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Icbc Letterhead Template - DOC


Icbc Letterhead Template document sample

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Name & Address of UK Insurer
                                                             Monday, 12 September 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

              RE: Request for non-standard Proof of No Claims Letter

My name is XXX, and between January 2002 and May 2003, I held a Motor Insurance
Policy with your organisation. I am writing to you today to ask if you can provide me
with a non-standard Proof of No Claims Letter. The reason for this is that I have recently
emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and in order for me transfer my No Claims Bonus to a
Canadian insurer, a letter whose contents is different to a standard British Proof of No
Claims Letter is required.

This non-standard letter, printed on paper containing your company letterhead, must
include the following pieces of information:

    1. The Policy Number I held with you.
    2. The date my Motor Insurance Policy with you commenced.
    3. The date my Motor Insurance Policy with you ended.
    4. A sentence describing the type of insurance held – i.e. “fully comprehensive”.
    5. A sentence explaining that I made no claims during this time.
    6. A sentence describing the total number of years‟ No Claims Bonus I had gained
       by the time my policy ended – e.g. “At the time of cancellation, Mr McNab was
       entitled to a 71% No Claims Discount representing 6 years claim free driving.”
       Please note that the number of years accrued must be stated, and not just a No
       Claims percentage bonus.
    7. A sentence describing the number of years‟ No Claims Bonus I accrued with
       your organisation alone during this period – e.g. “Mr XXX accrued 2 years of No
       Claims Discount whilst insured with us.”

I believe that the following information may be useful in helping to identify me in your

<List details to identify all insurance policies with this company here>

Policy commenced:                       <start date>

Policy ended:                           <end date>

Policy number:                          <policy number>

Car insured during period:              <car description>

My address during period:               <your contact details>

I would appreciate it if you could fax, e-mail and post the letter to the following

Fax to

001 604 123 4567                   My fax number
001 604 123 4567                   My insurance agent‟s fax, Frank Astorino
NOTE: this one is actually not necessary if you visit ICBC HQ directly!
001 604 646 7400                   The Canadian federal insurance agency‟s fax

E-mail to


Post to (using FULL postal address)

<Your full Canadian address – when speaking to insurers, be sure that they are aware that
Vancouver is in Canada, and that there are indeed other countries on this planet other
than Great Britain!!>

Please do not send any correspondence to my old UK address, and please remember that
Canada is outside of the UK, and as such, the letter will most likely need an „Airmail‟
sticker. I say this because your company has already failed twice to send other letters I
have requested!

I realise that I am asking a lot of you, so I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to
you and your organisation for doing this. Providing this letter will allow me to overcome
a major hurdle in my new life.

Please find a sample letter overleaf.

Yours sincerely,


                                                                                UK Insurer
Your full Canadian address
                                                                 Monday, 12 September 2011

          Proof of British No Claims’ Discount – Policy Number 123456789

We confirm that Mr XXX held a fully comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy with us
from 1st of January 1998 to 1st of January 2002.

During this time, Mr XXX made no claims on his policy.

Mr XXX earned a total of 4 years of No Claims‟ Discount whilst insured with us.

At the time of cancellation, Mr XXX was entitled to a grand total No Claims‟ Discount of
6 years (71%).

We trust this information is sufficient for your requirements.

Yours sincerely,



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