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    • System Design
    • 64 bit Operating Systems
    • Improved Storage
    • Monitoring
The Old
The New
       •   Speed
       •   Speed
       •   Speed
       •   Speed
       •   64bit Speed!
Why the change
  •   Improved OS technology – Windows 2008R2
  •   64 bit Operating System
  •   Memory Cache. Nanoseconds vs. Milliseconds
  •   Improved Web Application Platform
  •   Type 2 database
  •   OpenEdge 10
        64 vs. 32 bit OS

• Memory is increased from 4GB on 32bit
    • 32GB 2008R2 Standard
    • 2TB 2008R2 Enterprise

• Increase I/O
    • DB restore example:
        • 2008R2 245,000 Kbs I/O
        • 2003R2 180,000 Kbs I/O
             • 35% Improvement
The old webspeed placement

                             These two servers spend a great
                                 deal of time on network
Its all about placement
Shared memory and No middle agent
             Old Web Server Functionality
                  (This is old slide)

The WebSpeed Brokers and
AppServers handle Sky-Web    Report Queue connects to Sky-DB with AppServer
requests and processing of   Process Reports for clients
data to or from Sky-DB       Stores reports for a specified time frame
                             Web Apps connects to Sky-DB with WebSpeed Broker
                             Provides Web Apps for Sky-Web client
                             Monolith DAS

            Sky-DB                                                       Sky-Web Client
        Skyward Database
                                                                  Connects to Sky-Web with an Internet Browser
        Monolith CAS / DAS
                                                                  Reads files in PDF format
                 Web Server Functionality
                    (The NEW slide)

     Sky-DB / Web / Reportq                                                 Sky-Web Client
      Skyward Database / Web                                         Connects to Skyward with an Internet Browser
      Monolith CAS / DAS                                             Reads files in PDF format

                                All the skyward programs are using shared memory.
             The WebSpeed Brokers, AppServers and Reportq handle Web requests and processing of Data.

Server Name      #   Max (sec) Avg (sec) Median (sec)
NOC-SKYSTDNT01 49,185 37.30      0.21      0.11
                   The Web Experience Difference
                   Grapevine ISD 13,800 students

  Server Name      #    Max (sec) Avg (sec) Median (sec)
  Skyweb1        26,782 58.36      0.92      0.87
  Skyweb2        27,395 46.48      0.89      0.82

Server Name      #   Max (sec) Avg (sec) Median (sec)
NOC-SKYSTDNT01 49,185 37.30     0.21      0.11

Skyweb1&2 were physical 2003 R2 32bit. Noc-Skystdnt01 is a
  Windows 2008R2 64bit VM running on VMWare ESX 4.1
Supported OS

               • Database Servers
                   • Windows 2008R2

                   • AIX version 5.3.x, or 6.1.x 64 Bit

                   • SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 10.x, 11.x 64 Bit
               • Web Servers
                   • Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit Server with IIS7.5
        • For best performance Webspeed in shared memory requires
          Windows 2008R2
  Skyward Recommendations
For a complete list visit:
     Server Recommendations

•   Skyward supports Virtual Servers using VMware ESX and ESXi.
•   Skyward Servers must be 64 bit Operating Systems
•   Skyward Servers cannot be domain controllers
•   Gigabit network connection required for all Skyward Servers.
•   Fiber Channel and iSCSI SAN storage are supported for Skyward Databases
•   Fiber Channel SAN storage is recommended for the best database performance.
•   A separate Web server located in a DMZ is can accommodate access to web
    products outside the district.
•   Raid 1+0(10) is best, Raid 1 and (Raid 5 VMWare) are supported
                  Server Virtualization
Server virtualization is the masking of physical server resources,
including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and
operating systems, from server users.

    Increases hardware utilization by 50-70%
    Decreases hardware and software capital costs by 40%
    Decreases operating costs by 50-70%

Virtualization products
    • VMWare ESX & ESXi
    •Microsoft Virtual Server
    •**Free Virtual products such as VMware Server should not be used as
    Skyward Servers
    •***VMware ESX and ESXi are the only supported versions for
    Skyward servers
                     Web Server

•Skyward Web Server

   • IIS accesses the Skyward database through a web broker

   • Skyward web applications accessible via Internet Browser

   • Each Web Server Requires an SSL Certificate for encryption
                      Report Server
Skyward Report Server

   • Processes tasks for the web applications (reports, schedule tasks,
   message center, etc)

   • Runs the brokers and services that control the Report Queue

   • Can be configured with IIS or Report Queue File Streaming

   • File Streaming Report Queue Servers do not need IIS / SSL
         • File streaming performs better then redirection.
 Type 2 Storage
– Efficient block formatting
   • Cluster at a time
   • Fewer bi/ai notes written
       – Lets talk about AI (After Imaging)
– Block clustering
   • Alleviates object fragmentation
   • Improves I/O efficiency
– Concurrent Space Allocation
   • Area space Allocation
   • Object space allocation
          Up to 40 % improvement
OpenEdge Management
IT Services
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