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                                            Name: BALAJI RAMAKRISHNAN

Career Details:

For the past 8 years ............................

A .With Funding Agency...................

At Development Action Consortium :( DAC)

Worked as Assistant Director in a funding agency ( DAC- Development Action Consortium) supported by
VST of UK. Responsible for entire programmes and finance. Work involves ….

         Monitoring visit to the programmes to appraise the programme progress, financial status, and its
          utilization by partner NGOs. I.e. End use.
         Conducting Review meetings with the NGO Staff, and DAC staff.
         Assisting the Programme Director in Administration and Programme activities.
         Carving proposal for TB, HIV / AIDS, Women Development programme, and Panchayat Raj to
          Funders like DFID, BLF, TTB, and VST.
         Writing performance report (Quarterly, half yearly, and annual) to the Funders.
         Devising Internal (DAC) and External (NGOs) Budget and Budgeting System, reporting the Quar-
          terly Finance Statement and Budget request based on the budget to VST.
         Conducting the partner NGOs Directors meeting to discuss important issues related to budget,
          proposal writing, report writing, and programme implementation activities.
         In charge for TB and TB Operational Research Programme. Operational Research involves col-
          lecting TB Patient data base and analyzing it, conducting interviews with the stakeholders (TB pa-
          tient, DOT provider, Family supporter, Medical officers both private and government, Lab techni-
          cians). - Fully involved with SPSS software and liasioning with MAAS –Pune based consultant for
          TB-Research. In TB programme works involve conducting Coordinators review on the pro-
          gramme performance on the different milestones defined in proposal. Lobbing with the DTO and
          the TB department on different issues faced at the field level.
         Formulated Reporting format for Micro enterprise activities and Finance-Utilization Certificate for
         Conducted a Field survey to collect data on the impact of Micro enterprise on the
          Income and attitude change of the SHG Member, her husband, and Family member.
         Verification of all expenditures of partner NGOs on a quarterly basis.

         Involved in the Evaluation of DFID-HIV Project.
         Attended Trustee meeting and presented about the progress of the programme.
         Devised Staff contract and leave Rules. Involved in recruiting Programme Staff for the projects,
          rationed leave status and leave encashment at the year end.

B. With MFIs’................

          At LEAD Organization...........

          Working as Chief Manager Operations. Work involves.......

         Devising loan tracking systems.
         Devising systems for monitoring the day to day activities at the field level.
         Managing the cash flow at the Branch level, Regional level, and state level.
         Managing the Recovery Rate, PAR, Staff productivity, Cost per borrower, Cost per loan, Opera-
          tional Expense Ratio, Operational Self Sufficiency, Financial Self Sufficiency at optimum level.
         Recruiting, training and placing of staffs at field level as Field Officer, Branch Manager and Re-
          gional Manager.
         Devising Credit policies, Internal audit policies, and HR policies and implementing the same.
         Preparing reports for the funders like Rabo Bank, Canara Bank, SBI, FWWB, HDFC etc.
         Problem solving of problematic branches which has repayment problems, old loans, poor ac-
          counts, poor staff, poor clients etc.
         Worked in the Multi State Women Thrift and Co-operative Model, NBFC Model, Lead Weekly
          and Monthly Model.
         Monitoring the appraisal of loan application, loan utilization by members was done.
         Involved in both bulk lending and direct linkage by Banks. (Direct linkage
          was done with HDFC Bank-Managed Portfolio).
         Reconciliation of Branch level data with HO MIS and HO Accounts was done.
         Devised Reporting format for field officers, Branch Managers, and Regional Managers.
         New accounting methods were developed to reconcile the cash flow on day to day basis.
         Developed Rating method to evaluate the Group, Branch and Regions performance.
         Cash Mishandling by staff were detected and actions were taken immediately to recover that
         Developed Cash Book at Group level for the weekly model.

          At Spandana:

        Worked as Tamil Nadu State Incharge for Spandana Sphoorthy Innovative Financial Services.

         Work involves recruiting persons, training them, placing them, and opening new branches.
         Managing the older branches in terms of customer strength, portfolio quality, Book keeping, and
          Cash transactions etc.
         Opened 15 new branches within a period of 8 months, had recruited and trained persons needed
          for functioning of 30 branches.
         Continuous recruiting campaign was conducted at the district collector office along with the em-
          ployment exchange of the district.
         Screened and trained all the selected candidates and placed them according to the need of the
         During my tenure with Spandana, the staff attrition rate was very less. Only the poor performing
          and the candidates with less discipline were taken away.
         Motivated the best performing candidates, promoted 7 Field level workers as Branch Manager
          and 2 Branch Manager as Regional Manager.
         Found out cash mishandling by two branch staff and removed them.
         Attended meeting with the Director and presented the Business development Status.

          At Ujjivan:
          Worked as Field Audit Manager, (system audit),work involves auditing the branch work ,related to
          follow up on laid down systems and procedure and reporting the same to E.D and C.E.O of the
         Audited the branches in relation to Cash flow (loan amount, saving, membership fee, etc) from
          the head office to the branch office and then to the customers and vice versa ---both the time
          and the amount delivered were cross verified.
         Audit manual was updated with all the learning’s got during the branch audit.
         Formatted MS excel formats for sampling of data.
         HR at the branch level was evaluated.

       Quality of groups through procedures like compulsory group training, group recognition tech-
        nique, (quality check), group meetings were evaluated.
       Book keeping and accounts maintenance at the group level were evaluated.
       Done annual plan for auditing and led the auditing team successfully.
       Forecasting the problematic areas for the MFI was done.
       Successfully handled the problems aroused during the auditing process due to the misuse of
        money by staff, or customer by taking suitable timely control measures.
       Given training for the world vision group SHG leaders recently regarding book keeping, and sys-
        tems and procedures to be followed in the SHG meeting
       Have a fair knowledge on mutual funds and shares.

C. With NGO sector.................

At DHAN Foundation:

As Project Executive surveyed and formed tank farmers associations in Theni district.

       Screened (visited) entire Thiruvidaimaruthur block consisting of 148 village Panchayat for imple-
        menting Kalanjiam Community Banking Program and prepared inception document for the same.
        Amid more NGO presence, Kalanjiam program was implemented successfully by forming 200 Ka-
        lanjiam groups and 10 nested institutions namely Cluster Development Associations.
       Conducted training program for the Field level staff.
       Managed a team of 13 field level functionaries in right direction.
       Planned budget and linkage for the block. Audited the entire 200 groups.
       Conducted training for the SHG members regarding leadership, governance, lending policy, loan
        appraisal, quality check and systems for good monitoring (MIS).Devised lending policy for group,
        cluster and block.
       Collaborated 150 groups with local nationalized bank to a tune of 2 Crores.
       Involved in problem solving. Involved in training of bank staffs about SHG concept along with
        NABARD .Formed farmers club by interacting with NABARD for development of the Panchayat.
       Involved in proposal writing for conducting training regarding mushroom cultivation and vermin
        compost. Implemented JSBY scheme of LIC and insured (1500 members) and Sakthi scheme of
        SBI. Conducted Annual Mahasabha with 4000 members. Conducted cluster level Mahasabha (all
        SHG members of that cluster), EC&GBM meeting regularly.
       Participated in the DMAP (Development Management Appreciation Program) conducted by the
        TATA-DHAN ACADEMY (Management institute for producing quality development professional).

        Participated in the Executive Development Program organized within the organization.
        Still Thiruvidaimaruthur block stands as the outstanding block in Tanjore region due to more profit
         in the group and cluster, zero cash balance, good repayment, good discipline with the staff and
         leaders, less saving and loan defaulters, less problematic or defunct groups, effective linkage,
         good liaison with the bank

D. With Corporate sector...............

At Hindustan Lever Limited :( Tea Estates India Ltd)

      Worked in Hindustan lever limited as Assistant field officer, managing a farm of 250 hectares of
          tea plantation. Work involves ...Planning day to day activities in the estate and executing the
          same in good manner. Shown record high in green leaf plucking average of 38.95 kgs in Assam
          leaf production.)
        Allotting the work force for the works to be done according to the efficiency of laborers like spray-
         ing pesticide, weedicide, harvesting two leaf and bud, manual weeding, keeping the bush height,
         usage of mechanical harvester, etc
        Data entry over the attendance of labor and system and reporting the day to day activities to
         higher officials. Verifying the quality and quantity of tea leaf transported to the factory and taking
         remedial measures to overcome poor quality. Got promoted as Field Officer by next year and
         managed 750 hectares of tea plantation.

Personal Details:

   Permanent Address, Communication Address
         No: 18, Big Street,
         Kumbakonam (Post and Taluk),
         Tanjore district
         Tamil Nadu.
         Phone no: 9994285578,9750958203
   DOB: 23.12.1976
   Sex: Male
   Marital status: Married
   Key skills: Planning, Organizing, Reporting, Monitoring, Evaluation,
         Analyzing and Documenting.
   Belief:

        On Society: Life of poor could be uplifted with dedicated, systematic projects with various effec-
        tive strategies.
        On Self: Systemic Hard work and honesty results in success
   Educational qualification:

Qualification               Institution                   University                            Percentage

Tenth standard              Sri Ramakrishna Matric                                 62.5
                            Higher Secondary              State Board

H.SC                        Sri Ramakrishna Matric                                 88
                            Higher Secondary
B.Sc.,(Agri)                PAJANCOA& RI                  TNAU                     87.5

MBA (Finance), continuing in Pondicherry University.

       Language: Tamil & English (Fluent)
       Technical qualification:
       Computer: Power point, Ms Word, Ms Excel, SPSS (Statistical software)
       Typing speed: 35 words per minute.
       Had finished Medical Transcription at Spheris India Limited –India’s largest Medical Transcription
       Extra Curricular:
        Intercollegiate tournament player in cricket and ball badminton for three consecutive years.
        Organized stage program at school and college level.
       Honors and Awards:
        11th rank holder in ICAR (Indian Council for Agricultural Research)–Biotechnology exam in All In-
        dia level exam.
        Got Scholarship for Bio Technology in Jawaharlal Nehru University.
        School first rank holder in H.Sc examination.
        Won first prize in the district level science exhibition.
        5th rank holder in undergraduate at college level, with a GPA of 8.75.

       Professional (Agriculture) experience:
        Village stay program at Cuddalore in Sugarcane Research Station for three months.
        Industrial tie up at rice mill for 1 month in Karaikal.
        Project on Microbiology – Production of mushroom and other microorganism.
       Seminar / Workshops Attended:
        Strategies to build business exercise by Microsave at Hyderabad, while working with Spandana
        Vision/Mission exercise while in DHAN at Karnataka
        5 Day training on “ROLES OF MICRONUTRIENTS IN PLANT GROWTH” conducted by the IMT
        (Institute for Micronutrient Technology –Pune)
        Documentation training at DAC, Theni
        Qualitative /Quantitative analyzing technique conducted by MAAS (Maharashtra Association For
        Anthropological Science- Pune)
        15 Days DMAP programme by Tata-Dhan Academy at Madurai.
        Attended TOT Training on Masculinity Conducted by EKTA.
        Undergone Internship with IMT (Institute for Micronutrient Technology) for 3 months on Nutrient
        and Disease Management with Crops like Banana, Coconut, and Vegetable crops.

       References:

Ms. Latha,                            Vanajaa,                         P. Balamurugan,
Programme Leader,                     Programme Director               Manager-AXIS Bank
Dhan Foundation,                      DAC Trust,                       Zonal Office,
Tanjore Region,                       No:6 ,North Thendral Nagar,      Coimbatore,
Tanjore,                              Theni,                           Tamil Nadu,
Tamil Nadu,                           Tamil Nadu,                      India.
India                                   India.                         09940134776
09787799325                           09942978562

I hereby declare that the information given above are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and
correct in all Particulars.

Yours Sincerely

R. Balaji

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