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									Strategic Plan

                 Life Changing College’
                                                     Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


Board of Directors: Statement                    3
Declaration                                      4
Executive Summary                                5
Newbattle’s Progress and Achievements 2006-07    6
Newbattle’s Vision, Mission, Values and Aims     7
Newbattle’s Changing Context                     9
Summary of Learning & Teaching Approach
Newbattle’s National Priorities                 15
Newbattle’s Strategic Partnerships              17
Newbattle’s Strategic Priorities                19


Appendix A: Edinburgh and Lothian Colleges
Appendix B: External Strategies and Plans       28
Appendix C: Performance Indicators              29
                                                                   NEWBATTLE ABBEY COLLEGE FROM THE
Appendix D: Glossary of Terms                   30                             RIVER ESK

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


    This plan represents the second year of an overall five year strategy. The plan seeks
    to embrace the recommendations of a recently produced Masterplan in order to
    progress the Campus Redevleopment Project for the College and its 125 acre estate.

    The planning period started with an excellent HMIe Report on the College as a result
    of a review in April 2008. This was followed by a successful outcome to a funding
    review undertaken by the Scottish Funding Council in 2008 which resulted in
    additional grant funding for investment in the College ICT infrastructure and
    curriculum development for the introduction of blended learning. This plan sets out
    how we will build on these successes.

    The 2008-12 period will see the implementation of our ambitious estates plan
    designed to place the College onto a long-term sustainable funding stream.

    As ‘Scotland’s Life Changing College’ the motivation and rationale for our core
    business, informed by our Governing Deed of Trust, is to be a residential learning
    community which focuses on the transformative power of adult education and
    supports the learner in transition.
                                                                                              Ann Southwood
    We look forward to working with our staff, learners, community partners and external         Principal
    stakeholders as we seek to provide exciting opportunities for innovation, creative
    thinking and learning which will benefit our target audience….. the people of Scotland.

    Ann Southwood                                    Ann Kettle
    Principal                                        Chair of Board of Directors

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


      The Board of Directors of Newbattle Abbey College has approved
      the Strategic Plan 2008-2012.

                         Professor Keith Brown

                            Mr Colin Bryce

                          Mrs Joyce Connon

                            Dr David Corner
                          Dr Richard Dockrell
                           Dr Neil Hargraves

                          Professor David Kirk

                          Mr Drew Owenson

                         Mr Alasdair MacIntyre
                            Dr Brian Martin

                           Dr Laura Meagher

                            Dr Peter Murray

                       Councillor Margot Russell

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


      This Strategic Plan identifies the priorities and future direction of Newbattle Abbey College for the period 2008-2012. The Senior
      Management Team and the Board of Directors have prepared the Plan through a series of development days and meetings. Staff
      teams have engaged in self evaluation and developmental activities which have also informed the Plan.

      The Plan underpins organisational development to empower staff to support our learners and contribute to the business
      performance of Newbattle Abbey College.

      The Plan informs external stakeholders of the role, position and priorities of the College within its national, local and international

      The Plan builds on the College Vision and Mission statements to position Newbattle Abbey College as ‘Scotland’s Life Changing
      College’. It also identifies our four key strategic aims and focuses on continuously improving the performance of the College and
      enhancing the quality of its provision.

      A more detailed annual Operational Plan underpins this Strategic Plan.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012



    Scotland’s Life Changing College


    To be a residential learning community which focuses on the transformative power of adult education and supports the learner in


    •   Developing potential

    •   Learner focussed

    •   Empowering individuals

    •   Promoting inclusiveness and diversity

    •   Quality enhancement

    •   Promoting success

    •   Working collaboratively

    •   Facilitating lifelong learning

    •   Promoting culture and heritage

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


                         To     To an inclusive and transformative learning
    Learning and Teaching: provideprovide an inclusive and transformative residential learning
    Teaching:                   experience for adults within the of a heritage site
                         experience for adults within the context context of a heritage site

    Infrastructure:                  To develop a infrastructure which which will the
                             To develop a CollegeCollege infrastructurewill supportsupport the
                                     provision of quality services individual learner
                             provision of quality services to meetto meet individual learner and
                                     customer needs
                             and customer needs

    Leadership:                      To clear and purposeful leadership which
                             To provideprovide clear and purposeful leadership which develops
                                     potential, promotes success and empowers individuals
                             develops potential, promotes success and empowers

                                  To an ethos ethos of inclusiveness that promotes equality
    Access and Inclusion: To ensure ensure anof inclusiveness that promotes
    Inclusion:                     and diversity and challenges discrimination
                          equalityand diversity and challenges discrimination

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    As Scotland’s Life Changing College, located within a heritage site, we are uniquely positioned to provide a challenging curriculum
    to adult learners.
    Collaboration is at the centre of our value base with partnerships being developed locally, nationally and internationally.

    The College operates under a Governing Deed of Trust set up by Philip Kerr, 11th Marquis of Lothian in 1937, when he gifted
    Newbattle and its estate to the Scottish nation to be used as an adult educational residential college. The Trustees are the
    Principals and Vice Chancellors of the four ancient Scottish universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow.

    The College was incorporated in 2004 to become a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. The College is governed
    by a Board of Directors, elected annually from the Company membership, with responsibility for determining the educational
    character and mission of the College and for oversight of its activities.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


    Newbattle Abbey College is unique in Scotland. It is the only national adult education college which offers adult learners a
    residential life changing experience within a historic heritage site.

    The learning and teaching strategic aim for the College reflects this unique provision and during 2008-2012 we aim to:

    ‘Provide an inclusive, transformative residential learning experience for adults within the context of a heritage site’
    (Strategic Aim 1)

    In order to achieve our learning and teaching aim in the most effective and efficient manner, we have identified three key priority
    areas which require to be addressed within this College Strategic Plan. These priority areas are:

    1. Diversification of the Curriculum
    2. Development of an ICT infrastructure which enhances the quality of the College provision
    3. Provision of an inclusive transformative learning experience within a heritage site

    The mind map laid out on the following page summarises our planned strategies to achieve our stated aims.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

      Newbattle Abbey College is Scotland’s (national) adult education residential College. We recruit students from all parts of Scotland
      and the UK.
      In line with our mission to be a residential learning community which focuses on the transformative power of adult education and
      supports the learner in transition, we provide educational opportunities for adults who have few or no qualifications and have a
      desire to improve their life opportunities through education.
      Our approach to marketing and recruitment is focused on the educational aspirations of adult learners as well as their learning
      support needs. Our intention is to attract adults whose main motivation is to study and take full advantage of the opportunities open
      to them by the achievement of a current, relevant and marketable nationally accredited qualification.
      Our approach to learning is developmental and holistic. We encourage students and staff to work towards their learning potential
      and to contribute their skills and talents in support of the whole college learning community.
      Financial Health
      Diversification of the curriculum and development of commercial activities are key to establishing a sustainable income stream for
      the College.
      The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) grant funds the academic resource of the College with the estate and fabric needs being
      supported by income from commercial activities. An increase in SFC funded provision for 2008/09 will enable the College to
      develop a blended learning programme and better support our existing provision through investment in the College ICT

      The Council has also indicated that it is prepared to increase the level of funding offered to the College in subsequent years subject
      to suitable student support arrangements being established to provide a blended learning programme and to better support our
      existing provision. This is dependant upon the outcome of a review of student support arrangements for Newbattle students
      currently being undertaken by the Scottish Government/FAED and HELS Divisions, Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) and
      the Scottish Funding Council.
      Effective cost management is critical to the future success of the College allowing it to invest in key priority areas to improve the
      student experience and enable staff to meet stakeholder expectations. A prudent approach will maintain financial security through
      robust cash flow management.
      A 15 year Masterplan for the College and its entire estate was prepared by Halcrow Group Ltd during 2006/07. The Plan moves the
      College towards a sustainable funding stream to provide core services and stimulate new investment to establish a creative
      educational and related environment. The campus redevelopment will be progressed throughout the life of this Strategic Plan
      through a phased approach.
Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    Risk Management
    The College embeds risk management into its operational areas and will continue to review and mitigate risks as part of the opera-
    tional planning process. With effect from 2008/09 the College will also carry out an Internal Audit to ensure compliance with the SFC
    Code of Audit Practice.
    The Senior Management Team will continue to undertake regular reviews and evaluation of the management of risks and report to
    the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    Leadership and Management
    We are committed to clear, purposeful direction in leadership. A progressive approach to organisational development and solution
    focused management techniques had been adopted to better meet the challenges of the current growth model. The emphasis is on
    a collegiate approach to quality enhancement to better meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers. The professional
    development and support of all staff is seen as a priority and a ‘Coaching’ model is used to facilitate this. A review of Housekeeping
    and Facilities provision is currently being planned as part of this progressive approach.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

The College’s Strategic Plan is informed by strategies, plans and other planning documents formulated by external bodies and stakeholder
organisations. These are detailed in Appendix B.

The Plan also takes account of the priorities of the Scottish Funding Council Corporate Plan which are relevant to our role. These include:

•   To offer fair access to a diverse range of learning programmes suited to individual learners circumstances

•   All learning provision and programmes to be of high quality and relevant to students’ lives and careers, society and the economy

•   To support Scotland’s International ambitions

Widening Participation and Social Inclusion
The College actively engages with Midlothian Adult Literacy and Numeracy Partnership (MALANI) and the South East Forum (SEF) in projects
which support adult literacy and numeracy. We facilitate the development of learning skills, increase participation in education, widen access
to education and raise educational aspirations of adult learners.

In addition we engage with national and regional organisations to promote the provision of educational opportunities for adults who have few
or no qualifications.

The College provision will continue to be informed by the Community Learning and Development Plans of Edinburgh and the Lothians
particularly in the area of social inclusion through culture and creativity.

Equalities and Inclusiveness
The College as a learning organisation continues to develop inclusive practice and has an overarching framework for Equalities and
Inclusiveness. The College Equalities Committee has external advisors as members and works within the framework of an Action Plan to
embed equalities into all aspects of College life. We carry out Equalities Impact Assessments to monitor procedural effectiveness and an
annual focus group session with students informs our plans for improvement. We will continue to publish an Annual Report for Equalities and

Employability and Citizenship
The College Core Skills Policy and Procedures for Academic Guidance are designed to identify the roles and responsibilities of individual
learners. In addition they facilitate the development of employability skills such as planning, problem solving and team working and through
discussion, debate, extra curricular activities and volunteering, we actively encourage the development of citizenship skills among members of
the College community.
Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    Guidance and Progression
    In partnership with local universities and Careers Scotland, the College delivers a preparation for Higher Education course to all
    students. In addition Careers Scotland and Scotland’s Colleges support us in delivering activities to prepare students for progress
    to work or Further Education. College staff are members of various steering groups of local learning partners including the
    Improving Opportunities for the People of Midlothian Group (IOM), Midlothian Adult Literacy and Numeracy Initiative (MALANI), the
    South East Forum (SEF) and East Lothian Learning Network (ELLN). This enables us to become involved with local learning
    initiatives, support local learning projects and ensure our students are able to access relevant local learning opportunities offered by
    our partners. We continue to liaise with Skills Scotland to ensure accurate updating of their ILA database.

    Quality Enhancement
    The College has developed processes and procedures to enhance the quality of our provision and monitor our progress towards
    achieving actions for improvement. Staff development strategies and policies are designed to provide the most relevant and
    effective investment in our staff. Governance and Management are regularly reviewed through self evaluation activities with actions
    for improvement monitored for impact and effectiveness. Procedures for conducting self-evaluation on a systematic basis exist
    within the College planning cycle.

    In line with quality enhancement, a review of housekeeping, facilities and estates provision is planned during session 2008-2009.

    Students are encouraged to become involved in the SPARQS programme.

    Sustainable Development
    The College will focus on actions to improve procedures for procurement, energy efficiency and waste management including the
    establishment of a Sustainability Working Group.

    The College will pursue opportunities to promote staff and student exchanges and the recruitment of international students. We will
    build culture and creativity into the curriculum for international students.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012


    The College recognises that many of its goals are shared and can be achieved more effectively by working in partnership. We are
    Committed to establishing and developing strategic partnerships with the following:

    Colleges                                             Edinburgh & Lothian Colleges Group (Appendix A)
                                                         Scotland’s Colleges
                                                         Residential Colleges Committee- we are a member organisation of this UK network
                                                         Scottish Colleges Financial Management Network
                                                         East of Scotland Human Resources Forum
                                                         Staff Development Collaborative Group

    Universities                                         Working with Higher Educational Institutions to develop articulation between
                                                         Newbattle and HE establishments

    Heritage and Conservation Groups                     Alba Conservation Trust
                                                         Historic Scotland
                                                         Heritage Lottery Fund

    Local Authorities                                    Midlothian Council:
                                                         • Improving Opportunities for people in Midlothian (IOM)
                                                         • Forward Mid
                                                         • Midlothian Adult Literacy and Numeracy Initiative (MALANI)
                                                         • Local Primary and High Schools
                                                         • Midlothian Community Learning and Development
                                                         • East Lothian Council:
                                                         • East Lothian Learning Network (ELLN)

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    COLLEGE PARTNERS continued

    Quality                                Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIe)
                                           Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
                                           Scottish Funding Council (SFC)

    Scottish Funding Council               We will work collaboratively with and contribute towards SFC Corporate Plan targets

    Tourism Networks                       Midlothian Tourism Forum

    International                          EAC Ltd

    Social Inclusion                       Scottish Wider Access Programme
                                           South East Forum

    Estates                                Forestry Commission Scotland
                                           Alba Conservation Trust

    SME’s                                  Scottish Story Telling Centre
                                           New Curiosity Shop

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012
STRATEGIC AIM 1: Learning and Teaching
To provide an inclusive and transformative learning experience for adults within the context of a heritage site.

                                             EXPECTED OUTCOME                                  RESPONSIBILITY      TIMESCALE
                         •   A range of adult learning organisations across Scotland will
1.1                          work in partnership with the College to deliver a flexible
                                                                                             Depute Principal
Widen access across          diverse inclusive curriculum delivered in such a way that
                                                                                             Curriculum Manager
Scotland for adult           most adult learners in Scotland, who have few or no                                   2008-2012
                                                                                             Marketing Committee
learners with few or         qualifications, can access the unique residential
                                                                                             Academic Team
no qualifications            experience of learning that is to be found at Newbattle
                             Abbey College.
                         •   There will be partnership agreements in place which
                             facilitate an incremental increase in the number of adult
1.2                          learners across Scotland who are engaged in a residential       Depute Principal
Increase participation       learning experience at Newbattle Abbey College.                 Curriculum Manager
in learning for adults   •   The Adult learners engaged in learning at Newbattle will        Marketing Committee
across Scotland              include those who have previously been disengaged with          Academic Team
                             formal learning and/or who have traditionally been ‘hard to
                             reach’ as learners.
                         •   In partnership with local and national learning
                             organisations, the College will deliver a curriculum which is
1.3                          specifically designed to raise the learning aspirations of      Depute Principal
Raise learning               adult learners and encourage their progression in learning.     Academic Team
aspirations of adults    •   The curriculum will be designed to provide access to            Curriculum Manager
across Scotland              Further and Higher education, to develop skills for             Marketing Committee
                             employment and to provide continuing professional
                             development for adult learners already in employment.
Develop and
                         •   A cross college ICT strategy will support the development
implement an ICT                                                                                                   Sept 2008
                             of a modernised ICT infrastructure.
strategy which will
                         •   Partnership agreements will be in place to support the
inform planning for                                                                                                2008-2009
                             implementation of the College ICT strategy.
Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

                                                EXPECTED OUTCOME                                  RESPONSIBILITY        TIMESCALE
     1.4 (continued)
                            •   An action plan will be in place to support the implementation                           2008-2009
                                of the ICT strategy to help diversify the curriculum.
                            •   SMART objectives will underpin the implementation of the                                2008-2009
                                ICT Strategy.
                                                                                                 Depute Principal
                            •   A devolved budget will enable the development of a                                      2008-2009
                                modernised ICT infrastructure and diversification of the
                                                                                                 ICT & Curriculum
                            •   The ICT infrastructure will be designed to support an                                   2008-2009
                                                                                                 Development Advisory
                                inclusive, diverse transformative curricular delivery.
                            •   A cross college ICT group will use their joint knowledge and                            2008-2009
                                skills to advise the SMT on the most effective and efficient
                                ways in which to implement the ICT strategy and diversify
                                the curriculum while maintaining College core values.
     1.5                    •   The core curriculum will be delivered flexibly while retaining
     Diversify the              the unique transformative residential adult learning                                    2008-2012
     curriculum                 experience within a heritage site at Newbattle Abbey
                            •   Heritage education will be developed with a focus on                                    2008-2009
                                ‘Homecoming 2009’.
                            •   Heritage education courses will be designed to attract           SMT                    2008-2009
                                national and international learners.                             Marketing Committee
                            •   Curriculum delivery methods will enable on site and              ICT & Curriculum       2008-2009
                                distance learning while maintaining College core values and      Development Advisory
                                supporting the unique residential adult learning experience      Group
                                within a heritage site.
                            •   Funding will be in place from a range of sources to support
                                the development activities required to plan for and                                     2008-2009
                                implement curriculum diversification.
                            •   A diverse curriculum will be in place to provide an additional
                                sustainable funding stream to the College.                                              2008-2012

STRATEGIC AIM 2: Infrastructure
To develop a sustainable College infrastructure which will support the provision of quality services to meet individual
learner and customer needs
                                           EXPECTED OUTCOME                              RESPONSIBILITY        TIMESCALE
2.1 Implementation of     •   The Masterplan will be referred to as the Campus
Campus Redevelopment          Redevelopment Plan.
                                                                                                              April 2009
Plan using phased         •   A Committee will be in place to oversee the
approach                      implementation of the Campus Redevelopment Plan
                          •   Project Management Services will be in place to
                                                                                       Principal & Board of   August 2009
                              progress Phase II.
                                                                                       Directors              December 2009
                          •   The original Masterplan will have been reviewed and
                                                                                                              December 2009
                          •   Workstreams will have been prioritised for action
                          •   Services of a Development partner will have been
                                                                                                              December 2010
2.2 Develop the College   •   A funding stream will be agreed with the Scottish
ICT infrastructure to         Funding Council sufficient to enable the College to
                                                                                                              September 2008
support quality               modernise the ICT infrastructure in such a way that
enhancement of the            the quality of the learner experience is improved,
curriculum and                assured and enhanced by technological support.
organisational            •   The ICT infrastructure will be designed to support an
development                   inclusive, flexible, diverse curriculum.
                          •   Teaching staff skills will be developed to enable them
                              to use technology to enhance the learning and
                                                                                                SMT             2008-2012
                              teaching experience and to provide inclusive and
                              flexible methods of curriculum delivery and
                              assessment to residential students, non-residential
                              students and students studying at distance.
                          •   Support staff skills will be developed to enable
                              effective and efficient use of a modernised ICT
                          •   College organisational development will be supported
                              by an ICT system designed to increase efficiency and
                              effectiveness of College management systems.
Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012
                                                    EXPECTED OUTCOME                                  RESPONSIBILITY          TIMESCALE
     2.3                          •   Additional sustainable funding streams are secured.
     To secure additional         •   Additional income will be invested in key priority areas
     sustainable funding              in order to sustain, assure and enhance the quality of
                                                                                                    SMT                      2008-2012
     streams                          College provision.
                                  •   The diverse and complex needs of a range of learner
                                      and customer expectations will be better met.
     2.4                          •   Management controls are in place to safeguard public
     Maintain financial               funds.                                                        Principal &
     security through robust      •   College assets are safeguarded.                               Administration           2008-2012
     financial management         •   Efficient and effective management of the College’s           Manager
     services                         resources and expenditure.
     2.5                          •   There will be an infrastructure in place that will identify
     Establish robust                 staff, learner and customer needs.
     systems to identify staff,   •   There will be an infrastructure in place that will enable
     learner and customer             us to meet staff, learner and customer needs within           SMT & All Staff          2008-2009
     needs and assure                 resource constraints.
     quality of provision         •   There will be a framework in place to assure the
                                      quality of provision to staff, learner and customer.
     2.6                          •   Staff are actively engaged in developmental activities.       All Staff                 June 2009
     Effective and efficient      •   Staff, learners and customers contribute to                   All Staff and Students   June 2009
     deployment of College            organisational development planning.
     resources to meet the        •   Development needs are prioritised against College             SMT                      June 2009
     developmental needs of           strategic objectives.
     staff, learners and          •   College resources, support staff, learners and                SMT                      June 2009
     customers                        customers prioritised needs.
                                  •   College resources are allocated efficiently against           SMT                      June 2009
                                      prioritised needs.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    STRATEGIC AIM 3: Leadership
    To provide clear and purposeful leadership which develops potential, promotes success and empowers individuals

            STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE                              EXPECTED OUTCOME                        RESPONSIBILITY      TIMESCALE
     3.1                                        •   There will be a Code of Conduct to which
     Ensure that Governance meets codes             the Board and Management adhere.
     of conduct and ethical standards in        •   The Company Board and Management
     public life and addresses legal                adhere to the Memorandum and Articles of         Board & SMT        2008-2009
     responsibilities                               Association.
                                                •   The Board and Management will meet all
                                                    relevant legislative requirements.
     3.2                                        •   All staff individually and in teams, will be
     Achieve quality enhancement across all         involved in evaluative activities to identify
     College activities                             ways to improve practice, enhance learner
                                                    experience, develop staff skills and meet
                                                    organisations developmental needs.               Depute Principal
                                                •   Feedback will be sought from lecturers,          Admin Manager
                                                    customers and staff and analysed to              Marketing Group
                                                    identify ways to enhance the quality of          All Staff
                                                    service delivery.
                                                •   Procedures will be in place to monitor
                                                    service improvement and enhance the
                                                    quality of service delivery.
     3.3                                        •   The College will have a clear vision,
     Ensure clear and purposeful direction          mission and statement of purpose which           SMT
     with regard to the role and significance       describes the role of the college nationally.
     of the College as a national institution   •   The college vision, mission and statement        Marketing Group
                                                    of purpose will be communicated to staff,
                                                    learners and external stakeholders.
     3.4                                        •   Structures are in place to identify individual
     Demonstrate leadership which                   talents and use them to enhance                  SMT and
     develops potential, promotes success           organisational development.                      All Managers
     and empowers individuals

       STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE                                    EXPECTED OUTCOME                          RESPONSIBILITY       TIMESCALE
3.4 (continued)                                •   Staff and learner achievements would be
                                                   affirmed and rewarded.
                                               •   Staff, students and key stakeholders would be
                                                   involved in decision making.
                                               •   Solution focussed management approaches
Build the capacity of staff to contribute to                                                            SMT                  2008-2012
                                                   will be adopted to identify organisational
quality team work focused on
                                                   development needs and communicate these to
organisational objectives
                                                   all staff.
                                                                                                        SMT &                2008-2012
                                               •   All staff will be involved in identifying training
                                                   and professional development needs and
                                                   matching these with organisational needs.
                                               •   A programme will be in place to address
                                                   prioritised staff training needs based on
                                                                                                        Administration       2008-2012
                                                   legislative requirement, organisational
                                                   development needs, personal development
                                                   needs and available resources.
3.6                                            •   Staff will represent the College on local and
Ensure that curriculum planning takes              national groups which influence the
account of national and local priorities           development of adult learning and other
and encourages diversity in participation          lifelong learning policies.
through flexible and accessible provision      •   Staff will be informed of local and national adult
                                                   learning and lifelong learning priorities.
                                               •   Curriculum planning will be informed by current
                                                   SFC and HMIe circulars identifying local and
                                                                                                        Depute Principal &
                                                   national learning priorities.                                             2008-2012
                                                                                                        Curriculum Manager
                                               •   There will be active engagement of staff across
                                                   college in sector activities which support
                                                   diversity and inclusion in adult learning.
                                               •   Curriculum delivery will be designed to be
                                                   flexible enough to ensure that the unique
                                                   residential adult learning experience at
                                                   Newbattle Abbey College is accessible to the
                                                   majority of adult learners in Scotland.
Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

    STRATEGIC AIM 4: Access and Inclusion
    To ensure an ethos of inclusiveness that promotes equality and diversity and challenges discrimination

          STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE                               EXPECTED OUTCOME                        RESPONSIBILITY      TIMESCALE
     4.1                                    •   Actions from DES, RES and GES will have
     Implement action plans from the            been implemented, progress monitored and
                                                                                                    Depute Principal
     Disability, Gender and Race Equality       schemes updated in line with current legislation.
     schemes                                •   Equality of opportunity is overtly promoted                             2008-2012
                                                across the college.
                                                                                                    All Staff
                                            •   Elimination of discrimination is actively pursued
                                                across the college.
     4.2                                    •   Equalities Impact assessments are carried out
     Embed the principles of equality and       on all college policies and procedures.
                                                                                                    Depute Principal,
     inclusiveness within the               •   Staff development and training in issues
     organisational structure                   concerning equality and inclusiveness is
                                                                                                    Manager,            2008-2012
                                                identified as a priority.
                                            •   A programme of staff development and training
                                                in inclusive practise is in place and informed by
                                                current best practise in the sector.
     4.3                                    •   Partnership agreements are in place which
     Meet the legislative requirements of       facilitate compliance with legislative
     the Disability, Gender, Race               requirements.
     Equalities and other legislation       •   Equalities group monitor college compliance
                                                with relevant legislation.                          SMT & Equalities
                                            •   All college policies and procedures have been       Committee           2008-2012
                                                assessed to ensure legislative compliance.          Marketing Group
                                            •   A system of self evaluation is in place to ensure
                                                staff compliance with legislative requirements.
                                            •   All staff aware of personal responsibility
                                                regarding legislative compliance.

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012
         STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE                             EXPECTED OUTCOME                              RESPONSIBILITY         TIMESCALE
     4.4                                •   Learning and teaching materials actively promote
     Promote equality and diversity         equality and inclusiveness.
                                                                                                      Depute Principal,
     and challenge discrimination       •   An equalities impact assessment is carried out on
     throughout the curriculum              all learning and teaching materials.
                                                                                                      Manager, Academic       2008-2012
                                        •   Equality and inclusiveness underpins all
                                                                                                      Team, Equalities
                                            curriculum design activities.
                                        •   Curriculum delivery is flexible, inclusive and non-
     4.5                                •   All marketing material is screened for
     Promote equality and diversity         inclusiveness of content and language.                    Administration
     and challenge discrimination       •   All marketing material actively overtly promotes          Manger, Depute
                                            the equalities agenda.                                    Principal, Equalities   2008-2012
                                        •   All staff have been trained in how to identify and        Committee,
                                            challenge discrimination and promote                      Academic Team
     4.6                                •   Recruitment, employment and selection practises
     Provide an inclusive and               are screened through the equalities impact
     collegiate environment for staff       assessment process.
     and students                       •   Policies and procedures are in place which are
                                            current, meet legislative requirements and
                                                                                                      SMT, Curriculum
                                            promote inclusive practice.
                                                                                                      Manager, Equalities
                                        •   All staff and students are made aware of and                                      2008-2012
                                            given access to college policies, procedures and
                                                                                                      Academic Team
                                            values which support and promote inclusive
                                        •   All staff participate in learning and development
                                            activities designed to provide staff with the skills to
                                            promote inclusive and challenge discrimination.

Appendix A: Edinburgh & Lothian Colleges Group

    For a number of years, the six Edinburgh and Lothian Colleges, Edinburgh’s Telford, Jewel & Esk, Newbattle Abbey, Oatridge,
    Stevenson and West Lothian, have been collaborating on a variety of issues to the benefit of students, stakeholders and staff.
    As a partnership of like-minded colleges, the ELCG plays a leading role in the Principals’ Forum, the Association of Scotland’s
    Colleges (ASC), and Scotland’s Colleges International (SCI) and contributes to the work of Scotland’s Colleges.
    A Strategic Framework is in place and frequent meetings between the Principals and senior staff of the colleges have been
    extended to include a wider range of staff with common responsibilities within the partners. Board of Management members come
    together for training events and strategic discussions.
    The colleges have a long-standing collaboration in staff development including professional development awards, teaching
    qualifications and industrial placements. In addition, the colleges work together in quality, benchmarking, construction expertise and
    economic development.
    Major projects have been completed to investigate the potential of shared services between colleges and detailed curriculum
    mapping of the colleges’ provision. Such projects have provided baseline information and recommendations for further action and
    have formed part of our shared strategy of collaboration.
    Such information has been vital in ensuring that each college offers a curriculum portfolio, which is up to date and fit for purpose.
    We have also used this information to carry out some long term joint visioning, looking forward to 2020. As such, we are committed
    to long term collaboration within the framework of strong independent self determining institutions.
    The ELCG is committed to ensuring best value for the public purse though streamlining of activities, including involvement in joint
    projects under the banner of the “Efficient Government” initiative.
    Within the lifespan of this plan, these collaborative activities will be extended and expanded, and a joint action plan, including
    research to identify opportunities in the global markets, has been prepared. The action plan identifies a range of projects by all or
    some of the participating colleges.
    The College Principals view our developing collaboration as an essential tool to their leadership and management of the colleges
    which serve the people of Edinburgh and Lothian’s and beyond.
    The strategic partnerships, which is the ELCG, exists to promote innovation and add value to the experience of our collective
    students; whilst raising performance standards, and without compromising the integrity of each individual college.

Appendix B: External Strategies and Plans


    Preparing Learners for Learning in Scotland’s College’s: a Toolkit for Self-evaluation and Quality Enhancement. (HMIe, SFC, July 2007).

    Standards and Quality in Scottish Further Education: Quality Framework for Scottish Colleges. (HMIe, May 2004).

    Analysis of HMIe Reviews of Quality Standards in Scotland’s Colleges, Academic Years 2004/05 to 2006/07.

    Adult ESOL Strategy for Scotland. (Scottish Government, March 2007).

    Learning to Improve: Quality Approaches for Lifelong Learning. (Scottish Government, December 2005).

    Life Through Learning: Learning Through Life: The Lifelong Learning Strategy for Scotland. (Scottish Government, February 2003).

    Life Through Learning: Learning Through Life: Strategy Update 2006. (Scottish Government, December 2006).


    Promoting Excellence: The Scottish Government’s Response to the Review. (Scottish Government, November 2007).

    Unlocking Opportunity: the Difference Scotland’s College’s Make to Learners, the Economy and Wider Society. (Scottish Government, October

    Delivering a Smarter Scotland: The Difference Scotland’s College’s make to Learners, the Economy and Wider Society. (Scottish Government,
    June 2007).

    Transforming Lives, Transforming Scotland: An Overview by the Review’s Core Group. (Scottish Government, June 2007).

    Skills for Scotland: a Lifelong Skills Strategy. (Scottish Government, September 2007).


    Corporate Plan 2006-09. Learning and Innovation: Helping to Deliver Scotland’s Strategy for the Future. (SFC, November, 2006).

    Learning for All: The Way Forward. (SFC, October 2007).

    Scotland’s Colleges: a Baseline Report. (SFC, February 2007).

Appendix C: Performance Indicators

Newbattle Abbey College: Performance Indicators for Award programme 2002-2008
                        Session                      2002 –    2003 –    2004 -    2005 –    2006-    2007-2008   2008-2009
                                                      2003      2004      2005      2006     2007      * * * *       ****
                                                    * * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *

  a – Number of students initially registered for     62        48         53       34        51         43          52
  the programme
  b – Number of students satisfying the atten-        44        45         48       31        50         38          46
  dance criterion
  SRR1 Retention Ratio 1 b/a x100 (express as %)     71%       94%        91%      91%       98%        88%         88.5%

  c – Number of students who attended the com-        43        37         34       29        44        30
  pleted programme
  SRR2 Retention Ratio 2 c/a x 100 (express as       60%       77%        64%      85%       86%        70%
  d – Number of students attaining the required       28        26         24       24        27        23
  criteria for success in the programme *

  Student Programme Achievement Ratio (SPAR)         69%       58%        50%      78%       54%        61%
  d/b x100 (express as %)
  e – Number of assessment credits achieved          297       348        446      499       417.5      421
  f – Number of assessment credits undertaken        352       359        456      534       503        518.5
  g- SARU e/f x 100 (express as %)                   84%       97%        98%      94%       83%        81%

  Destination - University                           23%       36%        32%      50%       48%        39%
  Destination – College * *                           0%       19%        7.5%     12.5%     10%         16%
  Destination – Employment                            8%       17%        19%      28%       22%          5%
  Destination - Other                                69%       28%       41.5%     9.5%      20%        40%

Appendix D: Glossary of Terms

DEEP - Developing Employee Engagement Programme              MALANI - Midlothian Adult Literacy and Numeracy Initiative

ELCG - Edinburgh and Lothian Colleges Group                  NEET - Not in Education Employment or Training

ELLN - East Lothian Learning Network                         PI’s - Performance Indicators

ESOL - English as a Second Overseas Language                 SAAS - Students Award Agency Scotland

FAED - Further and Adult Education Division                  SCI - Scotland’s Colleges International

HELS - Higher Education Learning Support Division            SEF - South East Forum

HLF - Heritage Lottery Fund                                  SFC - Scottish Funding Council

HMIe - Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education               SFEU - Scottish Further Education Unit

ICT - Information Communication Technology                   SMT - Senior Management Team

ILA - Individual Learning Account                            SPARQS - Student Participation in Quality Scotland

IOM - Improving Opportunities for the people of Midlothian   SQA - Scottish Qualifications Authority

JISC - Joint Information Systems Committee                   SWAP - Scottish Wider Access Programme

KT - Knowledge Transfer                                      VLE - Virtual Learning Environment

Newbattle Abbey College Strategic Plan 2008-2012

                                                     Newbattle Abbey College
                                                        Newbattle Road
                                                           EH22 3LL

                                                       Tel: 0131 663 1921
                                                       Fax: 0131 654 0598




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