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                            IRA NIRENBERG

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Services Provided                 Teacher Workshops, Seminars, In-services and Consulting

                    1998 – 2011
Consulting &
Presentation            Test Writer for ACT—Math & Physics—2008 - present
Experience              Observational Specialist for Teach NOLA--2008
                        Consultant for The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence,
                          (Washington, DC), 2006—evaluated and wrote physics test questions
                        Presented ―Physics for Math Teachers‖ workshop at the University Of New
                          Orleans (UNO) Math Conference, 2005-2007, 2010
                        Presented ― From Fractions to Algebra‖ workshop in Melbourne, Australia, 2004
                        Presented ―Physics for Math Teachers‖ for twelve consecutive summers, at Phillips
                          Exeter Academy Math & Science Conference, 1999-2010
                        Taught students in the High Achievers Program at Hong Kong International School
                          in China, 2001
                        Presented teacher workshops and lectures annually at the Louisiana Association of
                          Teachers of Mathematics, 1998-2000, 2002-2004
                        Lecturer for K-8 education majors, at UNO, topic: The Fraction ThinkBook—
                          Bridging the Fraction Algebra Gap, 1999-2005
                        Taught eight week course, ―Using Technology in the Classroom,‖ for Orleans
                          Parish secondary mathematics teachers, 1998
                        Lecturer [Middle & High School levels] at the California Mathematics Council
                          Southern Section, 1998, 2002-2006
                        Lecturer [High School/College level] at the North Carolina School of Science and
                          Mathematics (NCSSM), 2004

                    1988 – 1997

                        Conducted Advanced Placement Physics workshop sponsored by The College
                          Board, 1997
                        Worked with Lockheed Martin and UNO to prepare eleven students to compete in
                          The U.S. First Robotics Competition held in Orlando, Florida. Personally escorted
                          students to competition, 1996
                        Conducted one and two week teacher workshops for NCSSM in Data Analysis,
                          summers, 1988-1990
                        Conducted one week teacher workshop in New Orleans on the implementation of
                          the New Mathematics Standards set by National Council of Teachers of
                          Mathematics, funded by NCSSM, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, and NSF, 1988
                        Lectured at LA Gifted and Math Conferences and as a guest speaker for
                          elementary education majors at UNO, 1988-1991
                        In-service for mathematics teachers, at McGhee School, New Orleans, LA 1988
Professional              
Publications               The Fraction ThinkBook-Bridging the Fraction Algebra Gap. 104 pages, self-
                             published, ISBN: 0-9677074-5-5, 1999
                           Living With Math: Making Healthy Decisions for Yourself and the Earth. 206
                             pages, published by Burlington National Inc., ISBN: 1-57706-676-6, 1997
                           Lead article in NCSSM Newsletter: ―Turning Mistakes into Insights,‖ 1992
                           Four papers written for Shell Oil Company on Geophysical Exploration and
                             Geophysical Processing, 1978 – 1984

Teaching Experience   2006 - 2007       The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools        Chicago, Il 60637
And Credentials
                           AP Physics B and High School Physics

                      1985 – 2005             Benjamin Franklin High School            New Orleans, LA 70122

                      Physics & Mathematics Teacher [Gifted Environment]

                      AP Physics B & C [Calculus Based]
                      Honors Physics
                      Pre-calculus Gifted & Honors
                      Algebra 2 Gifted
                      Algebra 1 Gifted

                      Prior to 1985

                           Xavier University: Taught Pre-calculus, and evaluated mathematics curriculum at
                             request of department head
                           Rutgers University: Taught Physics
                           Kent State University: Taught Physics, developed and presented KSU planetarium
                             shows to students and the general public (graduate assistant)
                           Academic Foundations Department (Newark, NJ) Mathematics Instruction for at
                             risk students (student job)

                      Certification: Secondary: Mathematics & Physics (Regular & Gifted)
                      Additionally: Experience with Middle School Math & Science Curriculum/Workshops

Industry Experience   Shell Oil Company: Exploration Geophysicist: Duties included: geophysical mapping,
                        geophysical computer work, training new hires and support staff, 1978-1984

Education             Kent State University: MA Physics
                      Rutgers State University: BA Physics, Strong Minor Mathematics

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