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									NHSmail ….. Safe, Secure Communication
    NHSmail for Community Pharmacists
    28th February 2010
 NHSmail - Objectives
• Understand how NHSMail is different from any other email
  service in the NHS

• Understand how NHSmail can be used as an organisational
  resource and by a pharmacist user in a practical and cost
  effective way

• Understand outstanding issues and facilitate take-up of NHSmail
  by the “Multiples”

 What is NHSmail?
Why is NHSmail different:

• Its centrally funded

• Safe and Secure
  the only way to send patient and confidential data

• Available to all staff in the NHS and to NHS business partners

• A resilient, 24x7x365 service
Benefits of NHSmail
• Accessibility

• A National Directory
Benefits of NHSmail
• Calendars can be shared within and
  between organisations

• Send fax and SMS text messages
  direct from email

• Email address remains the same
  even if user changes organisations
Benefits of NHSmail

 • 24 hours a day
   7 days a week
   365 days a year
 • …………helpdesk
Benefits of NHSmail
• On line training package available

Benefits of NHSmail - corporate
• Using Dynamic Distribution Lists

• As a pharmacy Group you could send to:
   • All staff in an identified group – eg Boots
   • All Staff in an identified group in a selected PCT
   • All staff in an identified group and selected
     seniority – eg Senior Pharmacists
Benefits of NHSmail - corporate
• Set up generic mailboxes that can be accessed
  and shared between departments or groups of

   • Cro-pct-disp.BootsC607@nhs.net
Benefits of NHSmail - corporate
• Centrally funded: It is free for staff and the
  organisation at the point of use

• Service SLA‟s in use and guaranteed not to lose
  any data
Benefits of NHSmail - corporate
• Secure service – How is it a secure service?
 Service Security: Principles
• Compliance with CFH Security Principles
• Compliance with the HMG Manual of Protective Security
• Compliance with HMG standards in order to gain RESTRICTED
• Least privilege
• Defence in depth
   • 6 separate security zones
   • Separate perimeter security zones for N3, GSI and Internet
     with no shared infrastructure
   • Only authenticated traffic allowed beyond the perimeter
     security zone to further security zones
• Control value shall not exceed the data being protected
• Elevating trust as data passes through control points
• Separation of duties
   • Physical and logical
 Service Security: In Practice
• Same security model as secure Government/ Military systems
• NHSmail is an accredited RESTRICTED service (IT Security Health
  Check Service)
• List X environment (SECRET/Military services)
   • Physical/ Procedural security associated with processing
      classified data
   • All Staff on the project hold Government SC/DV Status and
      are Counter Terrorist checked
• CESG regular penetration testing, inspections and audit
• Strict ITIL management (2 man rule, change control etc)
• CTAS code reviews on any bespoke code
• Dual site service with no single point of failure

   CESG – Nat Tech Authority for Info Assurance
   CTAS – tailored assurance service – IA arm of GCHQ
   ITIL – IT Infrastructure Library – widely regarded policies and practices within IT
Service Security: Secure Boundary
•   Aligned to the RESTRICTED (IL3) boundary
     • NHS
         - NHSmail (*.nhs.net)
     • Central Government
         -   xGSI (*.x.gsi.gov.uk)
         -   GSI (*.gsi.gov.uk)
         -   GSE (*.gse.gov.uk)
         -   GSX (*.gsx.gov.uk)
         -   CJX (*.police.uk *.pnn.police.uk *.cjsm.net)
         -   SCN (*.scn.gov.uk)
     • Local Government
         - GCSX (*.gcsx.gov.uk)
•   All email sent between these domains do not need encrypting as the
    entire environment/infrastructure is accredited with strict end point
    access controls
•   Email sent to or received from any other domain is untrusted (open to
    forging, interception or alteration)
    Endpoint (User) Security: Technical
•   All access methods use 128 bit SSL/TLS

•   Web based access connecting through:

     •   Internet
           -   A combination of a virtual keyboard and a password field
           -   Default no attachment downloading unless the user overrides
           -   In the future this may be automated via end point compliance scanning
           -   30 minute time out
     •   N3/GSI
           -   Standard password field used for login
           -   Default allows attachment downloading with no ability to turn off
           -   8 hour timeout

•   Mobile access
     • Only via Exchange Activesync (direct push) – no Internet IMAP/POP support
     • Self wipe capability
     • Policy applied to supported devices (password, lock etc)
     • http://nww.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/nhsmail/technology/nhsmailmobiledevices.pdf
Endpoint (User) Security: Policy
• Every Organisation signs up
  • NHS: IGSoC
  • Non NHS: Third Party Access Agreement
• Every User signs up
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Displayed on every page
Endpoint (User) Security: MS Outlook
• By default Outlook data is protected by operating
  system independent „Compressible Encryption‟.
  This prevents it from being read with a text editor
  via its encoding algorithm.
NHSmail – Pharmacist Package
• NHSmail is available now for all Community
• A series of Pilots to run from Dec to April 2010

• Guidance and support to be given to establish a
  consistent and efficient rollout of NHSmail.
  Emphasis on:
        -   firewall changes
        -   standardised naming
        -   directory entries
        -   Maximising benefits
NHSmail – Pharmacist Package
• An email account for each dispensary site

• An email account for each pharmacist

• N3 Filter changes completed

• User guide

• Helpdesk guidance

• Invitation to a training / registration session
NHSmail – Pharmacist Package
• PCT / Supplier to provide:

   •   Project Lead
   •   ICT / Training support
   •   Helpdesk (in addition to Nat helpdesk)
   •   Communications to Pharmacists
   •   Spreadsheet of Dispensary Sites
   •   Spreadsheet of Pharmacists
NHSmail – Benefits to the
Hospital Trust                                          Pharmacist(s)

 GP Practice                   Generic

                                                        Educ / Prof
Community Staff

                 Secure communications Infrastructure
NHSmail – Pharmacist Package
• Pilots running to date:
Who is using NHSmail?
• 490,000 email accounts on the service – 41% year on year growth

• 2.3 million emails sent/received daily - 28% year on year growth

• 55% of users use the service for clinical communications (2007
A developing service

• NHSmail is now using Microsoft Exchange 2007
• Why?
   o The gold standard in usability and functionality
   o Enhanced mobile connectivity
   o Integrates with other products/services – an opportunity to
     develop a strategy for NHSmail as a unified communications
A developing service
Further information


To register: www.nhs.net

Contact us: feedback@nhs.net

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