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Desk review of DRC AIP (accountability improvement plan) as by lefttoleave


									                                                                                                                                                            30 October 2008

                    Desk review of DRC AIP (accountability improvement plan) as of mid-October 2008
                                 (Structured in accordance with the HAP certification audit of DRC International’s accountability in March-April 2007)

                                The 3 first columns of the 6 rows below are taken from DRC’s global HAF (humanitarian accountability framework) on

ACTION POINT        IMPLEMENTATION         MONITORING        STATUS MID-OCTOBER 2008                                        PLAN FOR OUTSTANDING TASKS                              DEAD
    CAR                                                                                                                                                                             LINE
Contextual          Country offices        Annual            Global HAF and 9 contextual (field) HAFs are available on      Those FOs that have not submitted their contextual      Dec.
HAFs available      revise/draft their     programme and displayed in hard        HAF do so, for uploading on                 08
to beneficiaries;   HAF and make it        reviews as per
compliance with     available as per       Programme         copy in respective countries.                                  Contextual HAFs lacking adequate AIP, include it.
HAF is              information strategy   Handbook or       Compliance is monitored under DRC’s monitoring and
monitored           in Programme           new baseline      evaluation framework, particularly the annual programme
      HQ1           Handbook               assessment        reviews.
Information         Country offices        Annual            DRC’s global HAF is also available in French and Russian       FOs which have not made their respective field HAF      May
provided to         revise/draft their     programme         and an Arabic translation is in progress. Field stakeholder    accessible to their local stakeholders and              09
beneficiaries       information            reviews as per
and                 strategies to comply   Programme         information guide is available and distributed to FOs. (Due    beneficiaries through local appropriate means
stakeholders        with Programme         Handbook or       to an error, it was not included in the first version of the   including notice boards and oral communication, do
      HQ3           Handbook               new baseline      Programme Handbook CD-ROM). Field assessments                  so.
                                           assessment        September 2008 show good compliance in general but with        FOs which have not included beneficiary information     Imme
                                                             room for further improvement.                                  plans in their funding proposals, do so.                diate

Field staff are     Comprehensive          HQ monitoring     Induction programme for new international staff is in place    As per HRD SFA:
aware of and        training programme     of HRD            since September 2007.                                          3 regional Training-of-Trainers workshops
use the HAF         at HQ, regional and    strategic focal
and quality         country level as per   area.             Field human resource development (HRD) was endorsed in         November 2008-March 2009 for TFPs and TMs.
management          HRD strategic focal    Annual            February 2008 as a strategic focal area (SFA) for the two      Country/regional offices which have not funded and      Dec
system              area                   programme         years 2008-09, including a comprehensive training              appointed TFPs and TMs, do so.                          08
      HQ5                                  reviews as per    programme that will ensure that all field staff understands    Local roll-out implemented by TFPs and TMs during
       F3                                  Programme
                                                             DRC’s HAF and HQMS as applicable to their job function.        2009.
                                                             The programme and training materials/approaches are            Local procedures for refresher and other training are   Dec
                                                             developed and country programmes have appointed                implemented in coordination with outputs from staff     09
                                                             Training Focal Points and Training Mentors.                    performance appraisal system (see below).
                                                             HQ coordinators and international managers were trained in

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                                                                                                                                                             30 October 2008

                                                             their monitoring responsibilities during the 2008 annual
                                                             meeting and a series of further training of HQ coordinators
                                                             was initiated in August 2008.
Field human        Field personnel         HQ monitoring     These action points are also included in the HRD SFA            As per HRD SFA:
resource           appraisal and           of HRD            2008-09.                                                        Revised generic job description for field managers      May
management         development             strategic focal
tools and skills   scheme and field        area.             Minimum standard field staff complaint mechanism is             (to include accountability and Human Resource           08
are strengthened   staff complaint         Annual            drafted.                                                        responsibilities).
       HQ6         mechanism               programme         Management values and norms are drafted for the entire          FOs which do not satisfy the minimum standard field     Dec
        F4         developed as per        reviews as per    DRC.                                                            staff complaint mechanism, do so.                       09
                   HRD strategic focal     Programme
                   area.                   Handbook
                                                                                                                             Minimum standard field staff performance appraisal      Dec
                                                                                                                             system is developed; FOs which do not satisfy it, do    09
                                                                                                                             Management values and norms, as well as other           Dec
                                                                                                                             management tools, are adopted by DRC International      09
                                                                                                                             and included in induction of new international staff.
Beneficiary        HQ support and          Annual            Relevant tool is available as annex B5 in the new               80% of DRC International’s programmes have a            Dec
complaint          advocacy with           programme         Programme Handbook.                                             functioning beneficiary complaints-handling             09
mechanisms in      country                 reviews as per
50% of DRC’s       programmes, based       Programme         Comprehensive CM handbook is completed.                         mechanism.
programmes         on experience in        Handbook or       Field assessments September 2008 show that some 30% of
                   other programmes        new baseline      DRC programmes have an established beneficiary
                                           assessment        complaint mechanism and that another 50% have initiated
Evaluate and       Applicable where        Annual            Most of DRC’s assistance is implemented by DRC’s own            Programme Handbook annex with guide for quality         May
support partners   DRC have entered        programme         local structures. Field assessments September 2008 show         partnerships is completed.                              09
in strengthening   quality partnerships.   reviews as per
their              As per Programme        Programme         that in those cases where DRC does implement through            FOs which do not meet BM6.2, do so. Include in AR
accountability     Handbook                Handbook or       partners, the spirit of the HAP Standard benchmark 6.2 is       when DRC FO implement through partners.
(BM6.2)                                    new baseline      met in the majority of cases.
       HQ8                                 assessment

                            In addition to the AIP above, the following ‘Corrective Action Requested’ points were also made by the certification auditors:

ACTION POINT                                                  STATUS MID-OCTOBER 2008                                      PLAN FOR OUTSTANDING TASKS
HQ2. “Demonstrate implementation of the Humanitarian          The new Programme Handbook was issued in June
Quality Management System (HQMS) against the HAF              2008 and defines DRC’s HQMS, against which
(Humanitarian Accountability Framework). This should
include a baseline evaluation of the current DRC position     performance can be measured.

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                                                                                                                       30 October 2008

against the HAF and its implementation plan, along with an   FOs have make self-assessment September 2008 of
improvement plan” – before 30 Sept 2008.                     their current status of implementation of the HAP
F2. “Demonstrate that core elements of its HQMS enable the
implementation of the Humanitarian Accountability            Standard; accountability evaluation is included in
Framework at field offices” – before 30 Sept 2008.           Annual Reviews.
                                                             The present desk review (incorporating the findings
                                                             from field self-assessments and Annual Programme
                                                             Reviews) constitute a baseline evaluation and a revised
                                                             global AIP.
HQ4. “Demonstrate that Benchmark 3 [participation by         The new Programme Handbook, section 6.5.1.
beneficiaries] is a mandatory Requirement”
HQ7. “Demonstrate a continual improvement process for the    DRC International’s strategic planning cycle, building
Assistance Framework / Humanitarian Accountability           on the annual meeting, the annual reviews and the
                                                             meta-evaluation of these meet this point.

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