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Season 6, Episode 4“Enemies”

INT. Statue Room We’re just looking at the floor, the bloody tile. We can tell what room we’re in, since we’re looking at the fire pit as well. We’re in slo-mo. A knife drops to the floor, covered in blood. We zoom out. Benjamin Linus is absolutely shocked at what he’s done. FLOCKE: “Thank you, Ben.” BEN: “All you have to say to me is thank you?” FLOCKE: “You did something that was hard for you, Benjamin.” BEN: “How did you know the man I just murdered?” FLOCKE: “We go back a long way, Jacob and I.” BEN: “You’ve never even met him before this, John. Now please just tell me, what was all this about loopholes?” FLOCKE: “It’s a very long story, Ben.” BEN (In a low voice): “I’ve got time.” Flocke breathes in, about to say something when we hear a voice from behind them. RICHARD: “Stop right there!” Ben jumps, looking back at Richard. He looks back to where Flocke is, but Flocke has disappeared.

RICHARD: “What did you do, Ben?” He walks closer to Ben, who is staring at the fire. RICHARD: “What did you do?” Ben points at the burning carcass of Jacob. BEN: “John did it.”


Scene Two INT. Statue

RICHARD (Pulling out a bottle of water): “We have to put this out.” He douses the flame. Jacob’s body is blackened and burned extremely bad. BEN: “It’s no use. John stabbed him nearly five minutes ago.” RICHARD: “That man is not John Locke.” BEN (Sarcastically): “He’s not?” Ben walks closer to Richard. BEN: “Then who is he?”

RICHARD: “I’m not sure.” BEN: “Then how do you know that he is not John Locke?” RICHARD: “A few minutes ago, some people came to us. They brought a crate. Inside that crate was the body of John Locke.” BEN: “Let me see it.” RICHARD: “I can’t do that, Ben.” BEN: “And why is that, Richard?” RICHARD: “Because it’s gone.” An ominous Giacchino note plays. BEN: “What do you mean, it’s gone?” RICHARD: “Some bright light came over the island while you were inside. It blinded us all. It was all around us. I thought it was time.” BEN: “Well obviously it wasn’t, Richard. Now what happened?” RICHARD: “When the light was gone, so were Sun and Locke’s body. They just disappeared.” BEN: “Well, Richard, I guess you’ll need a new leader.” RICHARD: “We will, Ben. And the job is yours if you can tell me one thing.” BEN: “What’s that?”

RICHARD: “If you said John stabbed Jacob and threw him in the flame, why is it you that has the bloody shirt and bloody hands?” Ben is stunned, not knowing what to say. BEN: “You think I did it?” RICHARD: “Unless there’s a better explanation for the blood on your shirt, yes, I do think you did it.” Ben looks down to see the knife. BEN: “I guess the man standing behind you could tell you everything you want to know, Richard.” Richard turns around. No one is there. When he turns back around, he starts to speak. RICHARD: “There’s no one sta-” Ben stabs him in the side of the abdomen. Richard cringes and falls to the ground, and Ben leaves the statue. He tries to sneak around so that Ilana and co. won’t see him, but a gun cocks. ILANA: “Stop, Linus.” Ben drops the knife and puts his hands up. BRAM: “Where were you plannin’ on going?”

BEN: “I wasn’t going anywhere, sir. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure, I’m Benjamin Linus.” He walks to him and shakes his hand, and Ilana’s next. ILANA: “Where’s Ricardos?” BEN: “Richard had an accident.” BRAM: “What kind of accident?” BEN: “John Locke stabbed him.” Behind him we see Richard, clutching his wound, slowly walking up. RICHARD: “No, Ben… Your lies won’t work anymore.” ILANA: “So you stabbed him?” BEN: “This is all nonsense. Let’s just figure out our next move.” RICHARD: “Our next move is the Staff, so I can get patched up. Then the temple.” BEN: “Alright. Let’s go.” BRAM: “You won’t be coming.” BEN: “Why not?” ILANA: “Why do you think?” Ben turns back to Richard. BEN: “Surely you can’t be—”

Something hits the back of Ben’s head, and he falls over. Ilana has knocked him out with her gun. ILANA: “Let’s go.” BRAM: “Frank! Help me support Richard.” Frank walks over and the two put their arms around Richard. FRANK: “Where are we headed?” BRAM: “The Staff. It’s a medical station about a day from here.” FRANK: “We don’t have a day, Chief.” BRAM: “We’ll be there in a few hours if we take the outriggers. The dock isn’t far.” Bram motions to Ilana, and they start walking.

Scene Three

EXT. Beach (Looks to be around 10 AM) Ilana leads Frank, an injured Richard and Bram to the dock. ILANA: “This is it.” RICHARD (Panting): “Is it still there?” FRANK: “Yeah, buddy, it’s still there.”

RICHARD: “Ilana, how long do you think it will take to get to the Staff if you go double time?” ILANA: “Judging by the currents it shouldn’t be too bad.” They load Richard into the outrigger and start paddling. Scene Switch EXT. Statue Ben lies unconscious on the ground. He appears to have been out for a long time. He starts to wake up, blinking rapidly. BEN (To himself): “How many times do I have to get hit in the head today?” We hear a familiar voice FLOCKE: “Hello, Benjamin.” Ben jumps at the sight of him. He scrambles to his feet. FLOCKE: “Where are the rest of them?” BEN: “They left last night.” FLOCKE: “Where were they headed?” BEN: “The Staff, and then the Temple.” FLOCKE: “We can intercept them if we hurry.” BEN: “What do you mean? The staff is four days from here and the temple is five.”

FLOCKE: “Not if we take the tunnels.” BEN: “What tunnels?” Flocke smiles. FLOCKE: “I’ll show you, Ben.” Flocke starts walking toward the statue. Scene ends on a shot of Ben’s frowning and confused reaction.

Scene Four EXT. Ocean (Noon) Richard is lying with a towel over his head. Frank and Bram are rowing and Ilana is holding a cloth to Richard’s wound. ILANA: “Is it going to be much longer?” BRAM: “No, we’ll be there in less than an hour.” Ilana nods and turns her attention back to Richard. We’re looking at Bram. He looks awfully tired. Something pops up in front of him. He blinks and rubs his eyes, thinking it’s a hallucination. He looks up and it’s still there. It’s an outrigger.

BRAM (To Ilana): “Give the yahoo the gun. We’ve got company.” Ilana hands the gun to Frank and he and Bram fire. We’re now witnessing the other end of the outrigger chase. Bram shoots and has to reload, but is shot in the stomach. FRANK: “Bram!” Bram just slouches back. He holds his hand over the wound. BRAM: “I’m okay…” He looks up and shoots again but nothing is there. FRANK: “It’s gone… Where’d it go? Where is it?!?” We realize now that Bram’s wound is far worse than it seemed. It’s in the middle of his stomach. His neck loosens and falls into Frank’s legs. Frank lifts his head up. FRANK: “Hey, buddy, you’re gonna be okay.” Bram starts blinking rapidly and his eyes begin to close. Frank shakes him. FRANK: “Stay with me. We’ll be at the staff in no time.” ILANA: “Bram! Abraham!” Bram is dead.

Ilana runs her hands through her hair. FRANK (Closing Bram’s eyes): “I’m sorry, Ilana.” ILANA: “He was my… I knew him since I was a girl… I loved him.” FRANK: “I’m sorry, Ilana. What should we do with his body?” ILANA: “Just… Just dump it over.” Frank starts to push the body over when Ilana stops him. She takes something out of his pocket and takes his cross necklace. ILANA: “Goodbye, Abraham…” Frank throws him over, and he sinks. Scene Switch EXT. Jungle floor Ben and Flocke stand in the jungle. BEN: “Where are these tunnels you speak of?” Flocke just points down. BEN: “I don’t understand.” Flocke bends over and pulls brush and weeds off of the ground and we see a large stone hatch. It’s a circle with a handle on it, and there are hieroglyphs all over it. Flocke pulls the handle to the side, and the door slides away.

FLOCKE: “You first.” Ben nervously jumps into the dark hole, and Flocke does as well, closing the door behind him.

INT. Stone Passageway, Tunnel BEN: “What is this place?” FLOCKE: “It’s a branch of the tunnels. These tunnels branch off, leading almost everywhere on the island.” BEN: “Okay, now I know you’re not John.” FLOCKE: “Are you ready to go?” BEN: “Yes.” FLOCKE: “Then let’s go.” Flocke lights a torch, which he pulled off the wall, and leads Ben down the dark tunnels ahead. INT. Staff Ilana is putting bandages over Richard’s wound, and Frank sits in a chair in the corner. ILANA: “Are you feeling better?” RICHARD: “Yes. Thank you, Ilana. I’m sorry about Bram.”

ILANA: “Don’t be… He wanted to die. He never was a very happy man.” RICHARD: “Okay, well still, my condolences. Can we go to the Temple?” Richard gets up off of the table and puts his shirt on. Frank stands up. ILANA: “Let’s go.” She picks up her rifle and throws Richard a rifle and Frank a pistol. Frank switches off the lights. Scene switch EXT. Staff Entrance All we see is the rusty doors of the Staff. It’s dark out now. The door opens, and first Ilana, then Richard, then Frank exit. Ilana sees something, and looks surprised, raising her rifle. Frank looks fearful. The camera revolves around to show Ben standing next to a grinning Flocke, machete in his hand. Cut to black.


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