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					                   The Devotee Stories
 Devotee (Distributed electronic-vote environment) is a system that will
    allow call-for-votes to be set up (called Voting Instances or VIs),
    information distributed electronically over the Internet, votes gathered
    (again over the Internet) and results tallied, reported and archived.

 Devotee will provide a means to register users and give them roles, e.g.,
    VI creator, voter, sys admin.

 A VI can be marked as open, meaning the general public (not registered
    with Devotee) can vote, or closed, meaning only a subset of Devotee
    registered users can vote.

    Three stories are included to tie down details.

                                           Bob’s Story

a.      Bob has registered with the Devotee system, and has been given authorization to create new VIs (voting


1. Bob logs in to Devotee and requests a set up of a new VI as follows:

        a. Type (open/closed): closed. Bob lists the Devotee members that he wants to participate in the VI.

        b. Style: preference. Choose top 3 among list of 10. Bob provides the list of 10 choices.

        c. Process: pre-chat (1 day), voting (5 days), post-chat (7 days). VI commences on November 1 at 9AM EST.

        d. Algorithm: standard preference.

        e. Reminders: 4 hours before state change (through client and by email).

        f. Privacy: members allowed to see individual votes and overall result (i.e., no privacy).

        g. Archive: everything (chat, votes, result) in immutable format.

2. After the VI is closed, Bob logins in to Devotee to do analysis of the VI:

        a. Bob does what-if scenarios by changing votes (in play space) and noting new results.
        b. Bob looks for voting trends among voters in the VI.
                                       Mary’s Story

a.      Mary has registered with the Devotee system, and has been given authorization to vote in VIs.


1. Bob lists Mary as a voter in his new VI (see previous slide).

2. Mary gets a notice by email (and when she logins in to Devotee) that she is asked to vote in a new VI
        commencing on November 1 at 9AM EST. There will be a pre-chat and then the vote.

3. Mary logins in to Devotee, sees what the VI is in terms of choices, and carries on chat with others before
        voting opens. She may also ask about the parameters Bob has set up (see previous slide).

4. Mary gets a reminder that voting will open in 4 hours.

5. Mary votes.

6. Mary gets a reminder that results will be posted in 4 hours, and that post-chat will then be open for a week.

7. Mary logs in to see the result and then chats about it with others.

8. Mary gets a reminder that post-chat closes in 4 hours.

9. When Mary next logs in to Devotee, she can see the list of (closed) VIs she has participated in.

                                        Sue’s Story

a.    Sue is the administrator for the Devotee system. She has superuser rights.

1. One of Sue’s concerns is integrity. She needs to see any attempts to tamper with the votes or result or chat of
      a VI that is closed. In general, the system should attempt to prevent such tampering.

2. One of Sue’s concerns is privacy. No one should be able to see voting details on a VI unless they are authorized
      to do so. The system should use encryption techniques that protect its data.

3. One of Sue’s concerns is ballot-box stuffing, i.e., an attempt by a user (or bot) to have more than one vote.
      This is a problem in open-voting VIs where the general public can vote.

4. One of Sue’s concerns is identity-theft, i.e., an attempt by a non-authorized user (or bot) to pose as an
      authorized voter.

4. One of Sue’s concerns is archiving. She wants to avoid a loss of a data volume (e.g., through physical problem
      or natural disaster) leading to entire loss of data.

5. Sue has the right to change the status of any user including removing the user from the system.

6. Sue has the right to change the details of a VI, even during its activation.

7. Sue can send messages to any or all users.

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