Registration Contract for a nl Domain Name

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					                       Registration Contract for a .nl Domain Name
                       domain name                                                                                                                        .nl

                       Party I, Applicant for domain name

                       name registrant1

                       address 2 (no PO box)

                       postcode, town and country

                       address in the Netherlands3
                       (no PO box)

                       administrative contact,

                       telephone number4                                                                e-mail

                       technical contact, name

                       telephone number4                                                                e-mail

                           Party II, ‘SIDN’: the Netherlands Foundation for Internet Domain Name Registration
                           (Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland), with its registered office in Arnhem
                           Parties agree as follows:
                           1. If it receives a correctly formulated application for the registration of a .nl domain name through one of its registrars, and if
                               the domain name in question is at that time available for registration, SIDN will add the domain name to the .nl zone file for
                               the registrant.
                           2. The registrant is thereafter free to make use of the registered domain name, provided that this does not infringe the rights of
                               any third party.
                           3. This contract is governed by the ‘General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants’ and by the associated procedures, which are
                               published at The registrant has read the said terms and conditions and accepts that they apply to this contract.
                           4. The registrant accepts that Dutch law and the ‘Regulations on the Arbitration of Disputes Concerning .nl Domain Names’, as
                               published at, will apply to any dispute that may arise with regard to the domain name. The registrant also agrees to
                               be bound by the decision of a Dutch court of law, in the event of a third party referring any dispute that may arise with regard to
                               the domain name to such a court.
                           5. The registrant declares that the administrative contact person named in the application is entitled to represent the registrant.
                               The registrant also accepts that communications addressed to the administrative contact person at the administrative contact
                               e-mail address may be deemed to have reached the registrant.
                           6. The person who signs this registration contract on the registrant’s behalf declares that he or she is entitled to apply for the
                               domain name on the applicant’s behalf.
                           7. Any amendment to this document is valid only if explicitly accepted by both parties.

                           On behalf of applicant                                                               On behalf of SIDN

                           name                                                                                 Roelof Meijer, managing director SIDN



                       The information that the registrant provides in connection with this registration contract will be recorded in SIDN’s register. Some of this infor-
                       mation will be publicly accessible using the Whois service available at The processing of such information has been reported to
                       the ‘Dutch Data Protection Authority’, under reference number M1051464, as required under the ‘Personal Data Protection Act’. Details of such
                       processing and about SIDN’s privacy policy are available at

                         Please submit this form to your registrar (provider), who will submit the registration request to SIDN.

                       1 If the applicant is a business, the business’s full name should be entered. If the applicant is a natural person, his or her initials and surname
Version 14 July 2008

                         should be entered.
                       2 Street name, property number and, where relevant, property number suffix.
                       3 If the applicant lives or is registered outside the Netherlands, a Dutch domicile address must be provided (see article 1.1 of the ‘General
                         Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants’).
                       4 Including country code.

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