Influences on Rock Music rtf by lovemacromastia


									                            Influences on Rock Music

Aborigines,      The original inhabitants of Australia live mostly in the
 Australian      interior and number about 250,000. Their plight is the subject
                 of song “Beds are Burning” by Australian rock band Midnight Oil.
Acid Rain      Caused by industrial burning and results in damage to the
               environment. The subject of song “Fall on Me” by Athens, Georgia
               college rock band R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement, an occurrence in
               deep sleep)
A Clockwork Orange       Anthony Burgess novel [1962], a satire of
                         totalitarianism, inspired band name „Heaven 17.‟
'A Day in the Life'       is a Beatles song that inspired the 'na' vocal break in
                          the Deep Purple recording of Joe South's song 'Hush.'
“Adonais”      is a poem by Percy Shelley. Brian Jones- electric slide
               guitarist/Rolling Stones founder- died of alcohol, sleeping pills,
               inhaler use (for bronchial trouble) and finally drowning in a
               pool. A free tribute concert on July 5, 1969 in Hyde Park, London
               for over 250,000 people included Mick Jagger‟s reading of stanzas
               39 and 52.
Adventures of Tom       Novel by Mark Twain [1876] about a few weeks in a small
       Sawyer, The      Missouri town inspired song “Tom Sawyer” by Canadian heavy
                        band Rush.
'a fire of unknown       A circa 1970 poem by Patti Smith of NJ, girlfriend of a
            origin'      Blue Oyster Cult band member. The band recorded a song
                         entitled 'Fire of Unknown Origin.'
Against Nature      1884 comic novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans about the antihero
                    Des Esseintes and his escape from the vulgarity of modern
                    life into the fine arts. Inspired album Two Against Nature
                    by pop band Steely Dan.
Airplane crash,       in Iowa; took lives of The Big Bopper [Jiles Richardson]
        Feb 1959      (“Chantilly Lace”), Ritchie Valens (“La Bamba”), Buddy
                      Holly. In huge hit “American Pie” by Don McLean the crash
                      day is „the day the music died.‟
Alice      Girl featured in two fantasy novels by Lewis Carroll: Alice's
           Adventures in Wonderland [1865], Through the Looking-Glass [1871].
           Featured in song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. Singer Grace
           Slick paints, and has themes in several paintings inspired by these
           two books.
Ambush      „Billy the Kid‟ worked on the southeast New Mexico ranch of
            Englishman John Tunstall, whom was opposed by local ranchers as
            competition. They had him murdered [1878]. Billy joined with
            Tunstall‟s men and ambushed and killed- for his part in organizing
            Tunstall‟s demise- Sheriff/U.S. Marshall William Brady. This event
            inspired Bob Dylan to write and perform song “Knockin‟ on Heaven‟s
            Door” for 1973 movie Pat Garrett [actor Kris Kristofferson] and
            Billy the Kid.
America 1947     Actor Sean Penn‟s brother Michael wrote songs on the album
                 Mr.Hollywood Jr. that are inspired by America in 1947- and set
                 in L.A.- in particular the postwar prominence, the transistor
                 (invented that year) and the National Security Act.
American Graffiti       1973 film by George Lucas about the lives of northern
                        California teenagers who spend the last night of summer in
                        1962 together. Singer Bob Seger saw it and thought “I‟ve
                        got a story to tell too;” wrote hit song “Night Moves.”
American lifestyle       The 1970 film Zabriskie Point by Italian Michael
                         Antonioni is a metaphorical study of the „American
                         lifestyle‟ in which a wandering Los Angeles student ends
                        up in Death Valley. Doors track “L‟America” was written
                        for it; it appeared on a Doors album but not in movie.
                        After a Ziggy [q.v.] tour of America by bus and train,
                        David Bowie put his snapshot impressions to work,
                        creating the character „Aladdin Sane.‟ This name also
                        titled a song and album [1973]. “In my mind it was Ziggy-
                        goes-to-Washington. Ziggy under the influence of America”
                        he said.
Anglo-Scottish      began in 1296 over Franco-Scottish alliances. Robert
           wars     Plant‟s reading about the first- which ended in 1328
                    with the Treaty of Edinburgh in which Robert the Bruce
                    was acknowledged as King of an independent Scotland-
                    inspired the song “The Battle of Evermore” recorded by
                    Led Zeppelin.
Animal Farm      George Orwell novel from 1945. A satire of Stalinist
                 U.S.S.R. in which animals revolt against their masters.
                 Influenced Animals album by Pink Floyd; members mostly from
                 Cambridge, England. Also the Boston band The Hope Conspiracy
                 recorded a hardcore album called Death Knows your Name inspired
                 by the book.
Anthem      Novel by Ayn Rand about a man named Equality 7-2521; an
            individualist in a future homogenous state that demands blind
            obedience. Influenced Canadian band Rush‟s album 2112.
Apocalypse      In Judeo-Christian theory, God will one day end the world and
                punish and reward humans. Holy Bible passages “Isaiah 21”
                and “Revelation 6: 7,8” partly inspired Bob Dylan song “All
                Along the Watchtower.” [q.v. „Love Song of J. Alfred
                Prufrock, The‟] The song “Four Horsemen” by Metallica is inspired
                by imagery from “Revelation.”
Apollo 8      involved the first launch of the 36 story high, 7.5 million pounds
              of thrust Saturn V rocket. Three men on the day before Christmas
              1968 went to the moon and around it, sailing 69 miles above- the
              first time that man saw the „dark side of the moon.‟ This phrase
              was used to title Pink Floyd‟s definitive album in 1973.
Arab tale       about three sisters trying to have tea with a prince from the
                book The Sheltering Sky inspired the song “Tea in the Sahara” by
                The Police.
Arrowsmith      Novel by American Sinclair Lewis [in which Martin Arrowsmith
                deals with corruption in the medical world] won Pulitzer Prize in
                1925 (he did not accept). New Hampshire blues-rock band created
                similar name „Aerosmith.‟
Assassinations      Abraham Lincoln [1809-65] was U.S. President from 1861-5.
                    John Fitzgerald Kennedy [1917-63] was U.S. President from
                    1961-3. Robert Francis Kennedy [1925-68] was U.S. Attorney
                    General from 1961-4, and New York Senator from 1965-8. Martin
                    Luther King, Junior [1929-68] was a Baptist minister and
                    civil rights leader. These men were all assassinated; in a
                    D.C. theater, a Dallas car parade, a Los Angeles hotel, and a
                    Memphis motel balcony. Dion DiMucci of the Bronx, who used
                    only his first name on stage, recorded the song “Abraham
                    Martin and John” [sic] in 1968; Robert is included. As he lay
                    dying, David Crosby wrote “Long Time Gone” but meant it for
                    all these victims. It was recorded by Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Asturias      Composer Isaac Albeniz [1860-1909] wrote this work which influenced
              the coda of the Iron Maiden song "To Tame a Land." q.v. Dune
Autobiography of a      Travel account of William Davies inspired English
  Super-tramp, The      band‟s name „Supertramp.‟
Autobiography of a      and Shastric scriptures by Paramhansa Yoganada were the
              Yogi      basis of the lyrics in the album Tales from Topographic
                        Oceans in 1974 by English progressive rock band Yes.
“A Woman Young      Eleven part 1933 poem by William Yeats [Nobel prize, 1923]
       and Old”     inspired song “Before the World was Made” about innocence by
                    Van Morrison.
Aztlán      The Spanish in Mexico wanted to secure the Pacific coast against the
            English and Russians. They settled near Tucson in 1752. In 1775 de
            Anza founded San Francisco. In 1821 Mexico became independent. Texas
            joined the union in 1845 (an independent country from 1836). By 1854
            the U.S. had bought CA, UT, NV, NM and AZ. This is how many chicanos
            refer to the parts of Mexico that were assimilated by the U.S. The
            Los Angeles band Los Lobos released the album Good Morning Aztlán.

Ba‟alzebub       Both „Ba‟al‟ and „Zebub‟ mean „Lord‟ in Arabic. His real name
                 was not mentioned to keep other tribes from winning his favor.
                 This god of the Canaanites, symbolized by a bull, was seen as the
                 devil to the Israelites. „King Crimson‟ refers to him and was
                 the name of Robert Fripp‟s rock band.
Baby Boom [Post       Would eventually result in young outnumbering old
           WWII]      by five to one according to one estimate in the 60s. Doors
                      raised possibility that an overthrow of the „establishment‟
                      might occur in song “Five to One.”
Bach      The guitar solo by Ritchie Blackmore in 'Highway Star' by Deep Purple
          was inspired by the music of Bach.
Bacharach      American pianist composer whose melodic style, especially in the
     Burt      song “This Guy‟s in Love,” influenced George Harrison‟s song
               “Learning how to Love You.”
Back in the U.S.A.       St. Louis‟ Chuck Berry‟s song from 1959 inspired Paul
                         McCartney to write song “Back in the U.S.S.R.” for
                         The Beatles.
Bad Company       1972 film starring Jeff Bridges in which in 1863 a group of
                  young men go west for good reasons but end up as chicken farm
                  laborers and robbers. Inspired band name and hit song, both
“Badfinger Boogie”       A record company exec didn‟t like the name of the English
                         band The Iveys. Remembering this old song he suggested
                         successfully the name „Badfinger.‟
Badlands      Film by Terrence Malick in which Martin Sheen plays a Midwesterner
              who goes on a killing spree like that of Charles Starkweather
              [perfect surname!] in the fifties. Inspired eponymous song by
              Bruce Springsteen.
Basic elements       Early in his band‟s history, Jim Morrison told them that
                     more songs were required, and suggested writing about
                     the four basic elements of earth, water, air, fire.
                     Guitarist Robby Krieger wrote “Light My Fire,” which
                     became a colossal hit in 1967 for Doors.
Beatles, The       An animated series from late 1965. A movie to be based on it
                   became Yellow Submarine with many of the same artists,
                   influenced by painter Peter Max.
Belle et Sebastien       Glasgow band Belle and Sebastian got their name from this
                         French child‟s book.
Bend Sinister       Novel by the Russian Vladimir Nabokov [1899-1977] about a man
                    and his child in a police state. Album by The Fall.
Beyond Good and Evil       This book by Friedrich Nietzsche [1886] dissects Judeo-
                           Christian morality and advocates a higher wisdom not as
                           culturally arbitrary. Album by the English The Cult.
Big Brother and      A band manager's wife was reading out loud a list of
The Holding Co.      potential band names. When she said the last two names, a
                     phrase was created that band liked for a name.
Biko, Steven      Activist died in custody in South Africa in 1977. Inspired
                  song “Biko” by Peter Gabriel (once member of Genesis).
Blackfoot tribes      speak Algonquian and 25,000 members inhabit Alberta and
                      Montana. They are part of guitarist Rickey Medlocke‟s
                      heritage. He started rock band named „Blackfoot.‟
Blacklisting      In 1950s Hollywood people with unusual views (primarily
                  communists) were set for persecution. Subject of Metallica
                  song “The Shortest Straw.”
Blackman, Gray      A line of his poetry provided this album title for Jefferson
                    Airplane: After Bathing at Baxter’s.
Black Mountains      Located on Welsh-English border. Inspired instrumental
                     track “Black Mountain Side” by Led Zeppelin.
Black Sabbath      Italian tripartite film [1963] starring Boris Karloff and
                   including a Leo Tolstoy [Russian novelist] story. Assonance
                   inspired Birmingham, England heavy band name.
Blind Thomas            Dog‟s name was sarcastic poke at white Californians
Jefferson Airplane      trying to create funky names for themselves. Jorma
                        Kaukonen (friend of owner) took last two words for
                        San Francisco band name.
Blue Bus      A bus that many UCLA students used in 1964 to go to Santa Monica
              beach, including some Doors members. Hear “The End” for a mention.
Blue Cheer      LSD brand in the 1960s. San Francisco rock band name.
Blues names      Englishman Syd Barrett created the rock band name „Pink Floyd‟
                 from the cover of a blues LP by Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
Bloody Sunday      In Jan 1972 England was holding suspected Irish
                   terrorists without rights. Londonderry protest rally in
                   which roadblock was dismantled resulted in 13 civilians
                   shot dead. Note “Sunday Bloody Sunday” hit by band U2.
Book of the      Egyptian book from sixteenth century BC; correctly The Book
  Dead, The      of Coming Forth by Day with 189 chapters. Comprises rescensions
                 to be read and enacted by the living to help the dead in their
                 journey through the purgatory-like postdeath world [Egy. „Dwat‟]
                 to heaven. Written on papyrus, rolled up and stored in a
                 container in the coffin of a notable. Guitarist Jerry Garcia
                 looked in a dictionary and saw the phrase „grateful dead‟ from
                 this book and borrowed it for band name. It influenced the EP I
                 Won’t Dance by heavy band Celtic Frost.
Book of the      by Frank Waters, about the most traditional of all Native
  Hopi, the      Americans who live near the Grand Canyon, partly influenced Jimi
                 Hendrix to write song “Bold as Love”- particularly references to
                 changes. The axis of Earth actually wobbles; one cycle takes
                 26,000 years. Polaris is only temporarily the North Star. The
                 movement is called precession. It changes the face of the planet
                 and Jimi used this as a metaphor for changes in people in album
                 title Axis: Bold as Love [1967].
Bosch, Hieronymus      [1450-1516] Produced graphic, gruesome and humorous
                       paintings in the Flemish realist tradition to inspire
                       repentance, but he also secretly wanted to thrill and
                       amuse viewers. See cover of Celtic Frost album
                       Into the Pandemonium.
Bossa Nova      means „new thing‟ in Portugese, the language of Brazil, where
                composer Antonio Carlos Jobim was hugely successful (and with New
                York City recordings) with a style of music that frequently
                featured the Samba rhythm, and began the Doors first record!
Bourée      A French dance style in 4/4 in which the phrases begin at the ¾ point
            of the bar. A track by English progressive rock‟s Jethro Tull.
Brave New World      1932 novel by Aldous Huxley. A totalitarian government
                     controls society with science and technology (a factory
                     manufactures human embryos). Contains the characters
                     Lenina Crowne and Bernard Marx. 1960s album by Steve Miller
                     Blues Band of San Francisco. 2002 album by Iron Maiden.
Bridge of Sighs      A bridge over the canal between the Doge‟s palace and the
                     state prison in Venice. Over it prisoners walked hundreds
                     of years ago. Another Bridge of Sighs spans the Cam river at
                     Cambridge, England. Song by English bluesrock guitarist
                     Robin Trower.
Bron y Aur      [„Golden Breast‟ in Welsh] As a child Robert Plant visited this
                cottage (1700s) devoid of electricity/plumbing but with fireplace
                halfway up a mountain and 2 miles from town. He and Jimmy Page of
                Led Zeppelin rented it in the area of that name in south
                Snowdonia in 1970 to rest and work and the tracks “Bron y Aur
                Stomp” and “Over the Hills and far Away” and “Friends” resulted.
Brown, John      Kansas abolitionist. With team assaulted federal armory in West
                 Virginia in 1859 to get arms for army of slaves; failed and was
                 executed. Featured on cover of band Kansas' eponymous album.
Brubeck Plays      Keyboardist Jon Lord of Deep Purple heard this album
    Bernstein      involving a jazz pianist and his quartet playing with the New
                   York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Lord got the
                   idea to try this sort of thing with a rock band taking the
                   place of a jazz one. He had to increase his composition
                   knowledge, having only composed for chamber groups. The band
                   and the Royal Philharmonic Orch. recorded Concerto for Group
                   and Orchestra.
Bruecke, Die      [„The Bridge‟ in German] From 1905-13 a group of expressionist
                  artists [there was an 1800s painter named Wilhelm Bruecke].
                  They and artist Man Ray inspired David Bowie‟s stark staging
                  and „Thin White Duke‟ character [album Station to Station]
                  of 1976.

Cabaret Voltaire     During World War I an art movement known as Dada [Fr.
                     hobbyhorse] began as a frustrated reaction to the butchery
                     of battles like the Somme and Verdun that seemed to signal
                     the end of civilization. It was one of the currents that
                     soon merged into surrealism. An anti-art, its main feature
                     was nonsense. The production Cabaret Voltaire of painters
                     and poets in Zurich later lent its name to a punk band.
Caliban     Primitive character in Shakespeare's Tempest (q.v.) that inspired
            name of Ruhr area, Germany metal-core band.
Callas, Maria     Greek opera singer who influenced New Jersey poet and
                  songwriter Patti Smith. “From her I learned how to develop a
                  narrative within a song.”
“Canon and Gigue     (for three violins and basso continuo) was a baroque period
           in D”     work by the German Johann Pachelbel [1653-1706]. It
                     influenced the harmony, via classically-trained guitarist
                     Randy Rhoads, in the song “Goodbye to Romance” recorded by
                     Ozzy Osbourne.
Capone, Al     Gang chief in Chicago of incredible influence; he „owned‟ nearby
               Cicero‟s government. During Prohibition his goons battled with
               police on East side in a great showdown resulting in 100 police
               killed. English Nottingham (traditionally made lace) band Paper
               Lace recorded the hit song “The Night Chicago Died.”
Carter family      their recordings of spirituals probably inspired Bob Dylan's
                   song "Blowin' in the Wind."
Casino fire      In 1971 the casino in Montreux, Switzerland burned after a
                 Frank Zappa fan fired a flare gun into the ceiling. English
                 heavy band Deep Purple observed and soon had big hit song
                 “Smoke on the Water” (the water being Lake Geneva).
Censorship      Italian scientist Galileo Galilei in 1610 proved that the Sun-
                not the Earth- is the center of the solar system. Because this
                implied that man is not the focus of God‟s creation, the
                Catholic Church forced him to recant. Inspired song “The Age
                of False Innocence” by German heavy band Blind Guardian.
Challenge, a      Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam challenged Chris Cornell of Soundgarden
                  to write a song with the title "Spoonman." He certainly did-
                  it was about a Seattle musical spoons player and the recording
                  won the 1995 Grammy for Best Metal Performance.
Childhood’s End      Novel by Arthur Clarke. At the end, all remaining Earth
                     children gather and fuse into a mental tower to leave the
                     planet. For the 1973 Led Zeppelin album cover Houses of the
                     Holy, a brother and sister were photographed nude climbing
                     on the Giant‟s Causeway in north Eire. Manipulation produced
                     a crowd of children.
Chorale      “Rock of Ages” by Thomas Hastings 1784-1872. There is a song By Def
             Leppard with the same name (no, not Thomas Hastings).
Chorea      A nervous system disorder causing involuntary muscular contractions
            and jerking movements- also called „St. Vitus‟ Dance‟ (he was the
            patron saint of victims from the 200s). That is the name of a track
            on Black Sabbath‟s Vol. 4 album.
Circus poster      John Lennon bought an 1843 poster advertising a Lancashire
                   circus and bearing the phrase “Being for the Benefit of Mr.
                   Kite” that became a song title for The Beatles.
City of Night      1963 novel by John Rechy about hustlers in Hollywood.
                   Jim Morrison borrowed phrases from it for song “L.A. Woman,”
                   recorded by Doors.
Civil War,      Began 1861 in Charleston, South Carolina; ended 1865 near
       U.S.     Richmond, Virginia. Killed 620,000 Americans. Inspired pop
                band „Gary Puckett and the Union Gap‟ of the sixties to wear
                Civil War uniforms as band costumes. Major General of the
                Union W.T. Sherman advocated „total war‟: waging enough
                destruction that the enemy becomes crippled economically. This
                and Union soldiers‟ looting, arsoning and drinking riotously in
                several cities inspired 1969 song “The Night they Drove
                Old Dixie Down” by The Band.
Classical guitar      was an influence on Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple since
                      11 years old and Randy Rhoads of Ozzy Osbourne.
Coltrane, John      For the recording of Doors song 'Touch Me,' the saxophonist
                    Curtis Amy was told to play like this jazz saxist.
Conquistadores      „Conquerors‟ from Spain of parts of the New World. In 1521
                    Hernán Cortés subdued the Aztecs of Mexico (centered at
                    modern-day Mexico City). Francisco Pizarro dominated Peru‟s
                    Incas- the formulators of the potato and tomato as we know
                    them- in 1531. English progressive rock band Procol Harum had
                    worthy hit song “Conquistador” that was recorded with an
                    orchestra and audience present.
Contest, name      A Canadian band held a name the band contest under temporary
                   name Guess Who. When their record became a hit they canceled
                   the contest and kept the temporary name.
Contractual      In 1961 Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st Airborne in Kentucky with
   problems      bassist Billy Cox. They started a band on the base. Buddy Miles
                 played drums on Jimi‟s Electric Ladyland album. The three black
                 men formed the Band of Gypsys, and played five gigs from Dec 31,
                 1969 to Jan 28, 1970. An eponymous live album was released. Some
                 think the band was assembled to alleviate pressure from the
                 black community (Jimi‟s previous band had two whites). Actually
                 the immediate availability of Cox and Miles to help Jimi deal
                 with a contractual problem from his early „Curtis Knight‟ days
                 by producing an album was the reason.
Cooper, Alice      1600s witch. Singer Vincent Furnier saw the name on a Ouija
                   board; adopted it for stage name.
Creeping Death      A Metallica song and their name for one of the plagues in a
                    Bible story sent upon Egypt by Yahweh for its enslavement of
                    Jews. A fog killed each first born Egyptian son.
Crimean War      [1853-6] France and U.K. declared war on Russia to limit its
                 annexing of Ottoman Empire lands. At Balaclava a British light
                 cavalry brigade was in a valley and could not see guns that they
                 were ordered to take, by their commander Raglan, who was higher
                 with a better view. So they charged toward the only guns they saw
                 2 miles away and were bombarded by Russian guns that killed 475
                 of 670 men. Tennyson's poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
                 (1855) inspired Iron Maiden song “The Trooper.”
Cross-country      In summer 76 Dan Akroyd and John Belushi took one in a
         trips     rented Caprice. Rolling Stone mag suggested an article about
                   it, and paid $3k for a Nakashima stereo and CB radio
                   installation. “The two of us in the Bluesmobile in the movie
                   was basically the two of us on those trips” said Dan. “That
                   was the gestation of life as the Blues Brothers.”
Crowley, Aleister      English occult magician [1875-1947] and extreme hedonist.
                       Inspired critical song “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzy Osbourne.
Crumb, Robert      Proficient underground comics artist did the cover of the LP
                   Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Co. [1968].
Crystal ship      The Book of the Dun Cow (Leabhar na h Uidre) from circa
                  1100, the earliest transcription of miscellaneous Irish
                  literature, contains a story about the wooing of Irish Celtic
                  hero Connla by a goddess. She took him to Avalon (paradise) on
                  the crystal ship of its king, sea god Manannan Mac Lir. It
                  flew over sea or land and read its Captain‟s mind. Jim
                  Morrison read this and wrote song “The Crystal Ship,” recorded
                  by Doors. In 1982 Roxy Music released song/album Avalon.
Cuban missile      U.S.S.R. had established nuclear missile bases on Cuba.
        crisis     Relations with U.S. became so tense in October 1962 that war
                   nearly erupted. Bob Dylan wrote song “A Hard Rain‟s A-gonna
                   Fall.” The „hard rain‟ is not atomic fallout but general woes.
Cully Stout Beer      Rearrangement of this brand name resulted in „Blue Oyster
                      Cult‟ name for Long Island heavy band.
Cut-ups      The basic technique is old. In the Marais district of Paris in 1959
             the English Brion Gysin was cutting a mat. He sliced through and
             cut newspapers. Randomly matching fragments, he created „poetry.‟
             This influenced vocalist Michael Stipe of R.E.M. via the Beat
             poets in his lyric writing. The 1975 album Horses by Patti Smith
             involved inserting new lines into old songs.
Cyrano de Bergerac      Was a French novelist who wrote wacky stories of colonies
                        on the moon, and allegedly had a cyclopean nose. This
                        1897 novel by Edmond Rostand featured the character
                        Roxanne. Sting of the Police walked through the
                        prostitute district of Paris and imagined falling in love
                       with one, and tied it to the book with a song.

Debussy, Claude      French composer who introduced modern music in 1896.
                     Characteristics of his compositions: chords built not with
                     thirds but fourths, soprano and bass lines holding steady
                     while alto and tenor (inner) lines are animated, music that
                     appears in no hurry to progress- in the oriental mode, a
                     connection to the Symbolist poets such as Stephan Mallarme.
                     Influenced the George Martin-produced Beatles track
                     “Strawberry Fields Forever.” “A complete tone poem- like a
                     modern Debussy.” 1999 album The Seduction of Claude Debussy
                     by the Art of Noise is to be noted.
Deep Purple      1963 American hit by Nino Tempo and April Stevens. Favorite
                 song of grandmother of English guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.
                 Used as heavy band‟s name.
“Déjeuner sur      1863 pastoral painting by Edouard Manet [1832 Paris- 1883]
      l‟herbe”     inspired the cover of the 1981 album See Jungle… by English
                   band Bow Wow Wow.
Dekker, Thomas      A poem by this dramatist [died 1632] provided lyrics for
                    The Beatles‟ song “Golden Slumbers.”
Deportation      In 1846 Ireland suffered severe Potato Blight [disease]; two
                 million died or went to US. Poet John O‟Reilly complained about
                 causal political and economic factors. Was deported as criminal
                 to the island south of Australia then known as Van Diemen‟s
                 Land; now as Tasmania. Inspired song “Van Diemen‟s Land” by U2.
Derailleur gears      A Cream roadie mispronounced this phrase during a chat on
                      bicycles and the result became the album title Disraeli
                      Gears. Benjamin Disraeli [1804-81] was an English
                      politician [Prime Minister 1874-80] and novelist.
Descartes, René      A theory of this rationalist philosopher [1591-1650]- that
                     the mind can know independently of physical reality- was
                     featured in the book The Concept of Mind by Gilbert Ryle.
                     Inspired the song “The Ghost in the Machine” by The Police,
                     an English band with a C.I.A. agent‟s son drummer from Va.
Desolation Angels      Novel by Jack Kerouac from Massachusetts [1922-69]. Album
                       by English band Bad Company.
Detroit      Michigan city inspired 60s punk band name MC 5 [Motor City Five].
             They had their own religion: Zenta, and were associated with the
             White Panther Party.
Detroit rockers      were enthusiastic and accepting of Kiss and formed the
                     audience for the live album Alive! produced by Bob Ezrin. He
                     and guitarist Paul Stanley wrote the electrifying song
                     “Detroit Rock City” as a tribute to them.
Devil and Daniel      This play by American poet/playwright Archibald MacLeish
    Webster, The      [1892-1982] inspired the album “New Morning” by Bob Dylan.
Devotions Upon          is by John Donne. Section XVII, “Meditation,” contains
Emergent Occasions      phrase „for whom the bell tolls‟ that was borrowed by
                        Chicagoan Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961] to title his novel
                        set in the Spanish Civil War of 1936- about idealistic
                        American Robert Jordan‟s contribution to an antifascist
                        brigade- and by San Francisco band Metallica for a song.
“Diary of a Madman”      A short story by the Russian Nikolai Gogol. A 1980 album
                         by Ozzy Osbourne was titled the same.
Disco      started in France as „discotheque‟ when cabaret owners found records
           cheaper than live musicians. The New York City scene inspired “Young
           Americans” song by the English glam-rock David Bowie.
Dr. Strangelove      Sarcastic movie from 1964 starring Peter Sellers that
                     unravels a nightmarish nuclear holocaust scenario. In the
                     U.S. war room, a binder that is labeled World Targets in
                     Megadeaths is clearly displayed. Governments of the time
                     actually pondered how many deaths they could afford if such
                     a thing happened and still survive. A thrash metal band took
                     the name „Megadeth.‟ Another one, Metallica, addressed
                     „Mutually Assured Destruction‟ (MAD) in the song
                     “Fight Fire with Fire.”
Doldrums      Area in north Atlantic where opposing currents clash; ocean and
              wind are almost still. Spanish traders hundreds of years ago
              tossed cargo or horses overboard to lighten ship so that meager
              breeze would be sufficient to sail. Hear “Horse Latitudes” by
              Doors- a reconstruction of a high school poem of the singer‟s.
Driving advice      Jim Morrison‟s girlfriend Pam Courson lived in a bungalow
                    off Topanga Canyon Boulevard in the Santa Monica Mountains,
                    and Jim gave her advice on driving the rugged terrain.
                    In front of the house was a simple country roadhouse bar.
                    From this situation the song “Roadhouse Blues” evolved and
                    was recorded by Doors.
Drug bust      In 1967 Keith Richard allowed marijuana smoking at his pad and
               Mick Jagger took 4 pep pills; both Rolling Stones were arrested.
               Writer Rees-Mogg of the London Times considered it a mild case and
               the severity of punishment inappropriate, and published an
               editorial entitled “Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel?” English
               rock band The Cult has a rockin‟ track entitled “Sweet Soul
               Asylum” which includes that editorial title.
Dune      Frank Herbert novel about the avenger Muad‟Dib set on the arid planet
          Arrakis. Inspired song “To Tame a Land” by Iron Maiden.
Dylan, Bob      with folk singer Joan Baez had a tempestuous two-decade affair.
                In 1975 album and song “Diamonds and Rust” she provided
                enlightening details. Judas Priest recorded song as well.
Duran Duran      Name of mad scientist in worthy, wacky and mod 1967 film
                 Barbarella. Jane Fonda was the protagonist on planet Sorgo
                 in 40,000 AD. The former inspired English band‟s name.

East Indian scales       inspired the music to “Friends” by Led Zeppelin.
“Ecclesiastes 3”       Bible chapter inspired “Turn, Turn, Turn” song by Pete
                       Seeger; a hit for The Byrds.
Edmund Fitzgerald       Great Lakes ore freighter broke in half during savage
                        storm and over two dozen died. In “The Wreck of the
                        Edmund Fitzgerald” hit by Ontarioan Gordon Lightfoot.
Elektra      In classical Greek myth variously a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys;
             Atlas and Pleione; Agamemnon and Klytemnestra. Appeared in these
             plays: Libation Bearers by Aeschylus, and two eponymous ones by
             Euripides and Sophokles. U.S. record label founded 1950 by Jac
Elsdon, Sandra      A girlfriend of Peter Green; inspired his song “Black Magick
                    Woman” that made his English band Fleetwood Mac famous on the
                    continent in 1968. A hit for Carlos Santana too.
Encyclopedia      In 1981 this book concerned hard rock and heavy metal. Los
   Metallica      Angeles then San Francisco band Metallica thus chose its name.
Eskimo defender       In 1960 Nicholas Ray released a film entitled The Savage
                      Innocents. Anthony Quinn played an Eskimo defender of his
                      people against the impact of civilization. Bob Dylan
                      wrote song “The Mighty Quinn” that appeared on a private
                      recording called “The Basement Tape” [actually an acetate
                      disc]. In summer of 1967, in the basement of a house in
                    West Saugerties, New York, Dylan jammed, composed, and
                    recorded with what eventually became „The Band.‟ The tunes
                    were not released by a record company [only on bootlegs]
                    until 1975.
Essaouira     Location of a ruined Portugese fort in Morocco. Inspired song
              “Castles Made of Sand” by Jimi Hendrix.
„E‟ Street     A road that runs along the seashore in Belmar, NJ, near Asbury
               Park. Early in Bruce Springsteen‟s band, a keyboard player‟s
               mom‟s house was there; the leader named band the E Street Band.
Etchingham, Kathy     An English girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix. She left
             Mary     temporarily due to his complaints about her cooking and he
                      wrote the song “The Wind Cries Mary.”
Eurythmics     From Greek: the act of interpreting music through dance.
               Emil Jacques-Dalcroze taught children music through movement.
               Inspired London band‟s name.
Evolution     is the subject of Black Sabbath‟s song “Spiral Architect.”
              Lyricist/bassist Geezer Butler said “it was about life‟s
              experiences being added to a person‟s DNA to create a unique

Fall, The      Albert Camus novel [1957] of the confessions of a French ex-lawyer
               in an Amsterdam bar that, while revealing his triumphs, also
               relentlessly reveal his failures. English band‟s name.
Fantasy poems      “The Lays of Beleriand” by J.R. Tolkien (in Silmarillion q.v.)
                   and “The Tale of the Lady of Shallot” by Tennyson inspired
                   Chattanooga TN‟s Steve Babb to write an epic poem which
                   inspired the album The Inconsolable Secret.
5150     L.A. Police code for the criminally insane. Also the name of the
         recording studio of Eddie Van Halen and of one of the albums by
         rock band Van Halen.
Foo Fighters      American WWII pilots over Germany supposedly saw glowing
                  objects in sky and thought they might be a new kind of weapon.
                  Named after French „feu‟ meaning „fire.‟ Dave Grohl's post-
                  Nirvana band.
Formentera      Spanish island next to Ibiza. Australian Martin Sharp was
                guitarist Eric Clapton‟s roommate and an artist for Oz
                magazine. He designed the album cover for Wheels of Fire
                by Eric‟s band Cream. On a ferry he pointed to an island and
                said that it was the one where the Sirens sang to Ulysses [based
                on the Greek King of Ithaca Odysseus, who wandered ten years
                after the Trojan War to reach home]. Eric wrote the music for-
                and Martin the lyrics- a song entitled “Tales of Brave Ulysses,”
                recorded by Cream.
Fountainhead, The      Novel by Ayn Rand about an architect of integrity
                       introduces her philosophy of Objectivism; claims that ego
                       is the fountainhead of human progress; contains phrase
                       „Collective Soul‟ that a band used as a name.
Fourth Street      In Greenwich Village, west N.Y.C. Bob Dylan rented an
                   apartment here. In song “Positively 4th Street” he ridicules
                   the hip folkie crowd.
Frankenstein      Novel by Mary Shelley [1818] in which Dr. Frankenstein creates
                  a living man from body parts; initially benign but driven to
                  violence by people. Rock instrumental by Edgar Winter Group.
Freud, Sigmund      The ex-Alan Parsons Project Eric Woolfson released the album
                    Freudiana inspired by this psychologist, and it became a
                    musical premiering in Vienna, then two versions of the album
                    were released in Europe.
Fugazi     Means „misadventure‟ in Vietnam war military jargon [Americans
           involved 1965-73]. District of Columbia punk rock band name.

Gardener      At the south England country house of Keith Richards one rainy
              morning, he and Mick Jagger heard gardener Jack walk by in huge
              rubber boots with a loud sloshing. Keith said “That‟s Jumpin‟
              Jack” and Mick added a word as Keith toyed with his guitar. The
              song “Jumpin‟ Jack Flash” was a hit for the Rolling Stones.
Gaudi, Antonio       The 87 Alan Parsons Project album Gaudi is inspired by this
                     Spanish architect whose buildings in Barcelona incorporate
                     organic, art nouveau motifs.
Genocide      The „genocide‟ of Native Americans is the subject of the song
              “Run for the Hills” by English metal band Iron Maiden.
“Ghost Riders in the       Cowboy song evolved into “Riders on the Storm”
                  Sky”     song by Doors. [q.v. „Praise for an Urn‟]
Giger, Hansruedi       Swiss artist whose combinations of organic and mechanical
                       structures in paintings and sculptures [Alien film
                       artist] convinced Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1973] that he
                       was right for the cover and inside sleeve of the album
                       Brain Salad Surgery. Also with acrylic on paper did covers
                       for ELP II, VII, VIII. And for Celtic Frost album To
                       Megatherion [1985]. He designed a room in N.Y.C. Limelight
                       Club, and the three Giger Bars in Chur and Gruyéres,
                       Switzerland, and in Tokyo. Also a microphone stand- five of
                       cast aluminum- for the lead singer of Korn. Danzig album
                       How the Gods Kill has his cover.
Global television       In June 1965 the British Broadcasting Corporation showed
                        the first global television broadcast comprising live
                        segments from five continents. It commissioned the Beatles
                        to create a simple song and “All You need is Love”
                        resulted. Our World was seen by 400 million people.
Golden Bough, The       “Not to Touch the Earth” from the table of contents of
                        this book [1890] by anthropologist James Fraser was used
                        to title a Doors song.
Grand Guignol       In 1890s in Montmartre, Paris this was a decadent and gory
                    street theater based on marionette shows and vaudeville; it‟s
                    an influence on the stagecraft of the man/band Alice Cooper.
Grand Trunk       Huge rail system headquartered in Montreal that operated from
    Railway       Quebec to CT to IL to British Columbia. Also Michigan where a
                  band formed with name Grand Funk Railroad.
Grapefruit      Book of poems by Yoko Ono [Tokyo, 1964] that inspired husband
                John Lennon to write song “Imagine.”
Grapes of Wrath,       Novel by John Steinbeck about an Oklahoma family named Joad
              The      that left for promising California during The Great
                       Depression of the 1930s. Tom Joad‟s final speech partly
                       inspired album Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce
                       Springsteen. [q.v. „Mailer, Norman‟] Springsteen‟s album
                       The Ghost of Tom Joad [1995] offers musical snapshots of
                       America and won the Grammy for best contemporary folk
Greyhound dog       A greyhound that won a race lent his name to California heavy
                    rock band „Faith No More.‟

Hamlet     This play by William Shakespeare about a man whose mother and her
           lover together murdered his father inspired the song “What a Piece of
           Work is Man” in the rock musical Hair; the song comments on
           Vietnam War deaths.
Headline      in the English newspaper The Evening Standard gave album title
              Atom Heart Mother to Pink Floyd; a woman had a pacemaker.
Helter Skelter      British spiral playground slide; inspired a Beatles song. Henry VIII
English king [1491-1547] criticized Martin Luther's
                reformation in a book and received title „Defender of the Faith‟
                from the Pope. Album by Birmingham, England‟s Judas Priest:
                Defenders of the Faith.
Hindu      means Indian. The dominant religion in India, the most complex of all,
           claiming no historical origin but an infinite existence. It is non-
           dogmatic and accepts all gods as faces of Brahman, the eternal
           principle. The cover of the Jimi Hendrix album Axis: Bold as Love
           features the three band members with extra arms like the god Shiva;
           Ganesha- one of Shiva‟s three sons; cobras; a lion-man avatar of
           Vishnu, and other imagery.
Hitchhiker's Guide       Novel by Douglas Adams containing a „Level 42‟ that a
      to the Galaxy      band named itself after.
Holly, Buddy      1950s Texan rocker inspired Manchester, England band‟s name
                  „The Hollies.‟
Hooter      Jamaican slang for harmonica-keyboard hybrid. A band took name „The
“House of the       Jacobean folk song about a brothel in Soho [north of St.
  Rising Sun”       James, west London]. Immigrants took it to America. Bluesman
                    Josh White included it in repertoire. Appeared on Bob Dylan's
                    first album. English band The Animals knew it already, had
                    hit. Their arrangement inspired Bob Dylan to „go electric;‟ he
                    had been known as a neo-folk musician.
“Howl”      Allen Ginsberg „beat‟ poem [1956] about the weaknesses of American
            society inspired Roger Waters‟ structure for the song “Dogs” on the
            Pink Floyd Animals album.
Hurry Sundown       A film with Jane Fonda and Michael Caine that was filmed in
                    the Baton Rouge area. A song about gypsies by Jacksonville FL
                    band The Outlaws.
Husker Du      Means „Do you remember?‟ in Swedish. Fifties board game.
               Inspired name of St. Paul, Minnesota punk rock band.
Hyacinthus      This boy friend of Greek god Apollo was accidentally mortally
                wounded in a discus throwing exercise. By Apollo‟s power,
                a Hyacinth flower grew, nourished by the blood, as a lovely
                memorial. On Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, there was a hotel
                called „Hyatt House‟ that was frequented by touring- and
                rowdy- rock bands. Jim Morrison wrote a lyric called
                “Hyacinth House” and it was presented by his band Doors.
Hymnen      1967 work using recordings from around the world by Karlheinz
            Stockhausen that influenced John Lennon‟s contribution to Beatles
            song “Revolution #9.”

Icarus     Mythic Greek who tried to escape imprisonment under Cretan king with
           wings of feathers and wax; in ecstasy he flew too close to the Sun,
           melting wax and plummeting to his death. Inspired “The Flight of
           Icarus” song by ambitious heavy band Iron Maiden.
I Ching     George Harrison was at his parents‟ house and decided to pick up a
            book at random and write a song about the first thing he saw. He
            opened this Chinese book and saw the words „gently weeps‟ and wrote
            “While my Guitar gently Weeps.”
Imaginos     A poem set from 1967 by Crawdaddy writer Sandy Perlman. In 1972 the
             Blue Oyster Cult's drummer started writing music for it. Two songs
             from it appeared on the 3rd album Secret Treaties. Finally in 1988
             the eponymous album was released with many studio musicians
              including Robby Krieger (Doors) and Joe Satriani. The story concerns
              a NH boy Imaginos who is special due to the astrological aspects of
              his birth. The seven beings of Les Invisibles (extraterrestrial or
              voodoo gods) give him superhuman abilities and he influences history
              as Desdinova (eternal light).
Imbolc      A Celtic spring festival on February 2. Inspired the Christian
            Candlemas, a feast day for the Virgin Mary. A Swedish heavy rock band
            took the name „Candlemass.‟
Inspector Clouseau      Comic character of Peter Sellers from 1964 who said in a
                        film “It is all a part of life‟s rich pageant.” Athens,
                        Georgia band R.E.M. entitled an album Life’s Rich
I, Robot      This novel by Isaac Asimov inspired the Alan Parsons Project album
              I Robot [sic].
Iron Maiden      Vertical casket-like device into which a victim was inserted.
                 When the two halves were shut, spikes pierced the body.
                 English heavy band name.
Iron Man      Marvel comics hero by Stan Lee [1963]. An American electronic
              warfare expert in Vietnam was wounded- with a piece of shrapnel
              near his heart and working its way closer. He devised a metal suit
              for protection and to enclose a special pacemaker to fortify his
              threatened heart. In 68 UK Poet Laureate Ted Hughes wrote an
              eponymous poem. Black Sabbath of Birmingham song.

Jeremy       A bullied Texas boy of 16 who committed suicide by gun in front of
             his English class classmates. Inspired eponymous song by Seattle
             band Pearl Jam.
“Jerusalem”      Epic religious poem by William Blake [1804]. Inspired eponymous
                 track by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer on Brain Salad Surgery.
John, Elton      Got scholarship to Royal Academy of Music at 11. Was in
                 Bluesology with saxophonist Elton Dean. Latter's first name plus
                 middle of Long John Baldry were combined.
Jones, Casey      Train engineer of the Cannon Ball Express in 1900 whose train
                  was about to crash into a freight train. He stayed on to apply
                  the brakes and died but saved lives. Subject of a folk song
                  and title of a song by The Grateful Dead.
Journey to Nowhere      Dale Maharidge story of rustbowl America inspired
                        Bruce Springsteen‟s song “Youngstown.”
Journey to the Center      1864 sci-fi novel by Jules Verne. In 1974 English
      of the Earth, A      keyboardist Rick Wakeman recorded a version with a
                           narrator, choir, rock band, and the London Symphony
                           Orchestra. It topped both U.S. and U.K. charts.
Journey to the End      Semi-autobiographical novel about a nihilistic antihero
      of the Night      from 1932 by the French Louis Céline inspired song “End
                        of the Night” by Doors.
Judas Priest      Euphemism in southern U.S. for interjection „Jesus Christ.‟
                  That or song “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest”
                  by Bob Dylan inspired English heavy band name.
Kali     Hindu goddess of creation and destruction. Graphic designer John Pashe
         and Mick Jagger designed a logo [often incorrectly attributed to Andy
         Warhol] for The Rolling Stones in red, black, white with her in mind-
         it featured a big mouth with protruding tongue.
         Logo debuted on 1969 album Let it Bleed.
Karelia      a region east of Finland with 770 000 Finnish speakers. Jan Sibelius
             wrote Intermezzo" in his Karelia Suite. The Nice with Keith Emerson
             adapted it and did a live version with orchestra in 1970. They also
             redid Tshaikovsky's Pathetique symphony.
Kent State       In 1970 in Ohio college, U.S. National Guard was stationed due to
 shootings       extreme vandalism by anti-war protesters. Tormented by rock
                 throwing, the Guard fired a random fusillade, killing four.
                 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (four also!) had hit “Ohio.”
Khimaira       A monster from Greek myth that breathes fire and comprises lion,
               goat and snake qualities. A Cleveland punk-metal-electronic band
               took the name „Chimaira.‟ They can be heard on the Playstation 2
               game Evolution Snowboarding.
Kronos       Greek harvest god, ruler of the paradise Elysium, son of Uranus [sky
             god] and Gaia [earth goddess]. Father of Zeus. The Blue Oyster Cult
             uses his symbol.

LA Guns      This band name was merged with the band name „Hollywood Rose‟ to
             create the band name „Guns-n‟-Roses.‟
Laurel Canyon      runs through Hollywood Hills to the San Fernando Valley in
     Boulevard     California. Frank Zappa, The Byrds, and Jim Morrison lived
                   there. The latter wrote song “Love Street” about it [recorded
                   by Doors].
Leary, Timothy      Harvard professor experimented scientifically with LSD-25
                    and wrote book The Psychedelic Experience. He „dropped
                    out‟ of the „establishment‟ and encouraged others to follow.
                    Inspired song by Moody Blues “Legend of a Mind.” Leary ran
                    for California governor and in campaign said „come together.‟
                    He asked John Lennon to write a campaign song and the result
                    was the Beatles hit “Come Together.”
Legba      God of the crossroads of the west African tribe Dahomey. He
           transported man‟s will to the gods and vice versa. Mississippi
           bluesman Robert Johnson recorded “Cross Road Blues” (1936) and Cream
           did a rock version “Crossroads.”
Lennon, Julian      After learning that John Lennon was divorcing Cynthia
                    (Julian‟s mother) to marry Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney wrote
                    song “Hey Jude” [huge hit for the Beatles].
Lithium carbonate      Was used to treat bipolar affective disorder. In song
                       “Lithium” recorded by Nirvana, songwriter Kurt Cobain
                       claimed that religion is the lithium of the masses
                       (especially as spouted by TV evangelists); after the
                       famous quote by Karl Marx.
Lodi      Town near California wine country. John Fogerty of Creedence
          Clearwater Revival imagined that in ten years he might be stuck in a
          boring town playing in a bar again; wrote the song “Lodi” exhibiting
          his resulting point of view.
Lolita      1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov. An elderly stepfather‟s obsession
            with 12 year old Dolores Haze is a literary allusion. Inspired song
            “Don‟t Stand so close to Me” by The Police.
Lord of the Rings      Fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien [1892-1973]. „Mordor‟ and
                       „Gollum‟ are mentioned in “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin. The
                       locale of „Rivendell‟ inspired the song “Fly by Night” by
Louis XIII      [1601-43] was called the „Sun King‟ because due to the efforts
                of the Cardinal de Richelieu (Armand Plessis) he had become a
                sunlike center of French power. His son Louis XIV, however, is
                today referred to as such. Both The Beatles and The Cult have
                recorded songs entitled “Sun King.”
“Love Song of J. Alfred       Poem by T.S. Eliot. In part inspired “All Along the
          Prufrock, The”      Watchtower” song by Bob Dylan. [q.v. „Apocalypse‟]
                              Also influenced Pete Townshend‟s song “Face the
                              Face” from 1985 White City short film and album (the
                             White City council estate in England also figures)
                             about refusing to let changes control your life.
L7             Slang for „square.‟ Name of all female Los Angeles punk band.
“Lycidas”      The structure of this Englishman John Milton‟s [1608-74] poem
               (“possibly the single best shorter poem in [English]” wrote
               Harold Bloom) about a drowned friend as a representation of
               ecclesiastical corruption was used by Marianne Faithfull for her
               lyrics to song “Sister Morphine,” recorded by The Rolling Stones.
Lynyrd Skynyrd      Band name is silly misspelling of name of long hair hating
                    high school gym teacher of some band members.

Magritte, René      Paul McCartney owned a painting by this Belgian surrealist
                    [1898-1967]. His style influenced the Apple records logo
                    that appeared on later Beatles records; note 1983 Paul Simon
                    song “René and Georgette Magritte.”
“Marriage of Heaven      An illuminated religious poem by William Blake circa
     and Hell, The”      1790. In an untitled section is the line “If the doors
                         of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to
                         man as it is: infinite.” Inspired name of Los Angeles
                         band Doors.
Mailer, Norman      American writer whose best works were about actual events
                    (World War II, Vietnam War protest, a murderer‟s life) using
                    the techniques of fiction. Said in interview “The one
                    freedom people want most is the one they can‟t have: the
                    freedom from dread.” Inspired Bruce Springsteen to name an
                    album Darkness on the Edge of Town.
Maker, Alvin      A character in the sci-fi novels of Orson Card, a „seventh son
                  of a seventh son‟ born while his 6 brothers still lived. He had
                  future-predicting powers, and that phrase is the title of Iron
                  Maiden‟s seventh studio album.
Mandrake     Poisonous European plant with human limb-like roots. Once
             considered a demon; pulling it from soil would make it shriek and
             deadly terror would result. One had to wax-plug the ears, and
             induce a dog to pull it out by rope. Then it could be handled and
             washed for use as magic doll/charm. Romans put it in wine as
             presurgical anaesthetic; others used it as a narcotic and
             aphrodisiac. Note song “Mandrake Root” by Deep Purple.
Manhattan Project      Richmond VA punk band Strike Anywhere recorded a song
                       called Sedition inspired by this attempt to create an
                       atomic bomb; the singer's grandfather was in the Army Corps
                       of Engineers that participated.
Mao Tse-tung      [Chinese surnames come first] [1893-1976] Chairman of both the
                  communist party and the People‟s Republic of China from 1949.
                  Killed 38 million [R.J. Rummel, Encyclopedia of Genocide]
                  Chinese intellectuals, aristocrats, political enemies and
                  peasant farmers (due to economic reorganization) in his
                  remorseless attempt to create an egalitarian state. His
                  „Cultural Revolution‟ inspired the song “Revolution 9” from the
                  white album The Beatles of 1968.
Marijuana      is touted as an aid to opening one‟s eyes to social masquerades in
               the 1966 pop hit “Along Comes Mary” by The Association.
Master and           Novel by Mikhail Bulgakov [1967] about high society: Satan
Margarita, The       visits Russia to examine the effects of the Revolution.
                     Influenced Mick Jagger to write song “Sympathy for the
                     Devil,” recorded by The Rolling Stones. “The Satanic
                     imagery was overplayed” said Mick; he never intended the
                     song as an endorsement of black magic.
Matthews, Rodney      Has painted record covers for Ian Anderson, Thin Lizzy,
                      Nazareth and Scorpions.
Max, Peter      Pop artist whose style influenced the 1968 animated movie
                Yellow Submarine about „adventures‟ of The Beatles.
May Queen      English May celebrations (inspired by ancient Celtic Beltane May 1
               ones) included originally the procession, crowning, and parade of
               a King [or Lord] and Queen (after the Green Man and Lady fertility
               figures). In Victorian times the male role faded. Mentioned in
               song “Stairway to Heaven” by Birmingham, England‟s Led Zeppelin.
Medea      Play by the Greek Euripides [431 BC]. Medea discovers that husband
           Jason (of Golden Fleece fame) is leaving her to marry the daughter of
           the Corinth King. Medea kills her and the King and escapes. A line
           from this work inspired band name „Hole.‟
Meher Baba      Guitarist Pete Townshend combined „Baba‟ from his Parsi guru with
                surname of Terry Riley (American electronic musician) to get
                song title “Baba O‟Riley,” recorded by The Who.
Mekons, The      Evil green aliens from British comic The Eagle. Band name.
Mercury      Always-in-motion Roman god Mercurius was a very ancient god of the
             movement of peoples and goods. American record company name; formed
             in 1947 in Chicago.
Ministry of Fear      1944 Fritz Lang film, a spy hunt thriller, inspired band
                      name „Ministry.‟
Moby-Dick      Novel by New Yorker Herman Melville [1851] about a white whale of
               that name that crippled a Captain Ahab, and his attempt to kill
               it. A musician closely related to the author calls himself
               „Moby.‟ His album Play with orchestral and old blues samples
               and hip hop beats has sold over 25 million copies.
Mojo Nixon      Allegedly son of voodoo lady Miss Rudolph and president Richard
                Nixon. A wacky musician from North Carolina.
Mondrian, Piet      [1872-1944] The 1970-74 American TV show The Partridge
                    Family, based on the musical family The Cowsills, featured a
                    wildly painted rock tour bus inspired by this Dutch painter.
“Mood Indigo”      A track by the District of Columbia‟s swing&jazz bandleader
                   „Duke‟ Edward Ellington [1899-1974] from 1930. It has been
                   recorded several times as is the custom in jazz. The English
                   Mike Pinder was inspired partly by this title and its
                   suggestion of atmosphere to create band name „Moody Blues.‟
Morrighan      Red-haired „phantom queen‟ of death, fertility, war in Irish myth.
               In English Celtic myth she was „Morgan LaFey‟ [Norman name]. She
               ruled over eight other magical women and the paradise island of
               Avalon- on the border of the otherworld (either the natural hill
               Glastonbury Tor or in the western sea). Morgan was not related to
               King Arthur; that was a distortion by later Norman writers. She
               took him home to heal wounds after battle. The Normans invaded
               Sicily from 1030- not as settlers but overlords. In Italian
               literature she is „Fata Morgana‟ and that is also the name of a
               song by Connecticut heavy band Fates Warning, as well as a mirage
               that floats over Arctic ice.
Moscow Music        In 1989; included Ozzy Osbourne and German hard rock band
Peace Festival      Scorpions. The latter soon had top ten hit song “Wind of
                    Change” about it and about the increase of freedom in eastern
Mott the Hoople      Band name from a Willard Manus novel.
Mudhoney      One of a series of softcore erotic films by Russ Meyer in the
              70s. Seattle alternative rock band.
Musique Concréte      A style of music from 1948 that does not use notation;
                      prerecorded tapes of natural and manmade (including
                      instruments) sounds are used, sometimes in combination with
                      live music. For the track “Horse Latitudes” by Doors,
                      coconut shells were pounded on a wooden floor to simulate
                      horse‟s hooves on a ship‟s deck, mallets were used to
                      strike a grand piano‟s strings, etc.

Night of Light: Day      Philip Farmer book inspired Jimi Hendrix to
          of Dreams      write the song Purple Haze backstage at a concert in
Nine Inch Nails      Band name refers to nails used in crucifiction process.
1984     A satiric novel by George Orwell about fascism that inspired albums
         Diamond Dogs by David Bowie and Operation: mindcrime by Queensryche.
Nobility      At age 13 Greg Lake, a singer/bassist, wrote the song “Lucky Man”
              while pondering the lives of the nobility. It was recorded by
              progressive rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
No Exit      Play by Jean-Paul Sartre [Paris 1905-80] about three characters
             fated to remain together forever in a hell that comprises a
             Second Empire [1852-70] salon. 1999 album and song by Blondie.
             Album by Fates Warning as well.
Nova Express      Novel by William Burroughs from 1964 that contains the phrase
                  „Uranium Willy, the heavy metal kid.‟ This- and not as
                  frequently claimed Naked Lunch- is the origin of the genre
                  name „Heavy Metal.‟
Nuclear weapon      according to Ozzy Osbourne in 1986 was the supreme sin for
 proliferation      it endangered all life on Earth. He entitled an album
                    The Ultimate Sin.

Oedipus      [„Swollen foot‟ in Greek] was abandoned on a mountain as a baby
             because his father, King of Thebes, was told by the Delphi oracle
             that any son would kill him. On adult return to Thebes, Oedipus
             unknowingly killed his father by the road in a quarrel. In town he
             unwittingly married his mother. Oedipus Rex [Oedipus the King]
             was a play by Sophokles of Greek Periclean period. Jim Morrison
             participated in a production while attending Florida State
             University. It influenced the track “The End” by Doors.
“O God of Earth       G.K. Chesterton contribution to the English Hymnal of
      and Altar”      1906. It included American, English, French and German
                      hymns. Quoted in Iron Maiden song “Revelations.”
Olé       Track and album from 1961 by John Coltrane [jazz tenor sax, 1926-67]
          that, by suggestion by Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, was used as
          basis for solo section of song “Light My Fire.”
Olivia's      Soul food restaurant at Main and Ocean Park streets, Venice Beach,
              California in which Jim Morrison ate many cheap and filling meals
              while attending UCLA film school. Inspired song “Soul Kitchen” by
One Flew Over the       Novel [later film] by Ken Kesey (of the mid-sixties LSD
     Cuckoo’s Nest      and music parties) set in a mental ward and seen through
                        the eyes of half Native-American „Chief Bromden.‟ He
                        pretends to be deaf-mute and struggles with strange
                        characters. Inspired song “Welcome Home” by Metallica.
Opet      In the novel The Sunbird [1972] by South African Wilbur Smith, this
          lost Egyptian city is the subject of a search. A Swedish and Uruguayan
          experimental death metal band calls itself „Opeth.‟
Origin of Rock       was in 1956; in 1966 a band named „Ten Years After‟ formed.

Paganini, Nicolo      Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen said that his influences are
                      “actually 99 percent violin, mainly Paganini and Vivaldi.”
Parker, Charlie       Jazz alto saxophonist nicknamed „Yardbird.‟ Note: “Yardbird
                      Suite” on Los Angeles‟ Dial Records [1946]. Included track
                      “Ornithology.” Inspired English band name „Yardbirds.‟
Partido One       by composer Isaac Albeniz [1860-1909] inspired the song “Spanish
                  Caravan” by the Doors, especially the bridge.
Passport      The words “Her Britannic Majesty requests and requires…” on the
              U.K. passport inspired the 1967 album title Their Satanic Majesties
              Request by the Rolling Stones. Some influences on the music were
              Aleister Crowley, Velvet Underground and the district of Soho.
Phantom of the       Novel and Hollywood (29, 43) and English (62) film
          Opera      about a spiteful masked man living in the Paris Opera
                     building. Song by Iron Maiden.
Philadelphia Freedom       Elton John‟s friend Billie Jean King played tennis
   World Team Tennis       for this team. As homage Elton wrote music part
                           of song “Philadelphia Freedom.”
Photography       Jennie, wife of flutist/singer Ian Anderson, went to college.
 assignment       An early assignment was to photograph the homeless in London.
                  One photo inspired him to write most of song “Aqualung,”
                  focusing on the humanity of the subject [recorded by his band
                  Jethro Tull].
Piano Concerto Two       This work by north Russian Sergey Rachmaninoff [1901]
                         inspired pop song “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen.
Pictures at an       [1874] Composed by Modest Mussorgsky. Inspired by works of
    Exhibition       an artist friend, movements represent the thoughts and
                     emotions of a patron as he visits the paintings at an
                     exhibition. Emerson, Lake and Palmer adapted some
                     movements and added original parts for their rock version.
Pilgrims      visiting Canterbury (as in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey
              Chaucer circa 1387) and others on short excursions in England are
              called „day-trippers.‟ The Beatles had hit song “Day Tripper.”
Plant, Karac       Son of Robert; died in 1977 of stomach infection. Led Zeppelin
                   recorded song “All My Love” about him.
“Poco Allegretto”       This third movement of Johannes Brahms‟ third symphony
                        inspired Mexican Carlos Santana‟s music for the film
                        La Bamba and his later song “Love of my Life” [Dave
                        Matthews on vocal].
Poe, Edgar Allan       [1809-49] Literature critic, poet, short storyist. Invented
                       the detective story. The 87 rerelease of the Alan Parsons
                       Project album Tales of Mystery and Imagination featured a
                       long-before recorded introduction by Orson Welles. In 2003
                       Lou Reed released the two CD The Raven, a spoken and sung
                       treatment- with some rewriting- of Poe’s stories and verse.
                       David Bowie sings the role of Hop Frog. Ornette Coleman
                       plays saxophone.
Pogue mo chone       In Gaelic means „kiss my ass.‟ Inspired band name „Pogues.‟
“Praise for an Urn”       Ohio poet Hart Crane [1899-1932] included this poem in
                          the book White Buildings. It contains the phrase
                          „delicate riders of the storm.‟ This partly inspired the
                          Doors song “Riders on the Storm.”
“Prelude 20”       [in Cm, Opus 28, 1839] is by Fryderyk Chopin; one of a set of
                   24 in all the main keys- 12 major, 12 minor. Inspired Barry
                   Manilow‟s hit song “Could it Be Magic?”
Preserves       Eddie Vedder‟s grandma Pearl was married to a Native American
                who made hallucinogenic preserves. Eddie named his Seattle
                band „Pearl Jam.‟
“Prisoners of Pain”       Chapter in book The Primal Scream by Arthur Janov [1970]
                          about „Primal Therapy‟ (reliving core experiences for
                         help in neuroses) that inspired a band to choose the
                         name „Tears for Fears.‟
Procol Harum      [sic] Misspelling of „Procul Harum,‟ Latin for „beyond these
                  things;‟ the name of a cat that inspired English band‟s name.
Prostitution camp      One of these served Nazi officers. A band took the name
                       „Joy Division.‟
“Psalm 23”      from the Bible inspired song “Sheep” on Pink Floyd album Animals.
Psychedelic          Timothy Leary‟s version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Experience, The      The introduction gave to John Lennon the first line of song
                     “Tomorrow Never Knows.”
Punk     A style of rock that is influenced by Dada [q.v. Cabaret Voltaire], the
         Beat poets, Warhol‟s Factory and the band Velvet Underground. It peaked
         in 1976. In America it was mostly a music phenomenon; in England it
         incorporated fashion and graphics too. L.A. heavy band Van Halen
         intended to mock its simplicity with the two chord song “Ain‟t talkin‟
         „bout Love.”
Purcell, Henry      [1659-95] English court composer, wind instrument repairer,
                    Chapel Royal organist. His chord progressions especially that
                    of “Fantasia upon One Note” influenced Who songs “I‟m a Boy,”
                    “Pinball Wizard,” “The Kids are Alright.”
Purple Haze      Brand of LSD made for Monterey Pop Festival of June 1967 by
                 LSD chemist Owsley Stanley [also sound engineer for The Grateful
                 Dead]. Jimi Hendrix took large dose before his Dionysian
                 performance; soon his song named for the brand was a hit.
Pylon      Mississippian William Faulkner‟s [1897-1962] novel about barnstormers
           [daredevils] at an airshow near a fictitious city named New Valois
           (resembling New Orleans). Band name.

Quest for Fire        J.H. Rosny wrote in 1909 this novel about Paleolithic man‟s
                      loss of fire and a quest to find another fire burning
                      somewhere. In 1981 a film was made, and a song later recorded
                      by Iron Maiden, both eponymous.
Quicksilver        is mercury, the only metal that is liquid at room temperature
                   and that plus its color inspired its nickname. Chart
                   abbreviation „Hg‟ comes from „hydragyrum,‟ Latin for liquid
                   silver. Tooth fillings are silver dissolved in mercury. The
                   latter is toxic and lake and river fish can have a high amount.
                   A rock band took the name „Quicksilver Messenger Service.‟

Radio broadcasts      German electronic pop band Kraftwerk toured America in
                      1976. They were impressed by the extensive network of news
                      and music radio stations before local stations were common
                      in their homeland. The activities of the stations inspired
                      the song “Radioactivity.”
Ragni, Erick      The son of rock musical Hair writer Gerome partly inspired the
                  song “Aquarius” because that was his sign.
Ragtime      A jazzlike genre of piano pieces and songs, influenced by banjo
             textures and march form, in which melodies are „ragged‟
             (syncopated). The classically trained composer Scott Joplin had the
             first hit in 1899 with “Maple Leaf Rag.” Aerosmith singer Steven
             Tyler had a song idea that had been influenced by the genre, to
             which he sang “ragtime,” and the band turned it into the song
Rainbow      Los Angeles „Sunset Strip‟ club. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's band.
Rainstorm      Jimi Hendrix wrote song “Rainy Day, Dream Away” amidst a strong
               storm in Miami.
Ramstein      Means „ramming stone‟ or battering ram in German. A US air force
              base in Germany. In late 80s at the annual air show a US jet lost
              control and killed 80 civilians. Note German band Rammstein (sic).
R.E.M.      Rapid Eye Movement; occurs during a phase of sleep. Athens, Georgia
            college band name.
REO Speedwagon      Fire engine inspired band name; most members born in
Resurrection      New Jersey poet rocker Patti Smith fell off of a Florida stage
                  in 1977 and was hospitalized for a neck injury. Next year she
                  released the album Easter, an allusion to resurrection.
“Revolver”      1967 motorized artwork by Texan Robert Rauschenberg. 1983 album
                Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads had a special edition-
                Sire made 50,000 copies- that included a simpler version with
                a plastic spinning disc with varied images.
“Richard Cory”      Poem by American Edwin Arlington about a man who had wealth
                    and health yet went home one eve and put a bullet in his
                    head. Name of song by Paul Simon (recorded with Art
Riders of the Purple Sage       Western novel by Zane Grey [1912] inspired band
                                name „New Riders of the Purple Sage.‟
Rigantona      [„Great queen‟ in Welsh] Became „Rhiannon‟ in the Mabinogion
               book of tales. She was an honest otherworld queen whose husband
               was Pwyll, Lord of Dyfed, Wales, and a white female horse-
               representing the Celtic community- is central to her story. Hear
               Fleetwood Mac song “Rhiannon.”
Rimbaud, Arthur      Symbolist poet [1854-91] famous for the statement “The poet
                     makes himself a seer by a long, prodigious, and rational
                     disordering of all the senses…” He influenced Jim Morrison
                     and Bob Dylan‟s song “Chimes of Freedom” [during New
                     Orleans Mardi Gras celebration in 1964, apparently Bob‟s
                     senses were disordered; the song followed]. A major
                     influence on poet/singer Patti Smith; her album Horses
                     features “Go Rimbaud now Go Johnny Go.”
“Rime of the Ancient      Poem by S.T. Coleridge from Lyrical Ballads [1799]
       Mariner, The”      (which included some Wordsworth) about supernatural sea
                          voyage. Song by Iron Maiden. Inspired band name
                          „Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.‟
Rise and Fall of the      Jazz cabaret opera by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill
City of Mahagonny         [1930] about imaginary capitalistic city. Included
                          “Alabama Song” later recorded by Doors.
“Rollin‟ Stone”      Mississippian Muddy Waters‟ [McKinley Morganfield] song
                     title inspired band name „Rolling Stones.‟
Runes      2000 years ago the Scandinavians had an alphabet of 16 runes in shapes
           designed for easy carving in wood. Used for both commercial and
           magical purposes. For Led Zeppelin‟s fourth untitled album‟s art,
           each member chose runelike symbols to represent himself. John Paul
           Jones: circle and ovals, Robert Plant: feather, John Bonham: three
           rings, James Page: four separate symbols that look like „zoso‟ but
           do not form a word [1971].

Safety pins     A common decoration for punk rockers. Inspired by this, Swiss
                artist Hansruedi Giger [Alien film artist] painted album cover
                KooKoo [1981] for Debbie Harry [ex: Blondie band, „The Garbo
                of Punk‟] that shows four acupuncture needles through her head
                (!). The one by her eyes represents fire, nose: air,
                mouth: water, neck: earth.
Sahara Desert     Singer Robert Plant visited Morocco. As he entered the Sahara
                  Desert he wrote an impressionistic poem that became the song
                   “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin.
Samhain      [„Fire of Peace‟] The Celts‟ day began at sundown. They had only
             two seasons- summer and winter, which began at sundown Oct. 31. At
             the start of either season man and otherworld (heaven; Celts had no
             hell) spirits could cross the boundary. The Christian church began
             mocking this by encouraging costumes on its „Halloween.‟ Name of
             punk band.
Samurai      Miyamoto Musashi d.1645 was possibly the greatest Japanese samurai,
             a swordsman, painter of landscapes, author of The Book of Five Rings.
             Iron Maiden song "Sun and Steel" is about him.
Sargams      George Harrison had been taking sitar lessons with Ravi Shankar. He
             played many sargams- melodies that are bases of ragas- and the
             unusual scales influenced his composition of song
             “Within You Without You.”
Scat songs      these and song "Too much Monkey Business" by Chuck Berry
  of 1940s      influenced Bob Dylan to write song "Subterranean Homesick Blues."
Scheherazade      was the legendary wife of a sultan who told him a different
                  tale every night for a long time. The Thousand and One Nights
                  is a book collection of Arabian, Persian and Indian folktales.
                  It includes Aladdin and Ali Baba. Album with orchestra by the
                  English rock folk jazz classical [!] band Renaissance.
Schools, English      Roger Waters complained that the English school system
                      involved no philosophical discussion of the human condition
                      but mere fact repetition resulting in children who are just
                      „bricks in the system's wall.‟ His band Pink Floyd
                      released album The Wall. Concert performances of album
                      [1980] included the slow brick by brick construction of a
                      wall towering 35 feet in front of band, separating them
                      from the audience to symbolize alienation.
“Second Coming, The”      1921 apocalyptic fantasy poem by William Yeats that
                          inspired Van Morrison song “Rough God Goes Riding.”
Sedgwick, Edie      Andy Warhol groupie; pharmaceutical drug addict; actress
                    died in 1971 on drug trip soon after starring in auto-
                    biographical film Ciao! Manhattan. Inspired the songs
                    “Just like a Woman” by Bob Dylan and “Edie” by The Cult.
Self-immolation      In 1963 a 73 year old Buddhist priest in Vietnam, to protest
                     South Vietnam president Ngo Diem, soaked himself in
                     gasoline, assumed the lotus position in the street, lit
                     himself on fire, and burned to death. Photo of the event is
                     on cover of 1992 eponymous album by Rage Against the
Serial music      involves changes not of major and minor scales like most music
                  but of other elements placed in a certain series to form a
                  prototype. Italian composer Luciano Berio [b. 1925] and German
                  Karlheinz Stockhausen [b. 1928] influenced Paul McCartney to
                  experiment with his home tape deck and in studio Beatles
Sex     Name of London clothes store opened 1974. Owner Malcolm McLaren wanted
        to create outrageous rock band; created punk „Sex Pistols.‟
Seymour      A character in 13 short stories by J.D. Salinger lent its name to a
             1989 British punk art-rock band. Later they became „Blur.‟
Ship of Fools      Katherine Porter novel about 1931 ship voyage; inspired
                   1965 movie and eponymous Doors song about ecological concerns.
Shonen Knife      Pop band of three Japanese women; band name combines „young
                  boy‟ in Japanese with „knife.‟ They toured the U.S. several
                  times in sixties style uniforms.
Shot in the      Film comedy with Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau who ineptly
    Dark, A      investigates a maid for the murder of her Parisian employer.
                 Also the name of a song by Ozzy Osbourne.
Shout at the Devil      This novel by Wilbur Smith inspired an eponymous song and
                        album by Motley Crue, a pop metal band.
Siddhartha      Novel by Hermann Hesse [1877-1962] about the Buddhist seeker
                that inspired “Close to the Edge” suite by English progressive
                rock band Yes.
Silly conversation      A Lewis Carroll (Oxford math lecturer) poem including a
                        conversation between a walrus and a carpenter inspired
                        John Lennon to write song “I am the Walrus,” recorded by
                        The Beatles. Note that due to an early agreement, songs
                        written by either Lennon or Paul McCartney had to be
                        credited to both.
Silmarillion, The      J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novel inspired band name
Sinatra, Frank      [1915-98] A photo caption in a newspaper read “Frankie goes
                    to Hollywood.” A Liverpool band used it for their name.
Sirius      The brightest star in the night sky. 8.6 light years from the Sun in
            the constellation Canis [L. „Dog‟] Major. Actually a binary that
            comprises a superhot blue and a white dwarf. The Romans associated
            Sirius with the hottest part of the year- „dog days.‟ Actor Keanu
            Reeves‟ rock band is named Dogstar.
Sketches of Spain      This album by jazz trumpeter Miles Davis influenced Grace
                       Slick in composing the song “White Rabbit.” She says it is
                       a Spanish march. [q.v. „Alice‟] It was a hit for Jefferson
Sleepers Awaken!      A chorale arrangement by J.S. Bach that inspired the
                      music composition of song “A Whiter Shade of Pale” from
                      1967 by band Procol Harum.
Sinfonietta      By Czech composer Leos Janacek [1926]; inspired track “Knife-
                 Edge” on Emerson, Lake and Palmer‟s first and eponymous album.
Soft Machine      William Burroughs novel from 1961. Name of band that was
                  „Britain‟s best answer to electric Miles Davis‟ and had rock
Solsbury Hill      is English; named after the Celtic goddess of springs Sul. Has
                   vestiges of an Iron Age fort on the summit where in a battle
                   in 517, King Arthur‟s Jute/Saxon enemies took refuge. Song by
                   the English Peter Gabriel.
Somme, Battle      On July 1, 1916 21,000 British died on the first day of a
       of the      battle near the French Somme river, mostly by having marched
                   the classical way into machine gun fire. Influenced English
                   punk band Motorhead to create an elegy with strings, “1916,”
                   and eponymous album.
Sound Garden, A      Name of Seattle sculpture park that inspired alternative
                     rock band name „Soundgarden.‟
Spanish Castle      was in Seattle. The young Jimi Hendrix visited it. Later he
           club     recorded the song “Spanish Castle Magic.”
Spirits Rebellious      1948 book by Lebanese poet/philosopher Kahlil Gibran.
                        Title used in 1966 by California rock band for name.
                        Later they truncated it to „Spirit.‟
Spy in the         1954 surrealist novel by Anais Nin. Inspired Jim Morrison to
House of Love      write song “The Spy,” recorded by Doors.
Squirrel Nut Zippers     Candy brand about 70 years old. Alternative rock/swing
                         [!] band name.
Steely Dan      Dildo in novel Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. Band name.
Steppenwolf      Hermann Hesse novel [in English: 1929]: a depressed man tries to
                 reconcile the primaeval wolf and the rational man in himself.
                 Producer of a Los Angeles band suggested they use the name.
Stijl, de      In 1917 the Dutch Piet Mondrian and T. Doesburg felt that art
               should strive toward complete harmony and order, using mainly
               square forms, symbolizing the order and mystery of the universe.
               Detroit duo White Stripes, a minimalist garage band, holds this as
               an influence.
“Story of Layla and      Persian poem from 1100s by Nizami about a doomed love
   the Majnun, The”      affair that inspired Eric Clapton to write song “Layla”
                         about Patti, wife of George Harrison, that was recorded
                         by Derek [actually Eric] and the Dominoes.
Stranger in a      Sci-fi novel [1961] by Robert Heinlein about a man from Mars
 Strange Land      who came to improve Earth. Partial inspiration for David
                   Bowie‟s „Ziggy Stardust‟ character.
Stranger, The      Novel by Albert Camus [born in Algeria in 1913] about a man
                   who murders on an Algerian beach and respects his feelings to
                   the extent that he will not lie about them even if it results
                   in his death. Inspired song “Killing an Arab” by English band
                   The Cure.
Strawberry Field      John Lennon as a child often played and dreamed at this
                      spot five minutes from his home. He wrote song “Strawberry
                      Fields Forever” while in The Beatles. After his murder a
                      garden in Central Park, New York City- the Dakota
                      apartments where he and wife Yoko Ono lived overlook
                      it- was created by Ono called „Strawberry Fields.‟
Styx     River in mythic Greek „Hades‟ underworld. Seventies band name- formed
         at Chicago State University.
Suddenly Last Summer      Play by „Tennessee‟ Williams [1958]. A Southern Gothic
                          story of a sadistic homosexual named Sebastian. While
                          on a Caribbean vacation he is killed and eaten [!] by
                          street boys on whom he had preyed. Song by The Motels.
Suicide note      A newspaper in 1955 reported that a suicide note said “I walk a
                  lonely street.” That inspired song “Heartbreak Hotel” recorded
                  by Elvis Presley.
Summer of Love      A reaction to Vietnam war in 1967. Hear “This ain't the
                    Summer of Love” by Long Island‟s Blue Oyster Cult [including
                    lyrics by non-member rock writer Richard Meltzer].
Sunset Boulevard      In Los Angeles; the setting for the song “The Soft Parade”
                      [1968] by Doors. A parade of people.
Sunset Strip Riots      On Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles in December 1966. Due to
                        drug culture, a 10 pm curfew was imposed on those under
                        18. Teens vandalized cars and stores. Texan Steven Stills
                        of Buffalo Springfield saw them on TV and wrote song
                        “For What it‟s Worth.”
Suzanne      Poem set in Montreal from Parasites of Heaven book by Leonard
             Cohen. He set it to music. Recorded by Judy Collins, Neil Diamond.
Sweet Afton      Ozzy Osbourne had these Irish cigarettes after a trip over
                 there; the ad claimed “It‟s the sweetest leaf that you can
                 taste.” He suggested a song- which was created- by the name of
                 “Sweet Leaf” to his band Black Sabbath.
Sybil     Woman of „16 personalities‟ in eponymous book by Flora Schreiber
          [1973] whose story inspired album Songs from the Big Chair by Tears
          for Fears (comprises two Englishmen from Bath and Portsmouth).

Taliesyn     [„Radiant brow‟] Merger of three entities: minor Welsh barley god;
             shamanic poet of King Arthur; and actual bard-singer from 500's
             who claimed to have experienced various animal incarnations.
             Inspired album The Book of Taliesyn by Deep Purple.
Talking Heads       Rhode Island rock band [name came from TV Guide] of
                    intellectual approach and diverse influences that inspired
                    Oxford, England band to create name „Radiohead.‟
Teen Spirit      Deodorant. On Kurt Cobain‟s apartment wall, a friend wrote
                 “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit.” Later Kurt's Aberdeen,
                 Washington band Nirvana had colossal hit entitled “Smells like
                 Teen Spirit” that launched alternative rock‟s dominance.
Telstar      In July 1962 this American communications satellite broadcast the
             first TV across the Atlantic. British band The Tornadoes had
             eponymous hit rock instrumental. The lead melody was played on a
             Clavoline, a battery powered keyboard that was also used in the
             recording of Del Shannon‟s song “Runaway.”
Tennyson, Lord       English Baron and poet [1809-92] whose writing influenced
                     George Harrison‟s song “Ding Dong.”
Tempest, The       Comedy play by William Shakespeare about the former Duke of
                   Milan Prospero, magician ruler of an island. Song by Kansas.
                   Members were from Kansas, Missouri and Michigan.
Theater of Cruelty       In essays in the 1930s Antonin Artaud explained theories
                         for his process to rejuvenate theater with primitive and
                         violent action to provide a catharsis of instinctual
                         behavior, and shock patrons into seeing past society‟s
                         hypocrisy. Julian Beck‟s Living Theatre operated accor-
                         dingly. Jim Morrison‟s stage behavior with Doors was
                         influenced by the many performances he had attended.
Themis      A Titan; daughter of Uranus. Greek goddess of order, justice and
            seasons. Depicted with a scale implying the balance of justice.
            Note 1988 Metallica album …and Justice for All with her on cover.
They Might Be Giants       1971 film starring George Scott, in which his character
                           believes he is Sherlock Holmes. Band name.
Three Dog Night       Australian phrase refers to a very cold night that requires
                      dogs to huddle. Seventies American pop band name.
Thunder Road       Auto drag strip in New Jersey. Song by Bruce Springsteen.
Tiamat      Ancient Babylonian female monster of the cosmic sea that Marduk
            (their chief god) had to kill. Inspired a monster from „beyond the
            stars‟ named „Cthulhu‟ in stories of the „Cthulhu Mythos‟ by
            Providence, Rhode Island writer H.P. Lovecraft, which suggested the
            tracks “The Call of Ktulu” and “The Thing that should not Be”
            by heavy band Metallica.
Tobacco Road       1932 novel by Georgian Erskine Caldwell about impoverised
                   sharecroppers. Hit song by British band „The Nashville Teens.‟
Toto      Dog of girl Dorothy in Wonderful Wizard of Oz book [1900] by Frank
          Baum. Band name; members were studio musicians.
Tour of Doctor Syntax       A book of poetry and Hogarthish [William Hogarth,
     in Search of the       1697-1764, mostly did London-themed engravings and
     Picturesque, The       paintings] caricatures that inspired album Doctor
                            Syntax by Edwyn Collins.
Troglodytes      Cave dwellers. A rock band was tired of playing in dim beer
                 halls and created name „The Troggs.‟
Tull, Jethro       [1674-1741] British inventor of drill for seed planting.
                   Blackpool, England rock band‟s name.
Twentieth Century       Film company. Name of song about Ray Manzarek‟s [Doors
               Fox      keyboardist] girlfriend Dorothy. He and singer Morrison
                        were film students.
2001: A Space       1968 British science fiction film based on novel by Arthur
       Odyssey      Clarke about several near encounters with unseen aliens from
                    man‟s beginning to the title year. The name of song “Space
                    Oddity” by David Bowie is homage. “Monolith,” a track by
                  Peoria, Illinois nu-metal band Mudvayne, is named for the
                  prominent alien object in the movie.

UB 40      United Kingdom unemployment benefit form. Band name.
Ulysses      Novel by James Joyce. Concerns one day in Dublin- 16 June 1904-
             in which one of the many activities of Leopold Bloom is meeting
             young artist Stephen Dedalus; this parallels Ulysses [Roman figure
             based on the Greek Odysseus] and Telemachus. Written in a stream of
             consciousness style, the 18 episodes parallel in a comic way with
             Homer‟s Odyssey. A 1965 beginner‟s companion to Joyce by Anthony
             Burgess is titled Re Joyce. These inspired song “rejoyce” [sic]
             by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane.
Uncle Albert      In the song “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” Paul McCartney
                  apologizes to his uncle about how Paul‟s generation does
                  things. Adm. William Halsey [1882-1959] was a WWII Pacific
                  theater fleet admiral on flagship Enterprise (carrier) and
                  Missouri (battleship). He represents authority in the song and
                  is “therefore not to be taken too seriously.”
Unconscious,      was a major subject for Swiss psychologist Carl Jung [1875-
         the      1961]; he influenced Police album Synchronicity. According to
                  Sting, the title refers to the act of drawing inspiration
                  unknowingly and spontaneously from the unconscious.
Unforgettable Fire, The      Exhibition of paintings and drawings by survivors of
                             two atomic bombings of Japan. In Chicago the band
                             U2 attended. Inspired eponymous song and album.
Urge Overkill      Funkadelic [Detroit funk band with jazzy horns] song; then
                   Chicago rock band name.
Uriah Heep      Blackmailing character in English novelist Charles Dickens‟
                David Copperfield [1850]. London rock band.
U.S. Military aid      El Salvador from late 70s to Jan 92 had a civil war
                       between the right wing military regime and leftist rebels.
                       U.S. provided arms and training to the regime. This
                       inspired the song “Bullet the Blue Sky” by Irish band U2.

Valhalla     „Hall of the fallen‟ in Old Norse. Odin‟s army of heroes gathered
             there in Asgard [heaven]. Great feasts of mead and boar stew
             occurred after hunts on nearby grounds during the day. They waited
             to fight in Ragnarok- the final battle. Mentioned in “Immigrant
             Song” by Led Zeppelin.
Varése, Edgard     Vanguard composer [1883-1965] who frequently worked not with
                   melody but with texture. One piece involved a musique concréte
                   [q.v.] tape, winds and percussion. Influenced the
                   largely instrumental and orchestral album Lumpy Gravy by
                   Frank Zappa (who had signed a contract with Capitol Records
                   as a composer, and who actually recorded some of his works).
Vaughan Williams,     English composer [1872-1958] whose often pastoral but
            Ralph     mystical style influenced the long acoustic coda to Peter
                      Green‟s song “Oh Well,” recorded by English blues-rock
                      band Fleetwood Mac.
Velvet Underground     Pornographic novel found on the sidewalk in New York
                       City. Band with Lou Reed.
Venus     is the second planet, 67 million miles from the Sun, and is named for
          the Roman goddess of lust. Due to the greenhouse effect in the thick
          atmosphere it has a surface temperature of 860 degrees F. It can only
          be seen close to the Sun‟s rising or setting. Judas Priest recorded
          song “Evening Star,” a common nickname for the planet.
Vestal Virgins     Roman empire goddess of hearth [fireplace]- and by
                    extension home- was Vesta. A continuous flame in her honor
                    was maintained by virgins due to their „purity.‟ Hear “A
                    Whiter Shade of Pale” song by Procol Harum. Lyrics by
                    band lyricist (not musician) are about a 1960s party.
Veteran rejection      Tom Petty feels that Vietnam and other veterans who suffer
                       from Agent Orange- an exfoliant poison- are being
                       rejected. Song “The Criminal Kind” was written as result.
Viennese Secessionist      was Expressionist. In 1965 Wes Wilson viewed some,
                   art     and the lettering of Alfred Roller and other aspects
                           influenced the posters he made for producer Bill
                           Graham to advertise concerts at the Fillmore West. The
                           colorful psychedelic posters had such national impact
                           that the genre „Nouveau Frisco‟ was suggested.
Vietnam war     inspired Geezer Butler to write lyrics for the Black Sabbath
                song “Cornucopia” in which he criticized consumerism.
Violin etude      A paraphrase from a violin etude by Rodolphe Kreutzer is found
                  in the guitar solo “Eruption” by Edward Van Halen on the album
                  Van Halen.
Vivaldi‟s music      The music of Italian baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi
                     [1678-1741] influenced the composition, via guitarist Randy
                     Rhoads, of song “Mr. Crowley” recorded by Ozzy Osbourne.
Voyage hardship      Leif Erikson of Norway left Greenland for the New World
                     about a thousand years ago. Norse metal/folk band Leave's
                     Eyes with woman singer released album Vinland Saga about a
                     sailor on his voyage who longs to return to his love.
Voyage of Life, The      A series of four paintings from 1840 by the somewhat
                         surrealist Hudson School artist Thomas Cole. The
                         second, “Youth,” is featured on the cover of heavy
                         band Candlemass‟ album Ancient Dreams.

Warhol, Andy      Former advertising artist became successful New York City pop
                  artist. He combined various studios into one called „The
                  Factory.‟ Designed 1966 album cover for The Velvet
                  Underground & Nico, a band that he financed and included in
                  his audiovisual show The Exploding Plastic Inevitable.
                  Cover featured a banana decal that could be peeled to reveal a
                  print of a flesh colored banana. Was involved with several
                  Rolling Stones album covers. He submitted art [not used] for
                  the 1969 Let it Bleed. His design used for Sticky Fingers
                  included a jeans monochrome with a real zipper that, when
                  unzipped, revealed male-occupied white briefs. The original
                  1977 design for Love You Live presented a montage of photos
                  of Stones biting each other. [The Stones logo is often
                  incorrectly attributed to Warhol; q.v. „Kali.‟] The
                  mundaneness of his cow wallpaper inspired the 1970
                  Atom Heart Mother album cover by Pink Floyd.
Warhol films      These 1960s works featuring many amphetamine-addicted
                  transvestites inspired the song “Walk on the Wild Side”
                  by Lou Reed.
Waste Land, The      Epic poem by T.S. Eliot [1922]. Progressive band King
                     Crimson created “The Deception of the Thrush” [title is from
                     Eliot poem “Burnt Norton”]. In a concert performance of it,
                     Texan Trey Gunn manipulated via his Mark Warr guitar a tape
                     of Eliot reading The Waste Land.
Waterloo, The      On June 18, 1815 French Emperor [1804-15] Napoléon Bonaparte
    Battle of      was finally defeated when a Prussian force arrived to support
                   the Duke of Wellington‟s [British Prime Minister 1828-30]
                    allied force. In 1974 the Swedish [Svenska] band ABBA (the
                    first letters of the band member‟s names) had hit
                    song “Waterloo.”
Watermelon Man       A jazzer Herbie Hancock record that inspired Ray Manzarek‟s
                     organ intro to “When the Music‟s Over” by Doors.
Watts Riots      Occurred in Los Angeles area of Watts in August 1965 after
                 alleged police brutality. Lasted 5 days and killed 30. In
                 response Jimi Hendrix wrote song “House Burning Down.”
Weight, The      Song by The Band. First line inspired band name Nazareth.
Where Eagles Dare       Alistair MacLean wrote war film screenplay for Richard
                        Burton- so that the latter‟s son could see him in an
                        action film [1968]. Hear eponymous song by Iron Maiden.
“Where Have All the       Pete Seeger (born 1919) adapted a Russian folk song for
     Flowers Gone?”       this hit recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary.
White Zombie      Hungarian Béla Lugosi acted in this film [1932]. Band name.
Wilson, Devon       A Jimi Hendrix girlfriend who left him for Mick Jagger. Jimi
                    wrote song “Dolly Dagger.” Note both rhyme and allusion to
                    stabbing in song title.
Wind in the       1908 book by Kenneth Grahame. It was Syd Barrett‟s favorite
Willows, the      children‟s book and the chapter title “The Piper at the Gates
                  of Dawn” was used to title a 1967 Pink Floyd album.
Wives of Henry VIII       were: Catherine of Aragon; Anne Boleyn- the mother of
                          Elizabeth I who did not provide a male heir and was
                          executed; Jane Seymour; Anne of Cleves; Catherine
                          Howard; Catherine Parr. Rick Wakeman released an album
                          called The Six Wives of Henry VIII.
World Trade Center       On Sep. 11, 2001 members of Afghanistan‟s al Qaeda muslim
            Bombing      terrorist movement flew two hijacked airliners into the
                         two tallest World Trade Center buildings in Manhattan,
                         killing over 3000 of myriad nationality. Bruce
                         Springsteen (with the E Street Band) in 2002 recorded the
                         gospel influenced album The Rising in response.

Yellow Brick Road     From Frank Baum story and film [1939] The Wizard of Oz.
                      In song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John.
Young Frankenstein     Parody of black and white Frankenstein films in which
                       Gene Wilder [co-writer with Mel Brooks] is told “Walk
                       this way.” Phrase used by Aerosmith for song title.

Zenyatta Mondatta     Means „top of the world‟ in Sanskrit. Album by The
Ziggy‟s     An English tailor shop that partly inspired the David Bowie album
            The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
            „The Legendary Stardust Cowboy‟ appeared on the American comedy
            TV show Laugh-In and was another influence. A stylistic one was
            the Nik Cohn novel I Am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo, as
            well as The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny [q.v.] With five
            years to live, citizens become anarchic and expect a „Starman‟ to
            arrive and save them.
ZZ Top     Band name intended to conjure image of blues musician in mold of
           Mississippian Riley B. „B.B.‟ (Blues Boy) King.

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