SUPPLEMENTAL BID NOTES OLIVE GARDEN
                                            Anchorage, AK (Tikahtnu)

                  Let bid: 5/10/11       Teleconference: 5/25/11 @ 1:00 pm est     Bid Date: 6/1/11


    I                                              General Requirements
              No alternate bids will be excepted. Any bidding GC that submits alternate
               bids for any scope of work will be cause for automatic disqualification.
               No exceptions period!
               Do not deviate from the plans, specs, or supplemental bid instructions.
            1 The project must be scheduled for 7 days per week schedule in the bid.
               The General Contractor will make their project schedule to reflect the mile stones set
               fourth by the CPM. The GC's schedule must be approved by the CPM!
            2 The contractor shall provide a conditioned site office with the following:
               The General Contractor will keep a revison and design directive log on site.
               It is the responsibility of the GC to make sure all subs have the correct up to date
               plans and specs. No Exceptions!
               Superintendent shall have a computer and digital camera with internet con.
               Desk or Office Table (60" x 30" min.) with a combination Fax/Phone for the
               for the use of the owners representative's along with the GC"s use) NO Exceptions!
               Up-dated set of plans for the exclusive use of the owners representative.
               A conference table for site meetings.
            3 Weekly cost of the Site Super. after turnover. (25 weeks Included in Bid)
            4 The resume of the proposed contractors Superintendent must be included
               with the bid with final acceptance required by the owner.
            5 If the landscaping, parking or other work is not able to be completed prior
               to spring due to winter interference the contractor must include in his bid
               general conditions with a superintendent to supervise the work.
            6 The contractors Project Manager should plan to visit the site bi-weekly
               at a minimum, with those visits in conjunction with the owners representative.
            7 The General Contractors Project Manager shall spend last 10 days on site before turn
               over date unless released by the Darden Project Manager. No Exceptions
            8 Provide on grade storage containers to receive and store owner provided
               materials (i.e. millwork, counter tops etc.) No Exceptions!
            9 All questions and coordination issues must be forwarded on contractors
               RFI form. An RFI log must be maintained for use in identifying job issues,
               claims for delay or cost increases.
            10 A list of subcontractors are to be turned in with the bid. No Exceptions to this!
            11 The General Contractor is responsible to punch the restaurant 4 weeks and 2 weeks
               before turn over date and verify that all items are installed per the plans and specs.
            12 Include $3,500.00 line item in the bid for use as directed by Construction
            13 No exclusions other than de-watering, soils and rock removal will be excepted.
            14 No Exclusions to any of the Supplemental Bid Instructions will be permitted. Period!
            15 Primary Electrical and CT Cabinet installations required by the Power Company.
            16 Any exclusion will be cause for bid disqualification! Period!
            17 The General Contractor will keep the building and site clean and organized!
            18 The GC is required to have enough temporary lighting in the building at all times
               The CPM will determine if enough lighting is in place.
            19 The GC and Sub-contractors are responsible to meet all code requirements
               at no additional cost to the owner.
            20 The GC will except all deliveries as scheduled and have enough storage trailers on
               site to store all ewquipment and material. No Exceptions!
            21 A lull is required to be on site from the start of framing until the exterior finsishes as
               well as the kitchen equipment has been installed. No Exceptions!
            22 Any equipment or material provided by the owner that is not inventoried will be paid for
               by the GC including all overnight freight charges. No Exceptions
            23 The General Contractor will be required to have building finals and a minimum of a
               TCO in hand 7 days prior to turnover. No Exceptions!
               P.M. during and/or prior to the 10 month inspection. Contractor should plan

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                                    SUPPLEMENTAL BID NOTES OLIVE GARDEN
                                           Anchorage, AK (Tikahtnu)
           13   to attend.
                The Restaurant will be HOSPITAL clean at the time of turn over. CPM's approval only!
                                      Site Work including Landscape and Irrigation
                The contractor will be required to provide a "form board" or "slab survey"
           2    with the 2nd application for payment.
                Cross slopes not exceeding 2% are the responsibility of the contractor for
           3    both side walks and paving in the handicap portion of the site.
           4    Minimize the expansion joint material used, tooled joint along curb preferred.
                Landscaping must continue past limit lines to the curbs beyond.
           5    Include $10,000 allowance for additional landscape work beyond shown.
           6    All curbs adjoining shown for Olive Garden included in this bid.
           7    All sidewalks within Olive Garden limit area should be included in bid.
                Include a $15,000 allowance for un-suitable soils. No Exceptions!

                                        Concrete, Masonry, Brick & Stone Façade
                All field stone, brick klinkers and accessories will be provided by the owner.
                Contact person for scheduling: Pete Gillette at Specialty Tile. 407.647.9355
           2    All lath, setting material and grout (mortar) to be provided by contractor.
           3    Install 3/4" stucco stop around window and door openings.
                Mortar joints must be 3/4" or smaller in stone and 3/8" in brick.

                                                  Structural and Misc. Steel
           2    Small wrought iron railing at drink rail and bread shelves by contractor.
                3/4" Cane bolts, latches and gate latches are required from this supplier.

           1                        Carpentry including Rough, Finish and Millwork

                The interior standing and running trim material including wood door frames,
                window frames, bead board, chair rails, top plates, wood shelves & supports
                millwork & cabinet work, 4 x 4 roof applied beams, 2 x 4 divider material,
                built-up box beam material and other misc. items are provided by the
                owner with stain applied for installation by the contractor. The painting contractor is
                resonsible for the additional coats of stain after installation as well as the poly
                were required. Field measurements for the wine room and
                for cabinets are the total responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall
                provide ground level storage and labor to receive, inventory and control usage.
           3    Additional materials will be charged to the contractor. (Replacement)
           4    T1-11 and the building fascia material will be supplied by the owner.
                Hardie Plank ceiling material will be provided pre-finished by the owner.
           5    Installation by the contractor. Touch up by GC as needed.
                The 8'0" factory butt edges must be tight and carefully caulked to conceal
           6    the black line, color of grooves in panels.
           7    Enlarge the refrigeration platform from what is shown to 5'0" x 14'0".
           8    Include 30 man-hours for installation of stainless end caps in the kitchen area.
                All walls with booths adjoining must be clad with Nevamar S-7-27T in the
                standard thickness from the chair-rail to the floor. Joints must break behind
           9    booths.
           10   Wood fillers at the end of the booths to the wall required for crumb catchers.

                                             Thermal and Moisture Protection
           2    Use ice and water shield in lieu of felt for roof tile dry-in, entire roof.

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                               SUPPLEMENTAL BID NOTES OLIVE GARDEN
                                      Anchorage, AK (Tikahtnu)
            Provide copper flashing for tile roof area including eave drip, valley's and all other
       3    exposed locations.
       4    Gutters and downspouts shall be copper.
       5    Flexible mortar material shall be used for all ridge and cap assemblies.
       6    50 extra roof tile should be neatly stacked on the built-up roof for replacement
       7    One piece sheet metal cap provided the refrigeration platform. (5' x 14'0)
       8    Rain hood provided for the refrigeration penetration.
       9    The concrete roof tile starter row and ends should be set in mastic not nailed.

            The General Contractor will furnish PVC pipe and elbows for the refergerant line
       10   penitrations. Pipe is to be supported by the joist. 45 deg ells on roof to prevent leaks.
            Dura Last roofing is specified for the flat roof use quote from Dave Dixon. (above)

                                               Doors and Windows
            All door hardware must be as indicated on the plans or in the notes, no alternate
       2    producers will be accepted. (Hardware schedule required for review)
            The contractor should plan to provide 6 padlocks keyed to the building
       3    master key. All locks should be master keyed.
            Wood door and window frames and trim will be provided by the owner with
            stain and first coat of sealer applied. All installation and application of trim
       4    performed by contractor.
       5    The hardwood doors will be supplied by the owner. (Pre-glazed)
            Include Detex Advantex hardware for entry and egress doors in the bid.

            09221 Stucco: A sample panel will be required of at least 8'0" x 4'0" a
                 minimum of 4 weeks prior to stucco starting. (If stucco is indicated on plans.)
            09260 Gypsum Board Systems: All interior painted wall areas (exposed to
                the guests) Must receive a Cat 5 finish and painted.
                All corner beads that are exposed to the public must be the round type.
       3        This includes arches and wine niches.
                All wet or tile areas use Gypsum type backer board in lieu of concrete
                backer to 24" above floor.
            09310 & 09330 Ceramic and Quarry Tiles: All tile will be provided by the
                 owner. Setting material and grout by contractor. (Exception for quarry areas)
                 Epoxy grout will be provided by owner for quarry tile areas, contractor installs.
            Grout joints for the public areas should be no larger than 1/4". The tile setter will
            responsible for "weeding thru" the tile and discarding the warped and out of
       5    square tile. All grout lines are to be straight and consistant.
                 Tile contractor should plan to install tile on the base of the booths in the
       6         locations that tile is indicated.
                 The tile contractor should verify positive drainage to all foodservice floor
       7         drains. Standing water will not be acceptable.
                 The tile contractor will be required to install laticrete 9235 wall flashing at
       8         all wall surfaces. 6" out and up with materials provided by owner.
                 All quarry tile base must be siliconed to the FRP and cooler walls
       9         prior to arrival of equipment.
                The solid surface bar top in the bar, counters, vanities and
                the work table are provided by owner with setting materials and
                installation by skilled stone setters provided by contractor.
                This work includes cutting lavatory and sink holes as well as drilling
                penetrations for the beer installer and NCR by the GC.
            09511All wall angle must be expertly caulked to the FRP with siliconized
                latex prior to equipment arrival.
            09545 Reinforced Plastic Panels: Kemlite or other equal suppliers may be

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                             SUPPLEMENTAL BID NOTES OLIVE GARDEN
                                    Anchorage, AK (Tikahtnu)
      12         used in this section.
                 Provide FRP covered knee-wall above the cooler and freezer to above
           All prefinished interior and exterior wood to have and 2 or more coats of stain. The
      13   finish is to be approved by the Darden Project Manager.
           09900 Painting: No substitutions of materials will be considered! None!
                 Samples of all finishes are required at least 4 weeks prior to painting.
                 The contractor or his painter should plan to visit an existing location
      14         to view the exterior faux finish.
                 Exterior painting is to be included in the base bid, with:
                          1. Primer coat or coats as needed.
                          2. 50 year latex caulk of all dissimilar materials. (Expert work)
                          3. Base coat.
      17        Dumpster gates are to be metal siding on all new buildings.
                Interior of the dumpster walls are to be painted the gate/door color not
      18        white as may be indicated on the plans.
                Interior trim to the top of the door casing height will be furnished with
                stain and sealer coat. All final sanding, filling of nail holes, stain touch-up
                2 final coats of low lustre polyurethane, buffing down will be performed
      19        by the contractors painter. (First quality work is expected)
                All trim requires caulking to the walls prior to finish paint. (Expert work)
      20        Interior walls require priming for & 3 finish coats (or as required)
                All of the light trims, supply grills and speakers covers must be spray painted
      21        to match the adjoining surfaces.
           All pre-stained wood is to have a 2 full additional coats or more of stain.
                                                  Specialties                                     N/A
           GC shall install the owner provided baby changing tables in the handicap stalls.
           The General Contractor is to install all small wares sent with the kitchen package
      3    before turn over.
      4    Contractor to provide soap dispenser at each of 4 lavatory tops. (chrome 6" spout)
           GC shall purchase and install a Knox box as directed by the Fire Marshall if
           All field measurements for the stainless fabrication are the responsibility
      2    of the contractor.
           The entire stainless fabricated packaged is received, assembled, installed,
      3    and connected by the contractor.
           All set in place equipment is received, set up, connected, started, and
           calibrated by the contractor, includes refrigeration, electric and plumbing
      4    as needed.
           Areas (bar, kitchen & service stations) that receive this equipment must be
           entirely ready or the delivery will be delayed in 1 week intervals, with any
           scheduling delays and/or costs the responsibility of the contractor.
           This includes all tile complete, including grouting the base to the FRP.
           FRP siliconed to the base tile. Ceiling grid in place and siliconed to the FRP.
           Building secured with PLYWOOD doors and chain locks once the building is framed.
           HVAC drop and light lay-ins in place. Area clear and clean of construction
      5    debris.
           The Darden Project will provide the name of the equipment installer for the project.
      5a   This does not include S/S wall cladding. This shall be installed by the GC.
      6    Matt Wickenheiser 407.484.0297 will be the Kitchen equipment installer.
XII        A lull is to be provided to the installer to un-load equipment.
           The contractor is required to receive, unload, inventory, assemble, place and
      2    secure all furniture and related items.
      3    Secure the entry benches and patio tables as directed by Project Manager.

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                            SUPPLEMENTAL BID NOTES OLIVE GARDEN
                                   Anchorage, AK (Tikahtnu)
      4    All dining tables will require final leveling just prior to Turn Over.
           Fillers are required at the ends of all booths to act as a crumb catcher.
      5    These will have to be siliconed to the wall.
           Lounges with round booth or booths require core drilled base. Check plan.

      1                                             Mechanical
           The cost of the test and balance report will be paid by the owner, contractor
           must schedule the work and provide the assistance of an electrician and a
      2    HVAC mechanic.
           The contractor shall supply flue piping & hood for the owner provided water
      3    heater.
           The plumbing contractor shall provide long sweep 90's for the beer and
      4    soda chases. (Failure to do so requires slab removal, no exceptions)
           All floor drains should be set -3/4" from the finish floor. Floor sinks should
      5    accept drainage if inspector allows. Standing water is not acceptable.
           All waste lines must be held high as possible, routed neatly and well braced.
           Copper is required including beer and coke drains as well as all drains on
      6    owner supplied equipment package.
           Plumber to tag and prepare a framed and mounted tag directory of all
      7    valves in the mechanical room. Mount directory in mechanical room.
           Refrigeration piping will be performed by owners vendor. Coolers and ice machine
      9    Hard caps that are drilled for all chases are required.
      10   HVAC transfer grills shown on A2 must be included the bid.
           The General Contractor is to smoke test the sewer vent system before turn over. The
      11   General Contractor is to call PSI to perform the test.
           The water system shall be flushed by the Plumbing Contractor per plans and specs.
           Verify that the electrical sub has contacted the power company to include all
           primary power requirements in the bid. Confirm wire and footage, must be
      2    included in bid. This includes providing a CT cabinet if required.
           Electrical contractor should contact phone company for conduit requirements
      3    and length of run. All costs must be included in the bid.
           The electrical contractor shall include costs to provide disconnects as needed
           for all ice machines, cooler, freezer, dish washer, booster heater, line
      4    refrigerators (2).
      5    Provide heat tape and power for the freezer condensate drains.
           All electrical lighting fixtures and lamps shall be purchased by the contractor.
           Contact the light fixture rep per the plans.
           The CPI portion of the gear will be purchased by the owner, contractor
      7    receives and installs.
           If required the CT cabinet provided by the electrical contractor. Confirm with
      8    power company before the bid. (Must be included in the bid)
           Electrician should plan to re-lamp the track, market and cable lights 1 week
      9    prior to opening. These lamps are beyond items indicated in item 5.
           Dimmers should be excluded from the lighting package, they will be in the CPI
      1                                             Closeout
           The contractor shall collect and prepare a complete turnover manual of
      2    all equipment including contractor and owner supplied. (Deliver at Inspection)
           The contractor shall prepare a redline set of drawings for the operations
      3    team.
           Failing to meet requirements in items 1 & 2 requires $5000.00 deductive
           change order.

      1                             Submittals required for the project.
           Roof Trusses.
           Door Hardware.

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    Restroom Accessories.            Note: The CPM will decide what needs to be submitted!
    Sand Finish Samples.
    Paint & Stain Samples.
    Fire Sprinkler Shop Drawings.
    Plumbing Submittal Package.
    HVAC Submittal Package.
    Electrical Submittal Package.

    Submittals must be in my office during the first 4 weeks of the project.

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