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     IPATH "UP IN STOKE" 2009 Itinerary
     July              Destination          Afternoon                      Evening                                                    Other Notes

      16 Thurs          Vancouver          Hotel Check in         Night Skate in Vancouver Probably going to hit the plaza around 9pm

                                       Underworld Presents:        Signing @ Underworld
      17      Fri       Vancouver
                                      Demo @ Poco Park - 3pm             Van. 5pm
                                                                   HTO/Coastline Present:
      18      Sat        Victoria        BBQ @ HTO 1pm             Demo @ West Vic Park
                                                                   Island Snow Presents:
                                      Instore Signing at Island
      19     Sun         Kelowna
                                             Snow 3PM
                                                                   Demo @ Ben Lee Park

      20     Mon         Toronto          Fly in to Toronto         Night Off / Free Skate

                                      Instore Signing at Switch    S&J Presents: Demo at S&J will also be holding a private party for clients at secret location from 8 - 11. Afterwards
      21     Tues        Toronto
                                        in Pickering at Noon        Warden & Ellesmere   there is a party open to the public at 751 from 11:30 - 2:30 sponsored by Jagermeister.

                                                                  Scotties Presents: Demo
      22     Wed         Courtice               N/A               @ Rob P Memorial Park
                                                                   South Parc Presents:
      23    Thurs        Montreal               N/A                 Demo @ South Park
                                         In Store Signing at                                    Rumor has it that the another team is having a jam at South Parc… we may drop in for super
      24      Fri        Montreal
                                          Universe at 2pm
                                                                          Free Skate            hype and friendly Ipath Vs. ##### Jam… who knows!
                                                                      Top of the World
      25      Sat         Ottawa                N/A                  Presents: Demo @
                                                                       McKnab 5pm
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