Cat tails _Winter 2001_ by yaoyufang


									                   A N E W S L E T T E R F R O M T H E CATA R AQ U I R E G I O N C O N S E R VAT I O N AU T H O R I T Y

                                                                                                                                   Winter 2002 Issue

   In This Issue
 It’s A Winter
                                       CRCA Wins Awards
                                                                                                              hen people don’t like what we do, we usually hear
 Wonderland!                                                                                                  about it. However, we don’t always hear about the
                                                                                                              many good things that we do. We’re very pleased to

    top grumbling. Put on your
                                                                                                          report that our conservation efforts have been recognized
    tuque and mittens. Make some
                                                                                                          by two different organizations.
    snow angels and have some fun!
 Or keep warm by the fire and enjoy
 four extra pages of Cat Tales.                                                                           City of Kingston
 • Speaking of fun. We’ve got lots                                                                             This past October we received two Livable City Design
   of great activities on our calen-                                                                      Awards for environmental protection and enhancement
   dar. See                                                                                               from the City of Kingston. One award was for our land
   What’s                                                                                                 assembly program on Little Cataraqui Creek and the other
   Happening                                                                                              was for our tree planting program on our own lands.
   on pages 6,                                                                                                 This was the first year of the Livable City Design
   7 and 8.                                                                                               Awards, but certainly not the first year for either of these
 • Grrr! Our                                                                                              two programs. The land assembly program along Little
   Creature                                                                                               Cataraqui Creek got underway shortly after the CRCA was
   Feature is the                                                                                         formed in 1964. The CRCA purchased many properties in
   Black Bear                                                                                             the late 1960s and early 1970s. Tree planting of those
   on page 2.                                                                                             properties began in the early 1970s and continues today
 • Still dry after                                                                                        with our Tree Replacement Strategy. We have also carried
   all this rain!                      CRCA Staff with the City of Kingston Livable City Award            on with forest management plans and forest management
   Yes, it’s true.                                                                                        on most of our properties.
   See page 12.                                                                                                In recognizing the CRCA’s contributions to the Kingston
 • We get by with a little help from                                                                      community, the jury noted that:
   our Friends. More on page 10.                                                                               “Both the land assembly and tree planting programs
 • Sometimes we even win awards.                                                                          represent important incremental processes that are having a
   See page 1.                                                                                            cumulative effect. Having so much natural open space in
 • Find your way to the Cataraqui                                                                         and near the urban area will be of increasing importance in
   Trail. Map on page 5.                                                                                  the years to come.”
   Stories on page 4.
 • Healthy watersheds and healthy                                                                         Ontario Field Ornithologists
   trees on page 9.                                                                                            The CRCA also received recognition from the Ontario
 • What do groundwater and Sudds                                                                          Field Ornithologists for our acquisition and protection of
   have in common? They’re both                                                                           the Owl Woods property on Amherst Island, as well as for
   on page 3!                                                                                             allowing public access to view the owls. A certificate of
 • You have to have a solid                                                                               appreciation was presented by the OFO at the Owl Woods
   Foundation. Ours is on page 11                                                                         property on November 26. Loyalist Township, the Kingston
   along with news about Tray Chic.                                                                       Field Naturalists and neighbouring property owners, Rod
 • We’re achieving our vision. See                                                                        Barr and Paul and Gwen Lauret, were also recognized for
   page 8.                                                                                                their contributions to protecting owl habitat.
                                                                                                               Thank you to the City of Kingston, the Ontario Field
                                       CRCA Staff (left) accepts a Certificate of Appreciation from the   Ornithologists and the people who nominated the CRCA.
                                       Ontario Field Ornithologists for the Owl Woods property.           We really appreciate the awards!

Cataraqui Region
                                                                                                                                          Canada Post Corporation / Société canadienne des postes
Conservation Authority                                                                                                                    Postage paid                   Port payé
P.O. Box 160,                                                                                                                             Blk                            Nbre
Glenburnie, Ontario
K0H 1S0                                                                                                                                                   1008536
                                                                                                                                                      Winter 2002 Issue

Creature Feature

The Black Bear Ursus americanus
   he black bear is the smallest   powerful animals. Male black        spring-born young of moose          The Black Bear
   bear in North America.          bears are much bigger than          and deer. Black bears               Ursus americanus
   Seeing a wild black bear is     females. Adult males weigh          constantly search for food to
a memorable event. But, the        from 120 to 280 kilograms. In       feed young and build fat for
best sighting, for you and the     other words, a large male can       their long winter hibernation.
bear, is a fleeting glimpse.       weigh more than three large         Bears may look for other food
Over the last 20 years, bears      men! Adult female bears weigh       sources more actively in the
and humans have met face-to-       anywhere from 45 to 182             spring if the previous year’s
face thousands of times in         kilograms. The largest known        food supply was poor and they
Ontario. The Kingston area is      black bear weighed 802.5            are in poor condition. They
no exception. Three bears have     pounds (364 kg). These large        may also look for alternate
been caught in Kingston this       animals have been recorded          food sources in late summer
year.                              running at speeds up to 50          and fall if the current year’s
    Residents of most of           km/h (30 mph).                      food supply is poor.
Ontario’s wild lands, bears              Black bears are carnivores,   Consequently, food or garbage
inhabit forests of the Canadian    however they act like               around homes, cottages and
Shield, the Bruce Peninsula        omnivores, with only one            campsites will become
and most of northern Ontario.      quarter of their diet being         attractive to bears.
They prefer forests with a         meat. They mostly eat summer             Between early July and
variety of berry-producing         and fall berry crops such as        late September bears typically
shrubs and trees of different      raspberries, blueberries and        double their body weight as         over the next
ages. This habitat provides        mountain ash, as well as            they prepare for winter. Black      16-18
food, winter den sites and         acorns and beech nuts in the        bears do not hibernate during       months
refuge.                            fall. They supplement this with     the winter. They do remain          following their
    Black bears are large,         insects, fish, carrion, and the     dormant, however. Most black        birth. Then
                                                                       bears enter their dens by mid-      female cubs
                                                                       October in the north and by         may continue to
                                                                       early November in central           have access to
                                                                       Ontario. However, bears will        the mother’s
                                                                       stay out of their dens longer       feeding territory
                                                                       when fall foods are abundant.       while the young
                                      Winter 2002                           Bears invest a lot of time     males disperse, often traveling                                parts
                                                                       and energy in their young (not      long distances for the next few               of the province. They
          Cat Tales is published   seasonally by the   .               unlike humans). Female black        years.                             are intelligent animals with
                                                                       bears give birth when they are           Black bears are extremely     excellent long-term memories.
                                                                       about 6 to 8 years of age, and      territorial. Many males will       Although they have poor
                                                                       then they only reproduce every      wander over an area of 38          eyesight, they have a great
                                                                       second year, at best. One to        square kilometers to find food.    sense of smell and good
                                                                       four cubs are born in late          Females wander less, as they       hearing.
                                                                       December or early January           usually have their young with           There are about 75,000 to
    Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority                            while their mothers are in their    them. Males travel most            100,000 black bears in
                              Editor                                   dens. Most cubs weigh .2            widely, covering the home          Ontario. As top predators, the
                        Karla Maki-Esdon                               kilograms at birth (.5 pounds).     ranges of several females and      bear’s greatest threat is from
                                                                       They usually open their eyes        their cubs. Immature males are     humans. Black bears can live
                   Design, Layout and Printing                         when they are 40 days old. At       wanderers that often encounter     for 20 years or more but few
                    1000 Islands Publishers                            this time, they typically weigh     people when seeking their          do. They may also be killed by
                          Contributors                                 1.8 kilograms or 4 pounds.          own new territory. Black bears     other bears or other wildlife
         Tom Beaubiah, Holly Evans, Liz Evans, Carol Forde,            When bears emerge from their        are generally timid and avoid      such as wolves, or die at a
     Stefan Foerster, Rob Gerritsen, Jim Hase, Stephen Knechtel,       dens in the spring, energy-rich     encounters with people, but        young age from abandonment
    Stana Luxford, Karla Maki-Esdon, Rob McRae, Sean Watt,             food is scarce. They do not         they can come into conflict        or starvation.
                   Margaret Wild, Don Wright                           really start gaining weight until   with people especially when             As recreationists we must
                                                                       the berry-feeding binges of July    natural foods are scarce. Black    learn to live in harmony with
                              Send mail to: Editor,                    and August. Then they fatten        bears are not normally             these animals. If you would
                  c/o Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority,         up in the fall when they gorge      aggressive towards humans.         like to learn more about bear-
                    P.O. Box 160, Glenburnie, ON, K0H 1S0              on foods such as beech nuts,        However, on extremely rare         proofing your property, there
                    E-mail:             acorns and other tree seeds.        occasions, bears can be            are a number of publications
                             Phone: (613) 546-4228                          Black bear mothers have        dangerous.                         and on-line materials that can
            2                 Fax: (613) 547-6474                      strong bonds with their cubs.            Black bears are active from   help you.
                                                                       They will teach their young         mid-April to late fall in most
 Winter 2002 Issue

CRCA Considers a Land Exchange in Kingston
     n item of much interest in    greater value of its lands for           Official Plan and Zoning
     Kingston during this past     development purposes. This          By-law Amendments are
     year has been the proposed    payment would be used for           required to allow this
land exchange between the          land acquisition elsewhere in       development to proceed. At
CRCA and Jack and Isobel           the Little Cataraqui Creek          press time, these Amendments
Sudds. The lands under             watershed. The CRCA would           had been given second reading
consideration are within and       benefit through physical            by the City of Kingston,
adjacent to the Authority’s        improvements to the Rideau          contingent upon the resolution
Little Cataraqui Creek             Trail trailhead, and through the    of the land exchange. If the
Valleylands property, which        consolidation of its wetland        development proceeds, CRCA
includes the southern terminus     property. The CRCA confirmed        technical staff will be involved
of the Rideau Trail and areas of   its approval in principle for the   in the review of detailed plans
provincially significant           land exchange on September          for the subdivision, including
wetland. The property is           26, 2001, subject to                methods to minimize impacts
located just north of King         negotiating an agreement of         on the wetland.
Street West, between the Creek     purchase and sale at a price             The CRCA has received
and the Cataraqui Golf and         and on terms satisfactory to the    many letters of opinion
Country Club.                      CRCA. At press time, such an        regarding the land exchange,
      The proposed land            agreement had not yet been          and the associated Trailhead
exchange (shown on the             approved.                           Place proposal. Those in favour
adjacent map) would see a               If approved, the land          of the idea cite anticipated
total of about 1.59 ha             exchange would enable the           improvements to the aesthetics
transferred to the Sudds, while    Llynlea Corporation to create       and safety of the Rideau Trail
an equivalent land area would      Trailhead Place, a subdivision      trailhead. Those opposed argue
be transferred to the              of 44 single family homes with      that the current CRCA property
Conservation Authority. The        access from King Street West.       should be maintained as
lands currently owned by the       An Environmental Impact             public open space, and that
CRCA are upland meadows            Statement concerning the            the Sudds property should be
and pine plantations; the lands    proposal (and an independent        acquired for that purpose. This
currently owned by the Sudds       peer review of that Statement)      ongoing debate has raised
include a portion of the           found that the impacts of the       public awareness about the
significant wetland. As part of    subdivision on the adjacent         function of the CRCA as a
the exchange, the CRCA would       wetland could be minimized          property owner, and about the
receive a cash payment,            by such methods as treating         value of the Little Cataraqui
guided by a professional           stormwater runoff, installing       Creek watershed.
appraisal, representing the        fences, and planting trees.

Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network
    esidents of Ontario are        the possibility of extension.       groundwater quantity and           between ourselves and the            groundwater workshop on
    quickly realizing the               The purpose of this            quality.                           Ontario Ministry of the              Saturday, January 26, 2002 in
    importance of groundwater      program is to collect                    The PGMN tries to use         Environment.                         Elgin. The workshop will be
in light of the current drought,   information on groundwater          existing wells in the                   Once the well records           geared to rural residents in
and bacterial contamination in     conditions. This information        monitoring network. The            have been reviewed and the           Leeds County, but everyone is
Walkerton and other areas,         will provide conservation           search for these wells has         agreement finalized, the search      welcome to attend.
both of which have been in the     authorities, the Provincial         begun in the Cataraqui Region      for suitable wells to use in the          The following topics will
news. The Cataraqui Region         government, municipalities          watershed. A hydrogeologist at     network will move from a             be discussed:
Conservation Authority is          and others with sound               the Rideau Valley Conservation     search that can be done in the       • the nature and importance
participating in the Provincial    information on which to base        Authority has been hired, on       comfort of an office chair to          of groundwater
Groundwater Monitoring             decisions. The implementation       contract, by the Ontario           going out and looking at the         • findings from the Leeds
Network (PGMN), as are most        of the network will fill in some    Ministry of the Environment, to    wells to assess their suitability.     groundwater study
Conservation Authorities. This     information gaps. For example,      review water well records to       These wells will the be fitted       • biosolids - toilet to field
program is made available and      currently there is no               find matches between existing      with monitoring equipment            • care of wells and septic
funded by the Ontario Ministry     groundwater data for reference      wells and the ideal locations      and data collection will begin.        systems
of the Environment.                as it relates to drought            for monitoring wells chosen by     Groundwater                               Watch for
Conservation authorities will      determination. Also, the lack of    participating conservation                                              more details
be providing the                   knowledge of groundwater            authorities and the MOE.           Workshop                             in your local
implementation of this             conditions makes it difficult to         At the same time, staff of        Are you interested in            newspaper.
network. The program will be       determine the effects certain       the CRCA are working toward        finding out more about                                 3
run for at least six years with    activities would have on            finalizing the agreement           groundwater? Plan to attend a
                                                                                                                                                     Winter 2002 Issue

Are Hikers, Cross-country Skiers and Cyclists Cheapskates?
   ome might be tempted to           emotional well being, and          Cataraqui Trail linear park.
   answer yes. “These groups         Your Support is Greatly Appreciated
                                     conservation awareness that             We urge you to help
   think the government              accompany outdoor                  maintain it by purchasing an
should pay for trails!” say          recreation, at truly modest        annual membership for $25
members of snowmobile clubs,         cost, would be recognized at       and by making a tax-
                                                                                                               ❐ I wish to renew/become a Cataraqui Trail Member.
                                                                                                            Enclosed is my tax-deductible $25 membership fee for 2002.
who pay dearly through               every government level. Alas,      deductible donation. Your
memberships, insurance, and          instead we must seek support       support is needed for the
                                                                                                             I would like to make a charitable donation to the Cataraqui
land acquisition for their           from members of the public         development and upgrading,
                                                                                                                        Trail. Enclosed is my contribution for :
presence on trails.                  who appreciate the importance      that will ensure continued
     Indeed, in a perfect world,     of preserving access for           enjoyment for you, and
the amazing benefits to              growing populations to such        generations to follow.               ❐   $25     ❐   $50      ❐   $100     ❐   $200     ❐   Other
physical health, spiritual and       beautiful natural areas as the                                        Name (please print) ____________________________________

A Four Season Trail
                                                                                                           Street Address __________________________________________
                                                                                                           Town/City_____________________Postal Code ______________
                                                                                                           Phone No.________________ ____Email __________________

   he Cataraqui Trail started        of habitats with abundant and      chomping at the bit for that       Payment Options:
   over a century ago when the       varied wildlife, is ideal for      adequate snow base that will                            Please do not send cash by mail
   Napanee, Tamworth and             nature viewing and                 allow these clubs at the
Quebec Railway was launched          photography.                       opposite ends of the Cataraqui     Cheque (enclosed)                   Amount $____________
in 1879 to connect                                                                 Trail to declare the                  Please make cheque payable to
the Bay of Quinte                                                                  season open for fun.              Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
to the Ottawa                                                                           These
Valley, and became                                                                 snowmobile clubs        Credit Card________________________Amount $ __________
the lifeline                                                                       have a long history     Check One: ❐ Visa ❐ Mastercard
connecting mining,                                                                 with the Cataraqui      Expiry Date: Month______________________Year __________
farming and logging                                                                Trail. Many don’t
communities.                                                                       realize it was they     Signature_______________________________Date __________
Developed in stages                                                                who leased the rail
by several railway                                                                 line from the CNR,      Registered charitable number 106879158RR0001
companies, the line                                                                long before it
reached Ottawa in                                                                  became the                          Please send this form to Cataraqui Trail,
1913. The last                                                                     Cataraqui Trail. The             c/o Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority,
Canadian National train ran in           The Cataraqui Trail is a       Ridge Runners and The Ridge                 P.O. Box 160, Glenburnie, Ontario K0H 1S0.
1979, and CN donated the old         year round, shared use             Riders, plus the Athens and                      Telephone (613) 546-4228, ext. 304
line to the Cataraqui Region         recreational trail. It serves      District Snowmobilers provide                         e-mail:
Conservation Authority. Now          hikers, joggers, cross-country     the prime financial support                      Web:
the abandoned railway                skiers, cyclists, horseback        from user groups. They groom
provides a new kind of               riders, birders, naturalists and   the Trail and post speed limit    Families and friends gather just    patrolling the Cataraqui Trail
connection to history and to         snowmobilers. The trail is         and safety signs. Off season,     for the adventure of a ride         during all seasons to catch
nature.                              groomed for snowmobiling in        they repair and rebuild bridges   through the countryside or to       those who would misuse the
     The 104 kilometre               the winter and open to             and assist with trail             take a shortcut across a lake       trail and deter those in
recreational trail is lined with     snowmobilers bearing a             maintenance.                      for a winter picnic. Of course      unauthorized vehicles. The
testaments to our past: hamlets      current Ontario Federation of          Hats off to those dedicated   there are always those few          OPP now have a special team
and villages, active and             Snowmobile Clubs trail permit.     snowmobile clubs whose            who abuse the sport by              called SAVE (Snowmobile ATV
abandoned farm-steads, old                                              grooming allows me to walk        trespassing or driving              Vessel Enforcement Team).
mills, regenerating forests,                                            my dog and ski!                   recklessly and endangering          Already they have solved two
historic bridges, forgotten
                                     Winter on the                                                        others. Sadly, this reflects back   cases of dumping; making the
mines and the historic Rideau        Cataraqui Trail                                                      on snowmobilers as a whole.         offenders responsible for
Canal.                                   Bicycles and hiking boots      Ride Safely                       But if enthusiasts treat their      clean-up and restoration.
     The trail cuts through          are being stored away for the           When snowmobiles were        machines and the use of             Offences could lead to
rugged granite hills of the          next season. In their place,       introduced into the Canadian      designated trails properly and      anything from fines to actual
Canadian Shield and pastoral         engines are being tuned and        market, I doubt the               with respect and privilege it       charges being levied.
limestone plains, wanders            cross-country skis are being       manufacturers had any inkling     should be a great ride for               So, if you see an
                   beside lakes      readied. Then come the fervent     that these machines were          everyone this winter.               unauthorized vehicle or
                   and streams,      wishes for snow, snow and          destined to become almost a            Hikers, skiers and             anyone misusing the trail, call
                   and crosses       more snow! Snowmobile              way of life for so many people.   snowmobilers alike will have        your local OPP. They’ll be on
                   fields, forests   clubs, the Lennox and              Trappers, hunters and             company on the trails from          the trail, in more ways than
             4 and wetlands.         Addington Ridge Runners and        fishermen now have a fast run     now on. Along with                  one.
                   The trail’s mix   the Rideau Ridge Riders, are       to traps and fishing holes.       volunteers, the OPP will be
How to Find the Cataraqui Trail
    any people have called the Cataraqui       Grenville Road 1, 1.3 km south of Highway      off Leeds-Grenville Road 9 (Chaffeys Lock      station. Parking available beside trail on
    Region Conservation Authority offices      15. No nearby restaurants or stores.           Road) - 3.6 km from Highway 15 & 4.7 km        east of highway. Stores and restaurants in
    asking for details on how to find the      Otter Lake - Km. 17.8. Access is from          from Chaffeys Lock. No nearby restaurants      village.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Winter 2002 Issue

Cataraqui Trail. The trail is the former       Leeds-Grenville Road 5, 0.1 km south of        or stores.                                     Yarker - Km. 87.5. Going along Lennox &
Canadian National Railroad running from        Highway 15. No nearby restaurants or           Chaffeys Lock - Km. 43.1. Access is at         Addington Road 6, turn uphill on Cutler
Smith Falls to Strathcona. It can be used by   stores.                                        junction of Indian Lake and Opinicon           Road opposite the Old Bank Cafe. Trail is
hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, cross-   Portland - Km. 24.8. Travelling along          Roads - 1 km west of lock. Seasonal            on Sidings Street. Stores and restaurants in
country skiers and snowmobilers.               Highway 15 take Portland Station Road          restaurant beside canal.                       village.
    The route of the trail is shown on the     (next to Rideau Realty office). Trail is 0.7   Maple Leaf Road - Km. 58.8. Access is 0.1      Camden East - Km. 95.0. Trail crosses
1:50,000 scale EMR maps of 31C/16 Perth,       km from Highway 15. Stores and                 km from junction of Opinicon and Maple         Lennox & Addington Road 4 0.4 km north
31C/9 Westport, 31C/8 Gananoque and            restaurants in Portland.                       Leaf Roads. No nearby restaurants or stores.   of village. Store and restaurant in village.
31C/7 Sydenham. In total there are about       Forfar - Km. 29.6. Access is 0.4 km            Perth Road Village -Km. 60.7. Access is        Newburgh - Km 98.7. Trail is on Main
50 public road crossings. This page            southeast of Forfar along Leeds-Grenville      on Frontenac Road 10 and 0.6 km north of       Street at north end of village. Food and
describes the main access points and           Road 42. Store and cheese factory in           Perth Road Village. Corner store at south      stores in village.
shows them on the map below.                   village.                                       end of village.                                Strathcona - Km. 102.2. A recent addition
                                               Highway 15 - Km. 34.5. Access is off           Sydenham -Km. 71.7. Access is on               of the Strathcona Paper factory has made
Smith Falls - Km. 0. The trail starts behind   Highway 15, 2.5 km north of Elgin and 3.5      Frontenac Road 19 - Bedford Road. Trail        the trail more difficult to find. Go to the
Harveys and Tim Horton’s on Highway 15         km south of Crosby. No nearby restaurants      runs between the beer store and IGA.           south end of Finlay Street and trail is to
at the south end of town. Restaurants and      or stores. Parking available beside trail on   Stores & restaurants in village.               northeast of factory buildings. No nearby
stores nearby.                                 east of highway.                               Harrowsmith - Km. 78.2. Access is on           restaurants or stores.
Lombardy - Km. 9.1. Access is from Leeds-      Chaffeys Lock Road - Km. 37.6. Access is       Highway 38, 0.1 km north of OLCO gas

 Cataraqui Trail Access Points

                                      What’s Hap
     eep warm and active     Hours of                     an Outdoor Centre with         improve your technique.       Winter Mammals               Registration fee is $5.00
     during the winter and                                lots of great programs for     Cross-country ski lessons                   Sunday,        per team.
     spring in one of our    Operation                    the whole family.              are offered on Saturdays                    January 13     1:00 p.m. - Cross
conservation areas. Visit    Conservation Areas                In the early spring,      from January 5 to March                     (2:00 p.m.)    Country Ski Loppets, 5
our web site at              7:30 a.m. to dusk daily      plan a visit to our sugar      2, weather permitting.                           Have      km or 10 km.
www.cataraquiregion.on.      Little Cataraqui Creek       bush to enjoy the sweet        Register in advance, or       you ever wanted to           Registration fee is $2.50
ca to find the conserva-     Outdoor Centre               taste of maple syrup. As       on the day of the lesson,     discover what beaver,        per person or $5.00 per
tion area closest to you.    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.       the snow melts and             at the Outdoor Centre.        muskrat and other fur        team.
      There are special      Monday to Friday             nature awakens, join us        Cost is $11.00 per            pelts feel like or touch a        This annual winter
winter activities at Mac     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.       for great spring activities.   person or $8.50 per           real animal skull? Join      fun day is hosted by the
Johnson Wildlife Area in     on weekends and holi-                                       person for annual pass        wildlife rescuer and         Canadian Ski Patrol -
Brockville and winter        days from January 1 to                                                                                                 Frontenac Zone. (If poor
                             May 5
                                                          Winter Activities              holders.                      expert Gary Ure for a
and spring programs at                                    Evening Skating                     Group lessons are        session on winter            ski conditions exist, the
Little Cataraqui Creek                                                      Come         one-hour in length.           mammals at the Outdoor       alternate date is February
Conservation Area in         Mac Johnson                                                 Private lessons can also      Centre.                      10.)
                                                                       out and skate
Kingston.                    Wildlife Area                             every Friday      be arranged. Group
                             Take Highway 29 north                     in January        lesson times are as           Brown Bag Seniors’           Winter Wonderland -
Entry Fees                   from Brockville to           and February from 5:00         follows:                      Program Winter Fun!          Fireside Coffee House
     Gould Lake and          Tincap, turn east on         to 9:00 p.m., weather          10:00 a.m. - lessons for      Thursday, January 17         and Evening Skate
Little Cataraqui Creek       Debruge Road and drive       permitting. The lights will    children 14 and under         (10:30 a.m.)                 Friday, January 25
Conservation Areas have      for 2 km to the main         be on and you can warm         (children must be able to          Calling all seniors     (6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)
a daily entry fee. The fee   entrance. Enjoy 11 km of     up by the bonfire or in        put their own equipment       who love to get together          Bring your musical
is $4.00 per person for      hiking and cross-country     the warming hut. Call          on or a parent must be        and celebrate in the fresh   instruments, stories, and
adults and children over     ski trails, a Nature         546-4228 ext. 501 for          available to assist the       air of winter. Meet at       poetry for an evening of
12, $2.00 per person for     Centre, picnic facilities    rink conditions.               child)                        10:30 a.m at the             sharing and
children 12 and under,       and a skating rink.          Ice Rink Rental                11:30 a.m. - all ages         Outdoor Centre. Weather      entertainment around the
with a maximum fee of             The Friends of Mac           Host your own             1:30 p.m. - all ages          permitting, we’ll try out    crackling fire in the
$10.00 per car. Annual       Johnson Wildlife Area        skating party! Rink rental                                   skis and snowshoes. So       Outdoor Centre West
passes are available for     will be serving hot          includes a bonfire and         Programs and                  think snow! Otherwise        Hall. You can also bring
$50.00 per year and          chocolate and coffee at      access to the warming                                        we’ll take a winter walk.    your skates and enjoy
                                                                                         Activities                    Dress for the weather        gliding under the stars on
provide unlimited access     the skating shelter every    huts. Call Shannon             Ski Waxing                    and bring your brown         Kingston’s largest natural
to both of these             Sunday in January and        Fleming at 546-4228 ext.       and Repair Clinic             bag lunch for afterwards.    skating rink. Whether
conservation areas.          February from 11:00 a.m.     222 for more information                    Sunday,                                       you want to participate
     Donation boxes are      to 3:00 p.m. (weather        or to make a booking.                       January 6        Little Cat Classic Ski       or just want to warm up
located at our other         permitting).                 Equipment Rentals                           (2:00 p.m.)      Loppet                       after your skate, our
conservation areas and at                                      Cross-country skis                         The
our boat ramps. Your         Little Cataraqui Creek       and snowshoes are                                            Sunday, January 20           fireside coffee house has
                                                                                         Canadian Ski Patrol will           Pre-register for each   something for everyone.
donations help to            Conservation Area            available for rent at the      be providing a hands-on
maintain these facilities,                                Outdoor Centre. A                                            event 30 minutes before      All ages are welcome.
                                  We have great                                          ski waxing and repair         start time. The day’s        This coffee house is a
so please make a             facilities including 13 km   limited selection of ice       clinic. So bring your skis,
contribution each time                                    skates is also available.                                    events include:              monthly event hosted by
                             of groomed cross-country                                    wax and any questions         10:00 a.m. - Winter          musical talent Paul
you visit.                   ski trails, a natural ice    Cross-country Ski Lessons      with you. Be prepared to
                                                               Learn how to ski or                                     Relay Triathlon, Skate,      Arnold.
                             rink, warming huts and                                      have fun.                     snowshoe and ski.

        Premier Paddlesport Centre
             1/2 Hour North of Kingston
    On the water at the entrance to Frontenac Park
         SYDENHAM, ON (613) 376-6220
     web site:
pening 2002
Snowshoe Tour                ation call Stana Luxford      certified professionals         Kingston Field Naturalists         Remember the             exciting season of Maple
             Sunday,         at 546-4228 ext. 251.         and experienced staff           will be giving a slide        delicious smell of            Madness theatre.
             January 27                                    from Hiker’s Haven for          show and talk about           pancakes, the tasty
             (2:00 p.m.)     Winter Photography            an informative session on       winter birds in the area.     maple syrup and the           Sugar Bush Stories
                 Bring the   Sunday, February 3            gear and advice for             This is a must for all        beautiful fresh air at the                 Tuesday,
whole family out for a       (2:00 p.m.)                   winter camping.                 those interested in birds.    sugar bush? Take a                         March 12
snowshoe tour over the            Join Philippe Baud,                                      Be sure to bring your         tractor-drawn wagon                        (10:00 a.m.,
frozen marshes, fields       local nature                  Brown Bag Seniors’              warm clothes and head         back to our sugar bush to                  11:30 a.m.,
and forests with Bill        photographer, for a           Program - Meet                  out for your own birding      see how maple syrup           1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)
Murdoch of the Rideau        fantastic slide show of       Musician and Artist Don         journey after the talk to     was made in the olden              Share in sugar bush
Trail Association. You’ll    nature in winter. If you      McCallum                        search for winter birds. If   days and how it is made       stories of the past and
have an opportunity to       enjoy nature                  Thursday, February 21           you are lucky, a Black-       now. We’ve got special        present. We will be tell-
look for signs of animal     photography this is an        (10:30 a.m.)                    capped Chickadee may          activities happening on       ing tales in the General
tracks, scat, chews and      excellent program for              Join Don McCallum          even say hello!               different days throughout     Purpose Room of the
much more!                   you! Philippe will be         at the Outdoor Centre for                                     the program.                  Outdoor Centre. Any
                             also giving tips on how       a talk on the digital           Introductory                                                story tellers who wish to
P.A Day Winter Sports        to take those difficult       process as applied to           Orienteering Clinic           Maple Madness                 share sugar bush or nat-
and Adventure Day            winter shots.                 paintings. Weather              Sunday, March 3               Guided Tours                  ure stories are welcome.
             Friday,                                       permitting, we’ll take a        (2:00 p.m.)                   Saturday, March 9             All ages are invited.
             February 1      Little Cat Classic Ski        walk in the woods. Ski or            Come out for a           (10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m.,
             (8:30 a.m. to   Loppet                        snowshoe if you wish.           hands-on, introductory        1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)      Puppet Shows
             4:30 p.m.)      (Alternative Date)            Bring your lunch, water         session on using a map             It’s the first day of    Wednesday, March 13
     Give your child(ren)    Sunday, February 10           to drink and dress for the      and compass. All ages         Maple Madness 2002            (see March 11)
an opportunity to have a     (See January 20 listing for   weather.                        welcome! The skill of         and we’re celebrating by
P.A. Day full of winter      more details.)                                                map and compass               having guided tours back      Play Like the Pioneers
adventure and fun. We’ll          Come out with your       Love Is In the Air              reading will help you         in the sugar bush.            Thursday, March 14
be cross-country skiing,     family for a hike and         Fireside Coffee House           with your hiking                                            (10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m.,
skating, sledding, or        eyes only scavenger hunt      and Evening Skate               adventures, road trips        Sweet Water Celebration       1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)
snowshoeing through the      where you take only           Friday, February 22             and many other outings.       First Nations Dance                Bring your family out
fields, forest, and          pictures and leave only       (See January 25)                Be prepared to put your       Presentation and              to hop along in our
wetland areas at Little      footprints. Afterwards        (6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)           new skills to practice by     Legends                       three-legged races and
Cataraqui Creek              warm up in the West                                           participating in our          Sunday, March 10              sack jumping races just
Conservation Area. Pre-      Hall with a hot drink.        Winter Birds                    various mapping                    Dancers from the         outside the Outdoor
register for our special                                   Our Brave Feathered             activities. Come dressed      Tyendinaga Mohawk             Centre. Try your hand at
day program. Drop-off        Winter Camping Clinic         Friends                         for the weather.              Territory will put on a       sawing wood or tapping
begins at 8:30 a.m. and      Sunday, February 17                     Sunday,                                             presentation of               a tree back at the sugar
the program runs until       (2:00 p.m.)                             February 24           Maple Madness                 traditional aboriginal        bush - just a few of the
4:30 p.m. Bring your             Calling all hikers,                 (2:00 p.m.)                     March 9-17          dances and what these         jobs that many pioneer
lunch, snacks, drinks,       campers and outdoor                          Have you                   (March Break)       dances mean. Also, hear       families had to do during
warm and extra clothes,      enthusiasts or those keen     ever wondered how the                     March 23 and        legends of how maple          sugaring off in the
sleds and skates.            on learning about winter      birds who have stayed                     24                  syrup was discovered.         springtime.
     Cost is $30.00 per      camping and preparing         the winter survive? Or          March 30 and 31
child and you must pre-      for winter outings. Join      how to find winter birds?       (9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.)         Puppet Shows                  Puppet Shows
register. For more inform-                                 A speaker from the                                            Monday, March 11;             Friday, March 15 (see
                                                                                                                         Wednesday, March 13;          March 11)
                                                                                                                         Friday, March 15 and
                                                                                                                         Sunday, March 24              Pre-St. Patrick’s Day
                                                                  CLOTHING EQUIPMENT ADVENTURE                           (10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m.,      Celebration
                                                                                                                         1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)
                                                                 Save      15%
                                                                 on all regularly priced
                                                                                                                              All the puppets have
                                                                                                                         been practicing and are
                                                                    tents, packs and                                     excited as ever to fill you             Saturday,
                                                                     sleeping bags                                       in on what’s happening
 DOWNTOWN                         KINGSTON WEST                                                                                                        March 16 (1:00 p.m.)
                                                                      WE ALSO RENT - GUIDE - INSTRUCT                    this year in our sugar            A must-see show of
                                                                Visit us at our new location across from Indigo          bush. Join us at the Out-
 tel 613.549.3747                   tel 613.384.3747                   at 272 Princess St., Kingston, Ont.                                             the Connemara Dancers
 fax 613.549.7947                  fax 613.384.9968                                                                      door Centre for another
                                                                                546-4757                                                                  (Continued on Page 8
                  What’s Happening                                                                                     (continued from page 7)
who will be dancing in      the sugar bush. Meet at     aboriginal culture. Join      Contest starts at 10:00      or the rocks alongside      impact. The CRCA will
the General Purpose         the Outdoor Centre.         Betty Maracle of the          a.m. and runs until 2:00     the road? Mark Badham,      also be hosting a
Room at the Outdoor                                     Tyendinaga Mohawk             p.m. Judging will take       geology expert from         community open house.
Centre at 1:00 p.m.         Sweet Water                 Territory for a special       place at 2:15 p.m. The       Queen’s University, will    Come out and meet the
These dancers will knock    Coffee House                presentation on the           maple syrup prize will be    be giving an informative    staff and join in the fun
your socks off! Join in     Friday, March 22            maple ceremony and the        awarded to the most          talk on the rocks of the    of learning to live more
the pre-St. Patrick’s Day   (6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)       traditional uses of maple     creative Spring              Kingston area. All ages     lightly on the earth!
celebration and take in          Bring your musical     syrup as a medicine.          Celebration drawing. If      welcome.
some traditional Irish      instruments, stories, and   Presentations are at          you’re lucky you may                                     Spring Fever Coffee
dances.                     poetry for an evening of    10:00 a.m. and 1:30           even get to visit with the   Brown Bag Seniors’          House
                            sharing and entertain-      p.m.                          Bush Bunny for some          Program                     Friday, April 26
St. Patrick’s Day           ment in the Outdoor                                       tasty treats!                Spring Flowers              (See March 22)
Celebration                 Centre West Hall. All       Musical Entertainment                                      Slide Show                  (6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.)
             Sunday,        ages are welcome. Come      with David Archibald          Spring Awakenings                        Thursday,
             March 17       and celebrate sugaring-               Saturday,           Nature Art and Hobbies                   April 18         Mother’s Day
                 Find the   off time. This coffee                 March 30            Open House                               (10:30 a.m.)    Recycled Craft
             mysterious     house is a monthly event                   David                       April 7                         Think       Sunday, May 5
             leprechaun     and will be hosted by       Archibald, a local                         (10:00 a.m.     April showers and May       (2:00 p.m.)
roaming around the          musical talent, Paul        musical entertainer, will                  to 4:00 p.m.)   flowers. Winnie Smith           Always rushing to get
sugar bush and Outdoor      Arnold.                     be leading in the sugar                        Talented    will be with us to talk     a Mother’s Day gift
Centre for a tasty green                                bush celebration with         local crafters and artists   about those very things     ready? If you want to
treat. For good luck, get                               music and fun. Show           will be displaying and       and will be presenting a    make something for your
your face painted with a    French Heritage Day                                       demonstrating their          slide show. Bring your      Mom this program is for
                                                        times are at 10:00 a.m.,
shamrock!                   Saturday, March 23          1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.       work. The art and            lunch, water to drink and   you! Bring out the whole
                                 Learn traditional,     in the West Hall of the       hobbies will include         dress for the weather.      family (even Mom) to
Brown Bag Seniors’          French Canadian folk        Outdoor Centre.               some of the following:                                   create an
Program                     songs, stories and much                                   stained glass, sewing,       Earth Day Celebration       environmentally friendly
Sugar Bush Visit            more at the Outdoor         Spring Celebration and        knitting, scrap-booking,     Learning to Live Lightly    spring Mother’s Day gift.
Thursday, March 21          Centre. French Canadian     Creative Drawing              wood finishing, print                   Sunday, April    You’ll be decorating your
(10:30 a.m.)                culture and the sugar       Contest                       making, woodworking,                    21 (1:00 p.m.)   very own reusable pots
    It’s that time again!   bush go hand-in-hand,                   Sunday,           nature painting, and                         Celebrate   with recycled materials.
The sap is running and      so join us for some                     March 31          wood sculpting.                         Earth Day by     Once your pot is
pancakes are cooking.       stories and musical fun!                    Enter a                                               participating    decorated, you’ll get to
We’ll walk out to the                                               Spring            Kingston Rocks!              in an Ecological            plant it with some of
sugar bush have a tasty     Magical Maples              Celebration Creative          Sunday, April 14             Footprint workshop.         your Mom’s favourite
pancake treat ($1.25 per    Sunday, March 24            Drawing Contest (all          (2:00 p.m.)                  Discover what your          garden herb such as basil
pancake) and hike back.         The maple tree has a    ages) that can win you a          Curious about those      footprint on the earth is   or chives.
Come enjoy the spring at    special significance in     bottle of maple syrup.        rocks in your back yard      and how to reduce your

A CRCA Work Plan for 2002-2007                                                                               The CRCA is committed to     implemented will depend

Achieving the Vision
                                                                                                        supporting conservation efforts   largely upon the availability of
                                                                                                        in all ten watersheds of the      funding. It is anticipated that
                                                                                                        Cataraqui Region. The Work        the Work Plan will be revisited
                                                                                                        Plan suggests actions that        on annual basis, to ensure that
                                                                                                        could be undertaken to            the Conservation Authority is
     Where are we going? How     vision for the Conservation        Work Plan for 2002-2007,            safeguard the quantity and        working in support of the
will we get there? These are     Authority, as well as broad        structured around the five          quality of water, protect         vision endorsed by its strategic
two of the basic questions       goals and objectives for the       goals in Cataraqui to 2020. The     against flooding and erosion,     plan.
addressed by Cataraqui to        next twenty years. The full text   purposes of the Work Plan are       promote the stewardship of             If you have an idea on
2020, a strategic plan which     of Cataraqui to 2020 can be        to identify those actions by        forests, wetlands, and streams,   how the CRCA might further
                  was adopted    found on the Authority web         members, staff, and our             manage Conservation               conservation efforts, please
                  by the CRCA    site,     partners that will help to          Authority properties, and         contact Rob McRae, Resource
                  in March of    under the heading of What We       achieve our vision, to assign       encourage public involvement      Planner at (613) 546-4228 ext.
                  2001. The      Do.                                priority to those actions, and to   in conservation work. The         224, or via email at
            8 strategic plan          During the fall of 2001,      identify the resources required     extent to which actions listed
                  outlines a     members and staff developed a      for their execution.                in the Work Plan will be
 Winter 2002 Issue

Little Cataraqui Creek Buffer Project Fall Tree
T                                                                                          Planting
   he Cataraqui Region Conservation            Conservation Area. With the help of
   Authority, in partnership with the many     volunteers from the Church, Canadian
   other agencies that make up the             Forces Base Kingston, Frontenac Peniten-
Kingston Wetlands Working Group, are           tiary, the CRCA, and Queen’s University
currently working on the Little Cataraqui      students, 1500 native trees and shrubs
Creek Buffer Project. The project is           were planted. Special thanks is extended
attempting to reduce the amount of             to all that participated.
sediments, nutrients, and pollutants that           These plants will help improve the
enter Little Cataraqui Creek by establishing   water quality of the creek and will also
a buffer of native vegetation along the        discourage Canada Geese who enjoy
banks of the creek.                            manicured lawns that are mown to the
    This fall we completed the second          water’s edge.
phase of planting for this project. Four            If you have any questions or
locations were selected for the fall           comments about this project, or would
planting: The Bay Park Baptist Church,         like to discuss the plantings planned for
Frontenac Penitentiary, Lion’s Civic Park,     the spring of 2002, please call Tom
and the Little Cataraqui Creek                 Beaubiah at 546-4228 extension 240.

Healthy Watershed Program: Agriculture F                                                       all is a great time for
                                                                                               planting trees. Normally,
                                                                                               the CRCA staff would be
                                                                                           busy in the fall planting

   he Cataraqui Region
   Conservation Authority is
   offering a rural water quality
                                    Areas Eligible for the Program                         trees in school yards and
                                                                                           along roadsides with com-
improvement program called                                                                 munity volunteers. Not this
Healthy Watershed Program:                                                                 year, however. Despite
Agriculture. The purpose of the                                                            applications to 12 different
program is to provide financial                                                            funding organizations, the
assistance as well as technical                                                            CRCA failed to receive any
advice to farmers who                                                                      grants for our Large Stock
implement Best Management                                                                  Planting Program. As a
Practices on farms. This                                                                   result, many planned com-
program is made available by                                                               munity projects will have to
The Agricultural Adaptation                                                                wait until next fall.
Council with funds from Agri-                                                                  We were able to plant
culture and Agri-Food Canada.                                                              trees on CRCA properties
     To be eligible for the                                                                under the Tree Replacement
program you must have an                                                                   and Management Strategy.
Environmental Farm Plan and                                                                These trees were planted to
live in the program area                                                                   replace trees damaged dur-
detailed on the adjacent map.                                                              ing the 1998 ice storm.
     Grant rates range from 50                                                             Large caliper trees were
per cent to 75 per cent, with                                                              planted at various conserv-
the possibility of two-thirds of                                                           ation areas and along the
the landowner’s share being                                                                Cataraqui Trail. The CRCA
in-kind donations. The grant                                                               would like to thank the
ceiling is $5,000 per on-farm                                                              Township of Rideau Lakes
project. Eligible projects                                                                 for their contribution to the
include buffer strips and wind-                                                            planting project at Portland
breaks, alternative watering                                                               Station. The use of their
devices, livestock restriction,                                                            tractor and back hoe made
stream bank stabilization, low                                                             the work a lot easier. CRCA
level crossings, and surface                                                               office staff helped to plant
water run-off management.                                                                  the trees at Little Cataraqui
Land retirement at $300/acre                                                               Creek
for one year, is also eligible.                                                            Conserv-
     For more information                                                                  ation Area.
please call Holly Evans at
(613) 546-4228 extension 244.
                                                                                                                                                   Winter 2002 Issue

Friends of Mac Johnson Wildlife Area
   he CRCA is fortunate to         the handicapped accessible         and guided hikes. The event       days during the months of          considered.
   have a group of dedicated       trail (Trail 1). A major effort    was well attended and a large     January and February. These            Skaters and skiers are
   volunteers that works to        was the erection of cedar rail     crowd enjoyed a special           will be hosted on Sundays          welcome to drop by, meet the
maintain and promote the Mac       fencing around the foundation      presentation by Leslie Hunt of    from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.       Friends and warm up with a
Johnson Wildlife Area. As          of the Joyce farm site. This is    the Kemptville office of the      at the warming hut, weather        hot drink. You can also warm
usual, they have had a busy        being developed into an            Ministry of Natural Resources.    and conditions permitting.         up by the new bonfire pit, built
and active fall and they are       interpretive site with a plaque.   Leslie is an intern at the MNR    Saturdays and an evening           by the Friends and CRCA staff,
getting ready for the winter            The Joyces used to live on    office. Her slide presentation    skating event are also being       with a donation from DuPont.
season.                            part of the Mac Johnson            on Species at Risk created an
Fall Work Day                      Wildlife Area property. All that   interest in her work.
     The Friends held their Fall
Work Day on Saturday,
                                   remains of the farm are parts of
                                   the stone foundations from the
                                                                           The Friends would like to
                                                                      thank Leslie, as well as           News from Other
                                                                                                         Conservation Properties
September 22. Among the            house, barn, well and              representatives from the
many jobs completed were the       outbuildings.                      Brockville and Area Field
installation of a new Purple       Fall Open House                    Naturalists who helped to lead

Martin house near the                  The annual fall Open           nature hikes.                           reminder for all visitors to CRCA properties. Most of our
Trumpeter Swan compound,           House was held on Sunday,          Winter Skating Days                     properties have posted hours from dawn to dusk. Of
cleanup of the flower beds,        September 30 with displays,            The Friends will once               course, those times vary during the year. Dawn means one
and cleanup and weeding of         nature activities for children,    again be hosting winter skating     half hour before official sunrise and dusk means one half hour
                                                                                                          after official sunset. After dusk and before dawn, our
                                                                                                          properties are closed and you should not be there. Please
                                                                                                          note that Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area opens at
                                                                                                          7:30 a.m.
                                                                                                               We have been busy this fall getting our boat ramps, dams,
                                                                                                          forest properties and other conservation areas ready for winter.

                                                                                                          Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area
                                                                                                               The previously approved, but never built, road to the
                                                                                                          Outdoor Centre is now under construction. The new road will
                                                                                                          provide direct access to the Outdoor Centre from the main
                                                                                                          access road. Once completed, you will no longer have to
                                                          Above: Cedar fence around Joyce Farmstead
                                                                                                          drive through the Administration Office parking lot to reach
                                                                                                          the Outdoor Centre. This should make it easier for visitors to
                                                          Left: Leslie Hunt, MNR at Fall Open House
                                                                                                          find the Centre.

Friends of Lemoine Point
                                                                                                               These improvements will also include expanding the
                                                                                                          parking lot at the Outdoor Centre. This will help reduce
                                                                                                          parking problems during peak periods like winter and spring.
                                                                                                          Entrance and gatehouse improvements are also underway.

   he Friends of Lemoine Point     working title of Trees Please)     purpose of the signs is to               At the same time, the City of Kingston is building a road
   have also been a busy and       has been established. The goal     discourage foot traffic and         just south of Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. This
   active group this fall. They    of the program is to encourage     allow the forest undergrowth        road comes out on Division Street across from McAdoo’s
have been working on a             donations to help restore the      to regenerate, restoring the        Lane. This is a City project being undertaken on lands owned
number of initiatives including    original composition and           health of the forest. The signs     by the City of Kingston.
reforestation, removal of garlic   character of the woodland at       say Ground Under Repair.
mustard, a membership blitz,       Lemoine Point Conservation         Most people are complying           Appreciation Night Improvements
visitor counts, and closing of     Area. So far, donated funds        with the signs. Friends who are         At our Appreciation Night held in August, we were to
unauthorized trails.               have been used to purchase         in the conservation area are        plant trees and make other improvements on our properties to
     The Friends have also been    108 native shrubs and 20 large     also spending time speaking to      recognize the volunteer contributions and donations from
a presence at this busy and        caliper trees. These were          visitors about why it is            various people and groups. We are pleased to report that all
active conservation area,          planted by volunteers on           important to stay on the            18 trees have now been planted at various locations. The ski
speaking to visitors about the     November 3 in an area              authorized trails.                  rack recognizing the Canadian Ski Patrol will be put to good
importance of leashing their       between the north entrance              The CRCA would like to         use this winter at the Outdoor Centre. The bench honouring
dogs and staying on the trails     and the north parking lot.         thank the Friends for their         the Foundation has been installed at the intersection of trails 1
and allowing the forest to         Restoration of the woodland is     dedication to Lemoine Point         and 2 at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.
regenerate.                        one of the key goals contained     Conservation Area. They are
                       A new       in the Lemoine Point               helping to provide a presence       Fencing at CRCA Dams
                  Heritage         Conceptual Plan.                   in the area, which we would              What is with the chain link fencing at our dams? Recently
                  Forest                Signs were placed this        not be able to provide with         we have secured chain link fencing to the existing railings at
                  Program          spring on some unauthorized        current staffing levels.            some of our dams. This is an extra safety feature for our staff
             10 (formerly          trails through the wooded                                              that operate and maintain the dams.
                  given the        areas at Lemoine Point. The
 Winter 2002 Issue

Foundation News Tray Chic Fundraiser
                                                                        his year’s annual                  auction and raffle items.
Xeriscaping                        programs. Last year, more than
                                                                        fundraiser, Tray Chic, was         Despite a smaller than nor-
                                   6500 area school children

    n Thursday, September 27,
                                   were able to learn more about        co-hosted by the CRCA              mal crowd and a hospitalized        run the event, the donors, the
    the Cataraqui Conservation
                                   nature and the environment         and the Cataraqui                    M.C., we still managed to           advertisers, the artists and the
    Foundation held a most
                                   thanks to your contributions. If   Conservation Foundation. The         raise $7,500 for the Outdoor        people who came out that
successful event. The speaker
                                   you have already made a            event which was held on              Centre and Little Cataraqui         evening. We would also like
was Jennifer Bennett of
                                   donation, thank you. If you        October 18, featured hand-           Creek Conservation Area.            to thank the staff at
Sydenham. Jennifer’s talk was
                                   have not, we hope that you         painted and decorated trays               Thank you to the               Arlington’s for providing the
about xeriscaping - gardening
                                   will consider donating to this     donated by local artists, as         volunteers and CRCA staff           facilities and for serving us a
in drought or low water condi-
                                   worthwhile program.                well as many other silent            who helped to organize and          delicious dinner!
tions. She is a wonderful gar-
dener, author of many garden-      Fundraising Initiatives
ing books and articles, and a      and Membership
very good speaker. The                  The Foundation is
Outdoor Centre was packed          currently looking at additional
with people and they were not      ways to attract more members
disappointed.                      and to raise additional funds.
     As well as the gardening      During the winter, we plan to
talk, there were excellent         be at Little Cataraqui Creek
displays by Neil’s Flowers,        Conservation Area promoting
Simple Country Pleasures from      our organization and selling
Napanee, Simply Landscaping,       memberships. Winter is the
Hearthmaker’s Energy Co-           busiest time of year at Little
operative, magazines from The      Cataraqui Creek and many of
Limestone Gardener, and            our current members are
secondhand books from Berry        people who use this facility.
and Peterson.                                                         Businesses                                             Grizzly Grill • The Home Depot • The Kingston
                                   Funds raised through member-                                                              Brewing Company Ltd. • The Landings • The Pilot
     We were lucky to also                                            Ace Auto Leasing Ltd. • Agnew Food Services •
                                   ship fees help to contribute to                                                           House of Kingston • The Walt Disney Company •
                                                                      Alcan Rolled Products Co. • Ambassador Resort
have wonderful raffle prizes       the CRCA’s education and land                                                             Thousand Islands Playhouse • Trailhead • Queen’s
                                                                      Hotel & Convention Centre • Athlone Inn • Bell
donated by Gardening Life          acquisition programs.              Canada • Brafasco • Bread & Butter Bakery and
                                                                                                                             University • United Rentals • Upper Canada
Magazine, Niagara Parks                                                                                                      Office Systems • VIA Rail Canada Inc. • Wallack’s
                                        We have also formed a         Fine Pastries • Canadian Tire-Kingston Centre •
Commission, Harrowsmith                                                                                                      • Walter’s Computer Sales and Consulting •
                                   committee to look at the           Card’s Bakery • Cataraqui Woods • Catering by
Country Life, the Campus                                                                                                     Windmills Restaurant • W.I. Villager Ltd. •
                                   feasibility of holding some        Craig • CFE Equipment Inc. • Chez Piggy
                                                                                                                             Wishbone Delicatessen
Bookstore, Marianna’s Hair         fundraising events such as an
                                                                      Restaurant Ltd. • Classic Custom Framing • Curry
Stylists, Kingston Horticultural                                      Village • Coffee & Company • Collins Bay Marina        Individuals
                                   art show, theatre night or guest   Inc. • Collins Safety Equipment • Cooke’s Fine         Reg Aitken • Faith Avis • Robert Bateman • Wilma
Society, Potter’s Nurseries,       speakers. This committee is in
Lone Star Cafe, The Kingston                                          Foods • Copy & Addressing Services • Cornerstone       Bernabei • Joan Drady • Nancy Foster • Stewart
                                   the process of drawing up a        Gallery • Dave Jones Sport Shop • Diva Esthetics •     Fyfe • John Gerretsen, MPP • Patricia Hudson
Brewing Company, Simply            multi-year plan.                   Dover’s • Ducks Unlimited • Expressions Fashion        Mills • Anne Hutchison • Mary Lee • Karla Maki-
Landscaping, and Simple                                               Boutique • Family Dental Practice • First Canada       Esdon • Richard Martin • Janet Miles • Peter
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                                                                                                                                                    Winter 2002 Issue

Yes, We’re Still Having a Drought
   he summer of 2001         in area creeks are still     period of above average      Response Team has             water their lawns every      CRCA jurisdiction) draw
   was the driest in more    well below average for       precipitation, the           decided to maintain the       day throughout the           their drinking water from
   than thirty years for     this time of the year.       situation will not           Level 2 drought               summer. This supply is       Lake Ontario, what
most of eastern Ontario.          Drought generally       improve enough to            condition through the         by no means                  would happen if that
The January through          occurs slowly, over a        withstand another dry        winter, with ongoing          inexhaustible. There is a    supply were
October precipitation        long period of time.         year. The hope for the       monitoring. Given the         finite amount of water       contaminated so it could
levels in the Kingston       Recovery from a drought      winter is a greater than     uncertainty of spring         available each year in       not be used as a source?
area were approximately      will also take a long        average amount of snow,      conditions, the WRT           Lake Ontario to use               Couple that with a
80 per cent of the           period of time. The          with a gradual melt          decided to maintain this      without taking more          year like this past year,
average precipitation for    current drought situation    through the springtime to    level until it was shown      water out of the system      where there is not
that period.                 has been the result of a     increase the amount of       that conditions had           than can be replenished,     enough groundwater to
     August, September       prolonged period             water percolating into       definitely improved and       slowly drying up the         supply the households
and October 2001 had         (approximately 5 years)      the ground for water         stabilized.                   lake. As an analogy, if      (45,000 people) that rely
near average                 of average, to less than     table recharge. However,          It has become            Lake Ontario were a 2        on it and there would be
precipitation. Flow in       average, precipitation.      if this does not occur       apparent that most            litre pop bottle, the        a major disaster.
area streams, which had      With the very dry year of    over the winter and          people on municipal           amount of water              Everyone relies on water
been non-existent            2001, there was no extra     spring, and 2002 is          water systems do not          available for use in any     to survive and
midsummer, started to        capacity in the surface      another dry year,            regard drought                year would be 15             conservation of that
show a return to normal      water or groundwater,        conditions next summer       conditions as a problem.      millilitres, or 1            resource is imperative to
in early October, after      and essentially, the         could rival, or be worse,    They see Lake Ontario as      tablespoon. In addition,     a continued clean, steady
two months of average        system ran out of water.     than conditions this year.   an inexhaustible supply       given that 7 million         source.
rain. However, the flows          Without a prolonged          The CRCA Water          of water and continue to      people (135,000 in the

Mac Johnson Wildlife Area Nature Centre

New Lights and New Fees                                                                                                 Merry Christmas
                                                                                                                                                 from the Staff &

    ew interior lights,      down for                                                  held on December 8 at                                     Members of the
    courtesy of a            another winter                                            Fulford Mansion.
    donation from the        at Mac
                                                                                                                                         Cataraqui Region
Royal Bank, have been        Johnson                                                        During the day, until                      Conservation Authority
installed at the Nature      Wildlife Area.                                            4:00 p.m., people will
Centre. This will be a big   Although they                                             bid on silent auction
help to the school groups    did not                                                   items, tour the mansion
and other groups who
make use of this facility.
                             produce any
                             cygnets this
                                                                                       and enjoy music and
                                                                                       Christmas goodies. A
                                                                                                                                   Nearby and Natural...
     Effective January 1,    year, everyone               receipts will be provided    black tie evening gala                      All Year Long
2002, the rental rates for   remains hopeful that next    for donations of $10.00      begins at 6:00 p.m. The
the Nature Centre will       year will be more            or more. For more            gala features gourmet
increase to $30.00 per       successful.                  information, please call     food, a silent art auction,      • Frontenac Provincial Park - 12 kms
day and $1.00 per                As the weather turns     Stefan Foerster at the       music and dancing. Half            north of Sydenham. Open year round. Enjoy
person plus GST. We          colder, the other                                         the proceeds from the              the autumn splendor. 160 kms backpacking/
                                                          Mac Johnson Wildlife                                            hiking trails and 48 interior backwoods camp-
hope to put the              Trumpeter Swans,             Area at (613) 345-1990.      silent art auction will be         sites. 613-376-3489
additional revenue into      released into the Wildlife                                directed to the Trumpeter        • Murphy’s Point Provincial Park - Just
other improvements to        Area in May 2000, have       Gala to Benefit              Swans at Mac Johnson               southwest of Perth on Big Rideau. 20 km of
the building.                returned. They have all                                   Wildlife Area.                     groomed x-country ski trails, operated by Tay
                             paired off. From the four    Trumpeter Swans                   The CRCA (and the             Valley Ski Club. 613-267-5060
News from the                remaining pairs, three           As Cat Tales goes to     swans) would like to             • Charleston Lake
                             have returned to the         press, Brockville is         thank Jane Yaeger for her          Provincial Park -
Trumpeter Swan               swan compound. No            gearing up for a unique      hard work and                      15 kms north of Hwy. 401,
                                                                                                                          exit #659. 2 km and 6 km x-
Compound                     cygnets have been            and exciting fundraiser to   dedication. We’ll have a           country ski loops depending
    Milli and Mac, our       observed.                    benefit the Trumpeter        full report on the event           on snow conditions. Operated
                resident         These swans will         Swans. Jane Yaeger, a        in the Spring/Summer               by Friends of the park. 613-
                             have to be fed over the      local artist and dedicated   edition of Cat Tales.              659-2065
                are          winter. Donations for        volunteer has organized                                                    TOLL FREE RESERVATIONS,
                             feed are greatly             a benefit called A Voyage                                          5 months in advance: 1-888-ONT-PARK.
                settling                                                                                                Or visit us on the internet:
           12                appreciated. Income tax      of Beauty, which will be

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