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									Unit 4       Life in Action (Answer Key)

Part 1 A Busy Friday
Getting Started
What might Sam say when he calls his friend on the phone? Check  the correct answers.

 Hi, this is Sam.     Sam is here.
 Sam is fine.         It’s Sam speaking.

Tony Hello, this is Tony speaking.1 Is Lisa there?
Lisa Hi Tony, it’s me.
Tony Hey, Lisa. What are you doing now?
Lisa I’m working on2 my term3 paper for English class.
Tony How’s it going?4
Lisa So far so good.5
Tony That’s great.

Useful Expressions
This is Tony (speaking)./It's Tony (speaking).
Could I speak to Tony?/May I speak to Tony?
I'm working on my term paper for English class.
= I'm writing my term paper for English.
= I'm doing my English term paper.
(It's) not bad/easy. It's hard/difficult.
That's good/nice/great/fantastic.
Good luck (to you).

Words & Phrases

1 this is...speaking (電話用語) How’s it going?
                           4                      進行得如何?
我是……                         5 So far so good.   到目前為止一切順
2 work on sth.   致力於做某 利。
3 term [tɝm ] n. 學期;期間

(A) Conversation Practice
Fill in the blanks and then practice the conversations.

A: Hello, it’s Aaron. Could/May I speak to        A: Hello, this is Frank. Is Amy there?
   Wendy?                                       B: Hi, Frank, it’s Amy speaking.
B: Hi, Aaron, this is Wendy.                    A: Hey, Amy, what are you doing now?
A: Hey, Wendy, what are you doing now?          B: I’m doing my biology term paper.
B: I’m writing my term paper for history.       A: How’s it going?
A: How’s it going?                              B: It’s difficult.
B: Not bad.                                     A: Good luck.
A: That’s good.

(B) Listening Practice
Look at the picture on page 48 and listen to the statements. Then check () the best answers.
 ( D ) 1. (A) The woman is wearing a cap.        ( B ) 2. (A) The man is walking.
           (B) The woman is wearing glasses.                 (B) The man is talking.
           (C) The woman is wearing a coat.                . (C) The man is reading.
           (D) The woman is wearing a                         (D) The man is drinking.
            white top.

Listen to the speakers and check () the best responses.
 ( A ) 3. (A) Yes, I’m cooking dinner.           ( D ) 4. (A) He’s tired.
           (B) No, he is free now.                         (B) He’s fine.
           (C) Yes, I live close by.                       (C) He’s a college student.
           (D) No, I’m Sandra.                             (D) He’s playing with his dog.

3. Are you busy now?                              4. What is Scott doing?

Listen to the short conversations and check () the best answers.
 ( C )5. Where are the speakers?                 ( B ) 6. What is Iris doing?
            (A) At a bank.                                (A) She’s listening to music.
            (B) At school.                                (B) She’s watching TV.
           (C) In a kitchen.                             (C) She’s visiting friends.
           (D) In a store.                               (D) She’s reading a book.

5.                                              6.
                                                     Man:   Where is Iris?
Man:   What are you doing, Carmen?
                                                     Woman:  She’s in the living room.
Woman: I’m preparing dinner.                         Man:    What is she doing?
Man:   What are you going to cook?                   Woman: She’s watching TV.
Woman: I’m going to cook some Chinese
       food tonight.


A Busy Friday
Sandy, Carol, Robbie, and Mike are college students. They live in the same dormitory1 on campus*.
They have different plans for Friday night.

It’s 10 o’ clock in the morning. Sandy is serving2 a customer3 now. She works part-time4 in a fast-food
restaurant near school every Wednesday and Friday morning. In the afternoon, she goes to class. Her
parents are visiting her tonight. They are going to a famous restaurant near the train station for dinner.

It’s 4:50 in the afternoon. Carol is in the school dormitory. She is listening to pop music and browsing5 a
fashion magazine. She is waiting for her boyfriend, William. William is in Chinese class at the moment. 6
They are planning to watch a romantic movie together tonight.

It’s 6:15 in the evening. Robbie is studying in the library now. He is preparing for a presentation7 and
reading a psychology* book. His roommate,8 Mike, is doing his laundry9 in the college’s laundromat.*
Their plan for tonight is to go to a welcome party* for freshmen together. They are really excited about
going to the party.

School life and activities

go to English class    去上英文課               do an experiment in the lab   在實驗室做實驗

take notes   做筆記                           attend a club meeting     參加社團聚會

study in the library   在圖書館唸書              work as a trainee   實習

study for midterms/finals    準備期中/末考       work part-time at night   晚上打工

work on a term paper 寫學期報告                 go out on a date    約會
prepare for a presentation 準備上台報告          hang out with friends     和朋友聚會

A. Reading Comprehension
Check  the correct statements.

 1. Sandy works part-time in a fast-food restaurant every Tuesday morning.
 2. Sandy’s parents are teachers.
 3. Sandy and her parents are planning to go out for dinner tonight.
 4. Carol is browsing a fashion magazine in the library.
 5. William’s major is computer engineering.
 6. William is in Chinese class at the moment.
 7. Robbie is preparing for a presentation.
 8. Robbie’s major is psychology.

 9. Mike is Robbie’s roommate.
 10. Mike and Robbie are going to a welcome party tonight.

B Words & Phrases
1. dormitory [ˋdɔrmə͵torɪ ] n.    6. at the moment     此刻
宿舍                                7. presentation [͵prizɛnˋteʃən ] n. 口頭報
2. serve [sɝv ] v. 服務(顧客) 告
供應(餐點)                            8. roommate [ˋrum͵met] n. 室友
3. customer [ˋkʌstəmɚ ] n. 顧 9. do one’s/the laundry [ˋlɔndrɪ]        洗
客                                 衣服
4. part-time [ˋpɑrtˋtaɪm ] adv.
& adj. 兼職(地)的
5. browse [braʊz ] v. 瀏覽

More Words to Know
1. campus [ˋkæmpəs ] n. 校園, 3. laundromat [ˋlɑndrəmæt ] n. 自助洗衣
校區                                  店
2. psychology [saɪˋkɑlədʒɪ ] n.     4. welcome party     歡迎會

Match each word with its definition.
       dormitory        browse       customer          roommate   presentation
1. customer     a person who buys something or a service.
2. browse_____ to look through a book without reading everything.
3. roommate___ a person who shares a room with someone.
4. dormitory___ a building where students sleep, usually in a school or army.
5. presentation_ a talk to give information about something.

C Writing Activity Go to page 60!

Grammar Focus
A Present Continuous

 Statements                                             Yes/No questions
 Subject              Be             V-ing              Be    Subject       V-ing
        I             am/am          chatting online.   Am         I        doing this
                      not                                                   right?
 You/We/They          are/are        booking the        Are   you/we/they   leaving now?
                      not            tickets.           Is     he/she/it    eating dinner?
 He/She/It            is/is not      taking a nap.

 Short answers
 Yes, you are.             No, you aren’t.
 Yes, we/they              No, we/they
 are.                      aren’t.
 Yes, he/she/it is.        No, he/she/it isn’t.

B. Practice
Today is Sunday. Students are in their rooms at the school dormitory. Terry is looking for his keys. Fred is
fixing his computer. Jill is dressing up for the party. Claire is packing for her vacation. Phillip and Mark
are working out. And Oliver is trying on his new shoes. Everyone is really busy today!

Make sentences with the present continuous tense.

1. Tony and Lily/wait for/ their friends
    Tony and Lily are waiting for their friends.

2. Sharon/take a shower/in the bathroom
   Sharon is taking a shower in the bathroom.

3. Peter/not serve/any customers
   Peter isn’t serving any customers.

4. James/browse/the Internet
   James is browsing the Internet.

5. it/rain/now?
   Is it raining now?

6. Meggie/not listen to/ the radio program
   Meggie isn’t listening to the radio program.

7. Fred/talk/on the phone/now?
   Is Fred talking on the phone now?

8. Rose and Amanda/play/tennis/together
    Rose and Amanda are playing tennis together.

9. Brian and I/chat/on Skype
    Brian and I are chatting on Skype.

10. Lisa/make/a cup of coffee?
    Is Lisa making a cup of coffee?

Word Power
A Prefix: tele- & Suffix: -mate
tele-                                    –mate
tele-    +N            =N                N            +mate         =N
tele-    vision        television        class        +mate         class
tele-    scope         telescope         team         +mate         team
tele-    phone         telephone         room         +mate         room
tele-    communication telecommunication soul         +mate         soul

B. Practice
Choose words from above to complete the sentences.
1. Fiona and I play volleyball together. We are teammates.
2. The telephone is ringing! Please answer it!
3. Sophie really knows me well. She is my soul mate.
4. You watch too much television. That’s really bad for your eyes.
5. Johnny lives with Eric and Steven in a rented apartment. They are roommates.
6. Susan needs to buy a telescope. She loves looking at the stars in the sky.

Part 2 Help Wanted
Getting Started
Tammy works at a bank. What might she say when she answers the phone?
 Hi, may I speak to Tammy?           Hello. This is First Bank. May I help you?
 Hello, this is Tammy calling.       Good morning. Tammy Wang speaking.


Mandy Gjun Computer Learning Center.1 Mandy Yang speaking.
David Hi, I’m calling about your computer classes.
Mandy May I ask2 who’s calling, please?
David My name is David Murphy.
Mandy Great. So what classes do you want to take, Mr. Murphy?
David I’m thinking about taking web design3 classes.
Mandy We have web design classes on Saturday morning. Is that OK for you?
David Yes. Please tell me more about the class.
Mandy Sure.

Useful Expressions
Could you tell me your name, please? (My name is) David Murphy. = It's David Murphy. = This is David Murphy.
I'm thinking about.../I'm interested in... Is that OK for you?/Does that suit you? Could you tell me more about...?
Sure./OK./No problem.

Words & Phrases

1 center [ˋsɛntɚ ] n. 中心
2 May I ask…?     我可以問……嗎?
3 design [dɪˋzaɪn] n. & v. 設計

(A) Conversation Practice
Fill in the blanks and then practice the conversation.

A: AMC Music Center. Elva Huang speaking.            A: AMC Language Center. This is Meg Lee.
B: Hello, I’m calling about your music classes.      B: Hi there, I’m interested in your language
A: Could you tell me your name, please?                classes.
B: This is Harry Lin.                                A: May I ask who’s calling, please?
A: OK, Mr. Lin, what class would you like to         B: My name’s Nick Chou.
   take?                                             A: Right, Mr. Chou, what class do you want to
B: I’m thinking about taking piano classes.             take?
A: We have piano classes on Wednesday                B: I’m thinking about taking Japanese classes.
    afternoons.                                      A: We have Japanese classes on Tuesday
B: Great. Please tell me more about the class.           evenings.
                                                     B: OK. Let me think about it.

(B) Listening Practice
Look at the picture on page ___ and listen to the statements. Then check  the best answers.
 ( B ) 1. (A) The woman is writing.              ( C ) 2. (A) The woman is in the kitchen.
          (B) The woman is working.                       (B) They are in a classroom.
          (C) The woman is reading.                       (C) The woman is in the office.
          (D) The woman is cooking.                       (D) They are outside.

Listen to the speakers and check  the best responses.
3. Is Ted busy?                              4. Hello, Louis speaking.
 ( D ) 3. (A) Yeah, he’s talking.               ( C ) 4. (A) Sorry, he is not in.
           (B) No, he’s a worker.                         (B) Hello, who are you?
          (C) No, he’s working.                                  (C) Hi, may I speak to Ashley?
          (D) Yeah, he’s helping a customer.                     (D) No, Francis will be back soon.

Listen to the short conversations and check  the best answers.
  ( C )5. What is the woman doing?              ( D ) 6. What does the woman want to know?
          (A) She’s chatting online.                     (A) The subject of the course.
          (B) She’s doing homework.                      (B) Where the course is.
          (C) She’s writing an e-mail.                   (C) Which day the course starts.
          (D) She’s playing computer games.              (D) The time of the course.
 5.                                             6.
                                                Woman: Hi, I’m calling about the manager
 Man:       Are you busy now?
                                                          training course.
 Woman: A little.                               Man:      The one that starts next Monday?
 Man:       What are you doing?                 Woman: Yes. Does it start in the morning?
 Woman:      I’m writing an e-mail.             Man:      No, it’s from 1 p.m., in the Meeting
                                                          Room A.

Wendy and Stuart are looking for staff to help their companies. Read their e-mails below.

From: Wendy Wu [ w.w.@anderson.com ]
To: Jimmy Jackson [ j.jackson@aol.com ]
Subject: Part-time German Teacher Wanted
Dear Jimmy,
How are you doing? I hope you are well. Right now, our company is getting more and more German customers. We
are providing free German classes for our employees.2 I know you are teaching German in different language centers
in Taipei. Are you interested in3 working for us, too? The pay is NT$600 per* hour. I am looking forward to4 your
quick reply.5
Sincerely yours,*
Wendy Wu

NT$600 = six-hundred NT

From: Stuart Black [ s.b.@beautylover.com ]
To: Sandra Chen [ sandra821@dmail.com ]
Subject: Hairstyling Teacher Wanted
Dear Sandra,
How’s it going? I hope you are doing fine. Next month, our hair salon* is hosting6 a hairstyle* contest.7 We are
planning free training8 courses9 for our staff. I heard you are teaching hairstyling in several beauty schools* in
Kaohsiung. Does this job interest you, too? The pay is NT$750 per hour. I am hoping to receive your reply soon.
Best regards,*
Stuart Black

All about e-mail
e-mail   電子郵件                        Re:   回覆 (= reply)

e-mail address   電子郵件地址              Fwd:   轉寄 (= forward)

To:   收信人                            attachment   附件

From:    發信人                         You've got mail.     您有新來信。

Subject:   主旨                        Mail delivery failed.    郵件發送失敗。

Date:    日期                          ASAP    儘快 (= as   soon as possible)
Cc:/Copy to:    副本                   FYI    供您參考 (= for      your information)

A. Reading Comprehension
For each sentence, check T (true) or F (false).
                                                                         T       F
1. Jimmy is getting more and more German customers.                             
2. Wendy’s company is planning to open free German courses.                 
3. Wendy is looking forward to Jimmy’s quick reply.                         
4. Stuart’s hair salon is hosting a hairstyle contest.                      
5. Sandra is teaching hairstyling in several beauty schools                 
   in Taipei.
6. Stuart plans to pay Sandra NT$750 per day.                                

B Words & Phrases
1. staff [stæf] n. (全體)員工 (單複 6. host [host ] v. 主辦
數同形                                   7. contest [ˋkɑntɛst] n. 比賽
2. employee [͵ɛmplɔɪˋi] n. 受雇         8. training [ˋtrenɪŋ] n. 訓練,培訓
者,員工                                  9. course [kors] n. 課程
3. be interested in…    對……感興
4. look forward to...   期待……
5. reply [rɪˋplaɪ ] n. & v. 回覆

More Words to Know
1. per [pɚ] prep. 每                   4. hairstyle [ˋhɛr͵staɪl] n. 髮型
2. sincerely [sɪnˋsɪrlɪ ] yours 敬     5. beauty school 美容學苑
上,謹啟                                  6. best regards 謹致問候
3. hair salon [səˋlɑn ] n. 美髮沙龍

Match each underlined word on the left to a word with a similar meaning on the right.

A. game                             (D) 1. NCC is a small company with 12 staff members.
B. response                         (C) 2. I’m thinking about taking a computer course online.
C. class                            (B) 3. Susan is reading a customer reply.
D. employees                        (A) 4. The bowling contest is really exciting.

Choose words from above to complete the sentences.
1. Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup.
2. I am interested in working in your company. What is the pay?
3. You will receive training for three weeks before starting work here.
4. Linda and I are very glad that you can come and visit us. We are looking forward to it.
C Writing Activity Go to page 60!

Grammar Focus
A Prepositions of Time: at, in, on

I go to class       at 7:30        in the morning on weekdays.             7:30 a.m.
I have lunch        at one o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesdays.           = 7:30 in the morning
I start my part-time early late    in the evening on Fridays.              7:30 p.m.
job                 around/before/ at night          on Saturdays.         =7:30 in the evening
I go home           after 11       in the morning on weekends.
I get up

Dates                                                                in 1776
October 21, 1763 October twenty-first, seventeen                    in January
sixty-threeJanuary 2, 1845 January second, eighteen                 in (the) spring/(the) summer
forty-fiveMay 23, 1992 May twenty-third, nineteen                   on Thursday morning
ninety-twoApril 25, 2008 April twenty-fifth, two thousand           on July 20th, 2011
(and) eightMarch 16, 2012 March sixteenth, two thousand             on the weekdays/weekend
(and) twelve                                                         at 8 o'clock/11: 30 a.m./5:44 p.m.
                                                                     at noon/night/midnight

B. Practice
Use at, in, or on to complete the sentences.

1. I don’t like going out at night.
2. It gets very hot in the summer in Taiwan.
3. Do you work on Saturdays?
4. I’m never late for class in the morning.
5. What do you usually do on the weekend?
6. I have dinner at 7:00 in the evening.
7. The computer course starts on March 9th and ends in June.
8. Professor Lin asked us to hand in the report at10:00 a.m.

Use at, in, or on with the words in the box to complete the sentences.

Sunday                     March 14th, 1879
1969                          8:00 p.m.            winter

1. It snows a lot in winter in Washington D.C.
2. The talent show starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight.
3. I’m going to John and Laura’s wedding on Sunday.
4. Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879.
5. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969.

Word Bank
A Telephone English

How to make a call
1. Introducing yourself
It’s Sonia Lee.
This is Sonia Lee.
Sonia Lee speaking.
2. Asking for someone
Is Sonia Lee in?
May/Can/Could I speak to Sonia
3. Leaving a message
May/Can/Could I leave a message?
Please ask him/her to call back.
Please tell him/her I’ll call again.

How to receive a call
1. Asking who’s on the phone
May/Can/Could I ask who’s calling, please?
Excuse me, who is this?
2. Connecting to someone
Can/Could you hold on a second?
I’ll put you through.
Please wait a second/moment.
3. When someone is not available
Sonia is not in now.
I’m afraid Sonia is not available at the moment.
4. When someone is calling the wrong
I’m sorry. There’s no one by that name here.

I’m sorry. You have the wrong number.

B. Practice
Match the best answer to each sentence.

                                                   a. Oh, sorry. I have the wrong number.
1. May I speak to Mr. Wang, please?
                                                   b. OK. I’ll call back later.
2. Ms. Su is not available now.
                                                   c. Of course. What’s the message?
3. May I leave a message?
                                                   d. Sorry, she’s not available. She’s in
4. Excuse me, can I speak to Mr. Brace?
                                                      class now.
5. Hello, is Professor Lin in?
                                                   e. Yes. Please wait a second.
6. Sorry, there’s no one by that name
                                                   f. Hello, Tony Wang speaking.

1.   f
2.   b
3.   c
4.   e
5.   d
6.   a

Writing Activity

Part 1: Writing Activity
Complete the following passage with your own words.
Sample Answer
     It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. I am in my room now. I am listening to some pop songs and chatting
with friends on MSN. I am waiting for my basketball teammate, Tony. He is on a date with his girlfriend at
the moment. We are planning to watch a basketball game together tonight.

Part 2: Writing Activity
Complete the following e-mail with your own words.
Sample Answer

From: Sarah Chen [ sarah-chen@gmail.com ]
To: Dennis Wang [ dennisw@yahoo.com.tw ]
Subject: Yoga Teacher Wanted

Dear Dennis,

Our company is looking for a yoga teacher. We are planning free leisure courses for our
employees. I know you are teaching yoga in several gyms in Tainan. Are you interested in
this job? I am looking forward to your quick reply.

Best Wishes,


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