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									John L Pyne

A senior sales, marketing, strategy and operational leader with strong technical knowledge and broad practical business
experiences from the F100 to early stage startup companies. Skilled in sales and channel management practices,
communications, project management, product development, with up to date technology experience. Consulted for and
operated firms in various growth stages with long-term relationships and repeat requests for advice and assistance.
Taught, designed and implemented online and computer based curriculum, social media and PR programs. Successes'
and errors' have provided valuable perspectives and left a positive attitude and strong commitment to build growth
oriented organizations.

Career History:
Chief Marketing Officer, VP Marketing, Celadon Applications, 2010 - present (Electric/hybrid vehicle software)
       Originated sales and marketing strategy, designed and executed low cost public relations and e-
        marketing programs increasing visibility resulting in invitations to leading Electric Vehicle
       Won grants from state economic development commission.
       Established development projects with leading OEM and suppliers to the auto industry including
        Magna International, Ricardo, General Motors (Volt) and OnStar, and others.
       Established channel relationships with leading web sites and alternate propulsion design companies.

Managing Director, ResiliencyPlus, LLC, Jan., 2006 - 2010
       Founded and grew global business continuity/disaster management consulting firm.
       Designed and executed online analysis tool, sold to major insurance underwriters and brokerages.
       Consulted with leading industry associations on online tools for disaster preparedness, including the
        Department of Homeland Security and IBHS

Director of Programs, Association of Contingency Planners (ACP), 2008 - 2010
Instructor; Certified Data Center Professional / Business Continuity Instructor, 2003 - present
       Instructor, International accreditation courses on data center management, disaster preparedness
        and business continuity.

Instructor, University of Phoenix, MBA program, eBusiness and Marketing courses. 2001- 2009
       Taught graduate level courses in marketing and e-business.

President, Workbooks - Dataworks, Inc.; Hospitality/Restaurant Software, 2002 – 2005.
       Researched, managed the acquisition of technology based companies, managing the acquisition and
        integration of operations for software unit until cash flow positive.
       Integrated existing sales channels with acquired new products and service groups, trained
        telemarketing and direct sales force to achieve sales growth.

Partner, Catalyst Partners ES, LLC. Venture Fund Advisors and Management consulting practice, Colorado, Springs,
Colorado. 2001 - 2006
       Due diligence for technology/software investments Advised and mentored existing investment
        companies, as well as unrelated software companies on sales and marketing strategy. All companies
        acquired, merged.
       Advised Venture funds of $26MM, $29.5MM and $18MM.

Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Mobilize, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado (Software), 1999 - 2001
       Repositioned, renamed and created new sales strategy, raising ($13.5 million) for venture funded
        mobile application startup. Positioned company to be declared "best in breed" and "new leader" in
        most vertical media.
John L Pyne

Vice President and General Manager, TF Software, New Hampshire (Services), 1997- 1999
       Turned around failing Y2K software company, adding high value service content and personally
        selling and redirecting sales and marketing efforts. Achieved breakeven cash flow for final year,
        resulted in recouping all the initial investments and then sold IP to division of EDS for overall positive
        investment. (>$6MM)

VP/ General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Lumisys/Imagraph, Massachusetts (Medical Imaging). 1994-1996
       Created new channel sales and marketing strategy and built new sales team for medical imaging
        device company. Closed three major OEM sales with Imation, Kodak and G.E. Medical Imaging.
        Resulting revenue turnaround of more than 200% in less than 9 months to cash flow positive and
        profit of more than $2million.

Director-OEM Channels, Digital Equipment Corporation, New Hampshire
       Created and sold new channel strategy, internally and externally, for a joint development and sales
        venture with Honeywell resulting in new $190 business.
       Researched and developed new strategic sales channel for SMB target segment which sold through
        F100 companies such as Ford, Hallmark, Chevron, to their distribution channels with average project
        sales of ~$15-30million.

Sales Manager, DEC, Iowa.
       Opened F50 accounts which had previously only purchased from single vendor. Grew unit 400% in
        two years.
       Discovered and then built relationships to sell sole source contract with defense contractor for
        original (DOD) Global Positioning System supplier worth more than $100 million over 5 years.

       M.B.A., Marketing and Finance; Whittemore School, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, May,
       M.S. Biology, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
       B.A., Science, Lewis University, Lockport, IL
       Ph.D. Studies, University of Iowa, Joint Biology-Biochemistry, Iowa City, Iowa (ABD, course
        work/research completed)
       Additional business management and strategy courses at Harvard Business School, MIT-Sloan
        School, The Wharton School and Northwestern's Kellogg School.
       Trained in wide variety of selling styles and systems including Xerox, Solution Selling, Sandler, Miller-
        Heiman, SPIN and others.

       Teaching, mentoring and learning. I have taught at the secondary, university, corporate and public
        spaces. I enjoy learning with others both motivating and being motivate to acquire a better
        understanding of all things.
       Backpacking - Wilderness areas. I have come to really enjoy backpacking with my son in the many
        wilderness areas in Colorado. The quiet, views, adventure and exercise are all great.
       Wood working, especially post and beam/timber framing construction. Working with the hands is as
        important as developing the mind to achieve any true balance and sense of the world. This ancient
        methodology provides aesthetic and tactile joy while demanding the understanding and use of
        geometry, planning and precise execution. Assembling a building, which could stand for hundreds of
        years, is very satisfying.
       Golf. I am not a great golfer, but the beauty and social benefits of playing in one of the great sports
        venues is a way to both relax and to understand my character and those with whom I play. I began
        learning both the game and how people behave as a caddy at age 14 and have enjoyed both since.

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