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Backpacker Travel Insurance

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Online Backpacker travel insurance will take care of you during your longer than usual travels…read on.

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What is a backpacker travel insurance?

Backpacker travel insurance is not the same as annual holiday insurance, this is mistake many young
travelers make when purchasing insurance. Annual holiday insurance is designed for your average holiday
maker, who goes abroad a couple of times a year usually for a week or two at a time, and spends most of
their time relaxing on the beach. This is very different to the habits of your average backpacker, if there is
such a thing as an average backpacker. If you are planning on travelling for long periods of time annual
holiday insurance usually doesn't cover your stay out of the country for more than a few weeks at a time.

Backpacker travel insurance initially covers any travel period from a total of 90 days to a one year trip, with
a pay as you go benefit enabling you to extend, as often as you want to, the duration of your travel insurance
up to 18 months. Online Backpacker travel insurance will take care of you during your longer than usual
travels, but will also give you the freedom to fill this time with exciting opportunities as you will
automatically be covered for a huge range of hazardous sport that you may get the chance to try.

Hopefully it'll be an adventure of a life time, but you'll be visiting strange places where you may not even
speak the language. Don’t worry, you’ll no more feel like a stranger in an unknown world. Find all your
information on travel insurance online. Avail of trip cancellation insurance and holiday insurance. Other
features include temporary car insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and prescription services.It’s
wise to have a good choice for all backpackers and people backpacking around the world, whether you have
taken a gap year and taking time out from your studies, business or just a holiday, vacations, working abroad
or studying abroad as a student. Get special covers on adventurous sports, skiing, and providing protection
for activities such as scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping and winter sports.

Baggage and Possessions Cover. Ensure that your policy protects your possession or you will be unable to
claim any compensation for stolen or lost items. Your policy should also cover any administrative costs
incurred in the event that your passport is stolen and needs to be reissued.

Emergency Medical Cover. This will provide financial cover for any costs you have to make in the event
that you need medical attention.

Holiday Cancellation. If due to unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel your trip early, you will be
compensated for any monies lost.

Personal Liability. This is legal cover for any accident, injury or harm you might inadvertently inflict on
another individual.

Rescue and Repatriation. In the event of a medical emergency rescue, all your costs will paid by your
insurer. This should include helicopter rescue.

Travel Delay. Compensation for any money lost due to a delayed departure, though this will often only be
paid after you have been delayed for a set length of time outlined in the policy wording.

Always learn to verify the terms and conditions of any insurance. Carry out research online, always compare
the Backpacker Travel Insurance insurance package rate and be aware of the fact that a cheap insurance is
not the best one. Comparing different insurance packages is quite essential.

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