48_quot; OCTAGONAL PICNIC TABLE by gdf57j


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                                     48" OCTAGONAL PICNIC TABLE
L&R Designs                         These plans for a octagon shape picnic table are simple and the finished product will
                                    be sturdy yet inexpensive. Designed to utilize standard materials available at your
                     LLC            local hardware or lumber store.

        ITEM #                QTY        DESCRIPTION
               1                2       2" x 6" x 8'-0" LONG REDWOOD OR CEDAR
               2                6       2" x 4" x 12'-0" LONG REDWOOD OR CEDAR (or qty=11 8'-0" long)
               3               5        5/4" x 6" x 12'-0" LONG REDWOOD OR CEDAR (or 2x6) (or qty=8 8'-0")
               4              200       #8 x 2-1/2" EXTERIOR GRADE STAINLESS STEEL DECK SCREWS
               5               31       3/8" DIAMETER x 3-1/2" LONG CARRIAGE BOLT W/ NUTS & WASHERS, Stainless or Galv.
               6              15        3/8" DIAMETER x 5" LONG CARRIAGE BOLT W/ NUTS & WASHERS, Stainless or Galv.
               7                1       EXTERIOR GRADE WOOD GLUE
               8                1       STAIN, PAINT, OR VARNISH AS DESIRED
                                                                                                                 Item #3 is the table top and
          When the table is complete, sand smooth all sharp edges. If the table will be                          bench top boards, 5/4 boards or
          subjected to adverse weather conditions, wood treatment is recommended.                                2x6 boards may be used.

      ALL PARTS OF THIS PICNIC TABLE                                                  We are working on a customer "do-it-yourself" photo
                                                                                      album web page which will feature photographs of our
      SHOULD NOT BE PRESSURE TREATED. SOME                                            customers projects. If you would like to participate,
      PRESSURE TREATMENT CHEMICALS ARE HAZARDOUS.                                     take a picture of your project and either mail the
                                                                                      photograph to us or scan it and e-mail it to us at:
 L & R Designs, LLC is not responsible or liable for                                    mail to:    L & R Designs, LLC
 the safety of any person building or using the items                                               356 Holcomb Rd.
 based on our plans.                                                                                Kelso, WA 98626
                                                                                        e-mail to: lrdesigns@choosefreedom.com
 There are no stated, assumed, or implied
 guarantees of the structural integrity of this table.
 If there is concern about abnormal environmental
 conditions, contact your local building official.

 Tape Measure
 Saw (Hand, Circular,
    or miter saw)
 Power Drill
 7/16" dia Drill Bit, 5" lg
 3/8" Bolt Wrench
 Screw Driver

 These plans are copyright protected.
 No unauthorized reproduction of
 these plans is allowed.

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