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Certification of Products

About Company

Certification bodies of SERCONS Group have been accredited by GOSSTANDART of Russia, as well as enter the Association of European Business (AEB). SERCONS has been an exclusive partner of the Club France (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Russia), and of German, Italian, and Austrian CCIs.

SERCONS today is the leading Russian company in the filed of certification and expert appraisal of industrial safety, and in consulting concerning certification and quality management systems introduction. The Company has its representatives in Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Korea, and Switzerland.

Our 13 years experience in the market and more than 67 000 executed orders ensured our reputation of a professional and reliable partner experienced in certification of different products, including those produced by major manufacturers.


Accreditation scope, according to the number of equipment and products’ categories


Financial turnover in 2008 (euro)
Average annual growth of turnover from 2002 to 2008 (%) Personnel: Experts Managers Administrative Personnel

>16 MIO
33 ~180 84 70 26

Our Clients

Issued certificates, according to industries
(% of the total number)

Mechanical engineering Машиностроение 9%


Electric equipment Электрооборудование


Petrochemical and и газовая Нефтехимическая gas industry промышленность Instrument engineering Приборостроение


Construction Строительство


Permits Issued by Federal Ecological Technological and Atomic Inspectorate (ROSTEKHNADZOR), according to the industries,
(% of the total number)



Котлонадзор - 3%3% Boiler inspection –

Химия, нефтехимия и Chemistry, petrochemistry, a nd oil refining – 24% нефтепереработка - 24%
Oil and gas production Металлургия - 5% – 64%

Metallurgy – 5% Нефтегазодобыча - 64%

Lifting devices – 4% Подъёмные сооружения - 4% (краны, подъемники и т.д.) (cranes, elevators, etc.)

Oil Industry Equipment Certification

Gas Equipment Certification

Our Clients

Compressor Equipment Certification

Pumping Equipment Certification

Our Clients

Conduits Certification

Cables Certification

Our Clients

Our Clients

Testing Instruments Certification (I&C, Metrology)

Electric Equipment Certification

Construction Materials Certification

Insulating and Covering Materials Certification

Our Clients

Accreditation Certificate of SERCONS Certification Body in GOST R System

Our Services:

Certificate of Conformity to GOST R Certificate of Conformity for explosion protected equipment Fire Safety Certificate Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion

Certificate of Approval of measuring tools type
Industrial safety expert appraisal and Permit for Use (ROSTEKHNADZOR)

ISO 9001 Certificate
Letters of Refusal UKRSEPRO Certificates GOST K Certificates BELST Certificates

Certificate of Conformity to GOST R

GOST R Certification is mandatory for any product manufactured in the RF or abroad (if imported to Russia). Certification is required to prove conformity of the product to the RF state standards and to execute customs supervision, in case of imported products.

The list of products subject to mandatory certification (Certificate of conformity to GOST R) is given in decrees of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology (GOSSTANDART) of the RF. The products which are not indicated in GOSSTANDART decrees may be certified voluntarily.
Certificates of conformity to GOST R may be mandatory (Certificate or Declaration) and voluntary. Certificates of conformity are regulated by Decrees of GOSSTANDART of the RF.

Certificate of Conformity for Explosion Protected Equipment
Technical devices, including foreign-manufactured, used in hazardous production facilities shall be certified to prove their conformity to the industrial safety requirements set by the Russian Federation Law. The list of technical devices used in hazardous production facilities and subject to certification is elaborated and approved according to the procedure established by the Russian Federation Government (List approved by GOSGORTEKHNADZOR of the RF and GOSSTANDART of the RF dated August 3 and 10, 2001). Explosion protected equipment shall be certified under the following regulatory documents: 1. Federal Law (No. 116-FZ dated 1.07.1997; No. 122-FZ dated 22.08.2004; No. 184-FZ dated 27.12.2002) 2. Decree of the RF Government (No. 1540 dated 25.12.1998; No. 382 dated 4.06.2002; No. 241 dated 28.03.2001; No. 92 dated 11.08.1998) 3. Decree of GOSSTANDART of the RF (No. 25 dated 3.05.2000; No. 73 dated 10.11.1998) 4. Decree of GOSGORTEKHNADZOR of the RF (No. 63 dated 5.06.2003; No. 25 dated 14.06.2002; No. 64 dated 6.11.1998; No. 52 dated 5.06.2003) 5. Administrative Regulation of ROSTEKHNADZOR (Appendix to ROSTECHNADZOR Order No. 112 dated 29.02.2008)

Fire Safety Certificate

Any products manufactured in the RF and abroad (in case they are imported into Russia) shall receive certificates of conformity to Technical Regulations (TR), as well as undergo the Fire Safety Certification (FSC). Certification is required to prove their conformity to the RF state standards, and to the Fire Safety standards, and to execute customs supervision, in case of imported products. The list of products subject to mandatory certification (Certificate of Conformity to TR) is given in the RF Decree No. 241 dated 17.03.2009. The goods which are not stated in the said decree may be certified voluntarily. Certificate of Conformity to TR issued to a Russian manufacturer is required to sale its products. A foreign manufacturer (or an importer) shall obtain this certificate to file it to the RF customs authorities. In the systems of FSC the Certificate of Conformity to TR is divided into mandatory (Certificate or Declaration) and voluntary. Certificate of Conformity to TR is regulated by the RF Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008 “Technical regulations on fire safety requirements”

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (Hygienic Conclusion)
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (hereinafter referred to as “SEC”) shall be executed to prove the conformity of goods or products to hygienic standards established by law.
SECs are executed under the Letter of the RF FCS No. 01-11/11534 dated March 27, 2008 “On sending of the List of goods which shall obtain sanitary-epidemiological conclusions or certificates of state registration when undergoing customs clearance”. SEC is required to submit to the customs, as well as to obtain certificates in GOST R Certification System for some types of products. SECs may be of several kinds: for products, for services (activities); in addition, a hygienic conclusion may be issued to a manufacturer (when the manufacturer and the holder of SEC certificate is one and the same company) and to a contract (when the manufacturer and the holder of SEC certificate are different companies).

The principal document regulating issuance of SECs is the Order of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection No. 776 dated 21.11.2005. In addition to the above some goods require certificates of state registration of products.

Certificate of Approval of Measuring Tools Type (Metrology)

Certificate of approval of measuring tools type (also referred to as metrological certificate, measuring tools certificate, certificate for I&C) is a document issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology, and certifying that the given type of measuring tools is approved in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation and conforms to the current requirements. Certification of measuring tools is regulated by the Federal Law “On uniformity of measurements” No. 102- FZ (as amended as of June 26, 2008).

Industrial safety expert appraisal ROSTEKHNADZOR Permit for Use
Industrial safety (IS) expert appraisal is held to prove that the object appraised conforms to the requirements and rules of safe use established in the RF Federal Law No. 116 –FZ dated 21.07.1997 (as amended in Federal Laws No. 122-FZ dated 07.08.2000, No. 15-FZ dated 10.01.2003, No. 122-FZ dated 22.08.2004, No. 45-FZ dated 09.05.2005). As a result of such appraisal IS Conclusion is issued. On the grounds of approval of the expert appraisal report ROSTEKHNADZOR issues the Permit for Use.
The list of products subject to IS appraisal is given in article 13 of Law No. 116-FZ. All kinds (types) of equipment and TD which shall obtain ROSTEKHNADZOR Permits for Use are stated in Appendix 2 to the Administrative Regulations of ROSTEKHNADZOR. The Permit for Use is required to accept for operation the objects stated in the List. It shall be shown by an operating organization upon request of inspectors of ROSTEKHNADZOR local administration offices on the territory on which the hazardous production facilities are registered.

The permit may be issued for a single TD, a set thereof, and a TD type (category). It is allowed to issue one permit for a TD standard series and a complete TD all the elements of which have interconnected technological functions.

In addition:

ISO 9001 Certificate

Letters of Refusal
UKRSEPRO Certificates GOST K Certificates (Kazakhstan)

BELST Certificates (Republic of Belarus)

Technical Documentation Development:

Technical Specifications Technical Device Passport (Card) Operation Manual Installation/Dismantling Instructions Tests Program and Methods Stress Analysis

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is required to obtain certificates in general and permits of ROSTEKHNADZOR. Technical documentation is developed according to: 1. 2. 3. GOST 2.601-2006 “Unified system of design documentation. Operational documents” GOST 2.114-95 “Unified system of design documentation. Technical terms”, GOST 2.602-95 “Unified system of design documentation. Repair documents”

as well as according to other various standards.

Project Participants

SERCONS Project Activities

Investor Suppliers Auditor

General Designer



Installation Contractors


Expert Organizations

State Supervision Authorities


SERCONS – Client Interaction Scheme
Client’s application for certification Scope of work evaluation Audit of documentation Distribution of liability



Commercial offer Reconcilement of business terms Signing of contract

Project start

Project Documentation Scheme


Certificates for equipment Certification of equipment according to the RF standards Permit for use of equipment

Project Organization

Project documentation Expert appraisal and approval of project Permit for construction PROJECT CONSTRUCTION

General Contractor

Acceptance documentation package
Expert appraisal and approval of documentation Permit for project facility operation



Project Documentation Scheme

2-3 weeks

1-2 weeks

6 months

2 months

Fire Safety Certificate

Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate

Certificate of approval of measuring tools type

Certificate of conformity of explosion protected equipment

7 days

7 days

2 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

Certificate of Conformity to GOST R

Technical Terms

TD Passport

Operation Manual

Installation/Dism antling Instructions

Tests Program and Methods

2 weeks

2 weeks

Stress Analysis

Project industrial safety expert appraisal

2 weeks

Permission to operate Project

3 months


Our Advantages
Accreditation area of SERCONS Group certification authorities and expert companies cover almost the whole scope of works in this field. This condition ensures our offering flexible and integrated solutions to our Clients. Wide range of accreditation areas Integrated solutions Best work performance terms Services quality guarantee


Control and execution of all authorization documents
Great experience in certification Professional advice on all the questions concerning planning and compliance with works’ schedule Loyalty programs for regular and VIP customers

We will be happy to cooperate with you!
Contacts: SERCONS Phones: + 7 (495) 782-1708, ext.200

Fax: + 7 (495) 782-1701
E-mail: Address: Business Park “Kozhevniki”, Derbenevskaya St., 20, stroenie 16, 115114 Moscow, Russia

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