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									7th Heaven Star and Safeguard My Meds
Advocate Prescription Safety

If used moderately and as directed, prescription medicines help ease many
health conditions and cure others. But some people don’t know the risks of
keeping medications unsecured in the home, especially medications that
have a high potential to be abused, such as stimulants, tranquilizers and
pain relievers.
Easy-to-find medicines can be abused by anyone entering a home,
especially teens and young adults. Catherine Hicks, 7th Heaven star and
parent advocate, is working with Safeguard My Meds to tell Americans
what they can do to help prevent prescription medicine abuse and potential
Government statistics show that 70 percent of people age 12 and older
who have abused prescription pain relievers say they got them from a
friend or relative.
As the parent of a teenager, Hicks feels a personal connection to this
growing issue. Every day, more than 2,500 teenagers abuse prescription
medicine for the first time, and they don’t even need to leave the house to
do it.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 20 percent of
teens have taken prescription drugs without a doctor’s order. Hicks says
taking these simple steps can make a big difference:
• Keep medication in a locked storage container out of the reach of
visitors, children and pets;
•   Keep a list of medicines in your home;
•   Never share prescription medicines with anyone or mix them;
• Talk to your community pharmacists about the best way to store and
get rid of old medicine;
• Visit the site www.safeguardmymeds.org for more tips and tools to
make your home medications safe; and
•   Tell friends and family to keep their medications safe and secure.
According to Keith Hodges, pharmacist and executive committee member
of the National Community Pharmacists Association, when parents keep
prescription medicines in their homes, they need to keep those medicines
safe. Safeguard My Meds is a free resource offered by the National
Community Pharmacists Association and Purdue Pharma L.P. Visit
www.safeguardmymeds.org to find out more.

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