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									Risk Management - What every retailer should know
Risk Management as a trader is the most important and if your answer is NO to any of these
questions, then stop trading until you can answer yes all:
• Have a written trading plan that deals with risk management?
• Is the risk you are comfortable in all areas calculated?
• Do not trade, even if you have a healthy balance in your trading account, if you know your
risk, the risk in your trading plan described risks?
• Have you found what your maximum position size is?
• Do you have a stop at the point every time you trade?
• Are you aware that risk management is not just where you stand?
• Will it comply with the rules of risk management in all conditions of the negotiations?
There are several options for risk management, but until it includes a risk management
process in your trading plan and stick to these rules of risk management at every opportunity,
then you have to do more work until it is the way to a successful traders.
Successful risk management means the difference between success and failure, and many
have said that the management of money by protecting your investment capital as high as
90% of the "Best Business Practices" is to give the many people and the risk management of
a minority stake in the hierarchy of the most successful business needs.
A few more questions that have come within the parameters of their risk management needs:
• How much money is taken in each operation?
• What is the relationship between risk and reward for your trading system?
• How can you ensure that your entry and exit requirements in support of risk management
• What percentage of your trading capital at risk at any given time?
• How do the impressions of your trading partners are taken into account?
• Have you tested the system with its risk management strategy?
There are a variety of ways, who can work successfully and can be as simple or according to
their strategy or system, criteria for the risk management strategy or as complex as the
system. How to perfect your system, you still need to determine their risk management is still
If you define all these parameters are planning business risk management in your company,
the next question:
How can you be sure that you keep your rules?
The only way is to work on themselves. The main components are their beliefs and
His willingness to change the action followed the necessary steps will be rewarded with
The removal of limiting beliefs you have about yourself, replace money and trade, and by
strengthening positive beliefs, the best results.
Identify behaviors that you are not conducive to change in this area is another important area
of work.
If you are unsure what is available to meet in the way for you to be able to plan their
business, professional help identify areas that need to work. His spirit of negotiations should
remove all barriers that limit.
It is not always easy to watch this issue closely, but everyone can find good traders in the will
of the need to take.
The success of the infinite in all areas of your life.
Do you know anything about this?
Karen Oates is a mentality of option traders and experienced trainers who help the companies
themselves and the stock market to understand by a "keep it simple" trading plan and the
tools of the mind for success by mastering the features of thought, discussion, attitudes,
beliefs and strategies.

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