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									Guitars in the
Train a Teacher & Inspire a
       This school year, GITC is…
 Reaching Over 3000 Classroom Teachers
 Reaching Over 200,000 Students
                                   We provide
                                      & hand-
                                      outs that
                                     fast, easy
                                      and fun!
Carol Bronson with GITC-Michigan
    no experience

   has music inside.

(We love shower singers!)
Teachers begin playing with guitars
     tuned Hawaiian- style.
         Just strum down
    and you’re making music.
If you can wiggle
    one finger
 can play guitar.
Most songs for the classroom
only take two fingers to play.
     Even if teachers
don’t have time to practice,
they get better every week.

       Our motto…
    “Just Show Up!”
  And lessons are
 Anyone working with children
   in an educational setting
can join a regional GITC class!
Here are some examples of songs
    that are already helping
    hundreds of GITC-trained
      enrich and reinforce
     social studies lessons in
 accordance with the national
              Simple Gifts
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
     The Battle of New Orleans
        This Land is Your Land
        Sweet Betsy from Pike
      The Ballad of John Henry
              The Titanic
     Follow the Drinking Gourd
             Oh Freedom
       The Farmer is the Man
         Blowing in the Wind
         We Shall Overcome
 And Science Songs….
       Dirt Made My Lunch
        This Pretty Planet
Someone’s Gonna Use it After You
           Them Bones
 My Roots Go Down to the Earth
The Green Grass Grew All Around
  There’s a Hole in the Bucket
What Have They Done to the Rain
    Inch by Inch, Row by Row
      The Banana Boat Song
Language Arts Songs…
    Apples and Bananas
         (vowel sounds)
      Down By the Bay
When I First Came to this Land
      I Wanna Be a Dog
     Fooba Wooba John
      (vowel sounds, rhymes)
     Math Songs…
     Five Little Pumpkins
What do teachers learn from
  participating in GITC?
               • To confidently lead
                 students In song using
                 a guitar

               • To choose & integrate
                 songs into lessons and
                 transitions as well as
                 artistic activities &

               • To facilitate song &
                 lyric-writing with
                 students (extension of
                 language arts) on a
                 variety of topics.
To help all styles of learners
    focus and succeed!

Singing and strumming captures the full attention
 of kinesthetic and auditory learners! It also helps
       predominantly visual learners stretch!
    To facilitate high yield learning
          during music times

Social/Emotional           Cognitive Process &
  Development                Acadmic Learning
•   Self Control           • Memorization
•   Listening Skills       • Sequential Info
•   Cooperation            • Parts to Whole Thinking
•   Creative Risk-Taking   • Whole to Parts Thinking
•   Leadership             • Personal Relevance
•   Self-Esteem            • Auditory Learning
•   Boosts Motivation      • Auditory Sequential
                           • Kinesthetic Learning
   To inspire &
English Language
  with songs in
English & Spanish
         Some Simple Facts

• 95% of GITC Teachers are first-time
  players. Many are self-conscious
  singers in the beginning.

• 73% borrow a guitar from GITC.

• These guitars are supplied for
  Teacher credentialing programs by
  the Godin Guitar Company of
Student Teachers who join up with GITC receive the
         added benefit of becoming part of
    a national group of teachers who are already
   strumming and singing in their classrooms. GITC
            Teachers love to share ideas!
   Best of All?

GITC is   FREE to
         Free Music & Guitar
         Lessons For Teachers!

  Guitars in the Classroom (GITC), a
non-profit organization, brings guitar
classes to teaching professionals. All
  you need is a great attitude! The
 classes are designed for those that
 want to learn how to play and sing
     and use these basics in the
classroom. Instruction is targeted to
       the absolute beginner.
    Who funds GITC Teacher
    Credentialing Classes?

GITC Instruction is being provided
 to student teachers training on
 college campuses as part of a
 teacher credentialing program
    by Mr. John D’Addario Jr.
       of D’Addario Strings
  All other supplies are generously
     donated by these sponsors:
NAMM, The International Music Products
GAMA, Guitar and Accessories Marketing
   The Guitar Center Music Foundation
      The Milagro Foundation
   American Sejung Corporation
         D’Addario Strings
       Dunlop Manufacturing
  Hal Leonard Corporation
      Levy’s Leathers
       MBT Musicorp
 The Martin Guitar Company
       Planet Waves
Renaissance Guitar Company
  Roland Corporation U.S.
    Samick Music Corp.
  String Letter Publishing
     Vanguard Records
For more information, please visit
           us online at

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