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       In the mid 1990’s MIT chose SAP to be its ERP Solution. Initially the Financial Piece of SAP was implemented at MIT followed                                             are scheduled to go live in February 2005. The training and needs assessment phase will go live in Jun 2005. Employee
       by an Administrative implementation. MIT has two separate installations of SAP. One installation is for its main campus, the                                             Payroll will be part of SAP by Jan 2006. (Student payroll will still be managed by SSIT.) Finally a hardware renewal of the
       other for Lincoln Laboratory. (Lincoln Laboratory is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center of MIT located in                                                SAP platform is scheduled for 2005. There may also be an upgrade of the SAP version around the same time.
       Lexington, MA). The main campus installation of SAP has the following modules currently implemented: FI: Financial
       Accounting, CO: Controlling, PCA: Profit Center Accounting, MM: Materials Management, SD: Sales and Distribution, CA-CL:                                                 Shown below are the logical and physical architecture diagrams of SAP.
       Classification System, HR: Human Resources, PY: Payroll, LDS: Labor Distribution, CA: Cross Application, Plant Maintenance,
       and Training Events Management. Lincoln Lab has its own support staff for their SAP installation and maintains it separately
       from the Main Campus installation. Customized I-Doc interfaces from SAP at Lincoln Lab are used to communicate to the
       main SAP system. These interfaces help integrated the two SAP systems to fulfill the financial reporting relationship between
       the two. In the near future these interfaces will also help integrate the Hazardous Materials/Health and Safety reporting
       relationship between the two.
       There are two different ways to access the SAP applications at MIT. Users can install the SAP GUI on their desktop and
       access it from there. In addition MIT has a web interface called SAPWeb which users can use for SAP requisitioning. Later
       this year there are plans to integrate a Web Application Server for SAPWeb.
       Various updates and upgrades are planned for SAP in the next couple of years. A highlight of these include the following.
       SAP-BUD will signify the migration of the Nimbus (budgeting) functionality to SAP. This is scheduled to go live in December
       2004 with a web front end interface. EHS is scheduled to have three phases rolled out. Inspection and audit

                                               SAP Logical Architecture Diagram                                                                                                                                                   SAP Physical Architecture Diagram
                                                                                 Users                                                         Key:


           Other MIT Systems                                                                                                                          System
         Incoming:                                                                                     Browser
         Data Warehouse                              SAP Client                                          Client
         Roles DB                                                                                     (SAP WEB)
         SAP - Lincoln Lab                                                                                                                            Other MIT
                                                              for SAP Clients

         Mainframe                                                                                                                                     System
         MIT ID
         Broad Institute                                                                                                            SAP Web
                                                                                                           SAP ITS                                    External
         Outgoing:                                            Kerberos                                                                                Systems
          Data Warehouse                                      Server
          Archive (IX0S)
          Broad Institute
          MIT ID (Real Time)
                                                                                   SAP Application Server
                                                                                 Financial              M aterials
                                                                                Accounting            M anagement
            External Systems
                                                                                                           Sales and
         Incoming:                                                                                        Distribution
          Benefit Providers            Drop                                    ProfitCenter          Classification
          Financial Institutions       Box
                                                                                  Account                System
          EDI                                                                    Human
                                                                                   Labor                    Cross
                                                                                Distribution              Application
                                                                                    Plant            Training Events
         ECAT Vendors                                                           M aintenance          M anagement
         Financial Institutions
         Benefits Providers

                                                                                               SAP DB

Version 0.1 – August – September 2004                                                                                                                     Prepared by Sapient for MIT                                                                                                                        1
                                                                                This document represents a snapshot of an evolving set of documents. For information on further iterations, please visit:

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