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									Naticia Anderson
Stephanie Ashcraft
Jacek Dubiel
Vanessa Riddle
Angi Sadrack
Matt Snyder
Srinivas Tircovala

August 7, 2002
Naticia J. Anderson
•   Candid Camera was the first reality show which
    debuted in 1948.
•   PBS debuted An American Family, an unsettling,
    yet fascinating documentary series in 1973.
•   Until CBS’ recent emergence back to reality TV,
    Fox had cornered the market.
•   Cops, the longest running reality program,
    debuted in 1989.
•   Today, top reality programs include Survivor,
    American Idol, and The Mole.
Jacek Dubiel
    It is not just teenagers who are the die-hard fans
    •    55% of viewers are 35 or older

    •    29% of the audience, are 35 to 49 years old

    Young audience is most likely to tune in

•       70% of the 18 to 24 year old group watch reality TV
•       57% of the 25 to 34 year old group watch reality TV
The habits of male and female
   audiences slightly differ

• Women rather than men are die-hard fans
• Women make up 64% of regular audience
• Men surf through reality TV
• Men make up 55% of occasional audience
    Differences between geographic locations

•    40% of all reality TV viewers are from South
•    20% of all reality TV viewers are from each
     remaining region

    The audience of reality TV
•   Belongs predominantly to low & middle-income groups
•   58% of watchers earn less than $50,000 annually
    Why people watch reality programs

•   18 to 34 year olds are primarily interested in
•   35 to 54 year olds are primarily interested in
•   To guess who will win and who will be
    eliminated (69%)
•   To see real people in challenging situations
•   To imagine how they would react in a similar
    situation (42%)
    Why women and men watch
           Reality TV

•   To predict the outcome of the shows (72% of
    women viewers)
•   Men watch for “physically attractive
•   Men are 3 times more often drawn to the
    shows for “physically attractive contestants”
    (31% versus 9%).
          Interactivity of reality
•   34% of 18-to-34 year olds visit web sites
•   27% of 35-to- 54 year olds visit web sites
•   70% visit websites related to their favorite
    reality shows
•   26% read and post messages on-line
•   22% play Internet games
 Survey Results
Srinivas Tircovala
            Survey Results
•   70 people were surveyed
•   The respondents were divided into 3
    age groups:
    – 18 to 30 years
    – 31 to 40 years
    – above 41 years
             Survey Results
•   In the 18 to 30 year age group, 45% were men
    and 55% were women
    –   57% of the men in this group watch reality TV
    –   71% of the women watch reality TV
•   In the 31 to 40 year age group, 71% were men
    and 29% were women
    –   65% of the men in this group watch reality TV
    –   71% of the women watch reality TV
              Survey Results
•   In the above 41 year group, 40% were men and 60%
    were women

    – 50% of the men in this group watch reality TV
    – 67% of the women watch reality TV

•   Survivor is the most watched show among men
    whereas Trading Spaces is the most watched show
    among women

•   Only 30% of the people who watch reality TV
    regularly remember the product being advertised
  The Mole
Vanessa Riddle
                       The Mole
• 14 players trying to determine the identity of the mole

• Players work together to complete physical and mental games

• Earn money toward a pot of up to one million dollars

• The mole is a double agent who tries to sabotage players’
 money-making efforts

• At the end of each episode players are given a quiz on the
mole’s identity
          Use of Their Website
• Very interactive for users
• Can obtain information on the show, past episodes, & rules
• Personal bios of the players
• Users can participate in on-line quizzes and interactive
• Users can take opinion polls
        -- Who will be executed?
        -- Who is the mole?
        -- Who will the winner be?
• Live videos
        -- Execution videos
        -- Challenge videos
            Use of Their Website

• Can view the current account balance status as well
 as more detailed information such as how much each
 question was worth

• On-line chat rooms
    Advertisements during the Show
•   Neutrogena
•   Oil of Olay
•   Schick razors
•   Taco Bell
•   Nissan Maxima
•   Ford
•   Lowe’s
•   Ted Koppel’s talk show
•   Return From LA
•   Widows
Matt Snyder
•   Survivor caused many people around the world to watch
    16 contestants eliminate each other

•   The contestants are deprived of basic comforts, exposed
    to the harsh natural elements, and their fate is at the
    mercy of strangers
•   For 39 days, 16 contestants were forced to band together
    and carve out a new existence without any conveniences
    of the modern world
•   The survivors formed their own cooperative society and
    participated in contests
•   The seven most recently eliminated contestants return to
    form the final tribal council and determine the final
    survivor, the winner of $1,000,000!
              Use of Their Website
•   The Survivor show website was excellent. It had:

    –   a ton of information
    –   interesting links
    –   interactive polling
    –   videos to watch
    –   background theme music from the show
    –   links to the actual sweepstakes

•   Overall, the sites were:
    – very informative
    – very interactive
    – a lot of fun
    – very easy to use
Which company spent $12 million to sponsor
Survivor, The Australian Outback, premiering
           after Super Bowl XXXV?
             A.) Anheuser-Busch
             B.) General Motors
             C.) Visa
             D.) Frito-Lay
             E.) All of the above
    Type of advertisement during the show
              and on the website

•   Advertisers paid big bucks to be part of Survivor

•   Anheuser-Busch, General Motors, Visa and Frito-Lay
    paid roughly $12 million each to sponsor Survivor:
    The Australian Outback, premiering after Super Bowl

•   It works out to more than $450,000 per 30-second
    ad, in a league with such top-priced series as Friends
    (about $500,000) and Monday Night Football (more
    than $400,000).
    Type of advertisement during the show and on
                     the website
•   Anheuser-Busch. The beer baron was ''pleasantly surprised
    with the ratings,'' says Tony Ponturo, head of corporate media
    and sports marketing. A-B got great product placement when
    Kelly Wiglesworth won a night out swigging Bud Light with
    host Jeff Probst.
•   General Motors. The Pontiac Aztek is sponsoring the show
    again, brand manager Don Butler says. GM's package is
    similar to this season's 28 30-second slots in the 13 shows.
    ''The show fits the image we want to project with Aztek,''
    Butler says. GM's placement coup: Million-dollar winner
    Richard Hatch drove off in an Aztek
    after the final episode.
•    Visa. The card company has ''committed,''
    says Liz Silver, vice president of advertising,
    and hopes its product placement is ''stronger
     and better integrated.''
"These shows are like Halley's Comet --
  They don't come along very often," says
  George Schweitzer, executive vice
  president of marketing for CBS. "You
  want to use them as aggressively as
        Type of advertisement during the show and on
                         the website

    •    Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. The credo of Survivor.

          •   Whether you're creating a successful online marketing plan or a
              winning strategy for Survivor you'll need to assess your strengths,
              weaknesses, and capabilities, critically size up your competitors,
              and carefully strategize to determine the most effective game plan.

•       Promotions and tie-ins include:

         – Licensing deals
         – Products at CBS' Online Store
         – CBS MarketWatch's Survivor Contest
         –'s Survivor Trivia Challenge
         – A souvenir Survivor issue of People magazine
         – MirCorp - the winner will travel to Mir
                  Nielsen Ratings
•   CBS said the preliminary Nielsen Media Research ratings for
    "Survivor: The Australian Outback" might have been even
    higher if the Super Bowl's second half had been more
    competitive and the "reality" show had started earlier than 9:17

•   Still, overnight ratings counted 42 million viewers. The only
    show to do better after the Super Bowl in the last 20 years was
    the 1996 episode of "Friends" that drew just under 53 million

•   By comparison: During its 2001 run, Survivor 2 averaged a 17.4
    rating and a 27.0 share. During its 2001-2002 run, Survivor 3
    Africa averaged an 11.8 rating and an 18.0 share.
American Idol
Angi Sadrack
Where Did American Idol Come From?
          Key Differentiators

•   Element of audience participation
•   Audience determines the winner
•   Backstage interviews
•   Taped vignettes about contestant’s families
•   Judges assessments ranging from polite to scathing
•   Heated exchanges among the three judges
•   Interactive website
•   Extensive sponsorship
•   Mass appeal & appropriate for family viewing

• Hit 12 million-viewer mark and delivering the best demo rating
  for any series this summer

• Rated the top Tuesday night show for eight weeks in adults
  ages 18-49

• Lead summer demo in total viewers

• Has performed best among young women
   -- 24 share among women ages 18-34
   -- 25 share among female teens
             The American Idol Website

·   Finalists        ·   Host Info
·   The Rest         ·   Judges corner
·   Judges corner    ·   UK Pop Idol
·   Surveys          ·   Message board
·   Wireless         ·   Fan club
·   FAQ              ·   Show Re-caps
·   Site map
·   Contest links
            The Ford Website
    “Ford Focus on American Idol Sweepstakes”

    •   Not interactive
    •   Easy to navigate
    •   One hot button
   American Idol was associated with what
 product/company concerning the Red Room
Sweepstakes in which one can win a seat on the
    red couch and experience the set for

              A.) Coca-Cola
              B.) L’Oreal – Feria color
              C.) Clear Scrub by Neutrogena
              D.) Ford Focus
              E.) None of the above
   The Coke Website
"Welcome to the Coca-Cola American Idol

   •   Interactive
   •   Easy to navigate
   •   Hot buttons
        – The Contest
        – Inside The Red Room
        – Hot Topics
        – Behinds the scenes
 The Sponsors – Ford vs. Coke
Ford                             Coke
• Commercials                    • Put coke logo glasses complete
• Product clip during the show   with straws in the hands of judges
• Contest                        throughout the show
                                 • Ownership of the Red Room
                                 and Red Couch
                                 • Implementation of an effective
                                 • Commercials
                                 • Contest
Life Style              Products
• Youth                 •  Venus razors by Gillete
• Appearance            •  Feria hair color by L’Oreal
• Life with out         •  Kotex feminine products
   boundaries           •  Ford Focus
• Beauty                •  Premier of "The Pulse"
• Health                •  Neutrogena Clear Body
• New shows               Scrub
     Network Struggle Demands New
• Business models that haven't changed for more than 20 years
• Competitor’s penetration of the market
   Cable TV
   Satelite TV
• Saturation of the market
• Global Market with overseas producers opting to make their
  own versions of hit shows.
• Actors and writers salaries / threat of strike
        Solutions Exhibited by Reality TV
•   Networks recognize a need for dramatic change
    strategically, creatively and financially.
    – Studios, networks and profit participants are negotiating deals that
      maximize the value of a show while it is hot
    – Multiple airings through video-on-demand or collections of episodes on
      DVD and/or video
    – Sponsor's are weaving their wares into the very fabric of programs

    – Innovative deals with advertisers

•   Reality TV Shows can:
    – Bring costs under control
    – Balance the affects of cheap and expensive shows
    – Maximize the value of a given episode rather than the entire season of
      a show
    – Address the changing environment
Can Reality TV develop the staying power
 and profitability of hit shows like ER and

            Only time will tell.
Naticia Anderson
Stephanie Ashcraft
Jacek Dubiel
Vanessa Riddle
Angi Sadrack
Matt Snyder
Srinivas Tircovala

August 7, 2002

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