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									Look inside: Russian firm
Strong and diverse audit client base
Our key clients across our industry sectors include:
Consumer & Industrial      Communications, Technology and Energy,Utilities & Mining              Financial Services Clients
 Products Clients          Entertainment & Media Clients   Clients
US key audit clients:      • Gazprom Media (incl. NTV,      • Gazprom (IFRS)                     • Central Bank of Russia
• Heinz (consulting                                                                               (IFRS)
  procedures)              TNT, NTV+) (IFRS)                • Garzpom-Neft (US GAAP)
                                                                                                 • Sberbank (IFRS)
•Mary Kay (IFRS & US       • Prof-Media (IFRS)              • RAO UES Utilities Group
  GAAP)                                                      (IFRS)                              • Renaissance Capital
                           • Ren TV (IFRS)
•Colgate Palmolive (US                                      • Alrosa (IFRS)                       (consulting)
  GAAP)                    • Samsung Electronics (IFRS)
•Philip Morris (US GAAP) • IBM (RSA)                        • Integra Group (oil-field service   • Sogaz (IFRS)
•Ford                                                        provider) (IFRS)                    • Alfa Bank Holing (IFRS)
                           • Altimo (IFRS)
•Caterpillar                                                • Novatek (gas company)              • Capital Group (real
•Mars (IFRS)               • Kommersant (IFRS)               (IFRS)
Other Global audit clients • Xerox (US GAAP)                                                      estate/IFRS)
•Coca-Cola HBC Russia
                                                            • TNK-BP (US GAAP)
                                                                                                 • Raiffeisenbank (IFRS)
  (US GAAP & IFRS)         • Mirabridge (US GAAP)           • Tatneft (US GAAP)
                                                                                                 • Troika Dialog (US
•Toyota (US GAAP)                                           • Royal Dutch Shell Group
•Mazda (IFRS)                                                                                     GAAP/IFRS)
•British American Tobacco                                                                        • Horus Capital (investment
  (IFRS)                                                    • Mobil (group reporting)
•Danone (IFRS)                                              • Chevron (group reporting)
•Uniliver (IFRS)                                                                                 • Commerzbank (IFRS)
                                                            • Urals Energy (IFRS)
clients which report                                                                             • Ak Bars Bank (IFRS)
  under US GAAP                                             • ENI (IFRS)
•NLMK (steel) (US GAAP)                                     • Schlumberger (US GAAP)
•VSMPO (the world largest
  titanium producer) (US                                    • Caspian Pipeline Consortium
  GAAP)                                                      (IFRS)
                                                            • West Siberian Resources
PricewaterhouseCoopers                                       (IFRS)                                                      Slide 1

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