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Fees and charges guide

Fees and charges guide

This brochure lists the fees and charges which may be                 Ongoing and Transaction Fees
associated with your Macquarie Bank Mortgage solutions
                                                                      Account management fee                               $198a
home loan. Please note that this brochure is only a summary
                                                                      debited to an account in two instalments on          $398b
of these fees and charges, and does not form part of your
                                                                      the last business day of March and september
loan contract. You will need to refer to your loan contract
to view all fees and charges which are associated with your           Manual redraw/Advance fee                            $50
loan. Please call our client service Team on 1800 007 722             Payable for overnight redraws
if you have any questions regarding your home loan.                   Telegraphic transfer fee                             $30
                                                                      Payable for intraday redraws in addition to the
    Upfront Fee                                                       Manual redraw/advance fee
    Settlement feea                                  $600
    Payable on settlement of your loan                                Product Variation Fees
    Pre-approval request fee                         $300             General consent feec
    Payable if a pre-approval is issued and the                       ■ Payable for loan conversions from interest         $60d
    loan does not proceed to full approval within                       Only to Principal & interest; or Principal &
    three months of application                                         interest to interest Only
                                                                      ■ request for additional accounts (excluding         $100d
    Non-standard Upfront Fees                                           additional account opened for fixed rate)
    Documentation fee                                at cost          ■ Payable for principal increases,                   $500 maxd
    Payable on new applications to solicitors for                       partial releases, subsequent dealings,
    costs over $300                                                     substitutions, product variations or any
                                                                        other loan variation requests that are not
    Valuation update fee                             $110
    Payable if original valuation was obtained                          covered by the fee types listed above
    three months or more before settlement                            Third party fees                                     at cost
    Valuation fee                                    at cost          Payable on variations for valuations over $300
    Payable on new applications for valuations                        for the first valuation, for subsequent valuations
    over $300 for the first and for all                               and to solicitors for costs over $300
    subsequent valuations
    Delayed settlement fee                           $250
    Payable if settlement occurs more than three
    months after the contract is issued
    Non-proceed fee                                  at cost (max.
    Payable to cover processing and third party      $600)
    costs incurred if the loan does not proceed to
    settlement within three months of application

2                                                                    Fees and charges guide                                            3
    Dishonour Fees                                                     Macquarie Bank Credit Card Feesh
    Bank dishonour fee for cheques/         $5                         Annual primary cardholder fee          ■    Free if packaged with a
    payment orders                                                     Payable on each account                     Macquarie mortgage
    Payable if a cheque payment to the                                 anniversary date                       ■    $200 (Macquarie Visa
    loan is dishonoured                                                                                            Platinum)
    Outward dishonour feee                  $40                                                               ■    $50 (Macquarie Visa
    Payable if a payment from the loan is                                                                          ratesaver)
    dishonoured                                                        Annual additional cardholder fee       ■    up to 4 free (Macquarie
    Dishonour fee                           $10 (plus bank fee for     Payable on each account                     Visa Platinum)
    Payable if a payment to the loan is     declined direct debits)    anniversary date                       ■    $10 (Macquarie Visa
    dishonoured                                                                                                    ratesaver)

    Bank fee for declined direct debits     $5                         Late payment fee                       $40
    Payable if a direct debit to the loan                              Payable per statement period if all
    is declined                                                        amounts due are not paid by the
                                                                       payment due date
    Contractual arrears feef                $50
    Payable each month where a                                         Dishonour fee                          $40
    contractual payment is missed                                      Payable each time a payment to the
                                                                       account is dishonoured
    Overlimit feeg                          $50
    Payable each month that the loan is                                Cash advance fee                       3% or $5
    over its credit limit                                              Payable for each cash advance          (whichever is greater)
                                                                       made, charged at the time of the
                                                                       cash advance
    Exit Fees
                                                                       Currency conversion fee                3% of the value of
    Mortgage discharge fee                  $400
                                                                       Payable for transactions outside       each foreign currency
    Payable on full discharge of the loan
                                                                       of australia                           transaction (of which 1%
    Deferred establishment fee              $2,000 (Yr 1 & 2)                                                 is payable by Macquarie
    Payable on the full discharge of the    $1,000 (Yr 3)                                                     to Visa)
    loan in the first four years            $500 (Yr 4)
                                                                       Over the counter transaction fee       $2
                                                                       Payable for each payment made
                                                                       at australia Post outlets by cash,
                                                                       cheque or eFTPOs
                                                                       Overlimit fee                          $40
                                                                       Payable once per statement period if
                                                                       you exceed your credit limit

4                                                                     Fees and charges guide                                                 5
    a. does not apply to Optimum Package.
    b. applies only to Optimum Package.
    c. excludes statutory costs.
    d. For Optimum Package, one general consent fee
       associated with a variation is waived per year
       (where year applies to anniversary of settlement).
    e. does not apply to classic accounts.
    f. applies only to Premium and classic accounts.
    g. does not apply to Premium and classic accounts.
    h. The amount, frequency or time for payment or method
       of calculation of a fee or charge or minimum repayment
       may be changed and new fees and charges may be
       imposed without your consent (however, we cannot
       increase the credit Limit without your consent or                       This page has been left blank intentionally.
       request in any form required by law). You will be notified
       of the changes or new fees and charges in the manner
       set out in the credit card – conditions of use booklet.

6                                                                   Fees and charges guide                                    7
Macquarie Bank Mortgage Solutions
         1800 007 722
         1800 707 321

Macquarie Cards
         1300 150 300
         1300 658 695

Full terms, conditions and schedule of fees are set out in the relevant loan contracts. Terms and
conditions, including fees and charges, may be varied or introduced in the future. Fees, charges and
government taxes may be payable. This disclaimer applies to this entire document in whole or in part.
Except for Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 (MBL), any Macquarie entity referred to on
this page is not an authorised deposit-taking institution for the purposes of the Banking Act 1959 (Cth).
That entity’s obligations do not represent deposits or other liabilities of MBL. MBL does not guarantee
or otherwise provide assurance in respect of the obligations of that entity, unless noted otherwise.
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