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					                                         CHP 11-99
                                           Foundation     An organization devoted to the welfare of
                                             California Highway Patrol employees and their families                Star                 Spring - Summer 2009

Board of Directors and Officers

John Schroeder
                                    We Salute Paul Goldenberg
                                                                                                                                Goldenberg is no longer involved in the
Chairman                                                                                                                        day-to-day business at Paul’s TV, but
Scott H. Siegel                                                                                                                 that doesn’t mean that he has slowed
Vice Chairman                                                                                                                   down. He is still busy helping his
Paul Goldenberg                                                                                                                 favorite charities and is extremely generous
Secretary                                                                                                                       with his time and resources. That
Roger Miller                                                                                                                    generosity is evident at the City of Hope
Treasurer                                                                                                                       when you walk across the Paul
Lawrence Bowman                                                                                                                 Goldenberg Bridge of Hope and at the
Jack B. Campbell*                                                                                                               Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging,
Larry Carter                                                                                                                    where you will see the Paul Goldenberg-
Frank J. Clark*                                                                                                                 Daphna and Richard Ziman Special
Daniel Genter                                                                                                                   Care Center, which houses residents with
Richard McAuley                                                                                                                 Alzheimer’s. Other organizations that
Sunne Wright McPeak                                                                                                             benefit from Goldenberg’s generosity are
Bruce A. Meyer*                     CHP 11-99 Foundation Board Member and Scholarship Chairman, Paul Goldenberg is the Pediatrics Aids Foundation, the local
Charles Swimmer                     surrounded by several 11-99 Foundation Scholarship Recipients at the 2007 Bob Weinberg CHP Catholic school, and the Children’s
Robert G.Teal*                      11-99 Foundation Golf Tournament. All of these students took time out of their schedules to Museum, just to name a few.
*Past Chairman                      volunteer at the tournament.

Board Member Emeritus
Thomas B. Martin*
Staff Members
                                   When Paul Goldenberg received a visit
                                    from CHP 11-99 Foundation founder,
                                    Bob Weinberg back in 1990, little did
                                                                                  many years. The number of scholarships
                                                                                  granted by the two organizations might
                                                                                  seriously differ, but the premise is the
                                                                                                                                “ He is still busy helping his
                                                                                                                                   favorite charities and is
                                                                                                                                   extremely generous with

                                    he know that almost 20 years later he         same – helping students achieve their             his time and resources.
Edward Trickey                      would be one of the longest-serving           dreams of continuing their education –
President and                       members of the 11-99 Foundation’s                                                            Paul recently passed the Scholarship
                                                                                  whether they plan to attend an Ivy
Chief Executive Officer             Board of Directors and the Chairman           League school, a community college,            Chairman’s torch to fellow Board
David Helsel                        of the Scholarship Committee.                 or the local trade/tech school.                Member Chuck Swimmer, but remains
Senior Vice President               Goldenberg remembers the day he was                                                          a member of the 11-99 Foundation’s
Assistant Chief, Retired, CHP                                                     Perhaps best known in southern
                                    introduced to Bob and learned about the                                                      Board of Directors and serves as its
                                                                                  California as “the king of big-screen TVs,”
Rebecca Centner                     11-99 Foundation that Weinberg founded                                                       Secretary. He continues to value Board
                                    ten years prior. Being the charitable         he is a self-made success story, who
Vice President                                                                                                                   membership highly, because “everyone
                                    person that Paul is, he decided to join       launched his now legendary television
Administrative Operations                                                                                                        there has such a strong sense of purpose.
                                    and help in the 11-99 Foundation’s            store with a thousand dollar loan from
Lynn Banks                                                                        his cousins over 50 years ago. In 1979,        Our members are never distracted by
Assistant Vice President            efforts to provide assistance to the fine
                                                                                  when Mitsubishi introduced the first           pettiness. The Board honors our purpose,
                                    men and women of the CHP. After Bob’s
Budget and Finance                                                                                                               and the meetings are satisfying, because
                                    death in late 1992, Paul was asked to         big-screen TVs, Paul’s was one of the
Michael Elder                                                                                                                    we accomplish so much.” Bob Weinberg
                                    join the 11-99 Foundation’s Board of          first takers, a confidence buoyed by
Special Advisor to the President    Directors and was unanimously approved.                                                      must have known when he recruited
                                                                                  Goldenberg’s own love for movies. “I
for Donor Relations and Events                                                                                                   Paul Goldenberg 20 years ago, that things
                                    Paul was the natural choice for the           was among the first to recognize their
Becka Burke                                                                                                                      would continue to be accomplished long
                                    Scholarship Chairman position due to          potential for bringing a movie-like
Director of Administrative                                                                                                       after he was gone thanks to Board
                                    the fact that he had been personally          experience into the home,” he said. For
Operations and Publications                                                                                                      Members like Paul.
                                    providing scholarships to the students of     more than 20 years, Mitsubishi named
Brianna Kennedy
                                    the local high schools surrounding his        Paul’s TV as the biggest single-store
Administrative Assistant
                                    business, Paul’s TV in La Habra, for          seller of its big-screen TVs.                                                           1
                                               Chairman’s Message

                                        The recent deaths of four Oakland Police Department Officers serves as a tragic reminder to all
                                          of us of the dangerous and sometimes thankless job our law enforcement Officers perform daily
                                          protecting us and our families.
                                          On April 6, 1970, four California Highway Patrol Officers from the Newhall Command, Walter
                                          Frago, Roger Gore, James Pence, Jr., and George Alleyn, lost their lives in the line of duty. All
                                          four were murdered and executed by two ex-convicts. The CHP Officers, like the Oakland Officers,
                                          left behind wives and children.
    The killings of the Newhall Officers and the devastation to their families and fellow Officers were the genesis that gave the 11-99
    Foundation’s founder, Bob Weinberg, the idea to form the CHP 11-99 Foundation. His basic principle was to provide support for the
    families of fallen Officers.
    Since the tragic deaths of the four Newhall Officers in 1970, an additional 89 Officers of the California Highway Patrol have made
    the ultimate sacrifice protecting and serving the citizens of California. The impact on the surviving family members and the
    Department is indescribable. The 11-99 Foundation currently provides a $25,000 in the Line of Duty death benefit to the Officers’
    families. Additionally, the children and spouse are eligible to receive assistance to attain a higher education.
    It is only through the generosity and dedication of the 11-99 Foundation’s donors that we have the financial wherewithal to provide
    assistance to the families of our Fallen Heroes. Each year you have quietly and benevolently continued to provide financial support
    beyond your initial donation. You are like angels, watching over and providing protection to the families of our Fallen Heroes. On
    behalf of the 11-99 Foundation’s Board of Directors and these families, thank you so much for all that you have done in the past,
    and continue to do. You honor the memories of the four Newhall Officers and all the CHP Officers that lost their lives serving the
    citizens of California.
    If you would like further information on our Fallen Heroes you may visit the CHP Web site at and click on the Our
    Fallen Heroes icon. You will find a somber but meaningful reminder on why you belong to and support the CHP 11-99 Foundation.
    If you would like to honor the memories of our Fallen Heroes and support their survivors, please take a moment to send your
    donation in the enclosed envelope.
    Turning to a more pleasant subject, please note the dates and locations below of the 11-99 Foundation’s Annual Scholarship
    presentations. I encourage you to join us at one of the ceremonies to see first-hand how much your generosity and support
    are appreciated by recipients and CHP families.
    Again, thank you so much for all that you have done for the members of the California Highway Patrol and their families.
    You too are real heroes to those we support.

    John Schroeder, Chairman, CHP 11-99 Foundation

                                           California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation
                                             Scholarship Award Ceremonies Calendar
                 DIVISION           DATE             TIME                   CONTACT                             RSVP TO
                                 Wednesday                             Redding Community Room
                  Northern                        11: 0 0 a.m.           777 Cypress Avenue      
                                   July 8                                 Redding, CA 96001
                                  Thursday                                 National University
                    Inland                        11: 0 0 a.m.            804 East Brier Drive   
                                   July 9                              San Bernardino, CA 92408

                                   Friday                         Courtyard Marriott Vallejo Napa Valley
                 Golden Gate                      11: 0 0 a.m.           1000 Fairgrounds Drive  
                                   July 10                                 Vallejo, CA 94589

                                   Friday                                   The Madonna Inn
                   Coastal                          1: 0 0 p.m.           100 Madonna Road       
                                   July 17                             San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

                                   Tuesday                             Grand Occasions Ballroom
                    Central                       11: 0 0 a.m.         4584 W. Jacquelyn Avenue  
                                   July 21                                Fresno, CA 93722

                                 Wednesday                                   Quiet Cannon
                   Southern                       11: 0 0 a.m.          901 N. Via San Clemente  
                                  July 22                                Montebello, CA 90640

                                   Monday                                   Al Bahr Shrine
                    Border                        11: 0 0 a.m.          5440 Kearny Mesa Road    
                                   July 27                               San Diego, CA 92123

                                  Thursday                                   CHP Academy
                  HQ/Valley                         1: 3 0 p.m.            3500 Reed Avenue      
                                   July 30                               Sacramento, CA 95605
                                                                             CHP Academy
2                 Valley/HQ
                                   July 30
                                                   1: 3 0 p.m.             3500 Reed Avenue
                                                                         Sacramento, CA 95605
  CHP 11-99 Foundation Lifetime Association                                                                                                                                          SPRING 2009

                                                                                                                                The Ultimate CHP 11-99 Foundation Jacket
                                                                                                                                 Made of the softest, highest quality leather! Features both zipper and
                                                                                                                                  snap closures to keep out chills. This fully lined jacket features a full-color,
                                                                                                                                    embroidered CHP 11-99 Foundation logo over heart area.

Laser-Etched Crystal Star
Elegant crystal, featuring the CHP 11-99 Foundation’s trade-
marked logo laser-engraved in 3-D. Donor name and beginning
date of lifetime association are laser-engraved on the base.                                                                       ##                                                                      ##
It is presented in a beautiful, satin-lined, form-fitted box.
(Measures 6" wide x 8" high.)                                                                                                                                   Ladies jacket features a more feminine cut.

                                                                                                        CHP 11-99 Foundation Logo Caps
                                                                                                              Perfectly curved visor, full color embroidered logo, finest
                                                                                                                   construction with reinforced air vents and bronze finished
                                                                                                                     buckle for adjusting fit. These caps are beautifully crafted!

                                                                                                                                                        Rolling Duffel with Embossed Logo
                                     ##                                                                                        The Rolling Duffel is made with full grain, buffed cowhide. This
                                                                     ##                                                       large, versatile wheeled duffel is extra wide to hold large loads.
CHP 11-99 Foundation Mugs                                                                                                    The in-line skate wheels make it a breeze to tow along. A hidden
Serve your guests with pride! These rugged, porcelain                                                                           zipper-close handle compartment hides the heavy duty handle
12-ounce mugs are deeply etched with our trademarked                                                                                when not in use. This is exclusively for Gold Level Donors.
CHP 11-99 Foundation logo.                                                                                                                      (Measures 23” long x 15” wide x 14” high.)
                                                                 Amenities Kit with Embossed Logo
                                                                 Made of full grain, buffed cowhide, this
                                                                 full-sized travel and toiletry kit includes three
                                                                 exterior zip pockets, a large main compart-
                                                                 ment, heavy-duty metal hanger, and easy
                                                                 carry handle. For our Bronze, Silver and
                                                                 Gold Level Donors.
                                                                 (Measures 12” long x 5”
                                                                 wide x 9.5” high.)
  ##                                                                                          ###
Classic Duffel with Embossed Logo
The Classic Duffel is made with full grain, buffed cowhide.                                                          Weekend Duffel with Embossed Logo
It features a sporty oval design and PVC-lined wet pock-                                                             The Weekend Duffel is made with full grain, buffed
et/shoe compartment. It is fully lined in 600 denier nylon                                                           cowhide. Fully- lined interior features 600 denier
for added protection against spills and tears. Exclusively for                                                       nylon for added protection against spills and tears.
Silver and Gold Level Donors.                                                                                        Exclusively for Silver and Gold Level Donors.
(Measures 22” long x 10” wide x 12” high.)                                                                           (Measures 22” long x 11” wide x 13” high.)

Bronze Level $5,000                                                  Silver Level $10,000                                                         Gold Level $25,000
# Lifetime Association for Primary Donor Only**                     # Lifetime Association for Primary Donor and Spouse                         # Lifetime Association for Primary Donor and Spouse
# Laser-Etched Crystal Star                                         # Laser-Etched Crystal Star*                                                # Laser-Etched Crystal Star*
# Leather Amenities Bag with Embossed Logo                          # Leather Amenities Bag with Embossed Logo*                                 # Leather Amenities Bag with Embossed Logo*
# Plastic Identification Card                                       # Choice of Classic or Weekend Duffel Bag with Embossed Logo*               # Choice of Classic or Weekend Duffel Bag with Embossed Logo*
# Leather Registration Holder with Embossed Logo                    # Leather Jacket with Embroidered 11-99 Foundation Logo*                    # Leather Rolling Duffel Bag with Embossed Logo*
**Add $2,500 for Spouse                                             # Plastic Identification Card*                                              # Leather Jacket with Embroidered11-99 Foundation Logo*
                                                                    # Leather Registration Holder with Embossed Logo*                           # Plastic Identification Card*
          Association Level Legend                                  # 11-99 Foundation Baseball Cap in Navy or Black*                           # Leather Registration Holder with Embossed Logo*
        # Available with Bronze Level                               # Two 11-99 Foundation Coffee Mugs                                          # 11-99 Foundation Baseball Cap in Navy or Black*
        # Available with Silver Level                               # Breakfast or Lunch with CHP Chief or Area Commander                       # Six 11-99 Foundation Coffee Mugs
        # Available with Gold Level                                 # Scholarship Dedicated in Your Name - Next Academic Year                   # Breakfast or Lunch with CHP Chief or Area Commander
                                                                                                                                                # Annual Meeting with CHP Senior Management
*The Primary Donor and Spouse will receive each of these items                                                                                  # Scholarship Dedicated in Your Name - Next Five
                                                                                                                                                  Academic Years
             SPRING 2009                                                                 A n n o u n c e m e n t s

18th Annual BMW Charity Ride Gives Record Sum!
                                                                                                    Our Gratitude Goes to Jim Ryan
                                                                                                    The 18th Annual BMW Charity Ride once again provided the 11-99
                                                                                                    Foundation with a record contribution - over $27,000! The ride
                                                                                                    benefits both the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation and the CHP
                                                                                                    11-99 Foundation.
                                                                                                    Last October a group of forty motorcycle riders made the four-day tour
                                                                                                    of Southern California’s finest and most scenic roads. They traveled
                                                                                                    over 1,000 miles and the highlights included: Lake Elsinore, Lake
                                                                                                    Wolhford, Warner Springs, Palomar Mountain, and Joshua Tree
                                                                                                    National Park.
                                                                                                    The CHP 11-99 Foundation thanks ride coordinator, Jim Ryan and
L to R: BMW Motorrad Representative, Eric Glazer, BMW North America Representative, Jim Ryan,       sponsor, BMW of North America, LLC for their above and beyond
11-99 Foundation Vice President of Administrative Operations, Becky Centner, 11-99 Foundation       support year after year!
Board Member, Dan Genter and 11-99 Foundation Board of Directors Vice Chairman, Scott Siegel.
Special thanks to Scott and Dan for participating in the ride every year!

                                                                                                     Above: Several riders take a break as they enjoy the beautiful California
                                                                                                     landscape on the Ortega Highway.

                                                                                                     Left: The riders get a special escort from the Brea Police Department as they
                                                                                                     depart from one of their stops.

Thanks to Temecula Squad Club... San Diego Does It Again!

                                                                                                Sergeant Robert Hoeffs, his co-workers, and primary event donors presented a significant
  L to R: CHP 11-99 Foundation Senior Vice President, Dave Helsel gratefully accepts a          check to Edward Trickey from the proceeds of the San Diego Area CHP Squad’s latest golf
  very generous $4,000 check from Temecula Public Affairs Officer, Ron Thatcher. The            tournament. The San Diego Squad Club has donated a collective $32,000 over the past
       money was raised during their annual golf tournament in 2008. Thanks again               three years! Details regarding their next tournament are on page 11.
 4 Squad Club 685! Details regarding their next tournament are on page 11.
                                        A n n o u n c e m e n t s                                                                             SPRING 2009

ABsolutely FABio Dinner Party!
Lucky Auction Winners Dine With Fabio!

                                                                                                                     =39 %6) -2:-8)( 83 8,)
                                                                                                                )<'097-:) 46-:%8) 7'6))2-2+ 3*

                                                                                                                        78%6 86)/
                                                                                                                   *6-(%=        1%=           

                                                                                                           41 '3'/8%-07 %2( +3961)8 &9**)8
                                                                                                                      41 7'6))2-2+

Front Row, L to R: Judy Levine, Darcy Baker, Fabio, Remy Baker, Roxann Weinberg
                                                                                                                    4%6%13928 789(-37
Back Row, L to R: Courtney Holm-Banaag, Civon Gewelber, Hali Gewelber, Rhona Weinberg Gewelber                       8,) 4%6%13928 8,)%8)6
All eight fortunate ladies enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Madeo's Restaurant in Beverly Hills
                                                                                                         7)%8-2+ -7 0-1-8)( '%00 83 6)7)6:) =396 8-'/)87
with one of the most alluring and captivating men of our time...Fabio! These ladies were
beneficiaries of one of the live auction prizes offered at the Bob Weinberg Golf Tournament
and Comedy Show, which was held this past September. Please see page 11 for more details
regarding the upcoming tournament this fall.

 West Valley CHP Squad Club Event                                                                                 Your Legacy,
                                                                                                                  Your Choice

                                                                                                               The members of the CHP 11-99

L to R: 11-99 Foundation Senior Vice President, Dave Helsel, West Valley Squad Club President, Officer
Brian DeNike, Captain Steve Webb, former West Valley Commander (now Inland Division Assistant Chief),
and Event Chairman and Gold Level Donor, Armen Aslanian.
Over the past four years, the West Valley Squad Club along with Armen Aslanian have
                                                                                                                      For more information,
partnered to bring in record contributions to benefit the 11-99 Foundation. This successful
event was held at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village this past September. Attendees and
participants enjoyed an exhibit of cars along with a fabulous lunch. The next West Valley                                                                    5
Squad Club event will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2009.
                                      Extraordinary Generosity
              There were an extraordinary number of donors and friends who contributed to the CHP 11-99 Foundation during the 2008 calendar year.
           We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our contributors. Listed here are those especially generous donors who gave beyond the call of duty.
  $5,000 - $9,999
American Airlines                                                               $50,000 - $99,000                                                                   George Roberts
Manuel Andrade                                                                                                                                                      Harry E. Rosedale, Jr.
Auto Club of                             CARBON BLACK SETTLEMENT FUND                                     JUANA AND LARRY R. CARTER                                 Rich Rossi
  Southern California
Auto Club Speedway
                                          CATHIE AND MARK CARDELUCCI                                          SUN MICROSYSTEMS                                      Kate M. and George W. Rowe
                                                                                                                                                                    Jim Russell Racing School
Monica and Paul Bancroft                                                                                                                                            San Joaquin Unit of
Campbell Lodging, Inc.                                           $25,000 - $49,999                                                                                    California Trucking Assoc.
Capital Guardian Trust                LAURA ARRILLAGA AND MARC L. ANDREESSEN         CROCODILE BAY, COSTA RICA                                                      Yvonne and
Pam and Les Davidson                                                                                                                                                  Angelo Sangiacomo
Victoria and Arturo                               ARMEN ASLANIAN                          PAUL GOLDENBERG                                                           Francis Scarpulla
  De La Torre                                 LYNNE AND MARC BENIOFF                  NICKI AND JOSEPH P. PARISI                                                    Charles M. Schaible
Lisa M. and Peter Douglas                                                                                                                                           Nancy and Martin Schechtman
Michael S. Fields                                BMW CHARITY RIDE                      SHARON AND EARL RIGGS                                                        Tony Schwartz
Janet and Michael Fourticq, Sr.                                JODY AND STRATTON D. SCLAVOS                                                                         Eli Shamam
Dan Genter                                                                                                                                                          Mary A. and Thomas W. Shaver
Alisa Gean and Seth Gersch                                                     $10,000 - $24,999                                                                    Carroll Shelby
Vince Giacalone                                                                                                                                                     Lisa and Neil H. Sherman
John Gregg                                   MARY S. K. AND JOHN L. ALBANESE                 MARIANNA AND JOHN LINFESTY                                             Douglas Shiepe
Guess ? Foundation                              ALBERTSON'S-SAV-ON, INC.                          HAL A. MOOREFIELD                                                 Joe Shimmon
Herbalife International                                                                                                                                             Fred Siegel
Conway Ho/Hanaho Games                                 ANONYMOUS                                 LESLIE AND TED REED                                                Gail L. and William G. Skarich
Catherine and Christian Hobbs              MARGRIT E. PAUL AND KEITH CLAXTON                    ROBERT M. SALVAREZZA                                                Richard S. Smith
In-N-Out Burger                                                                                                                                                     Julie E. and Steven Smith
Katherine Audrey Webb                               COMMERCE CASINO                  LISA YETZER-SAMUEL AND CLIFFORD M. SAMUEL                                      Rose and Peter W. Smits
  Foundation                                   DIANE AND BRUCE EDWARDS                              MARK SINCLAIR                                                   William Smythe
Robert LaRue                                                                                                                                                        South Coast Winery
Eva and Douglas K. Le Bon                    BEVERLY AND JAMES GRANZELLA                        BETTY AND GUS SINKYS                                                  Resort and Spa
Lee's Imperial Welding, Inc.                        WILLIAM GRIMSLEY                         SANDRA AND JOHN THOMPSON                                               Laurence Spitters
Sean McGrath                                                                                                                                                        Marilyn and Robert Squire
                                                  JEROME FOUNDATION                                  W. LEE TOWNS
Meadowood Resort & Spa                                                                                                                                              Bruce Strauss
Barry R. Meinerth, Jr.                         NANCY AND JOHN LASSETER                          THE WEINBERG FAMILY                                                 Stucco Supply Co. of San Jose
Lawrence A. Moorefield                  CATHLEEN C. GELLEPIS AND JAMES L.LEDWITH                     RANDY WOLF                                                     Godfrey Sullivan
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.                                                                                                                                          Superior Gunite
Paramount Pictures                                                  LAURA S. AND LAWRENCE WORCHELL                                                                  Ned Tanen
Pebble Beach Company                                                                                                                                                Dorothy L. and
Cheryl D. and George B. Pentz     Donna and Edward Benzola         Anita E. and Laszlo I. Furdek   Kawasaki Motors Corporation       Mark McGuire                     Albert F. Thielemann
James F. Peterson                 Martha and                       Deirdre Garrison                Sally and Stephen Keller          Donald P. McKim, Sr.           Tickle Pink Inn
Jack Potter                         Richard Bermingham             Gary P. Gemma                   Patrick M. Kelly                  Andrew C. McLaughlin, III      Christopher J. Torre
Leslie M. and Don Price           BMW Motorcycles                  Gilbert Gerakos                 Ward M. Kimble                    Karen and Barry Meguiar        Traffic Management
Robert Price                        of San Francisco               Gerson and                      Ardagh M. and Henry Kistler       Danielle Mendoza               Barbara L. Hamilton and
Patty L. and David A. Rafanelli   Yvonne and Loyd Bonfonte           Horowitz Diamonds                                                                                Edward Trickey
                                                                                                   Steven Kitrosser                  D. Scott Mercer
William T. Sander                 Dick Boyce                       Julie M. and Colin M. Gilbert                                                                    Jane D. Tucker
                                                                                                   Robert Kuhling                    Mill Valley Refuse
Mace Siegel                       Elizabeth T. and                 Elizabeth M. and                                                                                 Sam Tuohey
                                                                                                   Joseph Lampariello                Erna and Donald E. Minkoff
Harlean H. and                      William F. Broll                 Thomas A. Giovine                                                                              William Urbach
                                                                                                   Jette and Donald G. Laws          Diane and M. W. Montgomery
  Joseph S. Silverman             Mike Bubalo                      Erika and Thomas Girardi                                                                         Barbara M. and
                                                                                                   Howard Leach                      Gregory R. Mullendore            Gary Vandeweghe
Elaine A. and John L. Sparling    Orville W. Carter                Marlene and Russ Goebel         Legacy Resource Group             Merle and Peter Mullin         Michael Vietro
Gregory C. Talbott                Christy and Russell Carter       Linda L. and Louis Goldsman     Jay Leno                          Tom Mulvaney                   Donald I. Waller
Elizabeth J. and John R. Talley   Patty W. Chan                    Robert Gottlieb                 Bruce A. Lepore                   Richard Neu                    Robert Washburn
Janet L. Taylor                   Earl C. Charles                  Graham Research Consultants     Sheri and Lawrence Lesser         Jack Nicholson                 Joe Weider Foundation
Transit Air Cargo                 Frank Christian                  Beth and Louis Graziadio        LG Electronics                    Norcal Waste Systems           Dennis Weiss
United Parcel Service             Patrick Connor                   Janelle and Michael Grimes      Robert Looker                     Ryan O’Callaghan               Russ Werdin
Universal City Studios, LLP       Lodwrick M. Cook                 Virginia G. Hammerness          Ronald Loynds                     Paul Ogden                     Toni and James Williams
Bruce Williams                    Stephen M. Cook                  Deborah and                     Joe Luciani                       Vance Owen                     Linda K. and Howell D. Wood
Patrick Willis                    Victoria and Douglas J. Corbin     H. William Harlan             Sharon and James Lunsford         Shawn Parr                     Bette L. and Phil Wood
Donna Wills                       Carl Covitz                      Brian Harms                     Virginia and John Madden          Jean and Alan G. Pedersen      Blenda and Andrew Wright
Patty and Bob Wilson              Donna F. and Marshall Cox        Mary Hart                       Majestic Realty Foundation        Jane L. and Eric Pedley        Kevin Wu
                                  H. Walter Croskey                Connie Heagy                    Sharon J. and
   $1,000 - $4,999                                                                                                                   Alfred Peet                    Jan and Carlos Yrueta
                                  Katherine and                    Gary Heck                         Thomas E. Malloy
                                    J. Michael Crowe                                                                                 Dan and Donna Peterson         Lisa and Arthur Zafiropoulo
Joseph Aidlin                                                      Diana & Don Henderson           Kay Maloy
                                  William H. Curtis                                                                                  Christine and John Peterson    Robert Zarnegin
Katherine H. Alden                                                 Donna and William Herrick       Vinnie Mandzak
                                  Cypress Management Co., Inc.                                                                       Dr. Phil
All American Asphalt                                               Hella and Charles H. Hershson   Nathalie and Maurice Marciano
                                  Dajon Truck Repair                                                                                 Lori and R. C. Pica                  $500 - $999
Naomi R. and Bob R. Andersen                                       Nikki Nichols and               Linda K. and A.C. Markkula
                                  Laurie Dasher                      Frederick Hitchcock, Jr.                                        Louie Picardo                  Jeanne M. and
William L. Anderson                                                                                Steve Martin
                                  Richard L. DeWitt                David Hoffman, Esq.                                               Gerry and Curt Pindler           Albert R. Abramson
Melody R. and                                                                                      Sabrina and
  James M. Andreoli               James Dolen                      Keiko and J. Edwin Holliday       Raul D. Martinez, Jr.           Eva J. Pine                    Ken S. Alperstein
Anheuser Busch                    Jerry Epstein                    Victoria and Charles Houck      Patricia D. and Peter A. Maschi   L. W. Putnam                   America's Finest Television
Albert Arciero                    Nanette and Erik Estrada         Jacqueline and James Houston    James Masten                      Lorene M. and James T. Quist     Corporation
Mary J. and                       Fabio                            Laura and James Hulburd         Shirley and                       Carol A. and Jack H. Randle    John Andraos
  Samuel H. Armacost              Ferrari Club of America          Shannon R. and Youriy Iliev       Duncan L. Matteson              Christopher Raniere            Salvatore Anello
Autry Foundation                    S. W. Region                   Michael A. Jacobs               Jack Maxwell                      Thomas J. Rauth, M. D.         John C. Babcock
Cheryl F. and                     Julie and Gary Filizetti         William H. Jewett               Betty May                         Republic Services              Robin A. Bacci
  James V. Babcock                Norman Fogelsong                 Karen and Mark Jung             Patricia and Richard McAuley      Judy and Robert Rhinehart      Angel N. and Richard F. Barba
John H. Baker                     Bruce Flyn                       William Karges                  Gail and Charles K. McCabe        Susan F. and Donald Rice       Alison L. and James J. Barta
James A. Balmain                  Four Seasons Resort, Maui        Heather J. and Harry Karsten    Janyce McCarthy-Rodrigues         Mark Richardson                Patrick Baumgarten
Stacy and Arthur Bartlett         Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Assoc.   John Kavanagh                   James G. McDonald                 Ralph Rico                     Ted E. Bean
Carol and Arnold Beckman        William Inskip                   Leslie Thomas                     Al Cosentino                        John Lamonica                    Robert J. Sackley
Jennifer and James A. Belushi   Peter Jankowski                  Stig Thormodsrud                  Glen Craig                          Joanne Lee                       Christopher A. Sahm
Josef Betz                      Kirk D. Jensen                   Judith P. and                     Frank Cutrone, Jr.                  Chungbai J. and                  Beverly and
Kamen Bodourov                  Carol A. and Cliff R. Johnson      William R. Timken               Daniel J. Davis                       Sangyup S. Lee                   Lawrence Sambado
Peggy and Terry Bogart          Alan Kalman                      Clay Timon                        Maria Dearmas                       Mitchell Leib                    San Francisco Forty Niner
Elliott Boggs                   George Kane                      Patricia and Louis J. Tomaselli   Richard DeBlasi                     Michelle and James Lew             Foundation
Michelle A. and                 Richard I. Katz                  Alan J. Tonkins                   Fred Delanoy                        Anna and Helmut Liebelt          Robert A. Sanchez
  Martin J. Bohan, III          Dolores M. and John P. Kent      John Unroe                        Henry DeNero                        Limo 4U                          Michael Schafer
Rhonda and Marty Boos           John M. Kirkorian                Catherine C. and                  Disney Worldwide Services,Inc.      Christine D. and Eric Lindner    Malcolm A. Schneer
Anna M. and Larry Boucher       Suzanne T. and                     Denny Van Ness                  Don Ramatici Insurance, Inc.        Anthony Lizano                   Michael D. Schneider
Joyce and Arthur D. Bower         Charles F. Kitzman             Susan A. Van Wagner               William Feldhorn                    Kristin and Ronn Loewenthal      Richard Schroeder
Yvette Boyer                    Marguerite M. Leoni and          Janet A. and Michael Vandever     Allan R. Folsom                     Martin A. Lorenzo, Jr.           Helen and Charles Schwab
BP Fabric of America Fund         Derek T. Knudsen               Lisa A. and Joseph J. A. Viso                                         Lousaare, Inc.                   S. A. Schwartz, M.D.
                                                                                                   Martin W. Foreman
Rex Brandt                      Timothy Lappen                   Miriam and Charles Vogel                                              Janice C. and                    Fred W. Schwertley, M.D.
                                                                                                   Michael Forman
Lawrence M. Braun               Martha J. and John B. Leisure    Duncan Watson                                                           Michael C. Lowther             Dorothy Seiker
                                                                                                   Jeannette and Donald Fowler
Richard Breaux                  Judy and Douglas L. Levi         Kim A. and Hank Weeks                                                 Thomas P. Manchester             Peter J. Shea
                                                                                                   James Freedman
Jill Breslau                    Allison Agsten-Levi and          Charles A. Weghorn                                                    Jeanne Q. and                    Nancy G. and Peter Sheerin
                                                                                                   Jerome Frick
Stephanie and Sean Bridgett       John D. Levi                   Ralph E. Weil                                                           Peter J. Mandell               Merrill R. and
                                                                                                   David Furbush                                                          Stephen Sherwin, M.D.
Victor Brito                    Mark Linder                      John D. Whitcombe                                                     Ronnie V. and James Mannos
                                                                                                   Furman & Associates, Inc.                                            Alvin C. Silbernagel
Blaine Bush                     Jennifer and David Link          Madeleine Kleiner and                                                 Lynne R. and
                                                                                                   Gary Gagliardi                        Melvin Matsumoto               William F. Simmons
C & A Trucking                  Jeffrey Loftin                     Harley Williams
                                                                                                   Jay Garacochea                      Raafat N. Mattar                 Mercedes and Harry Singh, Jr.
California Trucking Assoc.      Christopher H. Lord              Robert T. Williams
                                                                                                   Lynn W. and Philip A. Garrett       Donald C. McFarlane              Deeksha and Shilaj Singhal
Bruce Canepa                    Tom Louderback                   Victoria A. and
                                                                   Norman Williamson               Candace and Vincent Gaudiani        James B. McKenna                 Karen and Stuart Sloan
Heidi Cary, Ph.D.               Julie and Steve Luckman
                                                                 Maureen S. Boro and               Drucilla and Millard Gensler, Jr.   John McNulty                     Cheryl R. and
Edwin E. Catmull                Connie and Robert Lurie
                                                                   Michael E. Winter               Melvin S. Goldsman                  Earl R. Miller                     Daniel Smith, III
Kimberly and Fadi Cheikha       Mike Mahoney
                                                                 Janice and George A. Woodley      Rosalind and Fred Gramcko           Pauline Miller                   James E. Smith
Kris Chellam                    Ronald Mallen
                                                                 Michael Yedor                     Grange Debris Box &                 Kevork Minassian                 Michael W. Soza
Hsin-An A. Chi                  David Malloy                                                         Wrecking Co.
                                                                 Jeff Zwerling                                                         Caryll S. Mingst                 Lauren Speeth
Karl Chicca                     Marin Landscape Materials                                          James P. Gray
                                                                                                                                       Kevin Minkel                     Ronald Spindler
Paula and Daniel J. Conner      Raul O. Martinez, Sr.                                              Christine and Robert Gray, Jr.
                                Marcy McLarry                        $250 - $499                                                       Darrell Mitchell                 Jay Steinbeck
G. Bartley Coulter                                               Antonio Accornero                 Lauren and Bradley W. Greider                                        Linda and Don Stephan
                                Carole J. McNeil                                                                                       Irene E. and
Carl Covitz                                                      Joseph E. Aiello                  Dennis Grimsman                       Mark E. Montgomery             Peter Stoneberg
Michelle E. and                 Elliot Megdal                                                      Phyllis and Greenlaw Grupe
                                                                 Alviso Rock, Inc.                                                     Judith J. and David G. Moore     Philip Strauss
  Matthew A. Crosby             Roger B. Menard                                                    Gloria G. and Ron F. Gurvitz
                                                                 Christine M. and                                                      Tonja Moore                      Randy Sugarman
Michele and                     David Meyer                                                        Sammy Hagar
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  Dennis Dahlhausen             Montecito Market Place Assoc.                                      Jackie and Willis D. Hamilton
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Anita Speciale and              James S. Morley                                                    William Hammerstein                                                    W. C. Swanson, Jr.
  Joseph D'Alessio                                               Thomas J. Antal                                                       William A. Morse
                                MPSF, Inc.                                                         Darlene and Eric C. Hanson                                           Charles R. Swimmer
Frederick J. de Grosz                                            Mario Aquilino                                                        Mr. Cecil's California Ribs
                                Nicholas E. Nicoletti                                              Karen Hargrove                                                       Robert Talbott
Vickey and                                                       Frank Arciero                                                         Richard L. Munns
                                Barbara Nisbet                                                     Anthony Hart                                                         Peggy B. and
  Thomas Debrowski                                               Thomas Armstrong                                                      James Murad
                                Margaret H. and Peter Noce                                         Salah M. Hassanein                                                     Donald W. Thomas
Woodrow W. DeWitt                                                Art's Towing                                                          Mark Murray
                                Richard B. O'Leary                                                 Robin and Allen Hastings                                             Larry Thomas
Pamela A. Di Giovanni                                            Linda and Dennis Ashlock                                              Masako and Mitsuru Nagata
                                Richard Ounjian                                                    Cecelia and Albert P. Hegyi                                          Grant A. Tinker
A. Redmond Doms                                                  Darius Assemi                                                         Jan VandeBos and
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  Frank Ghiglione                                                David A. Blanton, III             Ifeoma Ikenze, M.D.                 Nicholas Orlando
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Judith M. and                                                    Bonnie J. and                     Infineon Raceway                    Gordon Palmquist
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                                                                 James Brockman                    KABC TV
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Joanne B. and George Hall                                                                          Michael B. Kaplan                   Kjell Qvale                      Eugene J. Williams
Steve M. Hamilton               Judith E. and Lewis Schmid       Dennis J. Buccola                                                     James D. Randolph
                                                                                                   Michael Karlin                                                       Susan and Ian Wilson
Dru and Michael A. Hammer       Geraldine and                    Dian E. and James G. Burke                                            Michelle P. and James C. Rees
                                  Edward J. Schrillo                                               Merrill P. and F. V. Kasper                                          Charles E. Wirtz
Gerry Hawks                                                      Greg Burns                                                            Linda and Myron Reichert
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Jennie and                                                       Juliet Carrara                                                        Robert W. Reniers
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  Jerry L. Heidemann            Susan and Dean Shoemaker         Dorothy P. and James Castle                                           Edward J. Ritelli, Sr.
                                                                                                   Sanjay Khurana                                                       Bruce I. Yen
Charles Hepperle                Margaret L. Bass and             Liviu Chindris                                                        Patricia L. and
                                  Edward T. Sickel, IV                                             Corey E. Kliman                                                      David Young
Russel D. Hiles                                                  William Christopher                                                     Donald L. Robinson             Kevin Yu
Kazuo Hirai                     Sanford Sigal                    Dennis Cissell                    William Knight                      Jonathan P. Rodrigues
                                Anthony G. Siress                                                  Valerie J. and                                                       Son H. Yu
Kathleen Nuckles and                                             Frances Clader                                                        Gerald M. Rohm                   Peter F. Ziegler
  Richard J. Hoard              Jill and Boyd C. Smith           David W. Clark                      Peter K. Kompaniez                Donald Rose
                                Lanyll and Michael Smith                                           Korbel Champagne                                                     Steve Zubietaº
Michael J. Hoffmann                                              Joanne G. Clarke                                                      Penelope A. and
James Holtz                     Karen Snyder                     Carol and James A. Collins        Lana and B. James Kosh                Robert Rosselli
Hong Family Trust               Terry and                        Cheryl B. and                     Kurt Krieser                        Monroe C. Rothschild
Linda B. and Michael J. Hong      Richard J. Stadelhofer           John P. Colman, M.D.            Fred Kunik                          Lenore J. and Guy Rounsaville      Please forgive us if your name
Joan E. and John F. Hotchkis    Moira B. Stayton                 Virginia and Donald Compton       Thomas Kunisaki                     Len Rovai                           does not appear. Let us know
Anita M. and                    Brian A. Stein                   Paul R. Conrado                   F. D. La Riviere                    Mary J. and Leonard A. Rullo        and we’ll list you in the next
  Harrison Y. Hurst             Gloria S. and Michael Sullivan   Paula J. Brooks and               James A. Lagorio                    Kenneth W. Rush                   Extraordinary Generosity issue.
Tyrone Ingram                   Michael B. Terry-Lloyd             Robert E. Cook                  Frank LaHaye                        Patricia and James Ryley
                        SPRING 2009               O u r       T h a n k s . . .
                      We are sincerely grateful to each of the following donor friends who have made a
                   superior commitment to the CHP 11-99 Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support!
                                                               LEADERSHIP CIRCLE
                                                                              JOHN H. BAKER
                                                                        GOLD LEVEL
Marc Andreessen                 Carey Cullinane           Paul Graham                Donna J. Morrison              Ying Peng                 Steven Springsteel
Douglas R. Ayres                Eric Dickerson            Pasi Hamalainen            Donald S. Morrow               Sheila Pistone-Pirzadeh   John J. Vinciguerra
Michele J. Ayres                Hans Dueck                Victoria S. Kennedy        Marguerite R. Morrow           David Rafanelli           Thomas J. Wilbert
Tom Battaglia                   Emma Dueck                Greg Krodel                Leanne Mothershead             Patty Rafanelli           Julia Wilbert
Michele A. Battaglia            Stephen A. Finn           Vivian Krodel              Nicholas Orlando               Stratton Sclavos
Marc Benioff                    Alisa Gean                Maria Martinez             Alan Pedersen                  Jody Sclavos
Lynne Benioff                   Seth Gersch               Anne Marie Molidor         Jean Pedersen                  Margaret Sickel
Margaret Krestine Corbin        Anaflor Graham            James J. Morrison          David Peng                     Cindy Springsteel

                                                                       SILVER LEVEL
Jennifer Aaker                  Diane Edwards             Sharon L. Jory             Lori Pica                      Neil Setchell             Richard G. Vento
Fatma Abdelhalim                Dave Ekedal               Steven Kaplan              R. Craig Pica                  Eugene M. Shortt, Jr.     Lana J. Vento
John L. Albanese                Cheri L. Ekedal           April Kawahara             Cindy Pogatchnik               Steve Simi                Ronald Weinstein
Mary Sue Albanese               Jeffrey Lee Freiberg      David Kawahara             Douglas C. Prestine            Cecilia Simi              Devorah Weinstein
Florian Barth                   Bonnie Freiberg           Nora Jeanne Keele          Joan S. Prestine               Mark Sinclair             Teresa K. Wells
Lori Lafountain Barth           Cathleen C. Gellepis      Michael Keele              Dennis Principe                Patricia Sloan            Stephen R. Wells, M.D.
Christopher M. Bass             Troy Griepp               Nancy Kligerman            Laurie Principe                Ronald Sloan              Glen Williams
Stephanie Battles               Angelique Slye Griepp     Ronald Kligerman           Janet Rengo                    Ronald C. Smith           Robert Wills
Marty Boos                      Courtney Hawkins          James L. Ledwith           Robert Rengo                   Andrew B. Smith           Susan Wills
Rhonda Jo Boos                  Youssri K. Helmy          William I. Levyn           Leonard Riggs                  Brad Mark Somberg         Jimmie Lee Wilson
Gregory Christy                 Jacobo Herrera            Marshall Lewis             Peggy Riggs                    Gina Marie Somberg        Wayne O. Wojdak
Keith Claxton                   Marina Herrera            Jay J. Lincoln             Michael Robertson              Arpine Somokranian        Lisa Yetzer-Samuel
Brian Currie                    Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch   Tonette Lincoln            Kimberly A. Robertson          Steven S. Sourapas        Gillian B. Zucker
Susan Currie                    Catherine Hobbs           Rita I. Minnis             Douglas C. Rosenberg           Connie J. Sourapas
Jason John Davila               Christian Hobbs           Melkon Mkryan              Ellen Rosenberg                Gregory C. Talbott
Lan Thad Davila                 Tony Sawyer Horton        John Morgridge             Robert Salvarezza              Cheryl A. Talbott
Jean-Paul Davila                Alyson W. Jackson         Tashia Morgridge           Clifford M. Samuel             David Tofolo
Heather M. Davila               Jacqueline Jarve          Nicholas Nakahara          Dan Scolari                    Kelly Tofolo
Amanda Devlin                   John Jarve                John Parrish               Le Scolari                     Juliemae Trebilcock
Bruce Edwards                   John Hampton Jory         Margrit Paul               Michelle Setchell              Terry Trebilcock Jr.

                                                                     BRONZE LEVEL
Nasar Aboubakare                Ross Dargahi              Charles J. Huebner         Camille R. McDowell            Carol S. Price            Gregory J. Swanson
David C. Agnew                  Barnett Davis             Fred Hunziker              Michael F. McVay               Charles H. Price          Charles M. Sweeney
Alan Artunian                   James T. Demetriades      Joshua Hyman               Khosrow M. Mehrany             Robert B. Price           Michael B. Sweeney
Robert L. Atchison              Gregory Dobie             Wesley A. Idol             Barry R. Meinerth              Rick Principe             Jeffrey R. Talley
Alan K. Austin                  James Dolen               Diane L. James             Jared Miller                   William G. Proctor        John D. Talley
Vincent Bacolini                Charles F. Faris          Tim Jennings               Michael A. Millman             Zachary L. Pugh           Mark D. Talley
Michael F. Ball                 Michaelle Fastlicht       Harry K. Jeung             Vance Minnis                   Robert Putnam             Richard M. Talley
Monica M. Bancroft              Ronald Fedrick            Daniel E. Johnson          Edmond B. Mirabito             Jaime D. Quita            Sang V. Tang
Paul Bancroft                   David Feldman             Nicholas Kahrilas          Kristen Moore                  Susie M. Quon             Edward M. Tauber
Paul C. Becker                  Robert P. Felton          Jason Kakebeen             Hal A. Moorefield              Victor S. Radeff          Steve Thompson
John C. Boncher                 Michael S. Fields         Kirk J. Kaludis            Lawrence A. Moorefield         Paul S. Rahimian          John A. Thurau
Frank Bongiovanni               Marc Finkelstein          Arthur A. Katz             Michael D. Moorefield          Robert W. Rand            Sherman Y. Ting
Brian B. Bowman                 Melissa Finkelstein       Layla Kayleigh             Gregory Moquin                 Pamela Raquet             Robert S. Tucker
Cyrus K. Bozorgi                David A. Flood            Joseph J. Keon             Janette Moquin                 Steven M. Read            Steve W. Tyson
Ashley Bradney                  Kathie A. Flood           Norma Khatib               Jonathan C. Motley             Earl F. Rennison          Anne-Marie Unanue
James Bradney                   Martin A. Foster          Tigran Khrlobian           Shelley J. Motley              Jose A. Rivero            David J. Van Beek
Barbara K. Brown                Eugene Frantz             Allan Kowan                Teddy S. Nakahara              Shervin Roohparvar        June E. Van Dusen
Jonathan A. Brown               Maria Frantz              Ashok Krishnamurthi        Steven G. Nash                 Kenneth C. Ross           Robert A. Vince
Edward P. Bryan                 Richard C. Fyke           Swoosie Kurtz              Kipp M. Nelson                 Gregory R. Rubino         Patrick D. Wachsberger
Robert Burg                     James A. Gassel           Guy L. Langer              Terry Noriega                  Gary S. Russo             Michael K. Waddell
Robin Burg                      Timothy M. George         Fabio Lanzoni              Cheryl D. Pentz                William B. Sander         Narada M. Walden
John Burk                       Amber Gerhardt            Jay R. Lappen              George B. Pentz                Emil L. Sanders           Harris Wali
Salvatore Cala                  Vince Giacalone           Robert LaRue               Drew D. Perkins                David R. Sandlin          Rodney T. Wang
Gary D. Canfield                Jan Glynn                 Steven A. Laub             Donna L. Perlmutter            Linda Schimberg           Bruce Williams
Habib A. Carouba                Michael Glynn             Kenneth P. Lawler          Andrew Phillips                Janet M. Scully           Patrick Willis
Connie M. Carson                Floyd B. Grant            Stanley L. Leopard         Susan Phillips                 Jay C. Scully             Paul V. Wojdak
David Cassady                   Paul E. Grubs             Danny L. Letner            Annette Plotkin                Dexter Sergent            Leland S. Wong
Debra A. Chambers               Patricia Gunness          Paula Litman               Ronald Plotkin                 Farhad N. Sharim          Nuttawat Wongpisethkul
Joseph W. Chambers              William A. Hanna          Tony B. Litman             John A. Podlesni               Christine M. Sheldon      Richard C. Woodward
Peter Chung                     William J. Hendricksen    Anthony Lombardo           Joy M. Podlesni                Cecilia A. Simi           William H. Wright
Nelson Cicchitto                Andrea Higgins            Larry D. Long              Dorothea S. Pomagalski-Preus   David E. Smith            Gary L. Wycoff
William M. Cockrum              Peter M. Hilf             Nathalie M. Marg           Thomas A. Ports                Connie J. Sourapas        Joseph Yavetz
William M. Colace               Jason L. Holmes           Patricia D. Maschi         David Pottruck                 Steven S. Sourapas        Alfred Y. Yip
Robert Coleman                  Bradley T. Holmgren       Peter A. Maschi            Emily S. Pottruck              Peter V. Sperling         Mary E. Zemeckis
Patrick J. Conner               Ying-Wen G. Hsiao         James Masten               Dan Prechtl                    Stephanie G. Sperling     George Zofcin
Cyril A. Conrad                 Linda S. Huang            Raafat N. Mattar           Victor M. Preisler             Brian A. Stein
Catherine M. Covey              John D. Hudson            Randall R. McCardle        Donald S. Presant              Mark W. Surrey
                             C o m m i s s i o n e r ’ s                         C o r n e r                                                         SPRING 2009

          Not many of us have been Highway Patrol members since 1981 when the 11-99 Foundation was
          formed. But we know the story of founder Bob Weinberg, a man whose generosity became the grist
          of legend. His outstretched hand of friendship helped rescue Highway Patrol officers facing financial
          calamity, and inspired his friends and acquaintances to become partners in the nascent venture.
          When Weinberg died in 1992, the Foundation could have slipped into obscurity. Instead it became
          stronger as board members with vision and resolve expanded both programs and benefits.
          The original Weinberg dictum—stepping in to resolve a looming financial crisis—gradually expanded over the years to include death
          benefits and then college scholarships for children and spouses of CHP employees—uniformed and non-uniformed alike. The role of families
          aided in one form or another now extends into the thousands. Scholarship winners have gone on to successful careers because of the 11-99
          Foundation’s munificent assistance. Financial stability has been assured for scores of families suddenly confronted by large unexpected
          demands on their personal finances. All of this has come from an organization that expects nothing in return.
          What we can and do offer is our sincere gratitude. When I search for an appropriate way of conveying that gratitude, I think of an ancient
          saying: “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” Those words came from the mouth of Greek
          philosopher Socrates in the fifth century BC. The Foundation built its stellar reputation by achieving that Socratic status: it has become what
          it desires to appear, without fanfare and with humility.
          George Herbert, an English clergyman in the 1600s, said “The best mirror is an old friend.” Bob Weinberg is an old friend. If it were possible
          for him to be here, I think he would be smiling broadly in recognition of what the 11-99 Foundation has achieved.
          For the California Highway Patrol, the 11-99 Foundation is a staunch ally and a marvelous support organization. We express our
          appreciation anew.

         J. A. Farrow, Commissioner

11-99 Foundation Donors Experience the World's Finest Training...
                                                                                                  CHP Academy Tour Inspires All
                                                                                                  Throughout 2008, the 11-99 Foundation's Silver and Gold Level
                                                                                                  Donors had the opportunity to experience and tour the
                                                                                                  world-class CHP Academy in Sacramento.
                                                                                                  The various hosts and tour guides were top-brass CHP Captains and
                                                                                                  Commanders who gave an inside look into the lives, schooling
                                                                                                  and rigorous training that each officer receives. Each participant
                                                                                                  came away in awe of the highest standards and discipline that
                                                                                                  the cadets must adhere to and eventually achieve.
                                                                                                  If you are interested in the Silver or Gold Level associations,
                                                                                                  please contact our office for information at 714-529-1199.

Some of the tour highlights included a helicopter demonstration
(pictured above), high-speed track demonstration and
weapons training (pictured right) to name a few.

              Did you know?
      The CHP Academy's 27-week training
     program is double the amount required
         for law enforcement agencies!
              SPRING 2009                                                     Departmental                    Update

     Signs of Courage                                                                        Memorial Highway Signs Are Erected
                                                                                             to Honor Fallen Heroes of the CHP...
                                                                                                              Below: Officer Schultz’s widow Teresa (far right) looks on as
                                                                                                         her husband's sign is revealed. Officer Schultz worked out of the
                                                                                                          Winterhaven Area Office and was a 24-year veteran of the CHP.

Above: Officer Dickey’s widow Yekaterina and his son Nathan stand by the newly
unveiled sign memorializing their husband and father. Officer Dickey worked out of the
Winterhaven Area Office and served the Califoria Highway Patrol faithfully for five years.

                                                                                                          # # # # #
                                                                                                            5 STAR SALUTE
 H O N O R I N G O U R F A L L E N H E RO                                                                    The CHP 11-99 Foundation wishes to salute the following
                                                                                                               CHP Squad Clubs & Offices that contributed in 2008
                                                                                                          Auburn Area Squad Club
                                                                                                          Baldwin Park Squad Club
                                                                                                          Barstow Squad Club
                                                                   OFFICER JOSEPH P. SANDERS              Blythe Palo Verde Valley Squad Club
                                                                   SOUTHERN DIVISION                      Capistrano Squad Club
                                                                   Died December 15, 2008                 Castro Valley Squad Club
                                                                                                          Dublin Squad Club
                                                                                                          East Los Angeles Squad Club
                                                                   Officer Joseph P. Sanders,             El Cajon Area Squad Club
                                                                   died in the Line of Duty on            Gilroy Squad Club
                                                                                                          Golden Gate Comm Center
                                                                   December 15, 2008. While               Indio Squad Club
                                                                   working a traffic collision,           Los Banos Squad Club
                                                                   he was fatally struck by a car         Marin Squad Club
                                                                                                          Morongo Basin Squad Club
                                                                   that collided with another             Mt. Shasta Squad Club
                                                                   vehicle. Officer Sanders had           Napa Squad Club
                                                                                                          Newhall Squad Club
                                                                   been with the patrol for 14            Northern Division Squad Club
                                                                   months. He had just                    Red Bluff Squad Club
                                                                   finished a tour of duty in             Redding Squad Club
                                                                                                          San Diego Squad Club
                                                                   Iraq while in the Marine               San Jose Squad Club
                                                                   Corps. He leaves behind a              Santa Fe Springs Squad Club
                                                                   spouse, who is expecting,              Santa Rosa Squad Club
                                                                                                          Solano CHP Explorer Post 365
                                                                   and four children.                     Temecula Squad Club
                                                                                                          Victorville Squad Club
           Officer Joseph Sanders, his wife Tondria with                                                  West Valley Squad Club
           three of their children.                                                                       Willows Area Squad Club
                                                                                                          Woodland Squad Club
                                                                                                          Yuba Sutter Squad Club

                                                                                                            Hopefully we didn’t leave anyone out. If so, please let us know.
10                                                                                                           We’ll mention your Squad in our Fall 2009 STAR newsletter.
                                                  S a v e                 T h e s e       D a t e s ...                               SPRING 2009

                                           Event Calendar                         SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAY 4, 2009 - Monday                                                             APRIL 24, 2009 - Friday
7th Annual CHP 11-99 Foundation                                                  East Los Angeles CHP Golf Tournament
North Bay Golf Tournament                                                        California Country Club, Whittier. Shotgun start at 7 a.m.
Marin Country Club, Novato. Registration at 10 a.m.                              Contact Lou Gutierrez at 323-770-2138
Contact Mike Elder at 408-551-0422 or email
                                                                                 MAY 8, 2009 - Friday
JUNE 5, 2009 - Friday                                                            Exclusive Screening of STAR TREK
8th Annual CHP 11-99 Foundation/                                                 Paramount Studios, Hollywood. Cocktails and Dinner at 6:30 p.m.
Northern Division Golf Tournament                                                To reserve your tickets or sponsorships, please call 714-529-1199
Tierra Oaks Golf Club, Redding. Registration at 11 a.m.
Contact Sgt. Mark Mezanno at 530-926-2627                                        MAY 11, 2009 - Monday
                                                                                 Indio CHP Squad Club Golf Tournament
JUNE 19, 2009 - Friday                                                           Indian Wells Golf Resort, Indian Wells. Registration at 6:30 a.m.
2nd Annual John P. Miller Memorial                                               Last date to sign up is May 1.
Golf Tournament                                                                  Sponsors and participants, contact Office Technician Cindy Herndon at 760-772-8911
Sunol Valley Golf Club, Pleasanton. Registration at 10 a.m.
Contact the 390 Squad Club at 925-828-0466                                       MAY 16, 2009 - Saturday
                                                                                 3rd Annual CHP 11-99
                                                                                 Memorial Bike Run
  OCTOBER 12, 2009 - Monday                                                      San Diego Harley Davidson, San Diego. Sign ups start at 8 a.m.
  18th Annual CHP 11-99 Foundation                                               For more information, please visit:
  Northern California Golf Tournament
  and Scholarship Banquet                                                        JULY, 2009
  Los Altos Country Club, Los Altos. Registration at 9:45 a.m.                   4th Annual San Diego Area CHP Squad Club
  Contact Mike Elder at 408-551-0422 or email                Golf Tournament
                                                                                 Riverwalk Golf Course, Mission Valley area of San Diego.
  OCTOBER 12, 2009 - Monday                                                      Contact Sgt. Robert Hoeffs, Officer Brad Baehr, or Officer Hal Corbin
  The 9th Annual CHP 11-99 Foundation                                            at 619-220-5492 or email
  Car Drawing
  Los Altos Country Club, Los Altos. Winner need not be present to win.               SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 - Friday
  Contact Mike Elder at 408-551-0422 or email                     27th Annual Bob Weinberg
                                                                                      CHP 11-99 Foundation
                                                                                      Golf Tournament and Comedy Show
                                                                                      Los Coyotes Country Club, Buena Park. Shotgun start at 11 a.m.
                                                                                      Contact Rebecca Centner at 714-529-1199 or
         Year-End Giving                                                              email

        Hits Record High                                                         OCTOBER 12, 2009 - Monday
                                                                                 Temecula Area CHP 685 Squad Club

      Over $360,000 Raised                                                       17th Annual Golf Tournament
                                                                                 SCGA Golf Course, Murrieta.
                                                                                 Contact Officer Ron Thatcher at 951-506-2000
     Thank you for your generous donations
     to support the 11-99 Foundation’s vital                                              Please contact the CHP 11- 99 Office for
        mission of service to CHP families.                                             Sponsorship Opportunities
                                                                                         714-529-1199 or email

                                         ~In Memory of Fallen CHP Officers~
                                                    3rd Annual
                                              CHP 11-99 FOUNDATION
                                                      MEMORIAL BIKE RUN
                                                        5600 Kearny Mesa Rd. 92111
                                                           ~All Riders Welcome~

                                                         May 16, 2009
                                An Organization Devoted To The Welfare Of CHP Employees & Their Families

                                               * Cost: $25 Per Rider/ $40 Per Couple (1 Bike)
                                  *Sign up for ride between 8:00-10:00 AM at San Diego Harley Davidson
                               *Enjoy Food including: Starbucks Coffee, Krispy Kreme Donuts & Chick-fil-a
                                            * Raffle Prizes, Beer Garden & The Tilted Kilt Girls
                                             *Bag Pipe Ceremony, Honor Guard & CHP Escort

                                                GUEST APPEARANCES BY:
                                                UFC/Mixed Martial Arts Fighters:
                                       Dean Lister, Rick Slaton, Joe Duarte, Pat Speight & Charles Diaz

                                                 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT BY:
                                                The Sleeping Sea King & Tatonka
                                                              Buy Tickets at:
                                             San Diego Harley Davidson 5600 Kearny Mesa Road


                                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.

CHP 11-99
                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                           P A I D
                                                                                                           PERMIT #104
 Spring - Summer 2009                                                                                      San Dimas, CA
 2244 N. State College Blvd.
 Fullerton, CA 92831
 714-529-1199 Tel
 714-529-1191 Fax

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