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									Submitted On                                      January 22, 2007 - 04:40 PM
Project Name                                      Implementation of Unique Identifier for Payroll/HR System
Project Type                                      minor
                                                  Walsh, Mary
Executive Sponsor                                 mary@tulane.edu
Project Manager                                   Walsh, Mary
                                                  Walsh, Mary
Project Requestor                                 mary@tulane.edu
                                                  Technology Services
Project Requestor Department/Unit                 314-2537
Strategic Goals                                   Strategic Goal 3: Deliver integrated, user-centered processes;
                                                  Implement the use of a unique identifer for employees; and discontinue the us
What are the project goals?                       updated employee id will be implemented consistently throughout all labor an

How will this project improve university
(school/unit) operations or performance?     The improvement will be a lowered risk of identity theft and liability; and ensu
How will this project enhance the student    Identify theft is a significant concern among the student community. This shift
experience at Tulane?                        employee confidence.
                                             By applying the new unique identifier throughout all labor and history records
How will it advance the research enterprise? compliant.
How will success be measured and
evaluated?                                   All Payroll and HR records will be processed successfully with a unique identife

Will this project require interaction between
multiple schools and/or units?                    No
If yes, please describe.
Would you be willing to collaborate with
another unit to acheive funding, if that
collaboration required changes to your
proposed project?                                 Yes
Will this project be self-sustaining or
generate revenue?                                 This project is neither self-sustaining nor will it generate revenue.
Is there potential for external support, either
governmental or private sector? Please
describe why or why not.                          no

Will implementing this project save the
university money? How much? What is the
projected return on investment?                   n/a
What is the timeline for implementation of
this project?                                     Within one fiscal year
How many staff are required to maintain this
project?                                          The technical support staff for the Payroll/HR system will implement the chang
Is there a "sunset" provision?                    n/a
What are the risks of implementing this
project?                                      none
What are the risks to the
university/school/department of NOT
implementing this project?                    Ongoing risk of identity theft and liability
                                                                               Requested Resources
                                                                      1 Software
                                                                      2 Hardware
                                                                      3 Implementation
                                                                      4 Services
                                                                      5 Training Costs
                                                                      6 Marketing/ Communications
                                                                      7 New Cost Estimate
RESOURCE ESTIMATE. Round-up to the                                    8 Anticipated Cost Savings
nearest dollar                                                        9 Net Cost

Please describe your sources of information
in developing these estimates:                The cost of the software has been provided by the Payroll/HR software vendor
Please describe how the anticipated cost
saving is has been calculated:                 there will be no direct cost savings
Please describe the staffing needs required    Technical skillset will be required to implement the new identifer and update a
to implement this project.                     identifer to the community.
Please describe any indirect costs:            no indirect costs
                                                 Outside Resource(s)                Company Name
Other costs                                    Other(s)
Is there any additional information you'd like Because of the security issues surrounding the unique identifier and the sensit
to include?                                    Payroll/HR software vendor.
/HR System

 ed processes;
ployees; and discontinue the use of social security numbers as employee identifiers. The software will ensure the
istently throughout all labor and history records.

tity theft and liability; and ensure all employee records are consistent and compliant.
 student community. This shift away from the use of ssn as an identifier will lower the risk of identity theft and raise

ut all labor and history records, all retroactive readjustments and Effort Reporting processing will be consistent and

cessfully with a unique identifer.

generate revenue.

stem will implement the change; the Payroll/HR functional offices will support the rollout to the community
                        Initial Cost           Reocurring Year 1       Reocurring Year 2       Reocurring Year 3     Total
                                        5400                       0                       0                       0 5400
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                           0                       0                       0                       0     0
                                        5400                       0                       0                       0 5400

he Payroll/HR software vendor.

the new identifer and update all associated records. Functional skillset will be required to introduce the new unique

                Resource Person?s Name

unique identifier and the sensitive nature of payroll/hr data, it is necessary to use the software provided by the

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