Traveling to and from Hong Kong International Airport

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          Traveling to and from Hong Kong
                International Airport
  To the city
Description                                        Price                                         Main pros and cons

Airport Express                                    Single Journey                                Pros
The Airport Express provides the                   Hong Kong Station (Central) HK$ 100              Fast and very comfortable
quickest and most comfortable                      / Kowloon HK$ 90 / Tsing Yi HK$ 60               Easy to board: Station is right next to the arrivals hall.
connection between Hong Kong                                                                        Free shuttle service from Hong Kong (Central) and
International Airport and the city center.         Octopus Card holders can enjoy a                  Kowloon stations to numerous hotels in the vicinity.
                                                   FREE same day return ticket.                     Passengers travelling within the same day can enjoy a
It departs every 12 minutes and reaches
                                                                                                     FREE return journey
Hong Kong Station in Central in about 24
                                                                                                    In-town Check-in service is available at Hong Kong and
minutes, with stops in Kowloon (Tsim-              Round Trip Ticket
                                                                                                     Kowloon stations (for most major airlines).
sha-Tsui and Mong Kok) and Tsing Yi.               Hong Kong Station (Central) HK$ 180 /
                                                                                                    Octopus Card holders can enjoy free MTR connections
                                                   Kowloon HK$ 160 / Tsing Yi HK$ 110
                                                                                                     to/from Airport Express stations, if their cards have
Passengers are also provided with a free                                                             usable value and there is a lapse of no more than one
Shuttle Bus service from Hong Kong and                 Planning to visit Hong Kong?                  hour between their travel on the MTR and the Airport
Kowloon stations to hotels in the                      Click here to get some of the                 Express.
vicinity.                                              best rates for accommodation
                                                       in Asia's World City (You can             Cons
 Daily, 05:54am – 00:48 am                            also click here for fantastic                Significantly more expensive than a bus (although still
                                                       rates in Macau)                               reasonable for what you get).
Website                                                                                             You need to drag your luggage across the station, when
                                                                                                     moving from the train to the free shuttle (although
                                                                                                     there is a free porter service).

Public buses                                                                                     Pros
Buses run to and from Hong Kong Airport 24 hours a day. They are fairly                             In many cases, the bus-stop is right next to where you
comfortable and cover a wider range of destinations than the Airport Express.                        want to go (especially "Cityflyer" routes).
                                                                                                    Operating 24 hours a day
                                                                                                    Significantly cheaper than any other means of transport
A-11 (Cityflyer) travels to Hong Kong Island and covers Sheung Wan, Central,                        Octopus Card holders, returning to the airport on the
Wan Chai and Causeway Bay: HK$ 40 one way (see route)                                                same day, will pay only 50% on their return ticket
Octopus Card holders pay only HK$ 20 on same day return, OR buy prepaid round-trip for HK$ 65        (valid only on "Cityflyer" routes). Otherwise, if you buy
                                                                                                     a return ticket, it will work out cheaper than buying two
Citybus E-11 travels to Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay: HK$                          one-way tickets.
21 one way (see route)
N-11 is the "night version" of E-11 : HK$ 31 one way (see route)                                    Significantly slower than the Airport Express (especially
                                                                                                     during rush hour), although it might drop you right next
                                                                                                     to where you want to go.
A-21 (Cityflyer) travels to Mong Kok and then, via Nathan Road, to Yau-ma-Tei,
Jordan and Tsim sha Tsui (see route) : HK$ 33 one way                                               Bus stops are slightly further than the Airport Express
Octopus Card holders pay only HK$ 16.5 on same day return ticket OR prepaid round-trip for HK$
                                                                                                     Click HERE for good and cheap hostel
                                                                                                     accommodation in Hong Kong and
N-21/N-21A is a night-time service, traveling to Mong Kok and via Nathan Road,                       throughout Asia!
to Yau-ma-Tei, Jordan and Tsim sha Tsui, all the way to Star Ferry Terminal (see
route), HK$ 23 one way
Taxis                                          Approximate rates (per vehicle):      Pros
Taxis are available 24 hours a day                                                       Takes you directly to where you want to go
                                               Hong Kong Island                          Operating 24 hours a day
To get to the taxi station, follow the         Central, Sheung Wan, Admiralty,           Works out quite reasonable if there are 2 or 3 of you
signs and walk down the ramp on the left,      Wan Chai and Causeway Bay:
when leaving the Arrivals Hall.                HK$ 275 – 300                         Cons
                                                                                     More expensive than Airport Express / bus.
Taxis in Hong Kong come in different           Kowloon
colors to indicate their area of service:      Tsim-sha-Tsui, Mong Kok, Jordan           Offering 50% off and 'Buy 1, get 1 free'
                                               and Yau-ma-Tei (Nathan Rd. and            discounts at nearly 100 of Hong Kong's top
Red taxis can go anywhere in Hong Kong.
                                               neighboring areas): HK$ 150               restaurants, shops and spas, the Hong Kong
Green taxis serve the New Territories.                                                   Card boasts plenty of quality dining options,
Blue taxis operate on Lantau Island.                                                     and is really easy to use.

Private transfer                               Approximately HK$ 200 per person      Pros
Private transfer is more expensive than        to almost everywhere in Hong              Takes you directly to where you want to go
taking the Airport Express (not to mention     Kong (with some exceptions)               Operating 24 hours a day
public bus), but it's really comfortable and                                             Possibly the most comfortable way to travel
will save you time and sweat, which
makes it an option worth considering.                                                Cons
                                                                                         More expensive than Airport Express / bus
                                                                                         Taxi will be slightly cheaper if there are 2-3 of you

Airport Hotelink                               Airport to Kowloon (Mong Kok,         Pros
Airport Hotelink is a luxury coach service     Tsim-sha-Tsui, Etc…): HK$ 130             Takes you exactly to where you want to go (although it
that takes arriving passengers from the                                                   passes through different hotels enroute).
                                               Airport to Hong Kong Island
airport to various hotels across Hong                                                    Operating 24 hours a day
                                               (Central, Wan Chai, Causeway
Kong. It is more expensive than the                                                      Cheaper than private transfer / taxi
                                               Bay): HK$ 150
Airport Express, but slightly cheaper than
the private transfer, or taxi.                   Visiting Hong Kong? Click           Cons
                                                                                         Taxi will be somewhat cheaper if there are 2-3 of you
                                                 here to view and download
For early booking click here
                                                 our range of FREE online-               Although it taxes you exactly where you want to go, it
Counter B01, Arrivals Hall (Opposite Exit B)                                              stops in different hotels along the way,which makes it
                                                 guides to Asia's World City !            significantly slower than private transfer / taxi…

  To other sites and attractions across Hong Kong
To Tung Chung Town Centre, near the airport (Citygate Outlets / Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal) : Take S-1, S-56, E-23 or E-11 (one way
is HK$ 3.5 -4 ). A taxi will charge you around HK$ 40, one way, which is not bad (especially if you are loaded with shopping…)

To the coastal town of Mui Wo, on Lantau Island (nice beach and nearby bike trails) : Take New Lantao Bus' No. A-35 (One-way-ticket is
HK$ 15/25, weekday/weekend)

To Hong Kong Disneyland : Take any A or E route to the Lantau Link Toll Plaza and interchange for Route R-8 (or take a taxi : It will cost
you approximately HK$ 100 - 110 each way and the journey takes something like 10 minutes).

To Noah's Ark themed park : Take shuttle bus no. NR-334 of "Park Island Transport Company" from the Coach Station at Terminal 2.
The bus departs every 30 minutes, daily, from 6:30 am to 00:30am, Travel time is about 12 minutes and the fare is HK$24 each way.

To Ocean Park : Take the Airport Express all the way to Hong Kong Station, from where you walk to MTR Central Station (the two stations
are linked) and travel with the MTR one station, to Admiralty. Leave Admiralty MTR Station via exit-B to Drake Street, from where you
take Citybus No. 629 directly to Ocean Park (see details).

To Discovery Bay (nice sandy beach and lovely ocean-front dinner at D-Deck: "Hong Kong's largest oceanfront alfresco dining destination"
from where you can watch Disneyland's nightly fireworks): Take No. DB02R (Discovery Bay Transit) from the bus stop outside Car Park 1

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Description: Getting from Hong Kong International Airport to anywhere in Hong Kong and back is made easy with this mini-guide, which not only details all of the possible means of transport, but also explains the "pros" and "cons" of each one of them. Whether you arrive at Hong Kong for a short stopover, or whether you come here for a longer visit, I'm sure you will find this Hong Kong Airport Transfer Guide quite handy.
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