviour affects others. Maintains a current understanding
of specialist area. Shows initiative, personal resilience and motivation to deliver a
quality service. Upholds legislation, regulations and policy, acting with integrity
and challenging those who do not.

Develops effective communications and working relationships
Builds effective relationships with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.
Communicates effectively and inclusively with customers, senior managers and
team members. Ensures clear, two-way communication through listening and
responding appropriately, learning and sharing information. Upholds ganisational

Resource Management

Manages own time and relevant resources efficiently and effectively
Prioritises work and use of resources to meet relevant objectives. Ensures time
and resources are used in a way that best meets customer and organisational
needs. Uses resources efficiently, ethically and appropriately. Shows support for
efficient working.

                           WHAT WE OFFER IN RETURN

For further information regarding the terms and conditions offered by the MPS
and assistance in completing your application, please download the guidance
notes for Police Staff applications available on the MPS Careers website.

                                 YOUR REWARDS

On appointment of your standard contract, you will receive a starting salary of
£48,198 gross per annum. In addition you will receive a ‘cost of living’ increase,
negotiated annually and payable from August of each year and a London
Location Allowance of £3,466.

Annual incremental spine points will achieve progression to the maximum of the
pay scale currently £50,658.

                              ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

For further information regarding the eligibility criteria for joining the MPS, please
refer to the guidance notes available on the MPS Careers website or contained in
the application.

The MPS is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable
adults. As part of these safeguards, the MPS adopts a consistent and thorough
process of safe recruitment in order to ensure that all MPS staff and volunteers
are suitable. Posts that involve a high level of contact with children and
vulnerable adults will additionally require a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check.

We hope that you complete the application form you will have received with this
information pack and for your information when we receive your application form
the following will happen

      Your application form will be initially sifted against MPS criteria such as
       convictions and nationality

      Following the initial sift your application will be assessed by the manager
       of the department to which you are applying against the advert criteria and
       the information supplied about the role within this pack

      If successful at this stage we will contact you regarding an interview date
       for which you will receive a minimum of 7 days notice. If you are
       unsuccessful at this stage we will also write to you and advise you of this

      The interview will be a competency-based interview and questions will be
       posed around the criteria identified for the role in question as detailed in
       the advert and information pack.

      If successful at interview we will send you an initial offer of employment
       with details of ‘what happens next?’

      If unsuccessful we will also advise you in writing but will be unable to offer

                               WHAT TO DO NEXT

Please complete the application form and the equal opportunities monitoring

The application form and other forms should be returned by 4pm on the closing
date 12 September 2011 to or

Recruitment & Selection Service Centre,
Room 2.08,
Metropolitan Police Service,
Simpson House,
Peel Centre,
Aerodrome Road,
London NW9 5RH

Please do not e-mail and send an application by post as this causes duplication.

           The recruitment process is therefore thorough and consequently can
            be quite lengthy.
   Shortlisting and interviews will be based on the criteria listed.
   All completed applications received will be acknowledged in writing.
    Until an offer of appointment is confirmed in writing, you should not
    assume your application has been successful.

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