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									funkwerk V101|V102

Converts every current analog phone to a SIP phone

The funkwerk V101|V102 SIP VoIP is a competitive VoIP phone
adapter for SOHO users. It provides one (V101) resp. two
connectors for analog end devices. The supported SIP protocol and
the comprehensive configuration options enable a simple interaction
of different SIP remote stations, e.g. SIP providers and SIP proxy.

The configuration could be made via web browser or phone (tone

The connection to the internet could be established via a NAT router
or an ADSL modem. In additon you could use this internet
connection with a PC.

Application Example
The PPPoE support of the funkwerk V101|V102 allows a direct connection to an ADSL modem. It is also
usable as small DHCP server.
     V101/V102 SIP VoIP Telephony Adapter (TA)

      o SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261) withMD5Authentication (RFC2069 and RFC 2617).
      o two RJ45 Ethernet ports and an RJ11 port (V102: two RJ11 ports) for connection to analog terminal
      o ITU-T G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729A/B,VADandCNGfor Voice Codec.
      o ITU-T G.165/168 Echo Compensation.
      o Three LED Indicators: POWER, PHONE, LAN.
      o Configuration supported through Web browser and keypad on phone set.
      o Integrated NAT/DHCP server.
      o PPPoE/DHCP Client for dynamic IP address allocation, plus NAT, DNS, and DDNS clients.
      o Supports STUN Server for NATTraversal.
      o Hot Line Mode support.
      o Supports T.38 FAX via IP.
      o Interactive voice response system (IVR) reads out IP status of phone.
      o Remote firmware upgrade from HTTP or TFTP server through Web-enabled PC.
      o Direct IP/URL dialing without assistance through SIP proxy or subscriber number provisioning through
     SIP server.
      o Telephony Features: Volume Adjustment, Phone Book, Speed Dialing, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting,
     Call Hold and
     Three-Party Conferencing, Redialing, and Flash.
      o OutbandDTMF(RFC 2833) / InbandDTMF/ SendDTMFSIP Info.

     Compatibility – supported Standards

     VoIP Protocol: IETF RFC3261 and RFC 2543 for SIP.
     SIP Authentication: IETF RFC2069 and RFC 2617 for MD5.
     Voice codec: G.711 u-Law, G.711 A-Law, G.723, G.729, G726-16, G.726-24, G.726-32, G.726-40 as well
     as VAD (Voice Activity Detection) and CNG
     Echo Compensation: ITU-T G.165/168.

     Technical specifications

     Powersupply: 12V DC / 1A through 230 V AC power supply block supplied

     Temperaturerange: 5° C to 40° C, 85 % max. humidity, not condensing

     Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 35 mm

     Weight: 0.130 kg

     Package Contents

      o V101 resp. V102 SIP VoIP Telephony Adapter.
      o Power Supply Block 230VAC/12 VDC, 1A.
      o CD-ROM with User Manual.
      o Brief description of functions.
      o RJ 11 to TAE adapter.

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH - Suedwestpark 94 - 90449 Nuremberg - Germany        funkwerk V101|V102
Phone: +49 - 180 300 9191 0                                                                  02.04.2008
Fax: +49 - 180 300 9193 0                                                                    Subject to technical
E-Mail: -                                           alterations

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