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Wolfberry Wolfberry Wolfberry Wolfberry


Wolfberry can add this kind of food energy, increased hormone release, it can help the body resist stress, maintain a healthy mood, consciousness and memory, which can help you accumulate positive energy for fitness exercise.

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									                      Rich Nature                                                                                                                           7

                                                                                                             Product Code: WL0410

WHAT IT IS Wolfberry, Lycium barbarum in Latin, is a com-
mon Chinese herb and medicinal food in China. For tens of                  Vital Product Information
thousands of Chinese herbal medicine practitioners around
the world this fruit is one of the very common herbs on their
dispensary shelf.                                                            Supplement Facts
HEALING CLAIMS According to traditional Chinese medi-                        Serving size:                                                 15 grams
cine theory Wolfberry helps restore the vital Essence of the                 Servings per container                                        27
body and improve vision. People suffering with failing eye-
                                                                             Each serving contains:                                                     %DV
sight, diabetes, anemia, tinnutis, and all around general debil-
                                                                             Calories                                                      58
ity due to consumptive diseases will get the most benefit from
the berry.                                                                   Wolfberry (Lycium Barbarum)                                   410 g

HOW IT WORKS The biochemical makeup of the wolfberry                         +Daily Value (DV) not established. * Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on 2,000
                                                                             calories diet
is impressive. The main active component in wolfberry fruit is
the polysaccharide content. The best wolfberry fruit in terms of
nutrition and medicinal value would be the ones with the high-
est percentage of polysaccharides according to research.
According to studies in China, polysaccharides in wolfberry        Nutrients from the Rich Nature Wolfberry
increase the antibody reaction to T cell-dependant antigen,
which means the polysaccharides selectively strengthen the         Total 31% Polysaccharides, 28,000 IU /100grams
T cell immune response. Another active component is beta-          beta-carotene, 150 mg /100 grams zeaxanthin,
carotene. The benefit of beta-carotene is best known for           18 amino acids, more than 20 trace minerals
improving the visual system by providing necessary nutrients       from a tiny berry
for the retina. Beta-carotene also exerts significant antioxi-
                                                                   Structure/Function Claim
dant activity due to an anticancer effect noted in population
studies. Carotenoid content of tissue is the most significant      1. Work as a tonic to benefit the entire body
factor in determining maximal life span potential (MLSP) of        2. Promotes a healthy immune system
mammalian species. Beta-carotene enhances thymus gland             3. Provides antioxidant benefits
function and increases interferon’s stimulatory action on the      4. Maintain healthy vision
immune system. A handful of wolfberries contain: Proteins,
Carbohydrates, Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene,         *Suggested Use: 15 grams of dried wolfberry
Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Nicotinic Acid,     daily.
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). It is the combination of nutrients in
the berry that improves overall performance of the body.           * 5 or 6 berries is about 1gram.

Contraindications There have been no side-                         Storage: Avoid direct light and seal tightly. Avoid
effects reported. Chinese health officials made                    moisture.
the berries a medicinal food because of their
safe use during the past hundreds of years                         Many Ways to enjoy Wolfberry

                                                                   1. Wolfberry banana bread
                                                                   2. Wolfberry tea or cereal
                                                                   3. Wolfberry wine: soak them in a wine about one
                                                                   4. Wolfberry chicken soup
                                                                   5. Healthy wolfberry snack

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