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									Baldwin Senior High School

      Wind Symphony

               Wind Symphony                                  Director’s Welcome
              Executive Board
                                                Dear Wind Symphony Members:
                                                Welcome to the tradition that is this band. There is
                                                a tremendous legacy of musicianship, leadership,
Officers:                                       community service and commitment to music
President: Eric Zuckerman                       making that exists here, and I feel a deep sense of
Vice President: Lindsay Fitzpatrick             honor, privilege and responsibility standing before
Treasurers: Audrey Garcia & Greg Sisco          you each day.
Secretaries: Sarah Polacco & Asia Lupo          In addition to giving highly polished performances
Librarians: Nancy Conforti & Chris Bennett      of only the finest wind literature, we are committed
                                                to providing ourselves and our listeners with an
Section Leaders:                                emotional and deeply satisfying musical experience.
Flute: Tamaara Bostwick & Lindsay Fitzpatrick   Studying and performing the art of music allows us
Oboe: n/a                                       to reach a place that far transcends words, and
Clarinet: Kathryn Greene & Daylynn Wu           enriches our lives completely. I am excited to take
Bass Clarinet: n/a                              this journey with you.
Bassoon: n/a                                    The Wind Symphony is a model of teamwork and
Alto Saxophone: Greg Sisco                      dedication. For most of you, this will be the largest
Tenor Saxophone: Taylor Gross                   team you ever play on. Welcome to some of you;
Baritone Saxophone: Aqeel Malcolm               welcome back to most of you. Your talent is
French Horn: Jeremy Hogu                        obvious and your dedication to greatness is clear.
Trumpet: Chris Heuser                           Now it is about hard work and expectations, and
Trombone: Chris Felicio                         with each of you doing your job well there is no
Euphonium: Audrey Garcia                        limit to what we can achieve.
Tuba: n/a
Percussion: Eric Zuckerman                      With all my heart,
                                                Scott J. Dunn
            Quotes to Live By…                     The Purpose of Performing in Band
                                                     A. To develop integral individual skills of
                                                        responsibility, accountability, organization,
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
                                                        discipline and maturity.
     Friedrich Nietzsche                             B. To apply the above skills to working within a
                                                        large group to achieve high-level results.
“A painter paints pictures on canvas, but            C. To develop the ability to read, study and
musicians paint their pictures on silence.”             interpret high quality wind literature
     Leopold Stokowski                                  accurately and effectively.
                                                     D. To develop critical musical skills:
                                                            1. Sound, rhythm, and intonation
“I have my own particular sorrows, loves,                   2. Blend, balance, articulation and
delights; and you have yours. But sorrow,                       phrasing.
gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all        E. To contribute to the achievements of the
of us, in all times and all places. Music is the        music department and the high school
only means whereby we feel these emotions               community as a whole.
                                                     F. To maintain the standard of musical
in their universality.”
                                                        excellence that has existed here for decades,
      H.A. Overstreet                                   and to continue to raise the bar.
                                                     G. To study and develop appreciation for music
“Music is your own experience, your                     of all styles, time periods and cultures.
thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it      H. To provide an atmosphere that allows ALL
won’t come out of your horn.”                           members to succeed both musically and
     Charlie Parker
                                                   Individual Preparation
“This will be our reply to violence: to make       A band can only be as good as its weakest member.
music more intensely, more beautifully, more       Every player is vital to the success of the ensemble.
devotedly than ever before.”
     Leonard Bernstein
Wind Symphony is an Honors level course.                 B. Please adhere to deadlines for paperwork.
Students are expected to prepare thoroughly for             This makes my job, as well as that if your
every rehearsal.                                            secretaries, so much easier.
Practicing should become a routine. Missing days         C. Performers must be prepared with all
of practice should be the exception, not the rule.          necessary equipment at each rehearsal.
Each practice session should have goals and                 Extra reeds, neckstrap, mouthpiece, ligature,
structure. Quality is more important than                   valve oil, percussion sticks, mutes, etc.
quantity, and there is a difference between
practicing and playing. As Wynton Marsalis says, if   Grading System
you sound good when you are practicing, you are         A. Class Participation
doing something wrong! Lessons, Sectionals and          B. Lesson Attendance
Rehearsals do not take the place of practicing.         C. Performance Test Grades
Have a dedicated, sacred time and space where you       D. Attendance at ALL functions
practice every day.
                                                      Class Participation
Membership                                            Performances are simply a reflection of our day to
  A. Membership is by audition only, and              day work ethic. Every minute of every rehearsal is
     continues so long as the individual’s progress   critical. This may be your favorite class, but it is
     continues.                                       often the one in which “homework” (i.e. Practicing)
  B. Membership is this band (as well as being it’s   is most easily neglected. That makes rehearsals
     Condcutor ) is a privilege, not a right.        even more important.
     Respect what is bigger than all of us.               A. Be on time
                                                          B. Band is social – make friends before 12:21
Member’s Guide                                               and after 1:02. Focus during the rehearsal
  A. Always (ALWAYS) be on time. This goes for               process. Talking should be about music and
     rehearsal every day, lessons, concerts,                 add positive energy to the class.
     football games, sectionals, etc. Downbeat is         C. Please do not EAT, DRINK, or CHEW GUM in
     2 minutes after the bell rings. Be in your              class. We value our instruments and work
     seat, instrument assembled, percussion set              every day to provide you with quality gear.
     up, music in order and pencils out.                     Sugar from gum and soft drinks is not good
      for instruments, and I should never have to     C. Lessons are once a week, always on the same
      clean up the band room after class.                day. The period of the lesson rotates each
   D. Assist younger and/or less experienced             week, so you will never miss the same class
      players in your section. Younger players, ask      more than twice in a quarter, and usually
      section leaders for help.                          just once.
                                                      D. Yellow lesson passes are located outside the
Attendance                                               band room, and should be presented each
Attendance is mandatory – for EVERYTHING. We             week to the teacher of the subject whose
are the flagship musical ensemble in our                 class you are asked to miss that week.
community, and we are expected to look and act           Please provide that teacher 48 Hours notice,
professional at all times, in many guises.               and if you have to miss the lesson, return the
   A. Cutting class in completely unacceptable. I        yellow pass to me signed by that teacher
      am the most understanding person you               not less than 24 hours in advance of the
      know, and you can come and talk to me              scheduled lesson.
      about anything at any time. If you choose to    E. Signed passes returned to me excuse you
      cut my class without communicating with            legally from a lesson. Without a yellow pass,
      me, that is worth 50% of your class                a missed lesson is a zero.
      participation grade. The second cut is the      F. Legal excuses for which a teacher can sign
      other 50%, and you CANNOT pass this                the lesson pass include tests and labs. We
      course. I am flexible if you communicate.          can be flexible if you are organized and
   B. In the event that something comes up and           communicate. Do NOT play us against your
      you need to miss, please send me (or have a        teachers!
      parent send me) an email. This is the easiest   G. Lesson schedules are posted for at least an
      mode of communication and allows me to             entire quarter at the beginning of each
      keep a record. With everything going on, I         quarter. You should know several weeks in
      don’t always remember everything you tell me       advance when each of your lessons for the
      in passing, especially that you might miss a       entire quarter will be.
      night rehearsal two weeks from now!             H. Make up lessons are given on a individual
      DunnSc@baldwinschools.org                          basis only to students who miss more than
                                                         two lessons legally in a quarter. One
      Sectional (given by your section leader) can             do not fit any longer, a student may trade in
      count as a make up lesson.                               and exchange attire at no additional cost.
                                                            C. In addition to formal concert wear, the $65
Marching and Pep Band                                          fee includes a Navy Blue Polo Shirt that says
  A. Marching and pep band performances enrich                 Baldwin Music Department. We wear these
     the community and help build school spirit.               for football games and parades with Khaki
     It is our community service opportunity, and              pants.
     a great chance for the non-concert-going               D. New in 2010, the entire Pep Band will receive
     Baldwinites to see the quality of our band                hooded jackets, suitable to be worn in colder
     program.                                                  and more inclement weather. Layers can
  B. Participation in Pep Band and Marching                    certainly be worn under the jackets.
     Band (for Homecoming and Memorial Day) is
     mandatory. We have two parades and four             Equipment
     home football games, and the homecoming               A. All students are furnished with a locker or
     game is obviously the same day as the                    storage space in which to keep their
     parade. We are asking of you 5 days.                     instruments, whether it is a personal
  C. Each game/parade will be graded like a                   instrument, a rental or a school-owned
     lesson. No show = zero.                                  instrument. Please use these lockers only for
                                                              instruments and band folders, not for your
Concert Attire                                                personal locker storage purposes.
  A. All students wear a white tuxedo shirt, black         B. Wind Symphony musicians will receive a
     tuxedo pants (with satin stripe down the leg),           black leather folder engraved on the front in
     a black cummerbund and black bowtie, and                 gold letter to say Baldwin Wind Symphony
     black socks and shoes for every concert                  with the player’s last name in the top right
     performance.                                             corner. This folder is $11 and should last all
  B. Concert Attire can be purchased (and we                  four years of high school.
     recommend this) through the band                      C. Mr. Chiarello, Ms. Roof and I work very hard
     department. For a one time $65 fee, each                 to make sure that every player in this
     student will be fitted for all attire. When sizes        ensemble is playing a quality instrument that
                                                              reflects the musicians talent and skill. If you
      are still playing the same instrument you        DC is still a possibility. None of this is possible
      playe din 4th Grade, it is time to upgrade. We   without the commitment of time, energy and money
      are expanding the inventory of quality           on the part of every member of the ensemble. We
      instruments at the high school constantly,       will fundraise early and often, and you are
      and we ask that you do your part to ensure       encouraged to participate. Some fundrainign
      that our gear is cared for and looked after.     endeavors will benefit the band account as a whole,
   D. If you play Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Bass            and some will be geared towards bolstering
      Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trombone,        individual student accounts, which can be used to
      Baritone or Tuba, you will be provided a         pay for Music Department trips and expenses.
      school-owned instrument for the school year
      for a rental fee of $50. Provided we have        Code of Conduct
      sufficient inventory, an instrument will also    The Baldwin High School Wind Symphony is a very
      be provided for home use, so you do not have     special group. It is unlike anything I have ever
      to carry large instruments back and forth.       experienced in my life, and you have to be a part of
      You will also be given a mouthpiece and          it to believe it and understand it. We are a
      accessories which you are responsible for        combination of 65 highly intelligent, dedicated and
      returning, in the same condition you received    hard working people (in all facets of our lives), who
      them, at the end of the school year.             have chosen to commit to the art of making music
   E. We strongly encourage that you own a             at the highest level. And we manage to have a
      Metronome and a Tuner for daily practice.        pretty good time while doing it. You are, of course,
                                                       asked to act professionally at all times, as you not
Special Events and Fundraising                         only represent yourself, but you represent your
We will perform at least 6 concerts this upcoming      family, Baldwin High School and me. It is a stroke
school year, and that does not include a band trip.    of luck, or great fortune, and most certainly an
Three composers will visit campus this year, and       honor, to be part if this group – and it wouldn’t be
one will be bringing a commissioned piece of music     the same without each and every one of you. Bring
dedicated to the Baldwin Wind Symphony. Tilles         not just your best musicianship everyday, but bring
Center has again invited us to perform at their        your intellect, personality and sense of humor.
Invitational Band Festival in March, we will attend    Prepare for Takeoff!
NYSSMA Majors in May, and a trip to Washington                                    Scott J. Dunn
All necessary forms and information regarding all
aspects of the Baldwin High School bands can be
found at our website:


2010-11 Tentative Schedule of Performances

September 21, Tuesday – TriM Music Honor
Society Inductions 6pm
September 24, Friday – Home Football Night Game
October 2, Saturday – Home Football Game 1:30
October 16, Saturday – Homecoming/Band Day
October 21, Thursday – Fall Concert , new for
October 30, Saturday – Home Football Game 1:30
Football Playoffs at Hoftstra TBD
November 18-20 – Jekyll and Hyde, the musical
December 6-8 – Brant Karrick residency,
December 20, Monday – Winter Concert 2 7:30
March 3-6 – Tilles Invitational Band Festival, Philip
Sparke, guest composer
April 6, Wednesday – Suites and Sweets 7:30
June 2, Thursday – Spring Concert 2 7:30
featuring world premiere of a commission by
William C. White

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